Dating Kian would include :

•random kisses all over
•him interrupting you with his random voices he does to make you laugh
•laughing a lot
•hanging out with the boys a lot
•baseball games
•lots of pranks
•him leaning over and whispering that he loves you randomly
•rough sex
•cuddles all night long
•wearing his clothes
•eating lots of candy
•getting tattoos when you’re bored
•looking up to him staring lovingly at you
•him getting jealous whenever the boys hang on you too much
•never winning at Rock Paper Scissors
•losing every challenge you guys do together
•going out solely for the purpose of taking pictures of each other
•him posting pictures he takes of you showing you off to everyone
•constant videos of him on Snapchat listening to love songs
•random trips to disney just for the fireworks
•FaceTiming every single day that you’re apart
•taking care of him when he’s sick
•him taking care of you when you’re sick
•being on your period and him showing up with chocolate and movies so you guys can cuddle
•him always treating you like a princess

Outfit Preferences Masterlist :---)

#1: You and him are window shopping together and you spot a cardboard cutout version of him.

#2: You both arrived at the airport to catch your flight to go back home.

#3: You’re at one of his shows and he dedicates a song to you.

#4: Whenever you both have some free time to spare, you go in a public space and play some tunes, brightening some people’s day.

#5: Studio Fun

#6: What you order while going at Starbucks with him.

#7: You go to the gym together and he/you get(s) to choose today’s workout.

#8: Pizza Party

#9: You decide to steal one of his favourite plaid shirts. ((Popular))

#10: Study Buddy (Ashton) (Luke) (Michael) (Calum)

#11: Facetime (Ashton) (Luke) (Michael) (Calum

#12: You decide to wear the sweater he gifted you as a joke, which has his name on it, to college.

#13: You join him on tour and you arrive early to the city. You decide to rent bicycles and ride them around the stadium before soundcheck.

#14: You have a bad hair day and you borrow one of his hats to cover it up.

#15: You are in Paris with him and the band, and with your free time, you go explore the city together.

#16: (My April Fools Prank)

#17: Baseball game in autumn.

#18: You go to the V Fest together and have an amazing time jamming to Justin Timberlake.

#19: You go to a red carpet event with him and pose for the paparazzi in your brand new dress.

#20: You both enjoy a day off starting by a nice brunch together, sitting at a table on the patio.

#21: You spend the day at the beach and start a bonfire after the sun sets.

#22: You go to the zoo together, and goof around the wild animals, even pretending to be some of them.

#23: You go to a pool party together at your best friend’s backyard.

#24: You go to a nice dinner with your boyfriend.

#25: You join him to pick up coffee before your first class. You two are university classmates

#26: After many requests from fans and a worldwide trend on Twitter, you and him decide to ditch any black clothing pieces for a day.

#27: You have a laid back BBQ party with the boys in the backyard of their LA house.

#28: To celebrate Luke’s birthday, you all go clubbing and get drunk together.

#29: After waking you super early on a Sunday, you go lazily to your nearest coffee shop to grab a cup of hot chocolate with him.

#30: Coachella with him. (Requested)

#31: Clubbing with 5SOS (Requested)

#32: Photoshoot with 5SOS (Requested)

#33:  You steal one of his flannels and pair it with your favourite all black converse sneakers before heading out. (Requested)

#34:  Summer camp with the boys (Requested)

#35:  The chillier weather called out for you to pull out your new pair of cherry-coloured Dr. Martens (Requested)

#36:  You find a new little cozy coffee shop while strolling around town and decide to get a small cappuccino. (Requested)

#37: How you meet (Requested)

#38: Vacation with him (Requested)

#39: First time you get papped together (Requested)

#40: Dinner with their/ your family (Requested)

#41: Bowling (Requested)

#42-#50 (Requested)