Story time!

So most people have something they fear rather it be spiders, snakes, the dark, etc… Those are common and people really don’t give them much mind.

Recently I was with my baseball team at the field for practice and someone catches a lizard, which happens to be one of the few things I am afraid of. I’m not scared of spiders, snakes, or really any other common thing that is actually a rational fear. Before I go any further I should tell why I’m afraid of something as harmless as a lizard.

When I was about 3 or 4 years old I was outside with my parents doing something that my mother says I did quite often, catching lizards. Well that day the lizard I caught wasn’t having any of my nonsense so as I’m holding it and it’s trying to get free it bites down and latches onto my finger! Well according to my mother I freak out and am running around the yard screaming and crying because this lizard was latched on and wasn’t letting go! After my dad finally catches me and gets the lizard off my finger mom says I’m still freaking out so they had to pick me up and take me inside to get me to calm down. And thus that day began my irrational fear of lizards.

So back to present day at the baseball field. So one of the guys has caught a lizard and is messing with people by putting it on them. Well of course I’m freaking out but I’m an upperclassman most if not all of the guys respect me but who would pass up something so hilarious as making one of the upperclassman lose their shit all because of a little lizard. So I make the mistake and tell him not to bring it anywhere near me. So of course he brings it right over and tries to put it on me. I freak out and take of running, he’s chasing me and decides that he’s probably not going to catch me, understand by this time where out in the parking lot at the field, so he throws it at me……. And of course it lands on me and ends up inside my shirt!! So I panic and strip down almost butt naked and as all this is going on the softball team pulls up for practice, most of which missed the actual reason why I was taking off my clothes. 

Probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.. But I’m sure it was pretty funny to watch.. Payback’s a bitch…