Outfit Preferences Masterlist :---)

#1: You and him are window shopping together and you spot a cardboard cutout version of him.

#2: You both arrived at the airport to catch your flight to go back home.

#3: You’re at one of his shows and he dedicates a song to you.

#4: Whenever you both have some free time to spare, you go in a public space and play some tunes, brightening some people’s day.

#5: Studio Fun

#6: What you order while going at Starbucks with him.

#7: You go to the gym together and he/you get(s) to choose today’s workout.

#8: Pizza Party

#9: You decide to steal one of his favourite plaid shirts. ((Popular))

#10: Study Buddy (Ashton) (Luke) (Michael) (Calum)

#11: Facetime (Ashton) (Luke) (Michael) (Calum

#12: You decide to wear the sweater he gifted you as a joke, which has his name on it, to college.

#13: You join him on tour and you arrive early to the city. You decide to rent bicycles and ride them around the stadium before soundcheck.

#14: You have a bad hair day and you borrow one of his hats to cover it up.

#15: You are in Paris with him and the band, and with your free time, you go explore the city together.

#16: (My April Fools Prank)

#17: Baseball game in autumn.

#18: You go to the V Fest together and have an amazing time jamming to Justin Timberlake.

#19: You go to a red carpet event with him and pose for the paparazzi in your brand new dress.

#20: You both enjoy a day off starting by a nice brunch together, sitting at a table on the patio.

#21: You spend the day at the beach and start a bonfire after the sun sets.

#22: You go to the zoo together, and goof around the wild animals, even pretending to be some of them.

#23: You go to a pool party together at your best friend’s backyard.

#24: You go to a nice dinner with your boyfriend.

#25: You join him to pick up coffee before your first class. You two are university classmates

#26: After many requests from fans and a worldwide trend on Twitter, you and him decide to ditch any black clothing pieces for a day.

#27: You have a laid back BBQ party with the boys in the backyard of their LA house.

#28: To celebrate Luke’s birthday, you all go clubbing and get drunk together.

#29: After waking you super early on a Sunday, you go lazily to your nearest coffee shop to grab a cup of hot chocolate with him.

#30: Coachella with him. (Requested)

#31: Clubbing with 5SOS (Requested)

#32: Photoshoot with 5SOS (Requested)

#33:  You steal one of his flannels and pair it with your favourite all black converse sneakers before heading out. (Requested)

#34:  Summer camp with the boys (Requested)

#35:  The chillier weather called out for you to pull out your new pair of cherry-coloured Dr. Martens (Requested)

#36:  You find a new little cozy coffee shop while strolling around town and decide to get a small cappuccino. (Requested)

#37: How you meet (Requested)

#38: Vacation with him (Requested)

#39: First time you get papped together (Requested)

#40: Dinner with their/ your family (Requested)

#41: Bowling (Requested)

#42-#50 (Requested)