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Sterek Baseball AU-

Derek Hale was a free agent at the end of the season, and moved from the cold streets of Boston, Massachusetts to the warm sunny city of Los Angeles, California. Not only did he find himself with a team who didn’t tease him for his pre-pitch dance, but he found himself falling hard for a mouthy first baseman by the name of Stilinski.

“Out for two fucking games.” Derek scowled when Stiles sat down, “For catching a goddamn ball and getting my face hit.” He sighed, “And look at the form on that idiot. Does he not know how to pitch?” He paused for a moment, rubbing his face for a moment, “That was douchey. Sorry.”

Stiles laughed then patted his leg sympathetically. “Don’t worry, we all know he sucks. And it’s only for two games, dude. We’ll be fine since they have me on first base.” He smirked to himself and wiggled proudly in hopes of making Derek cheer up a little.

Derek laughed a little, giving Stiles’s knee a nudge with his own. “Lucky we’ve got you or we’d be fucked.” He laughed again, a bit of a flush rising to his cheeks. Luckily his face was still sort of red from where he’d been hit, so the flush wasn’t that noticeable.

“I’m glad you agree,” he laughed, glancing at him. “Damn, he got you good. You can see the redness through your manly lumberjack stubble." 

written with the lovely prettyashale

DISCLAIMER: I highly advise you click on that atrocious thumbnail. I swear it looks much better blown up (kinda)!

I want to apologize beforehand for my long absence. I will likely not be posting much personal art for a bit while I tackle Crunch Time at work as well as some super cool fancy projects I am working on!

So to thank all of you for being such an important part of my life, as well as being patient with my absence, I want to show you guys an animation I was working on awhile back!

This is a Fanimation of one of the lovely @missusruin‘s pieces!

My frames were painted by my oh so beautiful wife @nyssabetts !

One day, I promise I will finish this. Til then you guys can have where I last left it off.


Arrow AU: MLB Pitcher Oliver Queen graces the cover of the July 19th edition of Sports Illustrated after throwing a perfect game against the Gotham Knights, as well as going 2-4 with a HR.