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There are some of us who like both Heida and Eleanor. There are some who are only Eleanor fans and some who are only Heida fans. But what annoys me is the stereotyping based on age and family status (Poldark Mums comments).

so i’ve been thinking a lot about lance and his siblings

  • lance would drive his lil sister to and from school when their mama had to work. he’d wait outside the gates for her and they’d hold hands or he’d give her a piggy back to the car as he asked about her day
      •  sometimes she even made drawings for him to look at as they walked
  • the two (lance and his younger sis) go to the beach together A LOT
      • lance was actually the one who taught her to surf
      • they spend time building sandcastles, surfing and looking for shells they can take home
  • lance and his older sister are actually the ones who bicker the most, all of it playful teasing until lance gets too big for his boots and things get… interesting.
      • it normally ends with his sister getting him in a headlock and him tapping out though
  • lance is the only one his lil sister likes to comb her hair. she’s got real big curls and lance is the only one soft enough to be able to battle them. he’ll braid back her hair before they go swimming and it’s a job trying to get her to sit still
      • lance always has to guide her back down and he’s laughing as he’s all “woah, hey, you’re gonna mess up all my hard work!”
      • to which she giggles and settles for at least a minute
  • their whole family has movie nights where they just all pile in the living room and watch a couple movies. lance’s older siblings are all spread across the couch with his parents, while he and his younger sister are piled on the floor with pillows and blankets
      • it’s not too long before his older siblings get into an argument about the movie choice, to which lance and his lil sister just both respond “SHUT UPPPPPP” because they’re both so invested in the movie
      • lance gets a pillow thrown at the back of his head for that
  • lance is always trying to prove himself to his older siblings and that often leads to him getting himself into very sticky situations
      • he once got his head stuck in a metal fence because his brother dared him
      • one time he needed to go to the emergency room because he bet his siblings he could chug a bottle of hot sauce (he could not)
      • he tried backflipping off the trampoline once and ended up fracturing his ankles
      • he once got way too cocky while trying to get rid of a spider in the house and just straight up grabbed it in his hand. as you can imagine, his face was instant regret and he fainted
  • he and his older brother wrestle a lot too
      • they both commentate the fight as it’s happening
      • “and firstborn mcclain lands a fatal blow!! baby mcclain is down!! i don’t think he’s gonna get back up!!”
      • yes. lance is baby mcclain.
  • his siblings all tease lance for being a mamas boy, but it’s funny because they all love their mama so damn much. 
      • lance welcomes this title honestly
      • he stands there with a wide smile as he replies all “yeah. and what?”
      • mama is smiling in the background while his siblings smirk and mumble something along the lines of “kissass”

Crazy Rich Asians To Be Fast-Tracked To Film

Kevin’s Kwan’s novel, Crazy Rich Asians was released in 2013 and quickly became a best-seller. Dubbed the Asian version of Pride and Prejudice meet The Devil Wears Prada, the book follows the life of a successful professor named Rachel, who’s engaged to a down-to-earth professor, Nick Young, whom, unbeknownst to her, comes from a wealthy/snobbish Singapore-based family that comes with a lot of drama.

The book garnered strong reviews and was a bestseller, spawning sequels, the last due out in 2017. However, unlike similar bestsellers–Gone, Girl, Girl on the Train, The Devil Wears Prada, The Nanny Diaries–the book failed to be optioned by a Hollywood studio.

Come word today that the film rights were purchased by WB studios and the film version will be fast-tracked for release in 2018.

You may wonder why this is important.  The film version of the novel comes at a crucial time for the debate surrounding diversity and representation in Hollywood. Variety reports the USC 2014 study, citing that only 5% of speaking parts in film, television, and digital programming were played by Asian actors in all of 2014. The news comes in light of Alan Yang’s Emmy speech citing low Asian-inclusiveness, and controversial castings of Emma Stone in Aloha, and Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell.

The entire cast of characters in the book is Asian, including the American-Born Chinese protagonist, Rachel. Crazy Rich Asians is an opportunity for Hollywood to cast Asians in meaningful roles, and to cast an Asian male actor (Nick Young) as a romantic lead.  Moreover, the behind-the scene agents will also be Asian. The film will be directed by Jon M. Chu. The screenplay will be written by Adele Lim (Fox’s Lethal Weapons).

Read more about the author, Kevin Kwan and the inspiration for the book via Vanity Fair.


Keith and Lance discovers the secrets of the universe or how Keith come in terms with his sexuality

If anyone has read the book the comics is based on the “family meeting” scene


Concept sketches for Teen Nyx, Selena and Papa Ulric (whose name is a working progress). I’m gonna sketch Mama Ulric later.

Christmas present for @adrastia … coz we worked hard on those Ulric family headcanons but without you we wouldn’t have those ideas and I wouldn’t have been inspired. Thank you very much *hugs*

So I have this head cannon based on my own family that the bat kids have a habit of saying “my brother”/”my sister” like everyone knows who they’re talking about. People who know about the whole batclan can usually guess which bro/sis based on the context, but everyone else just assumes there’s only one brother and one sister. 

Imagine Tim starting YJ and being super secretive about his identity, so no one knows he’s Tim Drake with 7.5 billion Wayne siblings. Which leads to the hilarious assumption that Tim just has one brother, and who does. So. Much

Grew up in a circus, and by circus he means the streets, and by streets he means a palace in Dubai. Born in Gotham but also in the middle east but he’s Cuban and black? Can’t drive a car, but can drive a motorcycle? Is married, but also ‘partners’ with some guy named roy and is also like twelve? Died?? But apparently he got better?? 

And his sister is a mute computer genius who’s both super dramatic, and pretty stoic, faked her own death once?? and is an Asian ginger, and might be the child of Catwoman and Batman??

People would think he’s making it up, except he says these things so casually and with such a straight face that there’s no way it’s a joke. 

Until one day some brave soul is like “Hey Robin, how many siblings do you have again?”

“Well, legally I have three brothers and two sisters. But Duke’s adoption papers are pending, and Babs might as well be my sister. Stephanie pretty much lives with us too, so I suppose that brings the total up to four brothers and four sisters.” 

Which solves one problem, but still doesn’t answer the whole dying? and getting better??? 

Daily reminder that you watching any given show on TV doesn’t matter at all, no one is counting your view unless you have a Nielsen box in your household.

Got one of these bad boys?


Then your television view DOES NOT MATTER. No one is counting what you watch. You do not affect ratings. 

How do ratings work? 

Basically like several thousand families have these boxes attached to their TVs. These people are a sample group and represent all of the country! Yeah, just several thousand families. These families each represent like… thousands of families “just like them.” Ratings are estimated figures based ONLY ON NIELSEN FAMILIES. 

So. Your view on television doesn’t matter. At all. 

Support a show in different ways but ratings are not it. I’m sure people pay attention to online chatter, trends in social media, views on legitimate videos, etc… So, y’know. Do that stuff. Spend money on the content. Whatev. 

This is mostly for the SU crowd but it applies to literally every show ya’ll like.

Meet the Family- Auston Matthews

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You looked over at your boyfriend as he pulled up to the adobe-colored house with the red, Spanish-style roof and the palm tree in the front yard. Yellowy-white lights were strung up on the edges to decorate the exterior of the house for the upcoming holiday tomorrow. Christmas.

“This is it.” he smiled. “This is home.”

Your eyes went back to the house. “This where you grew up?”

“Yep.” He beamed, parking next to the curb. “Come on. My family is waiting for us. My mom, my dad, my cousins, everyone. They haven’t seen me in forever. And I’ve told them a lot about you.”

You blushed. “You told them about me?”

“Yeah. (Y/N), baby, why wouldn’t I?”

You smiled and pecked him on the lips. “Love you, Aussie.”

“I love you too, baby.” he said. “Come on. Let’s get the stuff.”

You got out of the rental car and went to the trunk to get your bags when you heard the front door from the house open.

“Auston! Mijo!” you heard a woman’s voice call out. You and Auston turned your head to see Ema and Brian Matthews, Auston’s mother and father, standing in the doorway, a bright grin on her faces as they looked back into the house. 

“Everyone! Auston’s home!” Brian called.

“And he brought his novia!” Ema commented after.

Auston grinned and hurried up to the door to hug his parents as more people appeared behind her “Mom! Dad!”

You smiled at the touching sight and closed the trunk of the car, standing out on the sidewalk with your bags. You were so nervous. This was your first time actually meeting his parents face-to-face and the rest of his family. He insisted you fly down from Toronto to come see them. Even if it meant meeting almost his whole family.

The three broke apart and Ema looked to the sidewalk and thus to you. “Oh (Y/N)!” she exclaimed, coming out of the doorway and onto the sidewalk, Brian trailing behind her, greeting you with a hug. “It is so good to finally meet you!”

“You too.” you smiled, pulling away a minute later. “It’s good to finally meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.”

“Oh please. Call me Ema.” she said.

“And me Brian.” your boyfriend’s father noted, looking at your bags. “Do you need-”

“Oh no, I’ve got it. Thank you, though.”

He nodded and went back inside with Ema. “Come on, you two. There’s plenty to eat!”

You went up to Auston at the front step. “I take it they like me…. I hope.”

“I know they do, baby.” he smiled. “Come on. You have to meet everyone else, too.”

You nodded and followed him in and-… Wow that’s a lot of people.

“(Y/N), this is my Auntie Nina and my cousin Elisa.” he said, motioning to a woman in a red apron and dark hair streaked with silvery grey. Her eyes were a dark, warm brown. Almost like chocolate. The woman next to her was much younger and had dark brown hair with skin like Auston’s with the same warm eyes. “Auntie, Ellie, this is (Y/N). My girlfriend.”

You smiled and shook her hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“And you, mija. Welcome to our family.” his aunt said. “Auston has told all of us so much about you. I’m glad I can finally meet you. And that my little Auston could find a sweet girl.”

“Yeah.” Elisa piped. “Huh, so how long have you been hiding her from us? Are you embarrassed or something? What have we ever done to embarrass you?”

“A lot.” he noted. “And only a few months. But we’ve known each other since summer. Took me a while to ask her out.”

“Well, you certainly got a good one. So bella, mijo. Good job. Hey, she seems like a keeper. You seem so happy, Auston. It was a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N).

“And you. Thank you very much.” you said before Auston hurried you off and upstairs. “Where are we going now?”

“I wanna show you my old room.” he grinned before stopping at a white door and opening it up. “Here’s my pad.”

You giggled and went inside. The room was painted blue with picture frames and shelves lining them. Trophies, books, assorted trinkets, and pucks rested on them. His mother put his four pucks from his debut on one of them and he had several medals and trophies from when he was little on the walls and shelves. It was more than obvious that a boy who certainly loved the sport of hockey lived here.

“Well?” he questioned. “It’s not much, but it’s my own old space.”

“It’s so cute, babe!” you smiled, looking at a picture of a 6 year old Auston in an Arizona- at the time Phoenix- Coyotes jersey, grinning from ear to ear. “Awww! Look at this picture! You were all wittwe!”

He blushed. “That was on Christmas when I was a kid. The jersey was a present. I nearly cried.”

“That’s so cute, baby!” you smiled, kissing his cheek. You’re a softie. You try to act tough, but you’re a sofffftieeeee.”

He smiled and pulled you close and purred in your ear. “Oh I’m a softie, yeah?”

You smirked. “Yes you are, Aussie.”

“Want me to prove it?”

“Yes please.” you said before he pressed his lips to yours. Over the many many times you two had kissed, you’d come to learn how much of an incredible kisser he is. Not too forceful, but not too light. Just… perfect. His lips were always so soft. And he held you close to him. You kissed back and ran your hands through his soft, long-ish hair. You continued kissing for what felt like forever until you heard a voice call from downstairs.

“Auston! (Y/N)! Come on!” Ema’s voice called. “There’s tamales and plenty of other food! You don’t want it to get cold!”

“Coming!” Auston replied before turning back to you. “Come on, baby. Let’s get going. There’s still a lot of people who want to meet you. Plus, there is no saying no to my mom. Never.”

You grinned and pecked his lips before taking his hand once more. “Okay.”