based kia

Based off of Kia’s 13daysofSasuHina

>Sauce workin at the local mall as a seasonal photographer because Naruto thought working part-time during the holidays would be fun

>Naruto unexpectedly calls in one day & Sauce is the only one who can fit into the Santa costume (he ends up not wearing it tho lol)

>Staff was worried at first thinking he’d scare the kids but ends up being popular 

>Rumor has it that if you can withstand the scary Santa your wish will come true

>Highest profit in years! 2 hour waiting line! Staff from other stores are forced to help out

>Once Nardo is back, he becomes reassigned as photographer instead of Santa (is okay with it because he enjoys seeing Sasuke say ho ho ho)

>Sasuke is initially agitated but the cute Santa helper is amused by it so he complies


The first of the Mini Adventures series.

These are much shorter stories that will feature other characters as well as Kia, usually based on ideas that couldn’t be stretched into full sized comics, and are more slice of life in nature.