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Do you have any Jearmin headcanons? :333

hoho, I’m not sure if I’d call them “headcanons” cause I could scrap an idea if it doesn’t work in something/there’s something more fun, but here are some things that make me go hmmm:

- Jean really likes Armin’s hair, and likes to touch it as much as possible, aheh. Armin really likes Jean’s muscles HEeyyyyyyy

- Based on this screenshot, Armin has the most bodacious ass.

- I take this with a grain of salt since it’s just from a track on the drama CD, but based on Armin saying he was allergic to dust and had Eren/Mikasa/his Grandpa do all the cleaning for him, I like the idea that he’s a little spoiled. 8)) And that carries over to other relationships.

- I like the idea of Jean getting easily flustered when around Armin, or even vice versa.  Flustered mess = yes.

- Armin likes sleeping in Jean’s shirts, and he knows full well how much Jean enjoys it.

- Armin is really good at the whole “make someone think the thing you want to do is their idea”. Jean eventually catches on to this and gets better at spotting it, but he finds he doesn’t really mind.

- Both would be willing to throw away a lot for each other, and that scares them.