Dating Kian would include :

•random kisses all over
•him interrupting you with his random voices he does to make you laugh
•laughing a lot
•hanging out with the boys a lot
•baseball games
•lots of pranks
•him leaning over and whispering that he loves you randomly
•rough sex
•cuddles all night long
•wearing his clothes
•eating lots of candy
•getting tattoos when you’re bored
•looking up to him staring lovingly at you
•him getting jealous whenever the boys hang on you too much
•never winning at Rock Paper Scissors
•losing every challenge you guys do together
•going out solely for the purpose of taking pictures of each other
•him posting pictures he takes of you showing you off to everyone
•constant videos of him on Snapchat listening to love songs
•random trips to disney just for the fireworks
•FaceTiming every single day that you’re apart
•taking care of him when he’s sick
•him taking care of you when you’re sick
•being on your period and him showing up with chocolate and movies so you guys can cuddle
•him always treating you like a princess


repost with the information of your muse,  including headcanons,  etc.    if you fail to achieve some of the facts,  add some others of your own.

NAME.    joshua sabra washington.
AGE.    23.    verse dependent.
SPECIES.    human.
GENDER.    cis - male.
ORIENTATION.    bisexual  /  demiromantic.
INTERESTS.    film.    film dissection.    horror.    writing.    baseball.    skateboarding.    pranking friends.    hiking.    camping.
PROFESSION.    psychology major.    had a brief stint interning for d!sney.    later struggles to make a name for himself in the film industry before landing a major project as co-producer and script editor  ❪ varies per-verse. ❫ 
BODY TYPE.    broad build,  tall,  athletic.
EYES.    green.
HAIR.    black.
SKIN   tan with freckles littering his shoulders and back.
FACE.    round eyes with permanent dark circles underneath;    corner of his eyes crinkles when he finds something particularly amusing.    flecks of freckles across the bridge of his,  though they’ve faded over time.    if you squint,  the tiniest hint of laugh lines.
HEIGHT.    6′2″  ❪ 188cm ❫.
WEIGHT.    192lbs  ❪ 87kg ❫.

COMPANIONS.    chris,  sam,  and his sisters.
ANTAGONISTS.    before the mountain  :  stairs,  waking up at a decent time,  romcoms.    after the mountain  :  mike,  most of his friends,  and dr. hill.
COLORS.   grays,  blues,  and greens.
FRUITS.    grapes,  oranges,  bananas. 
DRINKS. water and mountain dew;  tries to steer clear of coffee because it triggers migraines. 
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?   whiskey,  rum,  beer,  and vodka in small doses.    favors expensive labels over cheap,  mainstream ones.    everyone’s budget be damned  (  he’ll foot the bill,  don’t worry  ).
SMOKES?   yes,  but only when stressed.
DRUGS?   smokes alone and in groups when he can.    dabbles in hardcore stuff on occasion.  

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Prompt: Kai getting his first hug since coming back from the prison world. This is kind of an AU, Bonnie is back when Kai is sick and instead of Kai going to Jo, he goes to Bonnie

I’m so sorry this took so long, any other requests will be up much faster, it was only because of testing this week. I hope this is what you wanted!

Warnings: This is kind of graphic, because Kai is sick so if you have a really weak stomach I suggest you don’t read this. Also there’s one curse word. 

He had passed out, in her doorway. Kai Parker, the all powerful Gemini Coven leader, was lying on her bed, snuggled up in the fetal position, lightly snoring. He looked like death when he’d shown up at her door, leaning against the frame before slamming against the hardwood. Bonnie had stood there shocked until realizing she couldn’t leave him there. Bonnie grabbed his arms, dragging him towards the bed, snorting as his head hit the corner of her nightstand.

Waking him up and getting rid of him was no longer an option, if he left and died, it wouldn’t only ruin any chance for the Salvatore’s to get their mother back, but Jo and Alaric’s happiness as well.

Her attention turned to Kai as he began to stir, eyelids fluttering and muscles twitching as he became conscious. She sat up straighter in the chair near the bed, wondering what his explanation was this time. He sat up abruptly, eyes wide, surprise overcoming his features as blood crawled up his throat before spilling out of his mouth. Bonnie hesitated, shocked at how the events had unfolded, before grabbing the cloth she used to wipe at his forehead and holding it up to his mouth. She rushed to get a bucket as he continued to cough, desperate to get the metallic taste out of his mouth,coughing up blood is a lot more fun in theory, he thought.

Kai slumped down, sitting slightly hunched over, staring at the bucket filled with blood, Bonnie noticed he looked even weaker than when he’d been on her doorstep.

He was holding his stomach, pain flitting over his features when he finally managed to say something, “Think you can quit staring at me and help me?” Bonnie’s jaw set in anger,obviously being on the verge of death won’t stop him from being an asshole.

Huffing, she replied with the question that had been on her mind since he first arrived at her door, “Why are you here getting blood all over my floor, Kai?” while saying this she glanced down at the hardwood floor stained with the burgundy liquid: she’d have to bleach the floor.

Kai grimaced, “Yeah, about that, I may need your help, ugh, that was harder to say than I expected, word to the wise, never ask anyone for help, admitting weakness is-,”

“It’s because of the merge, you know that, right?”asked Bonnie, cutting him off from his rambling, I see he never learned to stop talking, thought Bonnie.

He sighed, looking more disappointed than Bonnie had ever seen him, “I know, I know and that’s bad, and I mean bad, because this could lead to my death, which is not okay.”

“Not to mention the death of the rest of the Gemini Coven, not that you care, right?” reminded Bonnie, he’d never care about anyone, not really, humanity or not.

“Of course, I don’t care, but I don’t particularly want to die. Plus, I’m going to be an uncle.” Kai retorted, a weak smirk on his handsome face. 

Bonnie laughed humorlessly, “You an uncle? What makes you think Jo would let you around a baby? Let alone hers.” How could a baby survive in a family like the Parker’s? And even if it does, with an uncle like Kai, how messed up will it turn out?

“Jo, doesn’t let me do anything and come on, you know I’d be a great uncle, I’d teach them to play baseball and pull pranks,” he replied, his eyes holding a darkness as he continued, “Maybe I’ll even teach the little fetus how to properly cut out someone’s organs.”

Bonnie glowered at him, he only smiled smugly at her disgust before he growing serious, “Anyway, will you help me or not?”


“Come on, help a dying man out, Bon-Bon.”


“Do it for, Johnny?”


By now, Bonnie was picking up around her apartment, wiping up the blood, bleaching the floor and ignoring Kai. She wasn’t necessarily angry, only thinking, should she help him? Does he deserve her help? No. But Jo and Alaric’s baby hadn’t done anything, it at least deserved a chance to experience the world first hand. She sighed, turning around to face the now deathly pale Kai as he grabbed the bucket, puking violently, he was getting worse.

He removed his gaze from the bloodstained bucket to her, eyes holding a graveness she had never seen before, “Please.”

She nodded, realizing he’d never leave until he was dead or she helped him. Walking over to her bookshelf she scanned over each book, searching for the Grimoire. After finding it in the top left corner she made her way over to the dying warlock, sitting down beside him, disregarding his eyes on her.

“Thank you,” he said, staring at her intently as he leaned further into her plush pillows, “I really mean it, you’re trying and you don’t have to.” A plethora of snarky comments died on her lips as she looked into his eyes, he looked sincere.

Clearing her throat, she muttered meekly, “No problem, I’m just trying to save Jo,” Still staring into his eyes, she a saw flash of disappointment, “I think I might have found something.”

Nodding, Kai read from the Grimoire over her shoulder, the close proximity making her heart beat rapidly in her chest,“I’ll get the candles, can you grab the salt?” she asked, quickly making her way around the room, picking up each candle she came across.

Kai looked around her dorm from his place on the bed, spotting the candle on the other side of the room, he made his way slowly after a wave of nausea washed over him. He swallowed persistently, feeling the vomit or blood, he didn’t know which, creeping up his throat. With shaking hands, he gripped a white candle, fingers grazing idly across the wick as he willed himself not to gag. Realizing this task was too strenuous his eyes darted around the room, searching for something to empty the content of his stomach into.

He internally sighed in relief, the bathroom.

Feeling a wave of sickness slam against his ribs he dropped the candle on the wooden floors with a resounding, thud, and rushed to the bathroom. Kai flung the door open violently, ignoring how his hands stung harshly as gripped the edges of the porcelain rim. He heaved, red stained white, his eyes shut tight as pain ripped through his body, his stomach rolling in agony. Kai’s head throbbed, eyes feeling like they would fall out of their sockets as he dry heaved before more blood spilled from his lips. He continued this for what felt like hours, until he finally felt some sort of relief. Kai slammed the lid and pushed down lazily on the handle to washing away the traces of his illness.

A heavy sigh racked his body, “Fuck!” he whispered to himself, spitting the traces of thick, red liquid from his mouth, feeling a shred of relief in thinking Bonnie may have found something to stop this. His body froze at feeling the light weight on his back and arms wrapped securely around his waist. Kai’s head snapped up seemingly aware of what was going on, how did he not notice? He didn’t hear the door open, her footsteps or feel as she snaked her arms around him. Not knowing what to do or how to feel he just sat there, taking refuge in her kindness, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been hugged or if he’d ever been hugged in his life. If he had been, he wasn’t old enough to remember. He gently laid his head on the white porcelain, closing his eyes, Kai decided he’d let himself enjoy this, just this once.

Outfit Preferences Masterlist :---)

#1: You and him are window shopping together and you spot a cardboard cutout version of him.

#2: You both arrived at the airport to catch your flight to go back home.

#3: You’re at one of his shows and he dedicates a song to you.

#4: Whenever you both have some free time to spare, you go in a public space and play some tunes, brightening some people’s day.

#5: Studio Fun

#6: What you order while going at Starbucks with him.

#7: You go to the gym together and he/you get(s) to choose today’s workout.

#8: Pizza Party

#9: You decide to steal one of his favourite plaid shirts. ((Popular))

#10: Study Buddy (Ashton) (Luke) (Michael) (Calum)

#11: Facetime (Ashton) (Luke) (Michael) (Calum

#12: You decide to wear the sweater he gifted you as a joke, which has his name on it, to college.

#13: You join him on tour and you arrive early to the city. You decide to rent bicycles and ride them around the stadium before soundcheck.

#14: You have a bad hair day and you borrow one of his hats to cover it up.

#15: You are in Paris with him and the band, and with your free time, you go explore the city together.

#16: (My April Fools Prank)

#17: Baseball game in autumn.

#18: You go to the V Fest together and have an amazing time jamming to Justin Timberlake.

#19: You go to a red carpet event with him and pose for the paparazzi in your brand new dress.

#20: You both enjoy a day off starting by a nice brunch together, sitting at a table on the patio.

#21: You spend the day at the beach and start a bonfire after the sun sets.

#22: You go to the zoo together, and goof around the wild animals, even pretending to be some of them.

#23: You go to a pool party together at your best friend’s backyard.

#24: You go to a nice dinner with your boyfriend.

#25: You join him to pick up coffee before your first class. You two are university classmates

#26: After many requests from fans and a worldwide trend on Twitter, you and him decide to ditch any black clothing pieces for a day.

#27: You have a laid back BBQ party with the boys in the backyard of their LA house.

#28: To celebrate Luke’s birthday, you all go clubbing and get drunk together.

#29: After waking you super early on a Sunday, you go lazily to your nearest coffee shop to grab a cup of hot chocolate with him.

#30: Coachella with him. (Requested)

#31: Clubbing with 5SOS (Requested)

#32: Photoshoot with 5SOS (Requested)

#33:  You steal one of his flannels and pair it with your favourite all black converse sneakers before heading out. (Requested)

#34:  Summer camp with the boys (Requested)

#35:  The chillier weather called out for you to pull out your new pair of cherry-coloured Dr. Martens (Requested)

#36:  You find a new little cozy coffee shop while strolling around town and decide to get a small cappuccino. (Requested)

#37: How you meet (Requested)

#38: Vacation with him (Requested)

#39: First time you get papped together (Requested)

#40: Dinner with their/ your family (Requested)

#41: Bowling (Requested)

#42-#50 (Requested)