baseball win

America: Did you know that the last time the Cubs won the world series the Ottoman empire was still an empire? 


America: So are ya prepin’ a comeback?


America: Cause they just won again!!!!


America: Did you know that a baseball has 108 stitches?


America: And it’s been 108 years since the Cubs last won a Wold series?!


America: The curse is broken!!


The Bang and the Clatter

by earlgreytea68 | rating: m | words: 137,048 | chapters: 37

Sherlock Holmes is a pitcher and John Watson is a catcher. No, no, no, it’s a baseball AU.


Day 3 // Tuesday, 15 November 2016
hunger :: satisfaction

They deserved the victory.


America: Maybe I’ll wake up and it will all have been a dream… and 2016 will never have happened…it will still be 2015…

*Opens eyes*

Radio: And the Cubs are going to the world series!!!!

America:*slowly closes eyes again* 

remember when my 3rd son, [insert 3rd son name here], gave me the false hope that he’d become a useful member of society and better himself and got me to help him find a job only to let me down once again and making me look bad in front of my superior because he would do nothing but fap all day in the office and only 4 days after quit to win a baseball tournament that he also lost along with all his equally disappointing brothers? I wish i didn’t.

what didn’t suck?

Absolutely forcing myself here to look for whatever silver flecks may be floating in the industrial farm-sized pool of hot pig shit that was 2016, the worst year of my life by a wide margin, although surely not as bad as the one ahead:

January: Robbie Fulks’ amazing year-in-review show at Fitzgerald’s with Grant Tye on guitar; my birthday; recruited for employment by Very Large Internet Company.

February: Devin’s surprise 50th birthday party / musical tribute at Martyrs.

March: Family vacation to Palm Springs.

April: Farmup!; day drinking with old friends in NYC.

May: Concessions is released; ran first 10-mile race.

June: Danny’s team wins their baseball championship and he’s named to the all-star travel team; Leah’s spring dance recital.

July: Concessions album release show at Lincoln Hall.

August: Road trip vacation to Michigan, Niagara Falls (hi Robin!), and Cedar Point; discovering Dawes.

September: Joshua Tree trip.

October: David Bowie tribute show at Beat Kitchen; saw Hamilton.

November: ran first half marathon; microbrewery trip to Kalamazoo with old friends.

December: Leah danced in The Nutcracker.

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Hello! I love and appreciate everything you guys do! It's an amazing service for the fandom! Do you know of any Stiles/McReynolds or Stiles/Derek as McReynolds? Thank you!

Only one! Which really feels like we’re missing a trick here. I mean Stiles freaking out about Derek’s tiny shorts and half shirt? *whispers* And his mustache. <3 So. Much. Potential. UST. So…. Write that for me and nonny.  Here’s our baseball tag to make up for it.. - Anastasia

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Everybody Wants Some Sterek by Electricviolinist, Marbleeyes

(1/1 I 26,212 I Mature)

Stiles thought College was going to be a hundred times better than High School, especially after winning a baseball scholarship. It was a shame that he’d forgotten about his hidden talent of pissing off everyone he meets, especially a certain green-eyed team mate.