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‘Blind Luck’

um hi I really like the oil paintings Carl Barks did so I thought hey!!! lets??? spend too much time on this monstrosity???? (also that’s Fortuna on the left and Lady Luck on the right ‘cause eyyyy myths)

“You have so many fingers, Sara!”

My Pathfinder and her new Angaran family. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m seriously so in love with Jaal and his family (and the Angara in general…) ‘cause like… You were all alone in this new galaxy. Your mom and dad are both dead, and your sibling was in a coma and… Jaal and his family are just like “You’re part of our family now. :)” and it’s just so warm and loving. Gives me warm fuzzies.

View in High Res, pls! I put some little details into the male Angaran’s faces you might not be able to see too well otherwise.

so i’ve been thinking a lot about lance and his siblings

  • lance would drive his lil sister to and from school when their mama had to work. he’d wait outside the gates for her and they’d hold hands or he’d give her a piggy back to the car as he asked about her day
      •  sometimes she even made drawings for him to look at as they walked
  • the two (lance and his younger sis) go to the beach together A LOT
      • lance was actually the one who taught her to surf
      • they spend time building sandcastles, surfing and looking for shells they can take home
  • lance and his older sister are actually the ones who bicker the most, all of it playful teasing until lance gets too big for his boots and things get… interesting.
      • it normally ends with his sister getting him in a headlock and him tapping out though
  • lance is the only one his lil sister likes to comb her hair. she’s got real big curls and lance is the only one soft enough to be able to battle them. he’ll braid back her hair before they go swimming and it’s a job trying to get her to sit still
      • lance always has to guide her back down and he’s laughing as he’s all “woah, hey, you’re gonna mess up all my hard work!”
      • to which she giggles and settles for at least a minute
  • their whole family has movie nights where they just all pile in the living room and watch a couple movies. lance’s older siblings are all spread across the couch with his parents, while he and his younger sister are piled on the floor with pillows and blankets
      • it’s not too long before his older siblings get into an argument about the movie choice, to which lance and his lil sister just both respond “SHUT UPPPPPP” because they’re both so invested in the movie
      • lance gets a pillow thrown at the back of his head for that
  • lance is always trying to prove himself to his older siblings and that often leads to him getting himself into very sticky situations
      • he once got his head stuck in a metal fence because his brother dared him
      • one time he needed to go to the emergency room because he bet his siblings he could chug a bottle of hot sauce (he could not)
      • he tried backflipping off the trampoline once and ended up fracturing his ankles
      • he once got way too cocky while trying to get rid of a spider in the house and just straight up grabbed it in his hand. as you can imagine, his face was instant regret and he fainted
  • he and his older brother wrestle a lot too
      • they both commentate the fight as it’s happening
      • “and firstborn mcclain lands a fatal blow!! baby mcclain is down!! i don’t think he’s gonna get back up!!”
      • yes. lance is baby mcclain.
  • his siblings all tease lance for being a mamas boy, but it’s funny because they all love their mama so damn much. 
      • lance welcomes this title honestly
      • he stands there with a wide smile as he replies all “yeah. and what?”
      • mama is smiling in the background while his siblings smirk and mumble something along the lines of “kissass”

So I have this head cannon based on my own family that the bat kids have a habit of saying “my brother”/”my sister” like everyone knows who they’re talking about. People who know about the whole batclan can usually guess which bro/sis based on the context, but everyone else just assumes there’s only one brother and one sister. 

Imagine Tim starting YJ and being super secretive about his identity, so no one knows he’s Tim Drake with 7.5 billion Wayne siblings. Which leads to the hilarious assumption that Tim just has one brother, and who does. So. Much

Grew up in a circus, and by circus he means the streets, and by streets he means a palace in Dubai. Born in Gotham but also in the middle east but he’s Cuban and black? Can’t drive a car, but can drive a motorcycle? Is married, but also ‘partners’ with some guy named roy and is also like twelve? Died?? But apparently he got better?? 

And his sister is a mute computer genius who’s both super dramatic, and pretty stoic, faked her own death once?? and is an Asian ginger, and might be the child of Catwoman and Batman??

People would think he’s making it up, except he says these things so casually and with such a straight face that there’s no way it’s a joke. 

Until one day some brave soul is like “Hey Robin, how many siblings do you have again?”

“Well, legally I have three brothers and two sisters. But Duke’s adoption papers are pending, and Babs might as well be my sister. Stephanie pretty much lives with us too, so I suppose that brings the total up to four brothers and four sisters.” 

Which solves one problem, but still doesn’t answer the whole dying? and getting better??? 

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"Abolishing the family" doesn't mean killing moms, dads and their kids, right? Intellectually, whatever. But we need to leave people who are happy with something the fuck alone.

Oh no, absolutely not, we don’t advocate anyone killing anyone there. “Abolishing the nuclear family” just means abolishing the setup as a dominant social institution. Like how conservatives always talk about “the family being the base of society” – they mean nuclear families, and that’s what capitalist society essentially expects of all of us. Two adults, one-to-three kids, quaintly living in whitewashed suburbia paying their own bills, finding community mainly only in each other, and upholding traditional gendered division of labor (cis/heteronormativity pretty much always implied). Obviously not every family fits neatly into that box, but it’s still an institutional expectation created by the capitalist economic system. Where it isn’t explicitly stated to be the “default setup” for humanity, it’s implicitly stated in dominant media. We just want the pressures of the institution gone and people more free to take on communal living, goals accomplished through a new socialist economic system. From there, nuclear families should, by all accounts, be free to live in peace just like the rest. Like @class-struggle-anarchism commented on this post, “abolish the compulsory nuclear family” is probably a more accurate statement of what we want to see.


[PR_SS] Arie Hairstyles! (7.6 MB) 

Hello everyone! How are you!? Yesterday i mashup two cute hairs!! Shaved bun from Get to Work and a Bang from Base game!!! I love this hair a lot! This is my second mashup, im happy i learn how to do this x)! And its Base game compatible!!!


  • Base Game Compatible!
  • 18 base game texture colors
  • Test in game
  • No glitch or other errors
  • Female only!
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Recoloring allowed but not include the mesh!!
  • Download HERE! (simfileshare thank God!)
  • I put the GTW mesh in BG hair mesh sooo is the hair is Base game but, if something don’t work. YOU need Get to work!! Sorry

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims or mysims4screenshots and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!!

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do you have any headcanons about the get down brothers growing old ? I'm trying to picture them as like, old ass grandfathers and I'm laughing

my only real headcanon on this is that they all annoy the fuck out of their kids like everybody else now that was born in the 50/60′s. these niggas always having cookouts, or parties, or social gatherings with their friends and each others families and they always yellin at their kids to clean the damn house or “put on some real rap and not that bullshit y'all listenin to now” or talkin about “the good old days” and how “these kids don’t know nothin bout that”

shao probably be tryna dance n shit embarrassing tf out of his daughter

y'all ever see that video of somebody hood ass auntie rappin about gettin dick? thats zeke now

ra ra chillin talkin bout how his son got into harvard (in reality he means his son sent in an application 3 minutes ago but he’s just gonna assume its an acceptance)

dizzee’s kids are drawing on the wall fuckin up shao’s house and the only thing he says is “they remind me of me when i was younger” meanwhile shao is ready to get a belt

boo is the only cool one and all the kids get real excited when he shows up and try to go with him when he leaves

I think everyone should atleast consider seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, whether you’re a Marvel fan or not.

Yes, it’s got everything that you’d expect from it. Good comedy, bright colours, incredible landscapes and action sequences that many people loved about the first film.

But it’s also a film heavily based on familial relationships and righting wrongs and the film does both narratives justice. We get to see excellent portrayals of non-romantic relationships, bonds between siblings, mentors, best friends, fathers and their sons. It’s about how our family aren’t necessarily our relatives. How mistakes and human nature, both big and small, can make a huge difference, but how they can also be amended in genuine ways. It’s touching, especially the end. That’s so rare in films nowadays, more so sci-fi/action films like Guardians.

Get out there and see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. I can honestly say it’s one of the best films I’ve seen this year.

Family Friendly Felix is equipped with a nifty little shock collar so if he even thinks of doing something that isnt PG approved, he receives a small shock until the thoughts pass. Sometimes he really cant stand how painful the shocks are, and sometimes they feel just dandy. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Finding the Words

8k words, G rated

Scorpius is being weird – more weird than normal, that is. He’s spending longer than ever in the library, he hasn’t spoken to Albus in weeks, and he keeps forgetting to do his homework. Albus is determined to find out what’s wrong with him and help. That’s just what you have to do when your best friend is upset. 

Thanks to @abradystrix for being a stellar human being and beta, and thanks to @the-eighth-story for nudging me to add the last scene. <3 

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Dude need a story on how keith got shiro the sunflower

HOBOI. My time has come. \o/ I’d like to think of that Sheith art I did with the sunflower as an extension of the Voltron Family. I mean, they are, after all, married in this one. 

So, we know that Keith is ace, Shiro isn’t. Valentine’s is tomorrow and Keith asks Shiro what he wants to do on that day, or if he wants anything.

“Hmmm, surprise me, babe. But I want something big,” Shiro smirks. He knows that Keith knows he didn’t mean big in a sexual context. So he doesn’t worry about that. 

But damn Keith lies awake at night staring at the ceiling, sweating it all out. What the hell is something big? Why is that so vague, Takashi? Big what? Big cake? Big dinner? Big celebration? What the fuck is big?

They have work that day so all the lovey-dovey Valentine’s date have to wait til the evening. Keith wants to romance his husband so he’s gotta step up his game. He calls Shiro he’ll pick him up from work. So Keith arrives and goes to Shiro’s office and knocks.

Shiro opens to door only to be faced with a huuuge sunflower covering Keith’s face. Keith reveals his face and smiles awkwardly. “H-Happy Valentine’s, Takashi.” Then he hands him the flower.

Shiro stares at the flower and accepts it. “Thank you, my love. I love sunflowers. But why a sunflower though?” 

Keith scratches the nape of his neck awkwardly and answers, “You wanted something big and I’m pretty sure big balloons are cliche, but flowers are super duper cliche too but you love corny romantic stuff. So I went to the flower shop and asked them for their biggest flower and—”

“And you got me this sunflower.” Shiro finishes with a fond smile.

“Yeah,” Keith smiles weakly. “Is it big enough for you?”

Shiro laughs so hard and tackles Keith, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “It’s wonderful and absolutely perfect! I love it! Thank you.”

Keith just beams at him and Shiro can’t help but feel so happy how pure and adorable Keith is, so he gives him a full kiss on the lips. Shiro can’t believe he can love Keith even more than he already does.

When writing fantasy hierarchies—royal, noble, religious, etc.—you don’t need to stick to pre-existing titles and hierarchical structures.

If your system allows for same-sex marriage, perhaps there is a specific title or titling system for the consort (the one who married in). There may be a King and a Queen Consort or a Queen and a Prince Consort (or King Consort or Prince), but you could have a specific alternative title for the Prince Consort when you have a King or the Queen Consort when you have a Queen.

If the King or Queen has multiple official spouses, they can have different titles that denote different levels of rank, importance, or chronological joining the family. If there is a harem or are concubines, they may have different titles, either from each other or from the official spouses.

Appointed nobles can have different titles than those who are noble based on familial ties to the royal family.

Titles can be based on types of landholding, geographic location, or other characteristics.

There can be innate titles and given titles, as well as titles that can be taken away.

Religious titles don’t need to match Christian religious titles, and religious hierarchies really shouldn’t look Catholic unless you’re writing about Catholicism.