based off of an rp story

Office Hours

Part 2

Pairing: Negan x reader x another female

Summary: Negan is a university professor, he assigns you an unlikely partner. When things aren’t working out between the two of you. Negan proposes an unusual method for conflict resolution.

Words: 2806

Warnings: Sexual encounter between professor and student, girl on girl action, ffm threesome, daddy kink, unprotected sex. He swears a lot because he’s Negan.

Author’s Notes: Based on this dream I confessed to @grungedaddykinks . Also, the Sam in this story is her. Check out her selfies because she is too gorgeous for my words to do her justice. If you’re interested in reading a little something-something we collaborated on, check out the finished RP thread we did. Feel free to message me if you have any writing ideas for me.

Professor Negan was fine as fuck you couldn’t take your eyes off of him as he paced the front of the room explaining the difference between a representative democracy and a direct democracy. It almost made you regret waiting until your last year to start taking electives. Who would have known such a fine male specimen worked at the Political Science Department at the university?

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Describe my muse as a superhero/villain!

Give them a rad call-name, powers, heroic or nefarious plans! Describe their attire, their origin story, anything at all to help!

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What if the suitors play an otome game, but with MC as a suitor? What would be their reactions during some steamy scenes?

Suitors play otome!!! MC could be male or female, so use your imagination.

Alyn - doesn’t pay for anything and only wears the clothes / hair as he plays through the story so most of the time his avatar doesn’t match or maybe shoeless.

Sid - always buys the most erotic scenes, and reads the most p*rnographic fanfics, also commissions nsfw art of him and the MC. Has body pillow with MC on it. His avatar is always dressed hot.

Albert -checks historical accuracy of stories, gets a nosebleed playing the spicier side stories. Collects all bunny chibis or whatever, anything bunny. His avatar is a mess, it’s just a room full of bunnies.

Byron - only plays routes with eyepatch MC. Always dresses avatar in blue/dark blue and has night sky backgrounds. Always ships characters in the game. Draws crack fan art based off screenshots taken out of context (remind you of anyone?)

Louis - dresses avatar to the max. RPs online with MC not realizing it’s Sid. Spends tons of money on clothes and hair. Cries at the end of every route. Loves fluff fan art. Cosplays as favorite MC.

Leo - plays glasses MC mostly, but other routes too. Buys all stories, all spicy stuff, sends screens to friends who don’t know what otome is. Writes sexy self insert fanfics with no shame. Room is chibis galore.

Nico - his room and avatar are allll pink. Buys all pink clothes. Randomly shows people screenshots. Talks about MC as if they are a thing. Takes MC on dates and takes pictures… has photoshopped himself with MC for engagement and wedding photos.

Rayvis - spends money on things he likes, dresses avatar and room up for every holiday. Writes crack fanfics. Pays for stories with his favorite MC.

Robert - forgets to do lessons and ends up stuck at challenges. Avatar always wears cute green outfits. Paints nsfw fan art. Still waiting for his fave characters route …

Giles - color coordinates avatar, plays each event with strategy and ends up with top charm / points. Has games theories out the a**. Never reads fanfics because he must keep everything canon. Grins every time he reads the “good stuff.”

Cryptic Graffiti Messages Appear Throughout City

By Risri Elthron

On Thursday evening, shortly after eight bells, throughout the city almost simultaneously, five cryptic messages appeared on walls leaving guards questioning nearby individuals and looking for clues. Each message was left within minutes of each other, leaving authorities suspecting a group rather than one individual.

A guard patrolling in the Mage District was the first to report the vandalism to the base of the mage tower. A second call came over the dispatch channel within seconds as the guard patrolling the Cathedral district found another. Two more messages were quickly discovered inside the Keep Garden and on the side of the Stockades leaving the guard searching for more messages across the city. A fifth message was found in Old Town.

The guards now search for those responsible. The messages were short, one sentence lines with arrow symbols on all but the one on the Stockade.

Found at the base of the Mage Tower:

Found behind the Cathedral:

Found in the Keep Garden:

Found on the Stockades:

Found in Old Town:

Were the messages a prank or is this a sign of some group trying to make their presence known?

The vandalism was cleaned off the walls after being documented. The guard asks that if any more messages are found to report the location immediately.

Witnesses who may have seen anyone near these areas around eight bells are being sought. Any with information are asked to seek out a member of the Stormwind City Guard. The Royal Courier will continue to track this story.



This is for my friend @phoenixtheseeker !!! I felt like freshening up on the original Characters design! ;) 

I also recently did new banners for Starscream and Knockout and so I wanted to include Phoenix in this too! I hope you enjoy my friend!  

Phoenix is and OC who is a close friend to Starscream and Knockout. Her design holds some subtle features based off of the two characters given the nature of how she is reborn. She is like a little sister to them and has become an integral part of our RP stories. 



soo umm yeah tell me what you think of him …. cause im debating doing a mint eye AU …… i most likely wont because i too many projects atm but… i mean if there some interest. …. i got a story written based off a rp …. idk … 

                          APRIL 21ST, 2020. 12:06 AM. MT. BAKER-SNOQUALMIE NATIONAL FOREST.

It was cold out - probably not the best night for a cabin trip, but that wasn’t going to stop them. They wanted to check out the haunted cabin in the middle of the woods. There was a story along with it, but it couldn’t be true. Eight kids? Serial Killers? Ghosts? Demons? There was no such thing. Or, so some of them thought. Suddenly, a loud crack of thunder echoed in the skyline and they all screamed! They looked around at each other, then bursted out into laughter. Once they calmed down a bit, one of the boys, Finn, spoke up. 

“ hey, have you guys seen that new documentary movie about the hospital? apparently, it’s based off a true story. ”

                                                                                              continue reading…

Future Stories:

Untitled HP!AU BTS Story:

Pairing: Gryffindor!Seokjin x Slytherin!OC (You)
Chapter Count: TBA
Genre(s): Harry Potter! AU, the rest will be announced.
Release Date: Sometime during Autumn!

*just a rough idea right now!

Untitled Royalty!AU BTS Story:

Pairing: Commoner!Seokjin x Princess!OC (You)
Chapter Count: Between 6-8
Genre(s): ROYALTY! AU, Angst, Romance, Comedy, & SMUT
Release Date: Maybe during my school year (?) or Autumn/Winter

*have some ideas planned/written out!

Untitled Dark!AU BTS Story: 

Pairing: Jungkook x You (not sure if it will be OC or reader)
Chapter Count: Maybe up to 13 (?)
Genre(s): Dark!AU (Obsession), the rest will be announced
Release Date: Autumn (around Halloween most likely)

*this will be based off a rough idea with an RP that I did with my close friend! ^^

Untitled Soulmate!AU BTS Story:

Pairing: Taehyung x You (might be reader)
Chapter Count: Up to at least 10 (?)
Genre(s): Soulmate! AU, the rest will be announced.
Release Date: Not entirely sure. Maybe around Winter (?)

*just a rough idea right now!

Untitled Youtube!AU Scenario:

Pairing: ? x You (might be reader)
Chapter Count: 1
Genre(s): Youtube!AU, the rest will be announced.
Release Date: TBA

*not sure to put this on my main blog or side blog :)

I have more ideas that I’ve been toying around with! For my College! AU/Roommate! AU there will be a spin off! Not sure when that will be released, depends on how fast I crank out the rest of B.O.Y! The spin off might begin around the same time my school starts too, so… 

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anon from before!! i mostly mean a rp blog, like writing and interacting with people. thank you for taking the time to answer btw it means a lot to me.

Hello again anon! Thanks for clarifying.  I’m really happy that you like my AU enough to make an rp blog based off it.  Unfortunately I would prefer if you didn’t make one for one of the main characters, especially Lance because I was going to run an ask blog for him in between chapters to give myself a break and as a little bonus for people.

It’s nothing personal, I just have specific plans for Bark and Bite so I prefer people not making any story-based content off it if I don’t know them very well.  This applies to all of my AUs because I’m an anxious bean. I can talk to you more about it off anon if you want. Sorry if this isn’t the answer you wanted.  However, I am totally okay with people making OCs in my superhero au and I’d love to share relevant worldbuilding things to help you out (as long as they’re not too spoilery).

Obviously I can’t actually stop you if you decide to go through with your plans, but these are my thoughts.  Thank you for reaching out to me, I appreciate that you did that.

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Fun story when I was like 14-16 I thought I was exactly like Sollux Captor from Homestuck because like, i'm a gemini and I have a lisp and I have bpd. So I was like, yeah i'm just like this character i'm gonna rp them all the time and base my wardrobe and blog off of him and that's the story of how I was filthy homestuck kin without even knowing it at 16.

I have a lisp too!

batsintheshadows  asked:

dude dude, u seem to be so good at character rp. any tips? im trying to get better at rp but my fumbling is starting to annoy my group and i dont want that!

I appreciate that ^^

My knack for character rp comes from being a part of a lot of fandom-based rp where there’s no dice rolls or mechanics, just paragraphs of story going back and forth. I was also a fanfiction author for most of my teenage life. It kinda seeps in.

If you’re having trouble roleplaying, you may need a better personal connection to your character, so you do less “acting” as the character, and more “reacting” as yourself while wearing the character as a costume. It’s time to take the performance pressure off yourself.

When I see a player struggling to keep up with others in my game, it’s almost always this problem. I encourage them to give the character similar hobbies first - instruments, cooking, art, writing, collecting, sports, outdoor activities… almost everything has a “D&D World” equivalent. Give them a direct part of you. If that’s still not enough, I suggest dressing them in colors they like, maybe fleshing out their backgrounds by putting in memories of their own lives (childhood memories, family things, friends). If they’re trying to do a particular voice/accent, I tell them to just be natural, because making sure it’s consistent is usually more stress and a distraction than the voice is an asset. It’s way more important for you to feel comfortable as yourself at that table than it is for you to be this perfectly sculpted fictional character.
Melding the person in with the character, so both can share the same space is key. The ease this seems to give those players is usually instant, and they can keep up a lot better. In time, they can tackle characters that are very different from who they are, but they need to gain the confidence first.

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With all the recent changes and lore tidbits, I feel bad for wanting to change my original monk over to a doman samurai. He'd basically have the same characteristics, and he'd still live his life as a hobo the same way, but the backstory would be completely different. I feel guilty about not having them seperated and different characters entirely, but at the same time I just... like making concept characters. I do very little with them.

Why would you ever feel bad for wanting to do something you enjoy? Changing your character around or adjusting their traits and background story based off of new canon information is completely normal and is really the entire point we’re given more information in the first place!

So what if you wanna change your backstory? It’s hurting absolutely no one and it’s something you’ll enjoy!! Anyone who gets in a tiff about that needs to be kicked to the curb. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to have fun, my friendo. Because that’s all RP is, pretendy fun times. It’s your character! Do whatever you want with him to make your time more enjoyable! 

There’s no harm or foul in switching things up.


This character stuff is based off a RP I do and most their personalities are too, but go along with the stories as well.

Eyeless Jack:

Age 25 (does not age)

Jack is a cannibal created by Zalgo after a cult preformed a ritual on him, which included the removal of his eyes. He was lead there by his love interest while studying to be a doctor in college. She betrayed him and lead him to his fate, he in turned was changed by Zalgo into one of his dark creatures. Jack was lost to his anger and killed the entire cult and losing himself, not even Zalgo could control him.

Skills: Jack lost all his memories of his past life, but does remember his skills as a surgent and uses them when taking apart his victims when he is level headed. He also is the best cook out of the group, even though all human food disgusts him. Jack also helps treats the others wounds when badly injured and makes Masky special pills to keep him sane without his mask.

Bloodlust: When killing to eat Jack often tries to leave his victims alive and only takes their kidneys which will let them live, but when during a bloodlust or anger fit he will mutilate any human in his way, including his friends.

Relationships: Masky is Eyeless Jacks best friend since he is the only human not taken back by his looks or makes fun of him. They are very close and will often drink together or take care of each other. Jack and Jeff the Killer and rivals and but heads daily due to both of their hot headed ways. Eyeless cares little for L.J. and is oftened angered at his pranks. He cares little for BENs attitude, but does have a soft small for Sally. Jack can handle Jane and enjoys talking shit about Jeff with her when she is around. Hoodie seems to fragil to Jack and was too scared of him before to make much an impression, but Jack does enjoy the silence when he is around. Eyeless and Slenderman often but heads as well but respect each other enough to not attack(most the time). Slenderman brought Jack to his house for his medical skills since he needed a doctor for Maskys conditions and his other human proxies.

Personility: Jack is mostly quiet unless he has something to say. His last impression of humanity was a girl braking his heart and betraying him to his horrible fate. Even then Jack does not enjoy hurting innocent people, but often has little choice. Eyeless Jacks biggest fear is women and giving his heart to another one. He is very protective and kind to his friends but will not hesitate to put them in their place or tell them when they are wrong.

Hey guys! Kit here with a BNHA OC! So could you please like or reblog this if you’d be interesting in rping with a 3-A BNHA OC based off of the story Red Riding Hood? She’s a short, tsundere, socially inept nerd with a quirk that lets her turn into an angry seven foot tall wolf.
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it’s been a while so here’s an updated list of all my blogs

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Open to M/F/NB based on **

The beat echoed off bare walls, it was one of her favorite feelings in the world. It was one she could lost in, lost behind, and one she loved to watch others get lost in. These parties were all the same, same bunch of people getting drunk or high on whatever they picked. Same group of friends laughing over a drinking game of horror stories of their daily lives. But Sutton found herself smiling tonight, not at the usual but at something new. A face that was new to this scene but that struck a very familiar cord. “This may sound weird, but do you know me?”

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hi!!! I just made a kingsman blog so i'm new to the fandom on tumblr, any suggestions for who to follow? :)

Ooooo, hello~!!! I’m glad you’ve joined the Kingsman fandom~!! We’ve got so many rad-ass bloggers here, and I’m sure my list won’t cover absolutely everyone who makes awesome Kingsman content~

 - @theanisplanet has an AU about a pocket-sized Merlin, it’s absolutely adorable and you should talk to her about it~

 - @solarrift makes really cool edits, and is just a rad person in general~ V fun to chat with this person~

 - @freya-deathstalker reblogs and posts a tonne of cool Kingsman stuff, and is super friendly. She does RPs too, very multi-faceted~

 - @unwinthehart also reblogs cool Kingsman stuff, I think also does edits??? I forget, but they also post Sherlock so if that floats you boat you have that too~

 - @harryunwin writes, and her stories are ACE~!!!! Follow her for fanfiction stuff~

 - @li-prouvaire makes beautiful edits, totally recommend just based off the edits alone!!!!!

 - @phaeleah, another maker of beautiful edits, ones to make you literally go “OH MY DAMN THIS IS GORGEOUS.” No lie.

 - @harttwin who posts Kingsman stuff (a little vague on what they post but their stuff is rad anyway!!!)

 - @annaofaza, another writer who is just SO. DAMN. GOOD. *clenches fist*

 - @hartwin-af posts a lot of stuff relating to Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, and Kingsman in general~ Good shit~ 

 - @chibichibit does a tonne of Firtherton edits, and they’re really cute so if you’re into that~

 - @textsfromthetailors is some of the most quality content in the Kingsman fandom. Like, they’re so good and they’re always pretty hilarious~

 - @kadeart does some Kingsman fanart, primarily all of the Percilot fanarts that make me scream. Dude they’re rad.

 - @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin does edits too, and they’re super pretty AND super heartbreaking~!!!!

 - @persephoneggsy posts really cute fanart and also I like flower crown Edward Holcroft on my dash.

 - @ladylxncelot and @lxdy-knight are Roxy RP blogs that produce AMAZING edits~!!!! If you like Roxy these two blogs will be your safe havens~

 - @tarons posts stuff relating to Taron Egerton~ It is ALL good~

 - @kingsman-network is all things Kingsman. IDK if I follow them but it’s likely a great place to start finding Kingsman stuff~

 - @hartwintrashcan, lots of good fanart reblogged there. A good mish-mash of Kingsman stuff~

 - @codenamegalahad is a good source for Harry Hart-centred stuff. You want Harry posts? Gonna find them here.

 - @martinsbaby is super friendly and posts all kinds of Kingsman stuff~

 - @the-colin-they-call-firth is a good source for Colin Firth, and has tonnes of Kingsman stuff on it already~!!!!

 - @band-aids-d0nt-fix-bullet-h0les is a friendly person too, and posts all the like of Kingsman stuff~

 - @fangirl-maketh-fics is a huge fan of Lancelot, and tbh I haven’t talked to them in a while but it’ll be a good time nonetheless~

 - @kinksman88 posts amazing fanart!!!! I have been noticed by this person once and it was the greatest.

 - @sherlockianonfire91 is super sweet, posts great stuff and is in general a cool guy. 10/10

 - @leggsyunwin is chill and reblogs a lot of the same kinda stuff I do, I think. If you like my blog you’ll like this person too~

 - @hartwinorlose is a Hartwin-centred blog, also v good and v recommended~

 - @kingsmananddurins does fanart, and is really chill, too~ Probably the last person I talked to in the Kingssquad chat before I ultimately never came back.

 - @thehartwinfiles IS SUCH A COOL PERSON AND I HAVEN’T TALKED TO THEM IN FOREVER!!!!! Follow them, they’re a total enforcer.

Before I go on too long, there are some Kingsman blogs I recommend you follow~!!!!! <3 Have a good day~!!!!!


sister to Ciel Phantomhive


  • muse face claim is Aya Komichi from Kiniro Mosaic
  • Based more on the anime given the recent twist in the manga but i can make a proper work around for this twist if desired
  • I’m very friendly and willing to plot almost anything!
  • NOT ALLOWED: Furries, nekos, OC’s with no bio, shotacon and lolicon
  • 5+ RP experience on Tumblr and 7+ off Tumblr
  • Crossovers are more then welcomed! Just explain the story if i don’t know it. 
  • AU’s are welcomed as well though i can be a little picky sometimes.