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2 Yuzuru Hanyu Interviews from 2017-18 Media Day

(A short moment from Chopin at NHK Trophy 2015 * - * )

I decided to post the two exclusive interviews from Figure Skate Magazine and Figure Skate Japanese Representatives 2017 Memorial together, to be read side by side. 

Perhaps, in a way, one gets a peek at the pillars of his beliefs and insight into figure skating. As he contends with the realities of competition and what leaves behind a GOOD memory for everyone, it isn’t just about fans becoming his strength, but also what he makes of that strength. Not only a well beloved skater, but truly one who loves and cares back with all his might. –– gladi.

Translated by gladi. Please do not repost without permission. Photos belong to the respective publishers.

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When There Is Smoke

Everyone knows that you and Jay were the king and queen of pettiness. You barely got mad at people but you always held on to their fumbles and tiny mistakes just for shits and giggles. Whenever someone thought of out-witting you in a conversation, both of you would always pull the “remember when” cards and people would stop dead on their tracks, fearing the crippling embarrassment you might reveal.

This was how Jay got the inspiration to pull his pettiest prank yet. For the whole morning it seemed like every AOMG member had been on the phone with their significant others, either mumbling an apology or getting yelled at by the person on the other line. It somehow made Jaebum feel a hint of jealousy. He too, wanted to be yelled at. Because as it turns out, when the guys made up with their girls, they always end up sweeter to each other. And Jay wanted to pour that sugar on him.

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anonymous asked:

Follow up to child training post- assuming a child is taught fighting by a parent much the same way a child might be taught letters, cooking, etc. i.e. not a child soldier/child abuse, just age-appropriate training for a specific goal, by 18 would that set them up to be a fairly realistic 'ridiculously skilled teen' trope? Parallel to Olympic gymnasts, but with combat sports leading into soldiering.

Yes but, like Olympic gymnasts, you’re going to have to give up on the concept of them having a social life. They’ll also be well outside the range of what most “normal” teens can relate to. It’s a very specific lifestyle choice that will chew up the entirety of their life until they’re done.

Olympic level training is all day, every day. You eat, sleep, and breathe it.

A realistic version of the “ridiculously skilled teen” trope basically requires sacrificing everything that is not directly related to the skills they are acquiring. A lot of kids when in training for the Olympics are home schooled or taught by a tutor in the off hours. They don’t go to public school.

Most of the time, in fiction, when you’re looking at the ‘ridiculously skilled teen’ the author doesn’t pay their dues. They don’t take into account the sacrifices made by these children, their parents, and their instructors to reach this pinnacle of excellence. They look at the intensity of the hard work involved and often assume that it was forced. That the child was actively denied life experiences by the evil adults in their lives. That they’ll turn around and change their tune if they just have a chance to experience real life, friends, or normal experiences like the ones the author had.

Their ridiculously skilled teen got where they are because they were the winner of the genetic lottery and in possession of great talent.

They don’t take into account the defining factor of the champion: personal drive.

The problem with this approach is that talent is only one part of the equation. You can have a child who is so talented as to make the angels weep in joy but if their talent is not backed up by a personal desire to excel then they are destined for the halls of mediocrity.

Even if you put a child through the training you suggested in your ask, a ridiculously skilled teen is not a guarantee. They’ll be more skilled than the average, and certainly better than one who never went through the training at all but they won’t be in the champion ranks.

To get a ridiculously skilled teen in real life, you need a mix of talent and drive. The child to choose their training. They love it so much they don’t suffer burn out. It’s what they want to do. They are the ones who push themselves and strive for it. Their authority figures are the ones aiding the child in their drive.

They. Have. To. Want. It.

You can have a kid who has been training for fourteen years who is simply mediocre. The amount of time involved is not a guarantee for excellence. It’s a gamble. Not just on proficiency, but on desire.

If the prodigy wants out, then the prodigy falls behind. To be the best is not a guarantee, it is the goal we strive for. It is a spot for which there is intense competition. They earn those skills and earn that spot. They fight for their training’s pace. And it can be very hard for people who’ve never been in the rat race to be the toughest, the smartest, the strongest, or the best to contemplate or understand.

These are kids who when given the choice between going to a birthday party or bowling with their friends and training chose training. All the sacrifices they make are sacrifices they chose to make. No one is forcing them to do anything. You can’t reach that level of excellence without that desire and drive, that willingness to make sacrifices, that choice.

Often, the “ridiculously skilled teen” trope is paired with “but they forced me to do it” trope.


You don’t get to be that good without intent and the desire to be that good.

Kids that want a normal life quit and, when they’ve quit in their minds, it’s over. An authority figure can force them to show up, can use whatever outside motivation they think will work, but if the kid doesn’t want it then they won’t do it. They’ll still be “good enough” and that’s most martial artists/soldiers. They may end up “slightly better than average” but they’re not going to be at the top of their game, much less the game itself.

This is the child who when given the option between more training and an hour of television, chose training.

This is the child who when given the option to socialize with friends, chose their training.

This is the child when given the chance to go on vacation, chose training.

This is the child who made the other children nervous because they were obsessive. Still doing their thing when their differences stopped being cool and the other kids ran off to play somewhere else.

They love it. They have goals. They want to be the best.

If you want to write children or teens who fit this mold, the best media for you to turn to are sports movies. This includes the really schlocky movies like Mighty Ducks or ones based on real life champions like Olympian Gabby Douglas. Basically, most of the cliche feel good pick me ups that are often scoffed at when we hit our teenage years. Situations change, but your ‘ridiculously skilled teen’ will have more in common with the characters of Center Stage than they will Buffy. And in a comparison of slayers, Kendra still fits this trope better.

So, with a character who is ridiculously skilled, you make sacrifices. They make sacrifices. And maybe they’ll hit the point where their body starts falling apart in their late twenties/early thirties where they start having regrets, but it won’t be in this moment.

The thing to remember when crafting these characters is that the level of skill they possess isn’t easy to reach. They aren’t actually any different from your average mortal except that they want to be this way.

This, whatever it is, is what they love to do. More than friends, more than relationships, more than love shared with other humans. This is who they are in their bones and in their soul.

To get a teen ridiculously skilled in martial combat, you need a character who is in love with the art of war.


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todoloquetecaemal-deactivated20  asked:

i'm thinking on working on a fanfiction. it's focused on the harry potter world, and even though i want to make the characters seem noticeable different and grown as people, i still want to have it make sense and stay true to the story, since it happens right after the books end. any advice? thank you, love!

Thanks for your question, darling!  This is a really interesting topic to discuss, since so many fanfic writers try their hand at the aged-up AU without really thinking about what that entails.  No one really talks about it, so of course, we all go at it blindly.  But I have a few thoughts that might help :)

Writing Aged-Up Characters

I’d like to note first that this post applies best to characters aged up from 1-15 years older than their current age.  Once you start aging characters from 20 to 50 years old, the process becomes much more complicated – especially considering the life experiences in that time frame, like marriage/divorce, children, career changes, retirement, health changes, etc.  This is also a process that mainly involves list-making, so if you like lists, then you’re gonna love this (+ any of my ideas tbh I’m such a list whore).  Anyway

Step 1: List the Character’s Traits

You were warned.  The first step to aging a character properly is to take inventory of who they are now – their negative and positive traits alike.  How extensive you choose to be is really up to you.  You can list all their major traits, their preferences and fears, down to their quirks and sense of humor.  Or you can just stick to their major traits (which is what I’ll be doing for the example list).  From experience, though, I recommend you be as in-depth as possible.

To give an example, I’ll create the character Kara Roberts:

Kara Roberts

• Daydreamer
• Patient
• Loves big dogs
• Bad relationship with family
• Strong physique
• Intelligent
• Loving
• Has a crush on her English professor
• Believes in “do unto others”

Step 2: Separate “Developed” and “Undeveloped” Traits

So now that you’ve got your list, the next steps are to help you decide which traits to keep, which to change, and which to remove completely.  The first step to organizing your traits is deciding which are developed, and which are not.  Which traits have potential to naturally improve/escalate, while others are at their complete state?  In Kara’s example:


• Daydreamer
• Patient
• Loving 
• Loves big dogs
• Intelligent
• Strong physique
• Believes in “do unto others”


• Bad relationship with family
• Has a crush on her English professor

The process may not have been clear, so let me explain.  Traits like patience, loving dogs, intelligence, and morals don’t have anywhere to go from their current point – all you can become is more patient, more intelligent, or more entrenched in your beliefs.  Unless an external incident takes place, they don’t naturally change.

But a crush on a professor can escalate without external change – it can become an obsession, or an obstacle to education.  Or it could just fade with time.  A bad relationship with family can become worse with time apart, or better as time heals wounds.  Unless something situationally changes, these are the only two traits that are mutable with time.

So once you’ve identified undeveloped traits, decide how time develops them.  Leave the developed traits alone for now (we’ll deal with them later) and just consider how their current situations resolve over however many years your character ages.  Put that aside for later.

Step 3: Separate “Innate” and “Acquired” Traits

So we have a new list, minus the two underdeveloped traits, but it’s not our final list.  Next, we separate the character’s traits into those which are innate – those which our characters are born with – and those which are acquired.  In our example:


• Daydreamer
• Patient
• Loving
• Intelligent


• Strong physique
• Loves big dogs
• Believes in “do unto others”

This is simple enough to distinguish.  Kara wasn’t born with a strong body – she was born a tiny, squishy baby.  She wasn’t born loving animals, but she learned to love them due to her experiences.  She also wasn’t born with the ideology of treating others how she’d like to be treated, because babies don’t do that.  These are all consequences of how she was raised.

So what do we do with this second list?  Reduce some of the acquired traits according to the character’s experiences.  Kara can keep on loving animals; in fact, she could work at an animal shelter and wind up loving them more.  But if she’s sitting all day in an animal shelter, her strong physique may start to go with time – or if she gets pregnant, or if she starts stress-eating – or even if she becomes an Olympic athlete, her physique would change.  And her “do unto others” belief can easily fade if life starts to hit her hard.  In fact, it’s more likely that her innocence/idealism would take a hit, as she leaves college and enters the competitive job-hunting world.

Step 4: Separate “Rational” and “Irrational” Traits

Now we’ve got an even narrower list, but we’re still not done.  Now you’re going to take the list of developed, innate traits and split it one more time: into rational and irrational traits.  Rational traits include matters of the mind, while irrational traits are based on decisions, feelings, or matters of the heart.  This finalizes the list:


• Daydreamer
• Intelligent


• Patient
• Loving 

Kara daydreams because that’s how her brain wanders.  She’s intelligent because it’s something she was born to have.  But patience is a matter of the heart – you’re born with a certain amount of patience, but you choose to continue being patient.  You can be born a loving child, but you choose to act in that love.  Patience and love are matters of the heart – they’re not just how the brain works.

So you have a third list, and these are the traits you don’t have to just develop or reduce.  Irrational traits are subject to change.  Kara may have been patient and loving in college, but in fifteen years, she doesn’t have to be that way anymore.  Life can change her – normal experiences can change her.  Some of these changes don’t even require an explanation, because life… just does that sometimes.

Step 5: Finalize Your Character’s New Traits

So you have three kinds of traits which you can develop, reduce, or change – but you shouldn’t do this to too many traits, or the character can become unrecognizable.  If we took all our options and made Kara a selfish, unhealthy, impatient person who’s in great standing with her family and stalks her English professor… she just wouldn’t be Kara anymore.  But instead:

Maintained Traits

• Daydreamer
• Loves big dogs
• Strong physique
• Intelligent
• Loving
• Bad relationship with family

Changed Traits

• Patient
• Has a crush on her English professor
• Believes in “do unto others”

So Kara’s still got her charm; she’s strong, smart, and loving… and she’s gotten over her English professor.  But her relationship with her family is still bad, and as time progresses, this wears on her patience.  As her patience diminishes, she stops waiting for things to work out in her favor – so she starts to cut in front of people, abandoning the “do unto others” ideology.

She would probably behave the same with friends, although she’d be less patient during arguments – and she wouldn’t put their needs above her own.  In a business environment, she’d probably be more successful on the career ladder – but in customer service, her impatience would prove a fatal flaw.

So she’s changed, but not completely.  We can see linearly how she’s changed and why, so we believe what we see.  And that’s what makes the whole list process worth it!  You can see exactly what to change and why, without messing with anything else.

Anyway, that’s my method of aging characters.  I hope this helps you to age up the Harry Potter characters – I personally love seeing different takes on mature HP characters, so I’ll be looking out for your fic if you ever choose to publish it!

If you have any more questions, my inbox is always open :)  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Love & Sports

Summary: Based off my favorite movie Love and Basketball. Theo’s always made time for dating while you were focused on volleyball and school. Theo starts paying more attention to you when he sees you at the dance with another guy. 

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 3,112

Author’s Note: Sorry for not posting in a while. But with Howler Con, work, online classes, and writers block it gets hard. And if you haven’t seen Love and Basketball you’re really missing out. Also I hate the title, but that’s what happens when you don’t have a good idea. 

Side Note: A lot of this is straight dialogue and scenes from the movie so I can’t take credit for it


Originally posted by hugwithsleep

You moved next door to Theo Raeken when you were ten. You remember it like it was yesterday. He was outside playing soccer with two other boys when you walked up to him. The last neighborhood you lived in didn’t have any other kids to play with, so you were excited someone your age lived next door. Theo was trying his best to dribble the ball but was failing miserably.

“Pass the ball,” another little boy shouted to Theo. He continued moving the ball across his front lawn then kicked the ball into a small goal.

“Goallllll,” Theo yelled running around with his arms in the air.

After he was done celebrating you walked closer to him. “Can I play?”

“Girls can’t play,” Theo responded.

“Yeah they can. Don’t you watch the Olympics,” you argued.

“Yeah,” Theo said as he picked up the ball. “I meant girls can’t play with boys.”

“Can too,” you yelled putting your hands on your hips.

“Let her play,” the other little boy said who you later learned was Scott. “Then we can play two on two.”

“Yeah,” the third boy Stiles agreed. “And maybe you won’t hog the ball so much then.”

“I don’t hog the ball.”

“Yes you do,” Stiles said.

“Fine,” Theo looked over to you, “you can play with us.”

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anonymous asked:

For this au, have you seen Yuuri on Ice? If so, talk with me about a Malec Yuuri on Ice au.

so i haven’t seen yuri on ice, but it’s… figure skating, right? so here, have a figure skating au instead, which is loosely based on the wikipedia article on the show haha

  • magnus is a total pro (honestly when is he not)
  • skating since the age of six, magnus has two junior titles, a world championship and an olympic medal to his name
  • in other words he’s the best
  • but part of being that good is the fame and the hard work and magnus just got… tired at some point
  • he was dating world champion gymnast camille for a while but she ended up destroying him
  • he had no energy left for anything, certainly not for challenging for a figure skating title
  • enter alec lightwood, who only started skating a couple of years ago, but he’s good
  • he only started going because he always ended up accompanying jace to ice hockey practice, and eventually he decided to pull on some skates and try it out
  • alec keeps it really quiet - he hasn’t even told his parents
  • but izzy and jace know and they’re just… proud
  • it’s izzy who films alec skating and posts it online in some skating groups, safe spaces, all “so is he good or what???”
  • magnus sees it and he’s honestly never seen someone so talented or beautiful in his life, so he immediately messages izzy all “when can i meet him”
  • magnus surprises alec at one of his private after hours practices and honestly alec nearly faceplants on the ice
  • but magnus is impressed so he offers to coach him, but alec is like…. overjoyed and afraid all at once
  • skating is a hobby to him, not a career, and he can’t decide if he’s ready for it or not
  • magnus goes easy on him, doesn’t push, but something about this tall, awkward, stuttering beauty makes him excited again, makes him feel alive
  • (ragnor and cat notice. they keep pushing magnus to practice because it’s the only thing that’s made him smile in months.)
  • anyway after months of tension, hands in all sorts of places and training, alec finally attends a regional competition in the new york area
  • he wins!!!!!!!! yay!!!
  • but as they’re waiting for the scores they’re sitting at the side of the rink and magnus is right at his side and he’s so close
  • and then the last scores come in and alec can’t help himself
  • right as everyone’s looking at him for a reaction, all they see is alec making out with his coach in very dramatic fashion
  • izzy and jace cheer all the louder and not just because their brother is awesome at skating
  • alec quits the day job and takes up skating full time
  • magnus stays as alec’s coach for a couple of years until alec wins his first world championship
  • magnus then starts competing again and they become the first same-sex pair to compete at a international level
  • they break ground and make waves and are hopelessly in love and it’s perfect
  • and they all lived happily ever after

send me an au and i’ll expand on it!

The ISU meltdown (cont.)

Anonymous said:

Reading through this article, the one thought resounding through my head till now is ‘I never want to see Yuzuru skating under such a system’ if this, god forbid, happens, I hope it is after he retires because it is bad enough to make me consider quitting the sport altogether! 

Anonymous said:

I read somewhere that the reduction in the BV of the quads could “encourage” less injuries in both the men’s and ladies’ fields?? Put that way, I kind of get it?? Because while I’d love to see yuzu land the 4lz or 4a, the thought that he’d get injured training those jumps makes me almost wish he wouldn’t train them 😭😭

Anonymous said:

Okay but none of this is set in stone yet right? Even if they do reduce base values those numbers in the table might not be the ones we end up with. Is the way to get rid of inflation seriously to FORCE the scores into naturally being lower…?? And is Kori Ade living in some alternate universe? I cant really get where she is coming from, lol just because her skater cant land quads doesnt mean she can throw shade on those who can

Re: Yuzuru. Yes, I agree. I probably am going to hell for saying this, but considering the steady deterioration of this sport into complete and utter chaos, I am now officially in favor of a Yuzu departure post-Milan. Figure skating soon wouldn’t deserve His Highness as its champion anymore.

Re: ISU trying to justify their convoluted witchcraft by pretending that they care about the athletes. Yeah, well, that one line just about summed up what I think. No, BV reduction is not going to make skaters stop training harder jumps. Figure skating jump is not a commodity to which you can reduce supply by simply lowering price. As long as quads are not completely outlawed, there will be skaters training to perform them. As long as quads carry higher BV than triples, and harder quads higher BV than easier ones, there will be skaters performing them in competition. Working towards improving technical ability is part of an athlete’s raison d'etre. There is a reason why the Olympic motto is Faster, Higher, Stronger and not Higher Score, More Medals. Yes, there is the risk of injury attached to it, but you don’t get better at skating, or any sport for that matter, by playing safe. I think all skaters know that very well, I’m not sure the ISU does.    

Re: timeline of new rules going into effect. Right now the only confirmed changes that will take place during the 2018-2019 season are (1) reducing the number of jumping passes in the men’s FS from 8 to 7, (2) reducing allotted time for the men’s FS from 4 minutes 30 seconds to 4 minutes, (3) increase GOE range from +/-3 to +/-5. The adjustment to jump BV is still in a draft state and has not been finalized. The more dramatic proposal for athletic/artistic program likely won’t even be in time for congress consideration by 2020. As I said, these sport governing bodies tend to move at the leisurely pace of a morbidly obese turtle (trust me on this, I’ve been observing the ITF and FIFA at work too). 

Re: alternative solutions to the general inflation in scoring. Yes, those do exist. The most straightforward one, IMO, is adjusting PCS coefficient. My exclusive dealer of bad figure skating news, @fuckyeahdearlybeloved​, recently discussed this method extensively in a very nice rant, so I’ll let myself be lazy and just refer you to that post, here we go :) One other thing I’d suggest the ISU do is making sure their judges and technical panels read and understand their own damn rule book before going out and judging anyone. Going by the men’s free skate protocol from Helsinki, I doubt if any of the judges on duty that day had a very clear idea what the GOE bullets say, or about PCS criteria, or about the difference between an inside edge vs an outside edge.

Re: Kori Ade. Well, it was a rather dumb and careless statement she made, but you have to admit that it is true in a pretty large number of cases. If you look at the SPs of the top men last season and consider their non-Axel solo jump, which is explicitly required to have connecting steps/skating movements preceding it, only Yuzuru’s quad loop and Javier’s quad Salchow met that requirement. Boyang’s quad toe had no steps into it. Nathan’s quad flip was the same. Shoma’s quad flip had about one and a half steps which happened so far out from the jump that calling it “connecting” would be quite a stretch. And yet, at Helsinki, Boyang, Nathan, and Shoma all received positive GOEs for those jumps (I’m leaving Patrick out because he didn’t do a solo quad). Basically, when Ade said “The bullet points for GOE are not adhered to for quads“, she is not entirely wrong. Sad, but again, at least half-true (or 3/5 true just from the sample we discussed).

Pulse Points Ch 11:  The Final Chapter

Many, many thanks to all of you who have supported this story and taken this journey with me. I cannot thank you enough, and know I read and cherish every review and appreciate every reblog and retweet so very much!  

This chapter is specifically dedicated to my precious friend and soul-sister @lillie-grey  as a belated birthday gift. Please forgive me for being a week late! And I’m leaving this verse open-ended so prompts and requests will be welcome. :)

With that, dear readers, I hope you enjoy! You can read it here or on 

Christ, her feet hurt.

Regina had followed Mary Margaret from Babies R Us to Buy Buy Baby, from Victoria’s Secret for some post-pregnancy lingerie, now that the new mom had been given the green light for having sex again, to Barnes and Noble for what supposedly was supposed to be an “in and out” errand. Said errand had morphed into a prolonged search for a children’s book that was ironically out of print, followed by coffee in the bookstore’s cafe and an impromptu nap for Baby Neal. Her friend had more energy than most new mothers, Regina mused, especially those who’d undergone an emergency C-Section only weeks prior, and she was glad to see Mary Margaret acting more like herself again. She just wished her feet weren’t paying the price for her friend’s unexpected burst of energy. She took another sip of her Flat White as she snuggled her godson to her chest and rubbed his back, relishing his soft weight and his sweet baby scent as his head rested on her shoulder.

“Alright,” Mary Margaret stated, checking her watch as she returned from the restroom and took a final sip of her Frappuccino. “I think we should probably head home now.”

“Thank God,” Regina muttered, kissing Neal’s downy head as she stood. Her knees popped as her lower back protested, making her curse the questionable logic of wearing heels this afternoon. Snazzing up a little on a Saturday after wearing sensible shoes to work all week had been an appealing option this morning.

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Three Swipes, You’re Out

based off of this post made by @tamilprongspotter even though I have no idea how tinder works (there was a lot of wiki how involved and if you want a good laugh you should definitely check that out)

4.1k | ffnet

Lily downloaded Tinder the night her sister got married.

It’s not like- she was just drunk and lonely, okay? Which, she understands now is a pretty stupid reason, but she just watched her sister get married at twenty three, and excuse her for having a bit of an existential crisis just because she’s twenty and hasn’t had any type of fulfilling romantic relationship. It seemed like a good idea at the time even though she knows most people don’t use Tinder for actual relationships, but like she said, she was drunk. Of course, she also tries to convince herself that she’s just twenty; she doesn’t even need to go out and find some sort of fulfilling romantic relationship because she’s a strong, independent young woman who doesn’t need a man to feel fulfilled in life.

(If anyone asks why she’s arguing with herself over Tinder of all things, it’s just because it’s two in the morning and she’s drunk, with mascara smudged around her eyes, struggling to unlock her phone because her fingers don’t seem to work all of a sudden. Long story short, she’s a mess.)

Still though, the whole scenario is pretty fucking stupid, and Mary and they don’t stop taking the piss for almost two weeks.


In all honesty she doesn’t really expect to actually use the app.

She does set up her profile- and by set up she just means adding whatever pictures she thinks she looks cute in, actual descriptions be damned- but that’s about it.

Sometimes she might swipe through it when she’s bored, but it’s only because she’s curious. She wants to see the kind of people the dating app thinks she’ll be good with that’s all.

No other reasons whatsoever.

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Eleven very English / British habits

Brekky, Full English (above)
“Double egg, bacon, sausage, beans – and do you want toast with that, love?” Is anything more loin-girdingly British than a morning fry-up? So good is it that it isn’t even restricted to mornings, since the promise of all-day breakfast is a mark of a great British caff. Bubble & squeak counts as a gourmand bonus.  

Talking class
Within 10 seconds of any British person opening their mouth to speak to another British person, each mentally deduces the following about the other: likely address (to within a mile); schooling; income; politics; dining habits; reading habits. Often with considerable accuracy.

Brits have made understatement an art-form. Desperate situations other nationals would call a life-threatening crisis are softened into just “a bit of a pickle”. As his limbs are lopped off, the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail dismisses each blow as “only a scratch”. And no matter how bad their life really is, a true Brit will respond to well-being queries with “Mustn’t grumble”.

All over Britain, locals take umbrage if you confuse their locale with a neighbouring spot that to untutored eyes seems indistinguishable. In the capital, “Sarf London” devotees face condescending sneers about “south of the river”. Brightonians mock neighbours who insist they live in “Hove, actually”. Rage rains on folk who conflate “English” with “British”. And never call anyone outside Tyneside a Geordie.

Weird sports
Forget the Olympics. Put the Brits in charge and they’d replace boring old sports with Great British traditional alternatives. We offer the 200m downhill cheese chase, 400m egg & spoon race, tin bath rowing and 100m bog snorkelling for starters.

Imperial units
Metric shmetric. Old-school Britons prefer measures based on far more interesting numbers than 10. Weight? That’ll be stones, each of 14 lbs. Height in feet plus inches. Horse races are run over furlongs of 220 yards - equal to 40 rods, of course. And weren’t £s more fun divided into 12 shillings or 240 old pence?

Do the British really blurt out apologies far more than anyone else? Afraid so. Sorry. A recent survey found the average Briton says sorry an average of eight times a day – and some up to 20 times. And in a social anthropological experiment, researchers deliberately bumped into hundreds of people across the country, and found 80 per cent of people barged into apologised.  

Illogical much-loved phrases
In Britain, a “damp squib” is a disappointment - but if something is “the bee’s knees”, that means you think it’s excellent. Sick parrots are invoked when a football game goes the wrong way. And when a Briton “pegs out” they also “kick the bucket”. Simple really….

Some people wring their hands over the orgiastic Bacchanalia that hits many British town centres every weekend, but it’s just a part of the deep-seated British passion for boozing that goes back centuries. Beer festivals let connoisseurs of fine ale get pleasantly plastered, while posher folk quietly knock back a bottle of nice wine every night. Cheers!

Glorious failure
Other nations love winners, but Britons often show their greatest appreciation for plucky losers. Terrible ski-jumper Eddie the Eagle is now being celebrated in film, while the papers regularly highlight local football teams that have just lost their 112th game in a row while conceding their 1,000th goal of the season.  

Comic smut
Double entendres are as British as double-barrelled surnames, with sex wrapped in the sort of diaphanous cloak of euphemism that kept the Carry On films going for years. Who can forget Bernard Cutting’s classic response to Matron’s pleas: “Doctor, please, I want to be wooed!” “You can be as wude as you like with me”?

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All of this is really just an excuse to post a pic of my favourite meal

Suffering! Suffering?

I was doing some self reflecting and I came to a realization about why anything even similar to the “oppression olympics” upsets me so. Other than the obvious, of course.

It’s a mindset

One that my mother, sister, aunt, and I all partook in when I grew up.

I remember, when I was little, and I had any real life problems, like a traumatic event, or starvation, etc, my mom would compare it to hers.

She wasn’t being mean about it. Not harsh or anything. But she used her anecdotes to say, “My life was worse than yours, so you should be able to recover from this.” sorta thing.

Like, traumatic thing happens, and I’m still upset about it months afterwords, my mom explained how the same thing happened to her, and she didn’t let it rule her life, and I should do the same. When it came to starving, she’d explain that since she had a brother and soo many sisters, and her mom was a single parent, working as a teacher to make ends meat, they were always poor and never had enough to eat, and so, it was worse. When I’d cry about how awful my sister was to me, she’d go on to tell me about how since her mom wasn’t around, she would be dragged around by her hair by one of her older sisters, and now she’s numb on the top of her scalp. Stuff like that.

Then I internalized it.

“I shouldn’t be upset about this. I’m blowing this out of proportion. My suffering isn’t real suffering.” I don’t think my mom intended for this to happen, or for any of the circumstances, but it did.

When I met people with similar traumas as mine, but they didn’t have PTSD like I did, even though what they went through was so much worse…. I would hate myself even more. I would always consistently compare my suffering to others. My suffering was greater than this person’s, but worse than that person, and I’m ridiculous for being so upset when bad things happen.

And other people did the same to me. It was an endless cycle.

I was stubborn about this, so I put this standard on everything.

In order to get over the crux of my PTSD, I had to accept that comparing my suffering with others had to end. Everybody is different, and people react differently. The point isn’t what happened to make me feel this way. The point is that I felt this way and that that had happened. Only then could I could allow myself to process anything.

It never ends, and it doesn’t feel good.

One particular moment in my life, which was quite horrific for me and was really the jump point for my psychosis to begin (although I was showing symptoms before, it was most definitely a thing now), I had told my mom about.

I expected so many reactions from her, but not the one she gave me. She looked at me, and said that she was so sorry. I’ve gone through so much in my life, and my life has been so hard, harder than hers, or what she could ever imagine.

That didn’t make me feel better. Instead of addressing the issue, the person who kept saying that her life had been harder when I confronted her with something bad finally tipped the other way with this one horrifying trauma to tell me that now my life was worse than hers.

No. I didn’t feel good about that at all. I wanted to yell at her. I wanted to scream at her. I wanted to yell and scream and cry at her. Why was she not emoting in any other way?! Why this, why now?

She told me this several times later, too, with different life circumstances, and it always leaves me dazed and concerned.

You must be this oppressed 👉 to ride.

This can be seen all over the LGBT+ community. Particularly the LG part and the T part. It’s almost soap opera-ish to try to explain it to anyone. You’d need a lot of tacks and yarn to map out these intersectionality problems.

It’s terrifying how much there is in our community.

  • “Bi people are only half oppressed as gay people are because they’re half gay.”
  • “You’re not really trans unless you experience dysphoria and want to get The Surgery as soon as you can afford it.”
  • “Homophobia is the reason why all people in the LGBT+ community are in the community. If you are cis, aro and ace, you don’t experience homophobia, therefore you shouldn’t be in the community.”
  • “Trans men are oppressed more than trans women because trans women are still predators and trans men still get prayed upon because of misogyny.”

Notice anything about this? Aside from the majority of it being straight up transphobic?

It’s comparing one’s experience with another’s based off of one’s own perception of what it means to suffer without taking into account anybody else’s experiences. It’s close minded, and it’s valuing everybody by how much they suffer. And more importantly, the type of suffering, and, in some cases, if it meets all of the criteria of somebody else’s suffering to matter.

Nobody wins.

In the end, nobody wins from comparing one’s source of suffering to another’s source of suffering, if the suffering is still great.

With me, it took something incredibly traumatic, before my mom stopped saying that her suffering was worse than mine. It was that same traumatic event that made her say that mine was worse than her’s. And that made me feel angry, and all the worse.

I imagine that’s how it’s going to be for any tipping point in the LGBT+ community. When somebody has stopped suffering “below what is accepted to be truly suffering” with when something incredibly horrible happens and then suddenly, “your suffering is so great it’s worse than mine.”

I hope the oppression Olympics ends before I see the day when That Great Awful has happened that suddenly “validates” my ace and aro siblings. I hope for neither The Great Awful, or the sudden pity that would come from it. The acephobia and arophobia still ensue like it still does with trans women, specifically black trans women, after so much has happened that has caught the attention of the larger community. 

So, with all that, I will be left bitter and cold and betrayed and closed off with the “I was trying to tell you we needed you and you would respond with nothing but hatred and spitfire.” on the tip of my tongue now making me gag from the bile that would come with it.

This can be unlearned.

First, it takes understanding that this is what’s happening when you do it. After that, it takes learning from others. Accepting that your experiences aren’t going to be the same as somebody else’s. And even if your experiences are the same, that you may feel differently about that experience than somebody else may.

It’s hard to realize that somebody else’s experiences and suffering is valid, even if you, yourself, don’t suffer from the same thing, or not as much.

And that’s hard to do when you make your suffering who you are. And it’s very easy to make your suffering who you are. Even I slip into that mindset all the time.

Paper Sales and Staplers

In which a group of brave documentarions film the most elusive creatures known to man, office workers. | 5.7k

“The Office” AU written for @jilyfest - ao3

“So, is it okay if  I ask,” the woman paused, shifting just slightly in the stiff chair, tucking a loose strand of red hair behind her ear, “why are you making a documentary about a paper company? There’s nothing special about us…”


“I’m in sales. It’s not the most exciting thing but,” one James Potter shrugged and brought a hand up to his hair for the third (the video would later reveal fourth) time in the few minutes he had been sitting in the sequestered office space designated for the interviews. His leg was bouncing rather restlessly and his shirt was untucked from his trousers- just slightly too short for his long legs. “It’s a job. I can’t exactly complain can I?” He leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees (hair ruffled once more). “Plus!” His face brightened, “I work with my best mates, how many other people can say that?”

The camera operator moved towards the blinds, focusing between the slats on two men sitting at a nearby desk, one spinning lazily in a creaking chair, the other sitting on the desk, attempting to drop small candies into the spinning man’s mouth. The camera panned back over towards James, a grin still splitting across his face. The crew would find, in their time with the company, that James was, more often than not, smiling.

Before another question could be asked, a rather large commotion drew the attention of both the film crew and the interviewee himself, sending him rushing out the door to find the source of the mishap. The crew would find this to be another common occurrence during the time spent shooting at Hogwarts Paper.

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Greek Week-Part Six

A/N: Thank you all so much for the positive feedback on part five! Sorry this is a day late, I had some connection issues so couldn’t post! Let me know what you think of this part!x

Prologue, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Epilogue

word count: 1811

There was a shift in your relationship with Calum after that night.

Greek Week was still raging on around you. He was still president of Alpha Sigma Phi and you were still president of Omega Chi. You were both still competing for the title, your houses were still fighting to come out on top. There was still fighting talk and snickers from your friends, still scepticism that you were using each other to gain a tactical advantage.

But Calum had bared his soul to you, and there was no turning back from that.

And it wasn’t just because the two of you had slept together. He’d walked you back to the O Chi house later that night, but not until you’d spoken for a few hours. Calum had admitted that the poem he had read to you was not the one he’d read at the Poetry Slam. Lying in his bed, tracing his tattoos as your heart rates returned to normal, Calum admitted that the one he’d read to you was for you and you alone to hear. It made you realise that actually, Calum hadn’t been messing around the past couple of years. That he really did like you, that the Sport Major was serious with his compliments and his proposals. It made you view him in a different way, and after hearing his poem, you couldn’t help but feel like there was a little bit of Calum that he’d been hiding, a little bit of him that he’d permitted you to see.

Others weren’t so fond of the blossoming relationship.

“Are you sure he isn’t just using you?”

It was probably the most commonly asked question in the O Chi house. Just about everyone, excluding Roxana, had posed the idea that Calum was only investing his time with you because he wanted to win Greek Week. And whilst at first you had been touched by their concerns, it was beginning to get on your nerves.

“But Y/N, are you sure­ he-“

“Yes. I’m sure.” You snap over breakfast, adjusting the toga-like dress you had to wear for the day’s event. Calum hadn’t been considerate the night before when he’d dragged his lips across your skin. Eyebrows raised all across the room, and you let out a sigh. “I’d apologise Tiff, but my relationship with Calum is really none of your business.”

“So it is a relationship?” Meg’s condescending tone makes you grit your teeth, mainly because you didn’t have an answer to her question. “Y/N? You aren’t throwing away Greek Week all for a fling are you?”

“I am not…” You mutter, eyes lifting to glare at the blonde. “Throwing away Greek Week. I am doing everything I can to help each and every one of us be the best we can be to win this thing and make history for Omega Chi. I have not dropped the ball, I have not lost sight of what we are trying to do here. I made a promise to you guys and to myself that I would lead us to victory, and I will. Now, put your sandals on and get ready for Olympic Day.”

“Yes, Miss President.” Meg’s answering smile makes you realise that your sorority didn’t doubt you. They never had doubted you. They were just making sure you didn’t doubt yourself.

Like sisters were supposed to do.

You go to apologise to Meg, but she cuts you off with a shake of her head, sending you a wink before going to grab her shoes. A little sigh leaves your lips as you turn to help one of the younger girls adjust her dress, catching Roxana’s eye as she pours herself a drink. Rox rolls her eyes at you playfully, and you sigh again before focusing on the day ahead.

“Good luck today everyone.” You call, their attention reverting back to you. “Sorry for being a touchy bitch, promise it won’t happen again. I know I kind of just bigged up the importance of winning, but remember to have fun today as well. That is what Greek Week was originally about.”

There’s a little chorus of cheers before you all start to slowly file out of the kitchen, making your way towards the Sports Fields. Olympic Day was exactly what it sounded like; a recreation of the Greek Olympics. It was mandatory that everyone wore togas and sandals, the ‘proper attire’ required in order to compete. However in order to raise a little more money for charity, each sorority and fraternity were permitted to run two stalls; one food/drink and one souvenir.

And if you did say so yourself, Omega Chi’s souvenir stall was ingenious.

“You put far too much effort into this.” Rox laughs as you reach the stalls where some of your sister’s were already seated, selling the Floral and Vine wreaths and crowns to complete everybody’s outfit. “I mean, how long did this-“

“You worry too much.” You cut your best friend off, inspecting the display in front of you. “The real flower ones look so good.”

“Yeah, they look amazing.” She agrees, grabbing one made up of large daisies and daffodils, placing it on her head before handing Ayra the correct change for the crown. “You gonna get one?”

“Oh no Y/N, you can’t buy one.” Ayra smirks, both Roxana and your eyebrows lifting in surprise. “Someone already got you one, said to make sure you didn’t buy another.”

“Three guesses as to who that someone is.” Roxana jokes, both of you grinning as her eyes scan the field. “Where’s Calum then?”

“He said to meet him at the Alpha Sig base.” Ayra sings, winking at you before turning to another customer.

Rox hooks her arm through yours as the two of you head towards the large group of boys on the edge of the track field. Your own base was only a few meters along, so you’d have had to pass it anyway. As you approach, Ashton’s head darts up, a smirk on his lips as he jogs over.

“Ladies.” He greets happily, Rox’s arm releasing yours. “Looking good.”

“Nice wreath Irwin.” She smirks, looking at his head. “Where’d you get it?”

“You kidding? Cal made us all buy one.” He smirks back at the way your eyes widen a little in surprise, one of his arms locking around Roxana’s waist to pull her into his chest. “Oh come on Y/N, don’t look so surprised. The boy can’t help being head over heels for you.”

“Whatever.” You roll your eyes, but you can’t hide the blush the flushes your cheeks. Both Rox and Ash only smirk more, and you leave them alone in search of the frat president. You find him easily, Michael at his side being a giveaway. Michael and Calum had been best friends since they were five, having gone through their entire academic lives together, however your own friendship with him came from several early morning run-ins in the campus Starbucks. You were surprised when you realised you hadn’t seen the Music Major since you had begun seeing Calum. They don’t notice you as you approach however, and you have to cough to get their attention. “Oi Hood.”

“Angel!” His answering smile makes your blush return, although you aren’t sure why. Michael smirks beside him, winking at you as Calum pulls you into his arms. “You look great.”

“Not too bad yourself.” You laugh, your eyes scanning Calum’s toga-clad body appreciatively, smirking when you notice that his outfit did nothing to hide the purpling marks you’d left on him either. “Nice wreath.”

“Well, gotta show the competition some support, seeing as we’re about to beat you at all the events today.” He smirks back and Michael lets out a boisterous laugh, punching his friend in the arm. “Ow!”

“Ignore him Y/N, we were told if we didn’t buy one he’d kick our asses, and we both know it’s because our almighty leader is soft on you.” Mike smirks, dodging the kick Calum aimed his way. “Nice to see you by the way, we’ve been missing each other.”

“I just thought that, where’ve you been Mike?” You ask, smiling as Calum’s arm wraps around your shoulders, pulling you into his side.

“Calum’s not the only member of Alpha Sig whose been attempting to get his girl.” He shrugs, eyes looking over your shoulder to where the Kappa Delta camp was. “You know Eleanor Sanders right?”

“Yeah she’s in a few of my lectures.” You nod, smiling at the blonde. “Way to go Mikey!”

“Nothing’s official yet but…” He shrugs, catching Calum’s eye and smirking. “Anyway, I’ll leave lover boy to give you your present.”

“Oh right!” You grin, turning back to look at Cal as Michael walks away. “You bought me a Flower Crown?”

“Well I figured as we’re dating, I’m allowed to buy you gifts.” He grins, letting go of you to grab something off his chair. You cock an eyebrow at his words, and he momentarily looks uncomfortable. “We are dating, right?”

“Yeah.” You nod, your own smile growing as his returns. “But if you didn’t buy me one of the crowns with the real flowers that may change.”

“Good job I got you this one then.” He smirks, showing you a crown woven with cherry blossom and white roses. Your smile breaks into a grin as he places it on your head, hands catching his face to bring his lips to yours. “I’m going to assume that this means you like it.”

You smile against him, capturing his lips again as his hands drop to your waist. It only lasts another moment however, before you can hear the all too familiar shouts of Luke and Michael and Calum breaks away to send them a glare.

“You want to meet up later?” You ask, fingers dropping to trace the roman numerals by his collar bones that were exposed by his outfit. You press down onto one of the hickeys, a soft hiss leaving his lips only making you smirk. His eyes return to yours, a suggestive smirk on his own lips prompting you to roll your eyes. “I meant for a date. I now owe you coffee and a gift.”

“I can think of other ways you can make it up to me.” You laugh as he wiggles his eyebrows, swatting his chest before he ducks his head to press a chaste kiss to your lips. “I’ll pick you up at six, we can go back to the coffee shop if you want?”

“Sounds like a plan.” You nod, leaning up to brush your lips against his a final time before you pull away completely. “Don’t think this means I’m going easy on you today.”

He laughs as you walk away from him, Roxana appearing at your side, ready to go to Omega Chi’s base.

“Would never dream of it.”

BH6 Catboy/Dogboy AU Headcanons Part 3

Doodle Post 1 - Post 2 - Post 3 - Post 4  - Post 5 -

Headcanons 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -

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Since I get asked this a lot, I figured why not make this wonderful convinient one-stop shop for all my wonderful and supportive followers? :D This page will be periodically updated.

First of all, everyone is different. I want to stress the importance of sticking what works for you. This is what worked for me, and I hope you find what works for you. :) You can also find everything I did every day since December 2013 when I first made this blog if you go under my “diary” tab on desktop.

I credit all my accomplishments in the year of 2014 to my change in mindset. The most important principle if you want to achieve anything in life is happiness. If you don’t enjoy what you do, then you won’t do it so you won’t improve. Pain is a major barrier for most people. Associate that with happiness because pain is an indication that you’re achieving all that is possible in that given moment and isn’t that just fantastic??

This post is about how I changed my mindset: :)

I also think my post about how to achieve your goals complements my post:

I would also like to stress the importance of sleep and recovery. When I start feeling something, I shut it down and cross train until it’s completely gone. I also take at least one rest day every week. On rest days, I’ll go on a short 20-30 min walk with my mother or lightly cross train.

Part one: Running!

You can find my thoughts/reflection of each season on the “about me” tab if you go on my blog on desktop.

This is so important to me: I love races because I love making friends from other schools. Ever since I started going up to people and introducing myself and warming up/cooling down with them. Now races seem like I’m not running against people, I’m running with my friends and we’re helping each other to achieve our goals. People are no longer intimidating.

This is what I think about during races:

I ended cross country 2013 with a 9th place finish at Junior Olympic Nationals in San Antonio and took a two week break from running. When I take breaks from running, I always cross train. I find it difficult to go through my days without doing anything because exercise feels liberating to me. During this time, I swam almost every day since it was finals week and school ended earlier and winter break, so I had time. I also ellipticalled/went on the strider machine at the YMCA, What I’m doing this year is also relatively the same.

When I got back to running, I started my first week alternating between 2-3 miles each day, and the next two weeks 3-4 and slowly up from there. It’s important to build up slow so you won’t get injured since your body isn’t as used to using those muscles again yet.


For the month of January, it was just mileage and no speedwork. In track, we tend to do more speedwork on the track, rather than hill repeats. We’ve done less than 5 sessions in the hills throughout the whole season. In the beginning of the season, we started with longer workouts, more focused on building a strong base. By April/May, the workouts got shorter and faster.

In January, I also swam on the weekends and cross trained on my stationary bike at home since I wasn’t running as much. Cross training really helps build base without the pounding on the pavement of running.


An example of a workout we did in Febuary would be something like 1600/1200/800/400 twice through. To be honest, I know this might be important, but I never really pay attention control what pace I run, so I always run however I feel like. We would also do hill sometimes and long runs in the hills. I don’t remember any my splits, but if you’re ever curious, everything I do is recorded under my “diary” tab.

Our hill repeat workout is always relatively the same. We use the same 400m hill and run it 5-6 times with 400m recovery jog. I usually run continuously but some people rest in between.


This is when racing season starts. When racing season starts, I stop cross training and only run/blogilates until the end of the season. We did lots of 1200/800/400s and hill repeats here and there. I started with my season with all PR’s! I ran my mile in 5:20 (previously 5:38) and 2 mile in 11:16 (previously 11:48) and I was so happy and pumped about the whole season!!


We also did lots of 1200/800/400 but less hills. During March/April, we typically have a dual meet on Thursday and an invitational on Saturday, so we probably did one or none workout a week. I plataued this month, staying at around 5:20/11:16


Suddenly at league finals I ran 5:08 (8 second PR in one week) and 11:04 (10 second PR) all in one day! I was thinking happy thoughts the whole time during the race! I’ve never doubled 1600/3200 before and this gave me so much confidence. The workout on the Tuesday I did right before CCS Finals on Friday when I ran 10:54 was 8x400 with one min rest in between each one, to kinda simulate the race. I think I averaged around 73-75.


I took two weeks off from running again and swam almost every day. I swam almost every day the whole summer since I had time. I also biked a lot on my stationary bike. I usually attended summer cross country practice in the morning and went swimming in the afternoons for most the days this summer.


I attended a Nike cross country camp at Stanford and met and ran with lots of cool people! I noticed that almost everyone had a garmin, or some kind of watch that measures and times the distance you run. I also attended another camp, Coach Dudley’s summer cross country boot camp, and met lots of runners from the CCS section! I highly recommend that camp to anyone that lives in my area because I had a great time making friends my competitors. Coach Dudley is a really passionate and experienced about distance running and he also sends great information regarding training and nutrition. I can tell he’s doing this from passion.

Lots of people there also owned garmins, and I thought it was so cool how it would beep at every mile and give you a split, I was inspired to get one myself. After getting one, I noticed that I run all my runs a lot faster since it’s so satisfying to see nice numbers. My goal was to get all my runs under 8:00 pace.

During the whole summer, it was just mileage and no track workouts. I also ran in the hills a lot, and I heard that hills are speedwork in disguise, but I never ran them hard. I ran an average of 4-5 miles a day. I cross train for longer than I run because it helps me build up my cardiovascular system without all the pounding on my legs to reduce injury.


I ran a road race for the first time, called the “Dammit Run,” which is a 5 mile hilly and rocky course up a dam and down. I won my age division (2nd female overall) with a 6:43 pace and even ran one of my miles under 6:00 and I thought that was so cool since I didn’t feel like I was in race shape at all and my garmin really motivated me throughout the whole race.

When school and official practice started, we mostly did hill repeats, and I think we only did one track workout for this whole month.


I had to miss my first race because I felt something in my hamstring and decided to be smart about it. I took four days off and a week later, we had a meet at our home course, and I ran close to my PR.

When racing starts, I stop cross training and only run. My mileage is also slightly higher. We mostly did hill repeats and minimal track work this month.


Same as September, but more track work towards the end.


The hill repeats have disappeared and all workout days were all on the flat track. We did long intervals, in contrast to track season. We did 1.5-2 mile tempo runs, (actually the first time I’ve ever done a tempo run), mile repeats (5:35-5:45 avg), and my favorite: 1600/1200/800/400 twice through.

My runs also got slower as the season prolonged, averaging 8:30 pace in contrast to the under 8:00 paces over the summer. I think my coach really likes really distinct easy and hard/quality days and I think it works for me as well.

The week before leagues, I started to feel something on the area behind my left knee, so I decided to be smart and take 4 rest days that week and had to miss another race. Then I ran 17:55 at Crystal Springs, a 15 second PR from a few weeks ago. Crystal Springs is a hilly course comparable to Mt. Sac. This reminds me the importance of rest and recovery.

We did a 1.5 mile tempo the Monday before CCS (saturday) and I felt really flat for the whole week. My legs felt like they were stuck in one speed and I couldn’t make myself go any faster. I was predicted and mentally prepared to earn CCS champion, but lost it in the last 200m. I felt burnt out and so ready for my season to be over as much as I love running.

Sure, I was disappointed at first, but I learned so much from the outcome:

The Wednesday before State (Saturday), I ran the fastest mile I’ve ever ran at practice- 5:26 and it made me happy. I surprised myself with a 10th place finish, running 18:08.56 (yeah they rounded it to 18:09 but that time looks more glamourous).

What I’ve done differently for state is that I took Thursday off and ran the course on Friday. Sweet tomatoes is my favorite place to go for my pre race dinner. I ate three potatoes the night before and one the day of.


After state, my enthusiasm for running was suddenly refilled. I signed up for Footlocker West senior race (I am eternally grateful for my father to convince me to go for the seeded) the second I got home. There was only one week in between state and footlocker, and my workout was 4x800m. I averaged 2:38-2:45 in the wind and rain.

For Footlocker West, I repeated the same thing I did for state- taking Thursday off and ate at sweet tomatoes again. 3 potatoes and night before, and one the day of.

Since school uniforms weren’t allowed, I ran for a club, BB Racing, and got to wear this cool bright pink uniform. It felt nice running with a team, and everyone there was so friendly. :)

During the whole race, I stayed around 15th place or so, and passed 6 people in the last 800m, finishing in 9th, with a spot to adnvance to Footlocker Nationals! This is the biggest accomplishment of my life.

I did the same 4x800m workout again, but this time, I couldn’t run as fast. I think I used up all my energy in that kick because I ended up running my slowest 5k this season there. I still had a great time meeting and running with the fastest high schoolers in the nation and several olympians.

As of now, I took two weeks off from that, and now I’m slowly building up my mileage, and I plan to repeat what I did last track season. :)

PART TWO: Cross training!

  1. Blogilates! I love the weekly videos Cassey puts out on youtube and I really respect her for her passion for wanting to help everyone achieve their goals.

I try to do at least one from each every day! I don’t follow any weekly schedule, I just do what I feel like on that day. I workout for around 30-60 mins every morning, depending on how much time I have! The only days when I don’t are race days, otherwise, this is year-round! Planks are my favorite since they strengthen all those wonderful muscles!! vI try to do at least one from each every day!

total body/core:


lower body:

My favorites:

I’m also a huge fan of FitnessBlender’s plank workout!

2. Cycling!

During this summer, before cross country 2014, I did more cross training on my stationary bike than I did running and it really helped me build an awesome base without the pounding. I finished the season mostly injury free, and could afford more rest days just in case something small was coming up. When I took time off during the season for injury prevention, I cycled to substitute for running. I also used to take cycling class at the YMCA, but I get bored with just music playing, and I always have to be on my phone or reading a book.

3. Swimming/Elliptical

I swim for 30-60 mins non stop of mostly freestyle, and breathstroke for recovery. I breathe after every 5-7 strokes, because I feel like it helps increase my lung capacity which helps with running. I only swim during the off season. I used to be able to swim for longer, but I just can’t stand the mind numbing monotony of the pool floor.

I usually only go on the elliptical if I’m waiting for my mother or feel tired that day. I’m always reading a book as well.

During the off season, I never have training plans. I do whatever I feel like for however long I feel like that day. Only when racing starts is when I make sure I follow a training plan closely.

4. Troubleshooting (Injury alert!)

I stretch at home after I take a shower for around 5 mins. I like doing the splits because it gets my hamstrings and lots calf stretches because I have a history of shin splints. This is pretty much all I do if I’m not sore/injured. Maybe I should add daily foam rolling.

When I’m sore after a hard workout/race, I foam roll and stretch a lot. I also soak my legs in boiled ginger because it’s supposed to have warming phytochemicals that increase your blood circulation according to Chinese medicine. I also get a wonderful massage from my lovely mother afterwards.

When I’m feeling an injury budding, I I’ve for the first 24 hours and heat until it’s over. I’ve never taken an ice bath before. I also go see a Chinese doctor who gives me painful but satisfying deep tissue massage.

Freezing a Dixie cup also helps you get into small areas

During cross country 2013 (first season back from injury) I would also go for acupuncture every few weeks, but I haven’t done that ever since.

More life tips by me!

I hope you found this useful and let me know if you would like me to do anything else like this in the future!! I love giving back to my wonderful supporters because you guys motivate me to be at my best every day <3

OMG Check Please: Jack Zimmermann/Eric Bittle Fic Rec List November 2015

I’ve made my fair share of long fic rec lists in the marvel fandom, and I thought i would make one for the OMGCP fandom. I’m started making this and the Jack/Bitty fics were enough to make one post just for them, so all the other pairings will be in another post soon. Enjoy!


Hold It All At Bay: Mature. 50K. The theory of extrapolative synchronization of the mirror neurons was debunked back when he was still in his teens, so Jack is reluctant to mention that he can smell Bitty’s pies baking from across campus. Warning: lots of talk of mental health issues, very intense

Found Out: Mature. 43K. “Bitty, you have finally rose to the rank of ‘bad roommate who brings people home and has loud sex,’ and we love it. It’s lonely here at the top. And now, you’ve joined us.”No one notices Jack, at the far end of the table, staring at his bacon.[A bunch of ways in which everyone finds out. Update: en français.] 

Of The Nature Of The Wound: Mature. 34K. His first year in the NHL isn’t easy, but Jack has spent his entire life playing through the hurt.

Thinking of You: Teen. 16K. ‘Cause when I’m with him, I am thinking of youA fic based on Katy Perry’s 'Thinking of You’. Bitty’s junior year starts, and he has to deal with returning to the Haus, and moving on after Jack’s decision. Don’t worry - it will have a happy ending.

Au Pays Qui Te Ressemble: Explicit. 15K. Jack waits.

We’ll Find Out If Love Is The Size Of Oceans: Not Rated. 8K. But when Jack looks at Eric Bittle, it’s obvious. Anyone can see the wave of emotion crashing across his face, causing his eyes to soften and lips to quirk up in a smile. The walls break down and it turns out that no matter what anyone says, Jack Zimmermann is not a robot.

Begin Again: Teen. 8K. For a moment, he is tempted to simply sit in the pitch-dark living room, soaking in the silence and the loneliness, but then his phone buzzes, and he is pulled from his thoughts. There is a new message to the Samwell Mens’ Hockey group chat from Bittle.‹‹Happy New Year!››Jack cannot help smiling. A tale told in holidays, from New Years 2015 to New Years 2016.

Apple Pie Of My Eye: Teen. 7K. Shitty and Jack went to Harvard.This wasn’t the best decision. But the universe finds a way of working things out in the end.[In which Bitty gets cut from the team in sophomore year and gets a popular YouTube baking channel instead; Shitty and Jack have many conversations in Jack’s bed, to Jack’s chagrin; Ransom and Holster are totally in sync; literally everyone is onto Jack except probably Bitty; and baked goods play a large part, as always.]

I Don’t Really Mind: Teen. 3K. "Oh shit, it’s like, a town where literally everyone is gay. It’s the best thing, every day is gay pride day. They even have a women’s weekend, which is so chill on so many levels.“ Shitty took a deep breath to restrain himself from speaking any further, "But anyway, I haven’t been in a while and I was thinking we should go.”“Oh,” Bitty responded breathily. He was happy to be out, but he didn’t know if he was quite ready for something like that, no matter how enticing it sounded, “And it’s called… Ptown?

One Shot:

  • Alternate Universe:

Positive Image: Explicit. 10K. When Bittle first showed up at a meeting with management, sitting next to Sara with wide, scared eyes, Jack didn’t think he had a chance in hell. Sara hired new assistants all the time, most of whom barely made it through a season.

Those Walls I Built (Well Baby They’re Tumbling Down): Not Rated. 10K. “Well, I hope you gave that boy your phone number,” Suzanne says as soon as the door closes behind Jack, and Eric drops his head to the counter with a groan.

Cream and Sugar Like an Optimist: General. 5K. Jack doesn’t actually pick where he wants to live because of proximity to a coffeeshop. Jack would never do that. That would be crazy.

The Gentle Hum Of Anxiety: Not Rated. 5K. Jack Zimmermann is a world-renowned figure-skater just coming out of the hospital. He has a new partner and it just happens to be one Eric Bittle.He never expected to fall for him.

Show Me: General. 3K. Eric Fucking Bittle is a 3 times Olympic gold medalist and Jack is a college hockey star looking to join the NHL. Bittle happens to be training for the winter semester at Samwell College, and meets Jack. we’re just going to pretend that this is chronologically correct and 1st year happens before the winter olympics!

On A Silver Plater: General. 3K. Jack walks into a restaurant and immediately thinks that he has made a mistake. It may be his lucky day, though, because he lands a date with a cute blond.

  • Fourth of July:

Don’t Cool Off, I Like Your Warmth: Not Rated. 9K. Summer is supposed to feel just like this, Bitty thinks, swim trunks and lemonade and the smooth slide of river rocks in his hand, Jack’s fingers curling around the inside of his knee where it tickles, the space between them small and getting smaller.

All Our Worries Will Wash Away: General. 4K. Jack texts Bitty every day, and he comes to Georgia for the Fourth of July, and he brings Bitty a present, and Bitty’s still not sure if any of it means anything.

Fireworks in Your Heart: Teen. 3K. The terrible, awful, absolutely nothing good can come from this truth of the matter is that Jack Zimmerman – Bad Bob Zimmerman’s quebecois speaking, hockey playing, sometimes-mini pie-making prodigal son – loves Savannah.

  • College/Future:

Best Laid Plans: Explicit. 19K. "Dude,” said Holster, his eyes huge, “that’s so sad. We gotta get them together.”“This isn’t a romcom, Holtzy, ” Ransom said, patting his arm. “I’m sure that’s not what Shitty had in mind.”“Actually,” said Shitty, “that’s exactly what I had in mind. And I’ve got a plan.”

I Hear Symphonies In My Head: General. 14K. Eric listens to a lot of music. Life is never so bad that it can’t be fixed with baked goods and the right soundtrack, and he’s really good at providing both, if he says so himself.

You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am: Explicit. 11K. Eric just wants to get past this crush, but Jack keeps getting in the way.

Say It’s Been A Long Six Months: Teen. 10K. Jack falls in love, comes out, and loses his friends. Not quite in that order.

Strawberry: Explicit. 8K. Without thinking too hard about anything, Eric gathers Jack’s other hand, places his wrists together, and, slowly, giving Jack time to pull away, pulls them up and over his head to pin them on the pillow.

Left the City, My Family, My Precinct: Mature. 7K. Bitty uses emojis like a second language, one that Jack’s slowly starting to become fluent in.

Where There’s Smoke: General. 7K. Jack decides that now is finally the time to come out publicly. He also decides that it will all go more smoothly if he pretends to date Bitty. Absolutely nothing could go wrong.

Phone, Please!: Not Rated. 6K. "Bits, you live tweeting this?“ Shitty asks. Or: Five Times Jack Took Bitty’s Phone (And One Time Bitty Put It Away Himself).

Deja Vu: Not Rated. 4K. When it finally happens it’s almost like deja vu.In which Jack signs with, Bitty flees and everything sort of works it self out in the end

I’ll Give You Everything: General. 4K. Jack doesn’t like throwing his last name around to get things, but if it means Bittle gets to meet Beyonce, well…he can’t not do it.

Bold; Over the Worst of It: Mature. 3K. “Spring C,” Jack says, “is full of mystery.”

Baking and Skyping and Texting: General. 3K. "I HOPE HE TRIES BAKING AND SKYPES BITTY EVERY TIME SO HE CAN HELP HIM. PLEASE WRITE IT PLEEEEEASE” - ShleeIn which Jack has a sudden SOS, they banter and this Skype thing’s pretty fun.Set just a week or so after Jack and Shitty’s graduation.

We Go Together Like the Winter and a Sweater: General. 3K. “Fuck, I was supposed to go to Tampa, too,” Nursey groaned and faceplanted into a pillow.
“Aw, don’t be sad, guys! We can have a great Christmas here! It’ll be just like home!!” Chowder smiled at the defenceman.
“Y’know what, Chowder,” Bitty called from the kitchen, “that’s an excellent idea! Our first Samwell Christmas! We can decorate and make dinner and watch movies! Oh, I gotta ask Mother for her roasted chicken recipe!” The small forward bounded up the stairs and disappeared into his room.

A Fifteen Year Plan: Teen. 2K. Jack brings it up at breakfast—voice quiet, but sure—before Bitty’s even managed to take a full sip of coffee.“I’m thinking of coming out. Soon.”

Bite Your Tongue: General. 2K. Five times someone had a crush on Eric Bittle, and one time it all worked out.

When You’re Not Here (I Sleep In Your T-Shirt): General. 2K. In which Jack says a lot of sad goodbyes, but a happy hello.

Jacket Weather: Teen. 1K. Eric is very, very cold in the library. Jack, stop laughing.

Second Thoughts: A Fan Sequel to First Times

Hey fandom,

What you’re about to read was inspired by the definitive raistafina fanfic, ‘First Times’. Full credit to JenKenLee for that, and for any bits of backstory that pop up in this fan sequel. 

I’m not your typical raistafina shipper, having not been aware of this whole subgenre until after the Rio games - but ‘First Times’ was so well written, I felt it deserved some kind of reprise. Nothing will ever top FT so I’m not even going to try. Still hoping Second Times is a-coming, but for now this will have to do…

Some notes on the controversy over whether raistafina should even be a thing:

  • I’m aware some people think raistafina fics should just die, and actually agree with some of the points being made, e.g. some of the writing out there isn’t what I’d want written about myself at all, if I was an actual kick-ass gymnast. And echoing what someone else said, what goes on in the ship should stay in the ship (seriously.. life is crazy enough for these girls without being asked questions about the stuff that’s written about them online).
  • You won’t find hardcore NC-17 smut here. (You also won’t find squeaky clean Disney.) I’m more interested in the raw human dynamics that let fly when high-stakes elite gymnastics and strong personalities collide. I think there’s a way to write about this subject matter with respect (yes, even when the characters are based on real life people).
  • Having said that, I know some will hate it regardless of how it’s written. To that, I’d just offer up a good-natured ‘to each their own.’

Right, disclaimer speak over. What follows is the prologue to what may potentially become a running sequel, depending on if there are any readers out there… and depending on the business of life in general… Enjoy :)

P.S. I have zero knowledge of Russian beyond what I manage to scrounge up on Google. I’m also not a gymnastics guru. Tips welcome.


Links to: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5 (Part I), Chapter 5 (Part II), Chapter 6 (Part I), Chapter 6 (Part II), Chapter 6 (Part III)

Prologue: Business

The second thought that crosses Aliya Mustafina’s mind after being roused from her not-so-deep sleep — the first being ‘chyort…’ (damn…) — is to give up on the endeavor entirely. The incessant humming of the plane engine ensured that not once in the last 15 hours since departing Moscow had she gotten anything resembling ‘rest’. She knew she would need plenty of that if she was going to survive the next few weeks.

Another two hours pass. Aliya shifts uncomfortably in her admittedly spacious seat, feeling the plane begin its descent. She slips her well-worn copy of Anna Karenina back into her backpack — cliché, she knows. Nothing really beats the prosaism of a Russian-jacket-wearing Russian gymnast reading a quintessential Russian classic. It can’t be helped; after all these years, it’s still her favorite book for the road. Who doesn’t like being immersed in the tragic chronicles of a woman struggling to throw off the strictures society is bent on saddling her with? 

Peering out the tiny oval window, Aliya takes in the sea of bright lights, the brightest cluster of them dotting the contours of Rio de Janeiro’s beautiful coastline. Her heart rate picks up a little — this is it.

“Cabin crew, please prepare for landing.”

Turning to her right, she looks over at where Seda sits, head tilted back against a Pikachu-emblazoned travel pillow, mouth hanging wide open. Totally passed out. Aliya feels a smile tug at her lips, and reaches over to gently pull up the woolly blanket slipping down Seda’s shoulders. The baby of the team stirs and mumbles something incoherent (“cookies?” Aliya hears), but remains about as conscious as an Egyptian queen. The mummified kind.

After quickly snapping a photo of Sedate Seda that she fully intends to post on Instagram later, Aliya sinks back into her seat, absentmindedly staring past her own reflection in the window.

It’s been a whirlwind few days. (Most of) the Russian team had been given the green light to compete in the Olympics just days before. Aliya remembered the overwhelming torrent of mixed feelings that swept over her when she found out her team would be jetting off to South America after all. Angry, because so much of the frenzied foreign media coverage on the high-level drug scandal seemed set on smearing the reputations of every Russian athlete, including the innocent ones; vindicated, because she and the girls had been killing themselves to train for these Games; pumped, because she’d been given another chance to prove to all the doubters that injuries weren’t going to keep her from fighting for her share of more Olympic glory; scared, because of what — and who — happened four years ago in London…

Grimacing, Aliya forces her mind to back away from London. She didn’t want to go there. Luckily, the French accent-tinged English of a pleasant baritone snaps her out of her thoughts.

“Miss, can I get you anything before we land?” The chisel-faced Lufthansa flight attendant who has been surreptitiously flirting with Aliya since the plane took off peers down at her, his eyes trained on her face. He’s holding some orange pieces of paper in his hand.

“No, I am good,” Aliya says curtly. She had caught only a few words of what he had said, but it was enough, combined with the tone of his voice, to understand what he was asking.

He gives her a slight nod but his feet stay rooted to the spot, as if waiting — or willing — for her to say more.

“Uh… thank you. I am good.” Aliya feels a blush creeping up her cheeks, realising that her first response probably made her sound like a queen bitch telling a particularly useless manservant to please just step off a cliff. She tries to ameliorate the situation by looking up and flashing him a winning smile. He has been very attentive for the entirety of the flight, after all.

Chisel Face (he had introduced himself before, but Aliya hadn’t bothered to commit his name to memory) breaks into a pearly-teethed grin. “Did you finish your book?”

“My book?” Aliya says, momentarily thrown. Then it dawns on her that he had noticed her burrowing into her novel. And probably noticed a lot of other things too. She does a slight mental smirk. He’s not what you would call beautiful, but he has a certain slick charm about him. She’ll play along for now.

“No, not finish. But I read, many times. Anna Karenina is… deep. Many people, many… meanings.” He nods as she speaks, clearly not really comprehending her words so much as drinking in the way her voice lilted over the English language, infusing each syllable with a certain deliberate, commanding Russian air. Whenever she paused in search of the right translated word, it only added to the pensive aura she seemed to so naturally exude. And when she settled on one finally, but knew it didn’t quite convey the full force of her original meaning, her already dark eyes would cloud over even more with barely restrained frustration.

Aliya registers the all-too-familiar blank look on his face and only just stops herself from rolling her eyes. Why does she even bother?

Recovering himself slightly, Chisel Face suddenly remembers the other reason for stopping by in the first place. He carefully leans over a groggy but now definitely conscious Seda to hand Aliya some immigration forms.

“We’ll be landing soon. You’ll need these.”

Aliya thanks him, watches as he gives her a suspiciously rehearsed wink (ugh) and continues down the aisle to distribute forms to other passengers. By now, Seda is fully alert. And shooting Aliya a smug-filled ‘I see what you did there’ look.

Aliya smacks Seda over the head.

“When we were flying over the Canary Islands, I thought you’d passed on into the afterlife. You didn’t even feel anything when the flight attendant shook you to wake you up for dinner.” As Aliya speaks, her fingers instinctively move to smooth out several escapee strands of hair matted against her diminutive teammate’s forehead.

“Which flight attendant? The one who was about to get down on one knee just then?” Seda pokes Aliya’s arm playfully. “The one you would have totally jumped if I wasn’t in the way?” She stops mid-tease, brow furrowed. “Wait, that’s so cool we flew over the Canary… actually, never mind. You were SO into him!”

Aliya raises a perfectly-shaped eyebrow. “You think I’m that easy? Please. He can get in line.” Seda struggles to think of a snappy retort. She can’t. There is definitely a line — one populated by a string of smitten Russian celebrities, sons of oil barons, a few fellow Olympians, even an up-and-coming Russian genius on the verge of discovering the cure for cancer… or something. Not to mention the hoards of fans — some genuinely nice, some downright creepy. 

Point taken. There is a line, and it was going to take a lot more than smart flight attendant attire, constant drink re-fills and well-practised winks to pique Aliya’s interest.

A hellishly lot more.

“Here — we have to fill these in. I’ve got pens… We’re officially going to be in Rio soon!” Even the normally composed Aliya Mustafina can’t contain the waves of adrenaline coursing through her at the thought of another Olympics. She moves to hand Seda one of the orange forms, but not before another piece of paper with something scrawled on one side drops onto Seda’s open table tray.

Instinctively, Seda grabs the paper and brings it up to her eyes. Squinting in the dim light, she quickly scans it, and moments later lets out something between a high-pitched squeak and a gleeful guffaw. It’s as she expected: a carefully hand-written phone number complete with international code, an email address, and several social media handles (most on sites Aliya doesn’t even use). Then in capitals: JACQUE MOREAU. And underneath Chisel Face’s actual name, in script befitting of a Russian pre-schooler: Ты такая красивая.

Aliya calmly plucks the paper out of a giggling Seda’s hand, scrunches it up, and lets it drop to the floor of the plane.

She has business to get on with in Rio.

Fic: Kane/Toews versus Seguin/Benn bromance competition

Here are over 4000 words from a fic I’m trying to write. It’s the Kazer versus Bennguin bromance competition idea I’ve mentioned in the past. Spoilers for the ending are included below, so don’t read past Day 16 if you want it to be a surprise. I’d love feedback about including more Tom Wilson/Mike Latta, and also let me know if you have other Kane/Toews or Benn/Seguin ideas you’d like to see included. 

I know that I want to add more with their teammates (including reactions to the competition); I also want to add stuff from the All-Star weekend (most of this was written before that happened). Finally, I want to include more interactions between the couples beyond the competition aspect.

A couple of other things I’d like feedback about:

Would it be better to remove any mention of their girlfriends? I tend to write things based on real life, but do some readers prefer an AU where the girlfriends don’t exist? (I currently have three mentions of them.)

Is switching points of view too confusing? There probably isn’t a way to do it otherwise, though…


Patrick is getting ready for bed when he receives an unexpected text from Segs.

Tyler: remember the brownie bromance tweet I told u about? 

Patrick: …i think?

T: how some fans put together all the pics of us and basically said we should be together?

P: oh yeah

T: something similar happened again

P: mhm?

T: but youre involved

P: wtf r u saying someone wants us to bang? eww

T: haha no… so some fan on twitter sent me this link comparing nhl bromances, saying im copying u n tazer with my benn bromance

P: haha

T: but i was thinking we totally should lol

P: what do u mean?

T: it would blow their fucking minds if we did try to one up each other

P: …

T: cmon kaner whats the harm? it’ll be fun

P: id have to check with Jonny

T: you scared youd lose to us?? the big established bromance falling to the new guys?

P: fuck you, no,we’ll totally kick your asses. though what kinds of things did you have inmind? Jonny’s gf already thinks we’re banging. if we go too far she might breakup with him

T: and thats a problem?

P: hahahahahaha good point

T: great part of jamie being single

P: okay, ill convince Jonny. you start, we’ll do something to top it

T: kay dude


Day 1

Segs post-game interview:

“Being traded to Dallas was the best thing that could have happened to me, both professionally and personally.”

“Personally? Could you expand?”

Tyler fakes getting distracted, purposefully looking over and smiling at Jamie.


“Oh, uh, sorry, thought Jamie was trying to get my attention for something. Isn’t he great? I’m so glad I got the chance to work with him. Meeting at that All-Star Draft, who would have thought three years later we’d be so close?” Tyler smirks, licking his lips.


Day 2

Chris Kuc @ChrisKuc

According to @88PKane he knew even at 13 that Jonny would play an important role in his life. #Blackhawks

Mark Lazerus @MarkLazerus

.@88PKane says: “I knew, back in the Junior Flyers when we were 13, that Jonny would be important to my life.” #TheyAreAdorable

Chris Kuc @ChrisKuc

Toews overhears as walks past, says they talked about dreams of playing together in NHL during Junior Flyers summer tournament #Blackhawks

Mark Lazerus @MarkLazerus

Toews: “We actually talked about wanting to play on the same NHL team. We knew our chemistry at 13 would only grow.” #TheyAreAdorable



HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK they ship themselves more than anyone!!!!!!

#kazer #Patrick Kane #Jonathan Toews #everyone ships them #but not more than #they ship themselves


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What "Gentile Privilege" Looks Like

I think the Romani could probably understand this, as well as other diasporic groups with which I’m not as well acquainted, since their oppressions in many ways mirror anti-semitism. Some of these points will sound generally diasporic and, if so, those points are not intended to exclude other diasporic peoples. Most of these points are targeted at majority ethnicity people in the Western World, most specifically the United States since that’s where I live.

But if I had to explain “gentile privilege,” it would look like this.

Gentile privilege is:

  • Never having to ask “is it safe to call this country home?”
  • Never having to ask “when are they going to turn against us like everyone else did?”
  • Never having to watch the same patterns of oppression occur against your group while haters of your group victim blame you because if it’s been happening for 2000 years there must be a good reason for it
  • Never being constantly judged by the actions of your worst members while the majority culture erases the fact that the members of your group that they like are part of your group
  • Never having to cringe when someone like Bernie Madoff shows up in the news and fearing that you are all going to be blamed and punished for this somehow
  • Never having your ethnically distinct features be the short-hand for evil and ugly in popular culture (applies mostly to Ashkenazim)
  • Never having your very existence erased because your group is supposed to look like one specific subset of your group, a point which the majority culture drives home so sharply that members of that subgroup internalize it and have to deprogram themselves
  • Never having to hear that you don’t look like what you are as if it’s a compliment
  • Never having to debate with people outside your group about who is actually a member of your group as if they have a say in the matter
  • Never having people pretend to be members of your group and try to destroy your culture, religion and ethnicity from within
  • Never having people deny your oppression because you don’t fit into their neatly predetermined categories
  • Never having your group’s success in an industry be treated like an evil conspiracy to keep out people from other groups (see Jews control the Media, Jews control banking, Jews control Hollywood)
  • Never having to constantly negotiate whether or not to ask for Holidays off because “You have too many Holidays and you must be making them up”
  • Never having to spend two to three months every years listening to music, watching tv specials and being bombarded with advertisements related to a holiday you don’t celebrate while occasionally the majority culture will throw you a few nice gestures about a minor holiday they assume is important because it happens around the same time.
  • Never having people steal or redefine your words and then tell you that you’re using your own words incorrectly
  • Never having people use your group’s very name as a slur
  • Never having to work on your sabbath when the majority culture doesn’t have to work on theirs
  • Never having to deal with blue laws that won’t allow you to operate your business on a sunday to protect a sabbath you don’t practice
  • Never having to navigate between your religious and secular obligations since the rest of the world doesn’t recognize your religious obligations as being part of the mainstream culture
  • Never being accused of believing something you don’t by members of the majority society who think they know what you believe because their religion is descended from yours despite 2000 years of divergent theology and despite their group’s oppression of yours for the majority of that span
  • Never hearing people dismiss or deny a genocide that killed millions of your people in living memory
  • Never having people who did not have relatives in that genocide demand that you acknowledge the other victims of that genocide while those people deny that it was actually truly targeting you specifically at all, despite being a clear majority of the victims and having endless screeds, movies and laws created against you 
  • Never having to hear people act like that recent genocide is somehow an isolated incident and ignore the fact that the systemic oppression of your people started long before and has continued ever since and is only getting worse in recent times
  • Never being accused of being exactly like the people who committed the genocide against your people
  • Never having to see people try to reclaim the symbols of the people who committed that genocide against your people despite those people never having owned that symbol in the first place
  • Never having to live with the cognitive dissonance of believing that your people need a safe homeland because of the oppression your people have faced for thousands of years with the recognition that its creation is causing enormous horrors for another people
  • Never having to deal with a near total lack of solidarity when you point out your present-day oppression to people who claim to be interested in “Human Rights” and “Social Justice.”
  • Never having to constantly point out to people that you suffer from the majority of religiously motivated hate crimes in your country because your listeners believe that your oppression isn’t a big deal
  • Never having to remind other oppressed minority groups that the people who hate them hate you too and fearing that you will be accused of being privileged and racist for doing so
  • Never having your concerns about oppression of your group in the diaspora be dismissed because the person is opposed to your ethnic state, not your ethnicity and don’t you know that there’s a difference
  • Never having to watch people from countries that committed acts of expulsion and genocide against your people ignore and deny that they created the millions of refugees who moved to your controversial ethnic state
  • Never having to watch the people who want to end your ethnic state express total apathy for the fates of the members of your ethnicity should that ethnic state be erased, despite their countries’ complicity in causing the conditions that made moving to that state necessary for their survival
  • Never having people outside your group only acknowledge your oppression when a celebrity they don’t like is involved 
  • Never having people outside your group only care about famous members of your group when they find out that they are “othered” in a way other than being a member of your group, despite them having been murdered for being a member of your group
  • Never having people outside your group become dilettantes about a specific part of your religion and only a specific part of your religion that is supposed to only be studied by members of your group who have decades of background in study in the whole of your religion because it’s “mysticism.”
  • Never hearing people from other groups declare that you aren’t your group, they are.
  • Never having people categorize you as a race or religion based solely on which definition will make it easier for them to hate, persecute, erase or appropriate you.
  • Never being accused of stealing other peoples’ children to murder them for religious rituals
  • Never being told that oppression olympics are wrong except when it comes to you

There’s probably a lot more. But I figured this needed to be written. 

A Day at the Ice Rink

Okay so, this is just a quick thing based off of this post.

It’s my parents’ wedding anniversary today so I’m just gonna post this right now before we head out.



For the holiday break, the student Collège Françoise Dupont decided to do something special together, organized by Rose of course, they all decided to go to the ice rink!

“Are you ready? Are you excited?” Alya asked, smiling as she and Marinette walked to the ice rink “Of course! I love ice skating!” she said, smiling. “Well you’re good at it…but I bet you’re more excited about seeing a certain someone outside of school” Alya teased, laughing as Marinette gently elbowed her side.

The two entered the ice rink, their classmates already inside.

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