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One Line Prompts!

One liners:

1. “Sleep in your car if you don’t like it.”
2. “You didn’t do the dishes, I’m not doing you.”
3. “Baseball cards? What are you? Five?”
4. “I’m not drunk, I s-swear.”
5. “I don’t love you anymore.”
6. “Help me pack or get out. You’re in the way.”
7. “Oh my god, that’s disgusting.”
8. “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal.”
9. “Hot, gorgeous, beautiful…whatever you want to call it.”
10. “Stop copying me.”

Not My Girl (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Originally posted by cynicalsunset

Word count: ~3,930 

Request: Anon- Jeff request please! “She’s not my girl”, could you make it like something reader overheard? For example she passes her friends, the jocks, on the way to class. But not before she heard Justin say something like, “look Atkins, it’s your girl” And she get’s upset because they’re not dating, but they’re not not-dating either. And she’s upset and mad at school, but he’s her ride home. Then in the car, could reader be petty at first like Jeff asking, bad day at school/practice? And she’s like nope! And he puts his hand on her thigh when he’s driving as she pulls away so he’s like “oh so you’re mad at me?” And he won’t leave until she tells him. 

Warnings: None I don’t think. A little swearing, Justin being kinda pervy, Jeff being too adorable for words. I think that’s it. 

A/N. Thanks for the request! I’m sorry this took me so long, but I loved writing this one :) I summarized the request, but I feel like I got the gist. I should be answering requests a little more frequently now that I’m getting back in the flow so feel free to keep sending them in. Alright guys, you ready? Enjoy!

(Y/n) hummed to herself as she walked down the hallways, practically skipping as she made her way towards her second period class, weaving through the crowded hallways that usually angered her without a care in the world. She had crashed at Jeff’s last night, after a Fast and Furious marathon had run late, and had skipped first to go home and shower. She had been thinking about skipping the whole day, but she had a chem test in third and couldn’t afford to miss it.

Even the thought of covalent bonds couldn’t dampen her good mood. Things had finally happened between her and Jeff last night. The movie marathon had begun as a friend thing, with Clay, Hannah, and Tony over as well to spend the rainy day watching television and hanging out. As the day had changed to night, first Tony, then Hannah and Clay had excused themselves to finish the last of their weekend homework and get to bed early, leaving (y/n) alone with Jeff. He had merely shrugged once the others had left, flashed a breathtaking smile, and asked if she wanted pizza or chinese for dinner.

The two had been casual friends forever, the way kids in small towns all knew each other, but over the last few months (y/n) had noticed things start to change between her and Jeff. He was no longer the awkward, gangly kid with braces who collected baseball cards, and she was pretty sure he had felt the shift too. Suddenly there was a lot more touching, a lot more teasing, late nights spent texting and lunch periods spent sharing inside jokes. It was amazing. Everyone else had begun to notice too, teasing the both of them about the flirting and the ‘eye sex’, which they both resolutely denied. If anyone asked, they were just friends. But obviously (y/n) wanted more. And she was sure Jeff did too.

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My party has a tendency to kill everyone except for one person and then usually that person surrenders and our paladin recruits them to live on our airship. My character is not down with this, as we are getting so many people it becomes really hard to keep track of.

Me (Cleric): “You can’t just keep recruiting random hobos you find [paladin]! They aren’t baseball cards; you don’t collect them all!”

Halfling Paladin: “Wh- yeah I just collect them and send them out like: go dragonborn sailor-”

Dragonborn Fighter: “Yeaaaaah, I’d say I’m at least a double foil”

Me: “I swear to the Raven Queen, I will drain every ounce of fluid from your body if you say another word”

Jeff Atkins Dirty Secrets

Request: In regard to jeff dirty secrets headcanons just anything you can think of that applied to canon jeff that would be either embarrassing, smutty, or both lmao.


A/N: This is more just general headcanons I’m sorry :( But I hope you like them anyway!


Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, Sexual themes.


Jeff Atkins Dirty Secrets…

  • Okay so Jeff actually has quite a few stuffed toys still

  • And a favourite blanky
  • He’s also a little bit scared of the dark

  • He has a baseball collection
  • And a card collection

  • He sucks at video games
  • He’s quite the striper when he’s drunk. Like Monty has to keep an eye on him and control him because he will just jump up dancing on a table and start pulling his clothes off

  • He can’t quite wink. He comes close, but ends up just blinking
  • At a party his first stop is to whatever room the owner has their pets in for the night

  • He also volunteers at an animal shelter
  • He naps a lot

  • He sings to himself in the car- and not very well either
  • He serenades all his friends with impromptu karaoke

  • Boy can eat a lot
  • He purposely ignores almost every text he gets

  • He is absolutely all about hickeys- and he will drag out the process of giving one to someone
  • He is a sucker for curves

  • Grinding against his s/o literally 24/7
  • He has a ritual he completes for good luck before his games that only Monty knows about

  • He has an earring collection
  • He actually really loves jewellery

  • He absolutely adores every single one of his friends, though he tries not to show it too much
  • He likes Taylor Swift

  • He wants to be a drummer but he’s super bad at it
  • Nobody has any idea that he can fluently speak another language

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