baseball mustaches

Portraits of members of the 1886 Detroit Wolverines around diagram of baseball diamond. Printed on image front: “The Detroit League base ball club, 1886. Chew Lorillard’s splendid plug tobacco. Copyrighted 1886 by J.H. Bufford Sons. [Hardy] Richardson, 2nd B.; Manning, L.F.; [Samuel Luther] Thompson, R.F.; Hall, C. [Charles B. ‘Lady’] Baldwin, P.; [Ned] Hanlon, C.F.; [Jack] Rowe, C. & S.S.; [Charles Wesley] Bennett, C.; [Larry] Twitchell, P.; [Dan] Brouthers, 1st B.; [James Laurie 'Deacon’] White, 3rd B. Tomlinson, photo.”

  • Courtesy of the Ernie Harwell Sports Collection, Detroit Public Library

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