baseball jock

“Yeah, everyone in this frat’s your brother, but remember, it was me, your Big Bro, who made you a bro. I molded you in my image, and I’ll always look after you and keep you goin on in this bro life. The only way you can pay your debt to me is to recruit Lil Bros of your own, and make them look, think, talk, and dress like you. Understood?”

“Yeah, bro, understood.”

“Fuckin sweet. Now let’s go on that run. We need to keep our stamina up for the Ultimate tourney.”


Perez cup by Jock Strap wow, looks like that jock cup will protect you from everything


TreyMichalczewski jock cup by Jock Strap


MattDavidson cup point by Jock Strap Huge CFB, front bulge isn’t too bad either