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All right, let’s see if I can get this thing rolling (finally). Everything should also be under the “fic” tag on my journal. Most of the links go to AO3. The ones that are currently only found on Tumblr are marked with an asterisk.

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Edit: this masterlist is woefully out of date.

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A/N: Blame @tcrmommabear​ for this; I was ranting and said I was either gonna write TCR angst or go read a book. You can guess which one she encouraged… Um, that said, the scene this is based off has implied/referenced torture, which, while doesn’t directly occur in this ficlet, is still referenced. So, due warning. 

The results come back that day, and he can see the chaos they cause. He smiles, despite everything.

“Not the answers you wanted, General?” he asks. His voice is dull and dry, cracking at the edges like a decrepit door swinging off its hinges. He tries not to think about what his voice once sounded like.

The man scowls, but doesn’t meet his eyes. “This doesn’t prove anything,” he growls.

“Except that I was telling the truth about once being human,” Baron says. The only movement in his cell is a single green eye following the pacing of the General. “And now you’re wondering, if I was telling the truth about that, what else was I honest about? My loyalties? My reason for coming?”

The pain?

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe now write how harry and eggsy actually got married in a car park? Please I need more hartwin crack in my life

I’m not sure if this is quite cracky, but it’s definitely not something I ever thought I’d write! Based off a line from this ficlet.

“You have literally gone insane,” Roxy says. “I’m driving you to the nearest institution.“ 

Eggsy just laughs. "Come on, Rox." 

She stares at him. "You want me to drive Harry under false pretenses to a car park, where you’re going to get married." 

Pretend to get married,“ Eggsy says. He grins. "It’s gonna be fantastic." 

Roxy raises a skeptical eyebrow. "If you say so." 

He grows serious again. "Look,” he says, “the past few weeks have really fucking sucked." 

"I noticed,” Roxy says with quiet sympathy. 

“And this stupid wedding,” Eggsy says. “It was never supposed to be this big a deal! But then my mum got involved, and Harry’s mum, and it’s just outta control now. So I thought we could both really use a joke, you know? Just one day when we wasn’t running for our lives or arguing over which fucking cake we like best." 

Roxy’s sympathy is decidedly less sincere now. "Yes,” she says deadpan. “Truly a terrible situation to be in." 

"Come on, Roxy,” Eggsy wheedles. “You know you want to." 

"I also want to keep my job,” Roxy says. 

“You will!” Eggsy promises. “Harry won’t be angry, swear down." 

"If you say so,” Roxy says, and he knows he’s got her then. 

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Dream-Peridot takes Dream-Pearls’ hands in her own and lightly tugs her into an embrace. It’s a bold, smooth move that the real Peridot would never be able to pull off with a straight face. It makes Pearl smile.  


I got new colored pencils so I whipped up this little doodle based off my latest Pearldot ficlet.

spacedementia5  asked:

#10. Or #4. Or both! And Swan Queen, of course! :) :*

10) “Teach me how to play?”

“Don’t give me that look, Regina…”

“I did nothing wrong.”

“Nothing wrong!?” Emma paced back and forth beneath the bleachers. “First, you threatened the Umpire if he called any of Henry’ pitches balls, and newsflash Henry isn’t that good, all of his pitches were balls.”

“Just because I said I’d destroy the referee’s happiness doesn’t mean it was related to Henry’s pitching abilities,” Regina crossed her arms and stared at her fingernails with indifference.

“You had a fireball in your hand at the time!” Emma was about to pull out her hair. “And for the last time it’s an umpire not a referee.”

“I hardly see the difference, just like the referee can’t tell between a strike and a ball!” Regina yelled so that their very public fight could be heard from above.

“Will you keep your voice down?” Emma hissed, and stalked closer to Regina. “This is embarrassing.”

“Hardly,” Regina stated with contempt.

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