how to say i love you in sports anime

swimming: i want to swim with you

baseball: i want to form a battery with you

basketball: be my light

cycling: see you at the finish line

volleyball: when i’m here, you’re invincible 

DISCLAIMER: I highly advise you click on that atrocious thumbnail. I swear it looks much better blown up (kinda)!

I want to apologize beforehand for my long absence. I will likely not be posting much personal art for a bit while I tackle Crunch Time at work as well as some super cool fancy projects I am working on!

So to thank all of you for being such an important part of my life, as well as being patient with my absence, I want to show you guys an animation I was working on awhile back!

This is a Fanimation of one of the lovely @missusruin‘s pieces!

My frames were painted by my oh so beautiful wife @nyssabetts !

One day, I promise I will finish this. Til then you guys can have where I last left it off.


Steven Universe had that baseball episode and all I could think about when watching it was that time Haruko played baseball in FLCL. So here’s Lapis doing her best Haruko impression, because it’s the crossover everyone has been clamoring for. I also tried to do my best to copy the washed out water colory backgrounds from FLCL.

Also went ahead and added this one to the ol’ print shop. Take a look if you are so inclined: