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Pennsylvania Gothic
  • It’s rained for fourteen days straight. You don’t remember what it’s like to see the sun. Maybe there is no sun. 
  • Horses and buggies crowd the street in the morning, making your commute to work difficult. When you finally pass and turn to wave at the driver, there is nobody there.
  • You are hearing rumors about a Steelers versus Eagles football game. You carefully try to stay in the center of the state, but run headlong into Penn State fans. You might never return home. 
  • At a nice family restaurant downtown, you are served a strange slice of a grey meat loaf. The diners around you dig in, complimenting the chef on making a nice scrapple. When you ask what is made out of, everyone’s eyes go glassy and they reply “Only the good parts, of course.”
  • You have found respite in a cafe corner, reading the newspaper with ease. After you have finished the front page, you scan the obituaries. Only until you have finished the paper have you realized that there was six pages of death notices.
  • Upon arriving at work in the morning, everyone is clustered around the door, thermoses in hand. When you approach the door, you can hear the muttering. When asking what is happening today, everyone fixes their eyes on you and reply “There will be a butchering today.”
  • One afternoon, you are driving home from the grocery store. You have been followed by a large truck all the way. When you get out of your car to take your groceries in, the driver of the truck slows down and yells out the window, “Are you safe?”
  • The bench at the diner has an old man in a flannel shirt and baseball cap on every stool. Each one methodically takes a sip of their coffee and complain about their wives. When you look a little closer, all of the men look exactly alike.
  • It’s the last week of August, and there is nobody in town. Apparently, they are all at a fair somewhere central in the state. Even though nobody is at their homes, you still feel watched.

Summer haze - Stan x reader - part 3

This is the last chapter in this series, BUT requests are open and I will accept ideas for another series since I really love writing about the ‘IT’ characters. Go crazy!

But without further ado, here’s the final chapter of summer haze.



Cold. That’s what you felt, cold. Not only around you, but inside of you from the tip of your toes, throughout your bones and up to your ears. This was unusual since the middle of summer isn’t typically the same temperature as late autumn. But then you remembered the cold gloved hand covering your mouth and the tormenting pain in the back of your skull from the direct impact of a rock.

Then you suddenly realized where you were, the Neibolt house, inside one of the rooms. Not alone though. Certainly not alone. With great trouble you stood up on weak legs and wobbled a bit, even if you didn’t make it out of here alive you wouldn’t give up without a fight.

How does days like these come to exist? Today it felt like the universe had turned against you, first the bullies tossed you onto the ground from their moving car then and then some demon-clown kidnaped you to feast on your limbs. Sometimes it felt like nothing went your way.

Suddenly an echo of child giggles could be heard around you but no one else was there, or so you thought. You were afraid of little to nothing but the greatest fear of yours was your friends abandoning you, nothing worse could happen in your mind. The people you loved the most turning their back on you and eventually just forgetting about you was a nightmare you had once and that was enough to leave a deep imprint on you.

You looked around you for some sort of weapon, a baseball bat, a stool, an iron bar anything that could be used for getting a good blow over the creature’s head, but to no luck. Suddenly you heard banging on the door outside of your room and a satisfied sigh left whoever’s lips as they found out it was locked.

“Is some one there? Help me please” you almost shouted out for that person on the other end. They just let out a dry laugh as you started to bang on the door.

“You know damn well who we are Y/N” it was Mike who spoke, why are they just doing nothing?

“Help me! Why aren’t you guys doing anything?” just as you finished shouting the room turned pitch black witch only increased the panic already spreading within you.

“Cause you aren’t worth our time” Stan said bluntly “ You’re pathetic Y/N, to much of a loser even for us. Did you think I would ever have true feelings for you?” He huffed in annoyance “ I just dated you because I felt bad for you, no real friends, the only person who even bothers with you is Bowers.” he coldly finished and at that the tears started to roll down your cheeks.

“I don’t get why I would ever go for you as a best friend. I mean look at you, such a fucking freak.” Richie taunted in a tone laced with disgust and drenched in poison.

“I wished we never met you, you are such a pain in the ass. We would be so much closer to finding IT without you, the only thing you’ve done so far is hindering us” this time it was Bill’s turn to insult you. With that the tears only became worse but then you realized he didn’t stutter. He didn’t trip over his words once, this couldn’t be real.

As this realization struck you something landed on your head, again, again,again and again. Soon enough the liquid started to travel down your face along with the few stray tears which were still left. Soon enough there were multiple tails traveling down your face at a rapid pace.

“THIS IS NOT REAL! BILL DIDN’T STUTTER, THIS ISN’T REAL!” you screamed just as some verification for yourself and just as you uttered the last part of your sentence the lightbulb in the room lit up again and you swiped your finger over the substance that had trailed down your face.

It was blood, blood had been covering you while you were too busy figuring out that the voices on the other side of the door were just pure scenery pulled by IT. Slowly you craned your neck upwards to see Pennywise bent into an inhuman position with both eyes starting in different directions. A gut wrenching scream leafs your lips as you realized that the blood had been dripping from IT’s mouth and not the ceiling.

“Don’t you wanna play with me? All of your friends left you” it said with a wide evil grin on its face.

“HELP!” Was all you had time to scream before the monster jumped down from the ceiling and ran towards you. On instinct you grabbed the nearest object which luckily was a baseball bat and swung it at it’s head. The bat left a nasty indent on the side of it’s head and it just stopped and giggled like a mad man with eyes darting of in different directions every split second. You started to slowly back away but at a pace like no other he was right in front of you.

Without even realizing it you had backed agains the door and with the flick of a long finger Pennywise unlocked it and let you fall to the floor with a loud thud. Every thing following that happened super quickly, just as you had landed it kneed you in the stomach and was now starting to grip at your throats when you let it a call for Stan as loud as you could master and it just gripped onto your neck harder.

White spots filled your vision and you could barely tell tat the monsters jaws were wide open showing all the rows of pointed teeth sat within its mouth. It’s eyes went into two different directions as it’s hands shifted fro, your throat to place one on your shoulder and the other one on your forehead. It was going for your neck.

You gasped for air and then suddenly you felt the ragged teeth dig into the sides of your throat but before it could go any longer the fangs were not digging into your flesh anymore. The pressure on your head was suddenly hon and you jolted into a sitting position gasping for air as you desperately reached around and across the floorboards for some thing to hold onto.

Loud crashes surrounded you and shouting voices they all suddenly died down and the attention was drawn to your panicked form.

Not soon after that you felt a hand grab yours, you looked to the side to see Stanley look at you as he pulled you into his lap and wrapped his skinny arms around you as you buried your head into the crook of his neck and for the third time that day you started sobbing.

Hot, burning tears cascaded downwards towards and onto Stan’s shirt. Now Richie made his way over to the two of you and hugged you both, then came Ben, then Eddie, then Beverly and soon enough everyone was wrapped up into a giant group hug. Emotions flooded through the room without even speaking everyone knew what the others around them felt.

Even though everything wasn’t okay right now you knew that some day it would turn around. Everything was going to come out fine, will it be years into the future or a couple of days from now on, all you had to do was just to hold on, stay strong and don’t give up. Cause if it’s not okay, then it isn’t over just yet.


Sorry that this wasn’t this wasn’t that long I didn’t want to drag it out though.

Any way, that was it! Hope this was worth spending your time on and I’ll see you around!