based off a picture i saw on pinterest


so im just going to do a few big posts of just some of my favorite rocks

these are just some of the disney princess “doodle” rocks ive done! i did do all the princesses, but forgot to take pictures of all of them. i think i might do a sketch of all the princesses/girls using this design, bc i rly dig the minimalism of them, but rly havent decided yet. i based them off of a face paint tattoo i saw on pinterest, but i had to design a majority of them myself. 

anonymous asked:

When did you start shipping Kadi? What is your experience with the couple and when did you notice the relationship might be romantic, and not platonic? :)

Get some snacks, a drink and a blanket because this is a decently long story :) Here we go:

So initially when I first liked exo and had finally learned all the members names and faces, I decided I needed a ship because for me shipping makes a band more entertaining. Every ship up until now that I have shipped i have always at the end of the day, thought of them as close friends and nothing more. 

You see, at first I had shipped baek_soo because Kyungsoo was my ultimate bias and Baek was my second bias. The only reason I shipped them was because they were the most attractive to me (and I hadn’t watched interviews so I didn’t have their personalities to base anything off of yet). I remember searching google for pictures of them because I loved how cute and friendly they were with each other (again another ship that at the end of the day I only thought of them as close friends). I continued to search about, especially on like social medias (Instagram, pinterest, tumblr) and kept shipping them. 

Then, a month and a half into happily shipping baek_soo, I was strolling through tumblr and saw kris_oo. I automatically thought they were cuter because ‘omfg the height difference’ (literal thought of mine) and I saved the picture and decided that I liked them just as much as baek_soo. Then as I clicked on the tag for kris_oo, I saw this picture:

Like my first thought was, who is this very man with a very attractive side profile? I then looked at the tags of the post and saw it said kaisoo and because I’m a curious gal, I clicked on the tag too and damn did I feel salty. And I wish I remembered the picture I first saw but I felt jealous because it was so obvious to me that kaisoo shipped harder than baek_soo and kris_oo. I hated them (because of my saltiness of course). I took it upon myself to avoid them (but sometimes i’d look at the tag because I was kaisoo trash before I could admit it to myself) and then I started to be skeptical about all three of the mentioned ships. Why? Because I had started pre-reading my psychology and sociology books for the upcoming semester. I had like absorbed the new knowledge and took another look at kris_oo and baek_soo and was like ‘wow how could I be so dumb, like they are so not real’. I then started to look at kaisoo pictures so I could debunk them because yo if my ships aint real then this third ship I don’t like can’t possible be real.  but that obviously wasn’t the case. I started to invest my time into looking at them and began realizing how indenial I was. I knew they were more than friends right away, they had to! Then I saw more (and because I was still an indenial little shit), I decided that they had to be just friends. But then, I saw this:

and these:

and plenty more and i literally told myself, “fuck.”

(I will be analyzing that first picture by the way) But that first picture where baek and jonghyu_n are in front of them had me sold. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that two ‘friends’ would get so close like that, I don’t even let my friends hug me! Non the like less do a freaking Eskimo kiss where our noses touch! Omfg but I remember sitting with my psychology book in my lap, phone in hand and telling myself that they had to be dating or something because that’s too fucking close and personal, that’s completely breaking personal boundaries for pretty much anyone. 

Finally, I shipped it but I was still slightly skeptical. So I decided to take it upon myself to watch interviews and read more about them to settle it all because for all I knew, they did eskimo kisses with everybody and probably didn’t mind their personal space being invaded. So after I watched it all and learned so much about them, I had finally admitted to myself that they were real because reserved, shy, introverted people (which are the type of people they are), don’t do that with their friends. 

Extra: This was also during the kaisoo drought so as I looked at the tag during the time, I thought it was weird that they wouldn’t come in contact because if they were promoted, you’d think SM would’ve forced them to interact or have photoshoot or something just so the fans will continue to support kaisoo and exo but nooooooo. Instead, SM let them be separated which I thought was really weird since kaisoo “is promoted”.

Well there you have it! My (long) story about me getting into kaisoo :) (I probably could’ve made it shorter but I liked reminiscing on the memories).