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Anti- Dark

so to recap the nature of the official personas…


 - screen signal glitch based

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- possesion/virus based   

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- knives, gory murders, blood

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-psychopathic murderer

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- VHS 3D glitch based

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-possesion/demon? based

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- guns/work tools, brutal murders, blood 

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-torture, persuation

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-powerful yandere

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Motherfucking Antisepticeye Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfucking glitching bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit Goddamn person who thought of bringing the glitch bitch into our lives goddamn all in our face fucking shit i cant even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Antisepticeye man Motherfucking neon green tennis ball head shit you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking cut his own throat with his bare hands and fucking green hair shit Antisepticeye I’m very tired No man I’ll just talk about the glitch son thing all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the glitch thing fuck dude I just saw it a year and a half ago fuck Antisepticeye man he fucked over his fan base with all these glitches and that video man and shit man or did the theories fuck this guy who thought of the glitching shit I don’t like glitches I cant think of who the fuck thought of the glitches and shit all I can think of is the video where the guy thought of the glitches and shit who the fuck thought of the glitching and shit


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Sorry to-be that person but what was the bernstein bears glitch?

The Berenstein/Berenstain Bears glitch is a huge glitch revolving around the spelling of the name of a family of bears from a series of children’s books. Some people who grew up with them remember the name being spelled Berenstein, whereas other people will insist the name was spelled Berenstain. Apparently, the correct spelling is Berenstain, like the creators of the series (Stan and Jan Berenstain), but so many people remember the name being spelled Berenstein that many people cite it as proof of a glitch in the matrix. 

There are extensive theories based around this glitch that points to people who remember it being Berenstein being from another universe and ending up here thanks to a mistake by a time traveller altering history; some people believe this time traveller was sent back to prevent the Y2K disaster and in altering that timeline, displaced thousands of people from a parallel universe into this universe. People who remember it being Berenstein are from the parallel universe, and people who remember it being Berenstain are native to this universe.

This glitch is probably so widely seen as proof of glitches because while human memory is faulty (especially childhood memories), the sheer number of people who believe it was always spelled Berenstein is huge, and from what I’ve seen, could even possibly outnumber those who remember it as Berenstain. Many people went through a great amount of shock and disbelief when they realised there was an “a” there instead of an “e”, too, and a lot of people have written about how it made them feel very uncomfortable and out of place to discover the “a” was there and there was no proof of there ever being an “e”. These reactions and the number of people experiencing this creates very strong evidence that this isn’t just a case of false memories, but is in fact actual proof of a huge glitch.

Inktoberwatch day 23, Sombra, or: I really have no idea

In-between commissions and homework I made a fan character for Sly Cooper because OF COURSE I DID.

His name is Jeremy. He’s one of Arpeggio’s guards for the airship. He’s 100% based off this glitch I routinely got in the level where if you set one of the toucan guards on fire and they died they would occasionally re-spawn still on fire. So there’d just be a dude nonchalantly walking around with a flame on him.

Yeah. That’d be Jeremy.

I could go into detail on him but no one wants to hear all that! So the basics: he is physically mute (currently undetermined on details) but has a syrinx so he can make noises still (look up toucan sounds, they adorbs), he’s accident-prone to the extreme with everything but has a negative attraction to fire and explosions, he’s a pushover and just does everything the others tell him to do (so they usually make him do dangerous stuff that gets him into these messes), and as a hobby he can play the electric guitar because I said so.

Also, I never knew the guards on the airship were toucans until I looked it up. Still kept the general anatomy, though, just to stick with the canon style, but fixed his beak, a little bit of his feet (not much this time, though), and colorations.

Here’s my Arpeggio Redesign also.