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In a previous answer to an ask you mentioned that there are many graphic novels centred around the karyukai. Is it possible to get some examples of those? I have the one that's supposed to be loosely based on Mineko Iwasaki's life already. Since I'm already on the subject, what about anime?

For graphic novels (re: manga) there’s
-Sakuran, which was made into a movie and centers around oiran. 
-Yukarism, which is about an oiran who was reincarnated in the present and tries to figure out how she died.
-Oiran Girl, one of my favorites but has yet to be picked up by an English publisher, it follows a girl who was nobility that was sold into Yoshiwara and trains to become an oiran under the tutelage of the top oiran (who happens to be not only her former butler, but is also a guy). 

If you couldn’t tell yet, maiko and geiko aren’t often the focus of karyukai stories as the ultra extravagant oiran are seen as far more interesting. As for anime, the only one I know about is called Mitsuwano. It’s a short OVA about 3 girls who are all trying to become maiko in Miyagawa Cho (and by “short” I mean 40 minutes).