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but, here are the reasons why i should // she makes me feel like the swollen desert sun is inside of me and like i am s h i n i n g   g o l d e n through all my broken places. // she knows more of me than anyone else. // she’s always been all the best parts of me.

Based on the Desert Girls poem by @nowthatsheaven​ for making me cry.

Hundred Acre Boys

I tried to make an update some bishie-version Winnie the Pooh characters again haha 
It’s been a while since I’ve made one so I made another .

I’ve been ruining people’s childhood since 2010. haha  

This is done for fun. You mad, you lose haha 

she is so beautiful and i have a dream where this is something i can say out loud, where she is something i can love out loud, where we are more than blacked out names on the family tree or cautionary tales.

this time, we walk the streets in daylight.
this time, the love is not a scarlet letter.
this time, it is a flag we will never let fall.
it is uncaged, unashamed, unrelenting.

she is the farthest thing from a secret
and i am the farthest thing from afraid.
every kiss doesn’t taste like a bullet,
my body isn’t full of exit wounds.


i think ppl need to be careful about saying “straight women fetishizing gay/bi men is JUST AS predatory as straight men fetishizing lesbian/bi women” like…. both of these are bad things, similar expressions of homophobia and entitlement, nasty as hell and inexcusable but like… acting like the exact same power dynamics are at play is kinda ridiculous and you have to accept that if you want a valuable discussion of these issues

The song Håper du har plass has been played 3 times in this episode (4x8)

First in Savner dere (Miss you), then in Unnskyld (Sorry) and now finally in Håper du har plass (Hope you have room).

In Savner dere Sana is seeing photos of her friends and missing them. The music is sad and only two lines are sung:

Det er ingenting som fenger lenger

Eller føles ut som en ekte følelse

Nothing’s interesting anymore

Or feels like a real feeling

Once again, this is a sad scene. Sana feels like she is no longer a part of the group and seeing these photos is nostalgia. It’s not her life anymore

In Unnskyld we see Sana being distanced from the group. In this clip you cannot hear the lyrics what so ever and the music is really emotional.

In Håper du har plass however you finally get to hear the chorus. This is the lyrics:

Jeg håper du har plass, jeg håper du har plass

Jeg kommer helt alene og ikke med noe lass

Du kan si når jeg må skjerpe meg og sette meg på plass hvis du finner et vindu til meg

Oh, fang meg når jeg faller eller mister meg selv og siste flammen eller gnisten

Jeg skal la deg gråte ferdig for et liv på min bekostning hvis du finner et vindu til meg

I hope you have room, I hope you have room

I come completely alone and without any load

You can tell me when I need to straighten up and put me in place if you find me a window

Oh, catch me when I fall or lose myself and the last flame or spark

I will let you finish crying for a lifetime at my expense if you find me a window

Hideen in this sad song is actually a beautiful message about having your friends’ back and being there for them.

The song you first thought would be sad turned out to be an uplifting song. Julie only shows us this when the group is actually reunited.

Conclusion: Julie is a genius

I used to be the kind of person who whenever people told me they didn’t like girl groups, I was like, “Oh okay, I can respect your opinion,” but I am honestly at the point where I can’t do that anymore. I’m so tired of hearing my fave idols get slandered because someone made a judgement based off of two girl group songs they heard 10 years ago. If anyone said anything remotely bad about boy groups, those fans would lose their shit, but girl group stans are expected to sit there and take it. They have to listen to people calling their faves sluts, untalented, etc. They have to listen to people complain about sexy and cute concepts when boy groups can do bad boy concepts out the ass and not get any shit. They have to listen to people talk about how their faves “can’t dance” and how “annoying” their voices are. And if a girl group stan says anything about it, the rebuttal is always, “Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)).” I’m not respecting an opinion that is based off of poor judgement and ridicules women. I’m not respecting an opinion that is hypocritical and disrespectful to another human being. Female idols deserve respect and I’m so tired of having to fight for people to see how talented they are. I’m so tired of having to say this shit over and over just because people refuse to treat female idols like humans. Girl groups deserve so much better.