based kitty

Why don't you eat meat??

I would never EVER purposely eat an animal, I don’t care what kind of flesh it is: chicken flesh, cow flesh, pig flesh, etc. and why? The same reason you wouldn’t eat a cat or a dog. Animals are animals, there isn’t a compassion label on each individual animal. If you wouldn’t eat a dog then why the hell would you eat a pig? The difference is species and you choose to be blinded by the fact that one of them is placed on a higher pedestal than the other. All animals have something in common, they have feelings, they can sense and have emotions. Maybe you think one is cuter than the other. Fair enough, but that doesn’t mean you can kill one for being less attractive than the other. Maybe I think dogs are cuter than cats, but I’m not fucking insane enough to eat one for being less “good looking”


So my mother grew up in Bolivia and her parents ran this guest house where the Ayoreo Indians would come, and they always had cats (because my aunt always adopted stray cats) and instead of naming them, they called them all ‘kitty kitty’.
And the Ayoreos didn’t have a word for 'cat’ in their language at the time, because they didn’t have cats in the jungle obvs, but after coming out to the guest house all the time and seeing the cats there, they developed a word for cat: 'kiki’ (no idea how to spell this), based on 'kitty kitty’.
And that is the story of how my mother’s family accidentally helped an entire people group develop a new word in their language.

Am I the only one who thinks the phrase “he whispered sweet nothings in her ear” is the stupidest phrase in the English language?

Like every time I hear it I just mentally picture a couple being intimate and the girl’s like “Oh Paul, whisper sweet nothings in my ear”

And Paul leans in and just


I’d seriously kick him out of my house

Tldr the phrase “sweet nothing” is stupid and breaks my emersion in whatever I’m reading.

Well it’s too early in the morning for me to properly to explain it but for every new/beginner artists to know is that it is alright to keep references when drawing!

Although some beginners prefer to not use sketches, to which tracing is also a good start for beginners as it helps to remember lines, curves, and hand movement when drawing

[ Also when tracing a drawing that is not yours please ask permission from the owner! Or do not post it online at all, for some artists prefer that people do not trace over their art even if you give credits to them, keep that in mind ]

That is different from using a base because

?? ?

It’s just lineart that somebody else did and coloring it in with different design

Don’t be like some deviantArt users

If you are going for a more traditional drawing like paper/canvas, do whatever you wish, don’t kill people

ALSO: Cat ears are basically triangular curves on top of the head lines up from they’re eyes, they’re not too big but if you want to over exaggerate that’s fine too