baseball portrait

Members of the Red Warriors – a French street gang part of the ‘80s anti-fascist punk movement, known for violent confrontations with neo-Nazi skinheads

This is the first Inktober I’ve ever completed. And to top it off, I did ten extra drawings.

I’m really proud of myself and I’m really happy with the work I turned out. There’s not a single piece I dislike even if some are less strong than others. And the most important part is that I challenged myself in several ways and learned a lot.

Unsurprisingly I can say I just still really love markers more than pretty much any other tool I used lol

I really like that I had a firm schedule and I knew exactly what I was drawing. Something like a vague prompt or entirely open ended would have led to me putting it off until I could come up with an idea and then never doing it. So maybe next year I’ll try to give it a shot again with a set theme etc.

Anyways, thanks everyone for hanging in there for over a month while I did almost nothing but draw portraits of baseball players. Especially after a summer of a single portrait of a baseball player lol Those of you following my personal blog will have at least one more evening of baseball from me though my Twitter followers will have it the worst. Bless y’all for all your patience.

I hope everyone else had a productive Inktober and came away from it with something. And best wishes to those starting Nanowrimo in the morning!