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Trailer: Arrietty & Marnie Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi Launches New Studio and New Feature Film: Mary And The Witch Flower (2017)

Studio Ponoc, the anime studio founded by former Studio Ghibli producer Yoshiaki Nishimura, announced its first feature length anime film Mary and the Witch’s Flower (Mary to Majo no Hana) on Thursday. The anime will debut in summer 2017. The film is based on Mary Stewart’s book The Little Broomstick.

Studio Ponoc posted both a Japanese and an English trailer. While the Japanese trailer reveals a summer 2017 debut, the English trailer just lists a 2017 debut.

Yonebayashi previously stated that he wanted his next film to be the “opposite” of When Marnie Was There.


WIP; The Yuri on Ice / Miraculous Ladybudy au nobody asked for! feat. my really bad sketches and chinese handwriting! 

Mary’s Secret Child

I think that Mary has two game-changing secrets that explain all of the plot holes in S3.

  1. She’s a double agent (Read my definitive proof here.)
  2. She has a secret child.

The Secret Child is the invisible thread that connects everything together.

I have an abundance of ACD canon facts supporting this premise, but first here’s a visual to highlight my point.

I believe that Mary is based on Effie Munro; the suspicious wife in The Yellow Face.

Here’s a quick numeral summary of the parallels.

1) Effie moved to the UK five years ago.

2) She hides her past from her husband.

3) She is obviously involved in something shady.

4) Her husband catches her sneaking off and she refuses to explain herself or defend herself.

5) Her dear husband forgives her without further explanation. Okay, this is important: not only does her husband forgive her… but he forgives her using almost the same speech John used to forgive Mary (the essence of the message is exactly the same even if the wording is a bit different).

You are at liberty to preserve your secret, but you must promise me that there shall be no more nightly visits, no more doings which are kept from my knowledge. I am willing to forget those which are past if you will promise that there shall be no more in the future

6) It turns out Effie was hiding her child from a previous relationship.

7) It is a locket with the picture of the child that reveals the secret.

Now remember the necklace Mary was wearing in HLV?

Well, Moffatt, Gatiss, and Sue have said in the DVD commentary of HLV that the necklace has meaning and explains something.

Sue: She’s got a necklace there, hasn’t she?

Mark: Yes, we’ll have to explain that at one point.

Steven: There’s quite a lot of things we’ll have to explain, Mark.

I think just like in canon, the necklace represents the secret child. Instead of a locket with a photo (not really worn present day), it is a 5 petal redish-purple flower. I surmise that the flower is an actual violet and that the secret child is named Violet. (There are a tons of females named Violet in ACD canon!)

ETA: And now we know the name of the little sister is Rosie. Two flowers!

I wrote this post over three years ago and deleted it for *reasons*. I knew Mary had a secret child almost after viewing HLV but didn’t see it in the deductions until later on that year.  I decided to write my theory in a fanfic instead. You can read it here: Mixed Messages.

To conclude, I think the fact that Mary has a secret child is the hidden variable that explains several S3 plot holes  (including why Mary shot Sherlock; why John apparently forgave her; why Sherlock was willing to go to his death in Eastern Europe and leave John with Mary, why there was no romantic chemistry between John and Mary, why Sherlock seems to like Mary; why Mary didn’t defend herself; and finally why Mary isn’t jealous.)

Go to Part 2 to read the real reason why Mary shot Sherlock….


I’m tagging @avawatson because she reached the same conclusion as me recently. See her post here:

I’m also tagging @miadifferent because she’s a good detective and thought she might be interested.

Baby’s backseat - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Baby’s backseat

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: Flirting with Castiel gets Mary to make assumptions and Dean to be more jealous than ever before. Based on 12x01.

Mary exhaled sharply and you could swear you saw her eyes water up at the sight of the black car, you couldn’t blame her “This was John’s car.” she said in awe, walking towards the Impala.

“Oh she’s beautiful.” she breathed out and Dean smiled full of pride.

“Hell yeah, she is.” Dean breathed out with a grin and you couldn’t help but let a soft chuckle at the pride in his voice. Maybe you didn’t say it out loud to annoy Dean (a small agreement you’d made with Sam long ago) but the Impala and would always be one hell of a beauty.

“Hey, sweetheart.” Mary said with a fond smile, running her fingers over the hood “Remember me?” she asked with a small smile and you looked at Dean to see a fond smile on his face. He glanced at you at that very moment and you smiled warmly – although shyly at getting caught – at him and he did the same.

He walked forward leaning over the open windows and taking a look inside the car just like Mary did. You couldn’t help but walk forward and stand right in front of the passenger’s seat. You took a look inside, remembering how not even 24 hours ago you were sitting in that very same place with tears streaming down your face because you weren’t able to stop them even hours after thinking Dean was dead.

Your eyes moved to Dean and Mary who where still looking on the inside until your eyes caught sight of what Dean’s were. Mary was smirking, and oh boy you knew that smirk all too well especially at the way she was looking at the backseat. Your eyes widened and Dean’s smile immediately fell as Mary kept looking at the backseat with that same smile.


His back straightened and he stopped leaning over the car anymore. He looked at Cas who frowned at him and although you tried to hold yourself back, because yes you did try, you still failed. You burst into laughter but Dean was definitely notlaughing at all. Castiel merely looked at the two of you, especially at the mortified expression on Dean’s face.

“What-” Castiel started speaking but the look Dean gave him didn’t leave any more room for him.

“Oh. My. Chuck!” you exclaimed, your stomach hurting from all the laughing and it wasn’t at the events that had obviously taken place in the backseat but it was at Dean’s expression at realizing it “And Amara if you want, I certainly have no problem now!” you laughed, brushing away the tears.

“(Y/n)” Dean said through pursed lips but you kept laughed, holding your stomach because it hurt.

“Atta Mary Winchester!” you laughed “I certainly adore your mother now, Dean!” you snickered and he glared at you “I- I mean-” you glanced at Mary who was chuckled softly as well now “I mean if I understand well-”

“(Y/n)” Dean made a disgusted face “Don’t want to hear details!”

“Dean, do you practically understand you might have been conceived there?!” you laughed as he gave you a look of disbelief and Mary joined your laughing.

“Uh he was, I just don’t remember… which time.” she said with a soft shrug as Dean’s eyes widened in utter horror and you burst into more laughter.

“Gosh” you wiped away your tears.

“Mom. Gah.” he made a face, shutting his eyes and shaking his head.

“A-alright so- so first John and Mary-” you laughed, snickering all the more when Dean gave you a look “Then you, and-and then I remember once Sammy for sure. So now that I think about it I am the only one that hasn’t used the backseat. Hm.”

You snickered more “Well, Cas included but I wouldn’t have it coming from him unless-”

Dean narrowed his eyes at you especially as a wide grin spread on your face “Hey Cas! Wanna hook up in the backseat of the Impala?” you turned to your angel best friend who merely tilted his head to the side at yours suggestion.

And while you were laughing and walking towards Castiel to explain to him what was really going on-

“Are they together?” Mary mumbled to Dean, watching you and the angel interact and Dean all but jumped.

“No!” he rushed to say maybe a little too louder than he should and maybe, just maybe, with a little bit more of a hint of jealousy than he should “I- I mean no, no. No. Absolutely not. They are just- friends. Strictly, friends. Friends yeah.”

“Hm” she raised her eyebrows “Good.”

Dean this time was genuinely confused and even if he didn’t want to take his eyes off you and Castiel he looked at his mother “Why?”

“Because you and her would make a wonderful couple.” she smiled up at him, and her smile got only bigger when she saw how flustered her son got.

“Oh no uh nom we’re just… friends.” he even couldn’t hide how much he hates saying that word when it came to you.

“Yet.” she smirked “To me she looks pretty smitten over you.” she patted his arm, as Dean’s eyebrows shot up and his lips parted.



“And who knows- maybe you will use the backseat of the Impala together.” she chuckled as Dean’s expression went back to a mortified one.


I~II. Victor gets sick and Henry personally nurses him for months (canon)

III. After he gets better Victor tries to express his gratitude in many small ways…like cooking or making tea for Henry. Alas, Victor Frankenstein can impart life on dead matter but is helpless when it comes to doing anything that nurtures living people; he even manages to fuck up making tea. And poor Henry has not the heart to turn down his kindness…☠️ (not canon but might as well be)

IV. Honestly my otp right now


New Witchy Film From “Studio Ghibli Veterans” Looks Just As Magical As Miyazaki-san’s. 🌸Mary and the Witch’s Flower🌸

Starved Studio Ghibli fans now have something new to look forward to.
At 14. December 2016, Ghibli veterans, under the auspices of Studio Ponoc, released a trailer for a fantastical, Ghibliesque movie called Mary and the Witch’s Flower, slated for Summer, 2017.
Based on Mary Stewart’s The Little Broomstick, in which a girl discovers a magical broomstick in the woods, Mary and the Witch’s Flower will have everything you’d expect from an OG Miyazaki film: a strong, girl protagonist, a black cat, rolling, green hills, magical drama and skyfights against flying, squirmy fish monsters.
“A fundamental part of the Ghibli story is that the heroines’ humanity, rather than any special powers, was always their greatest strength,” former Studio Ghibli producer and Studio Ponac founder Yoshiaki Nishimura told the Telegraph. “You may like it, you may dislike it, but a lot of Japanese animation has a kid solving a problem by getting inside a giant robot. The Ghibli philosophy was different, and I wanted it to be the Ponoc philosophy too.”

From the Telegraph’s interview:

Nishimura describes it as a film for children who are “moving into a 21st century that’s different from the one their parents imagined for them.” He goes on: “I think we all had a vision of what the world would be like, but it’s not the one we’re moving into. So what filmmakers should say at a time when people are losing hope – and what kind of film might help restore it in our children – are big themes for right now.”
Studio Ghibli announced they’d take a break in 2014. Not long after, Hayao Miyazaki claimed he’d go into retirement—a claim he’s gone back on several times. Most recently, in November, Miyazaki said he’s come out of retirement to help with Boro the Caterpiller, originally an animated short that Miyazaki is expanding into a feature-length film.

“Mary and the Witch’s Flower” looks promising and, if you’re a die-hard Ghibli fan, you’re bound to have some feels watching the trailer.


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  • Mary: *is looking for Sherlock. sees Molly* Where's Sherlock?
  • Molly: *shrugs* I don't know
  • Mary: ...
  • Mary: This calls for drastic measures.
  • Sherlock: *crashes through the window with a harpoon* HOW FUCKING DARE YOU
  • Mary: Ah, there he is *smirks*
Quand je commence à jouer un personnage étranger dont je ne parle absolument pas la langue maternelle et que je veux placer deux-trois petites locutions pour faire authentique

moi : “google translate c’est vraiment de la merde”

aussi moi : *google translate des surnoms en russe pour la backstory de mon personnage*

Jamie Benn #2

Requested by Anon:  Can you write a Jamie Benn drabble based on TSwift’s Mary’s Song (Oh my, my, my)? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

*Thank you so much! I love this song so I was really excited about writing this. :) I hope you like this. Also, I can’t believe this is just my second Jamie Benn request. :O*

Word count: 834

Originally posted by sebaho

You slid next to Jamie on the front porch steps of your childhood home. He smiled down at you and continued to watch the quiet street, not even offering you one of the three beer cans he had on his other side. You wrapped your light cardigan on your body tighter.

“Why are you all alone in this chilly night?” you smiled.

“Just thinking,” he shrugged, “you?”

“Wanted some alone time too,” you confessed.

“Want me to leave?” he asked.

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in the four months i’ve had this blog i’ve managed to amass a huge amount of icons, most of which have psds / borders i no longer use. rather than letting them sit on my hard drive forever untouched, i’m posting them for anyone who wants them !!!! 

please do not reblog this post && if you’re using these please put some kind of credit on your page ! thank you ! 

***these all include psds.

large border, vibrant psd. unorganized, 771 icons. ( download. )

small border, vibrant psd, 5,541 icons –  686 from season 1, 1,125 from season two, and 3,630 from marie’s other projects. ( download. )

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