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long distance; tom holland

pairing: tom holland x reader
word count: 1,342. more than thought, tell me if you want a part two to this.
summary: you and tom meet each other on the internet. 
warning: none, (y/f/n) means your friends name, the friend is not described as any gender, you can chose. I think you got it. 
part two| my other work

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christmassbelles  asked:

Okay, but what about Alex going to a Chase family dinner?

Ok so everything I post will be head canons and eventually I’ll post fanfics of these once I gain confidence

• it’s after he meets Percy
• annabeth invites him to it after they get into college b/c it’s a congratulation graduation party
• but it’s only annabeth and her step family, her dad and Percy
• the minute Magnus walks in he notices annabeth a dad is a total history freak
• he sees the war maps and models
• right away he starts correcting stuff from what T.J. Told him
• and Mr. Chase is writing it down like crazy b/c he is a treasure
• and they exchange numbers so they can set up a time he can meet T.J.
• annabeths brothers are literally everywhere despite their strict upbringing by her step-mom
• dinner is baked Mac and cheese and they pray before hand and Magnus literally is the most awkward little shit ever
• so he just sits there while Percy looks at him all sympathetic because on some degree he’s an atheist
• and annabeth and Percy are both saving small portions of there food for the gods
• Magnus has a limit of clothes so beforehand Alex lent him some and he’s all dressed in pink and green
• but he doesn’t care because he smells like Alex
• he mostly listens to the conversation but eveyonce in a while he’ll bring up Sam or T.J. or Mallory and Halfborn
• and of course Alex
• and after annabeth Percy and Magnus go up to annabeths room/guest room
• and they just share stories and at some point Percy nudged Magnus and asks him about Alex
• and Magnus’ face is just bright red and annabeth grins knowingly at him before making an excuse to go to the bathroom
• but let’s be real she just wants Magnus and Percy to talk b/c she knows Magnus doesn’t have close friends who’ve been through similar experiences
• and Magnus waits until annabeth leaves before he starts talking about how he’s attracted and confused because Alex is genderfluid and what does that mean for him
• Magnus is accepting of himself and he’s ok with him liking Alex but
• does this mean he’s bisexual or pansexual?
• and Percy just sits there for a whole minutes before grinning and just glad to have a friend to talk to
• I mean beckendorf is dead and he hasn’t seen Grover in forever
• I mean Grover doesn’t even know he was in Tartarus
• and Percy’s just excited
• Percy just starts talking and being supportive and talks about when he liked annabeth
• and Magnus just listens relieved to have someone and I mean he may like the wrong baseball team but maybe he’s ok
• annabeth knocks before coming back in a
• and she just sits next to Percy just so relaxed before she throws Magnus her ‘I told you he isn’t bad’ look
• and Percy is just
• ‘quick question,, am I your type?’
•and Magnus just stares at him so confused b/c no we literally just went over this
• and annabeth is laughing because it’s an inside joke between them and Nico
• ‘he’s kidding don’t worry,’
• and it’s late and Sam is here just waiting to take Magnus home
• and he says bye to Annabeth giving he a big hug
• and he gives Percy an awkward wave
• but Percy ain’t having any of that shit
• magnus is tackled in a hug
• and Magnus just laughs
• 'ok yeah your my type’ Magnus mutters jokingly
• and annabeth laughs so hard having got a phot of the hugging and now it’s her background because they’re her two favorite boys in the world
• and it’s just really cute dinner and they agree to do it after they go to college because Magnus wants all the details
• and yeah I had fun writing this guys give me more Brotp of annabeth Percy and Magnus and talking about Alex and his crush ok

Woozi as a Father

- Lee Jihoon would be the best father out of all of them, I’m sorry but that’s the truest statement and each and every one of you knows that.

- He’s that father that makes sure that each and every one of his children know what they want to do in life and he will support them no matter what the case.

- He’s the supportive dad; the proud dad.

- When his kid hits that home-run at the big baseball game at school, he’s the one that sits down clapping like it’s nothing, but on the inside he’s standing up, shouting “That’s my kid!”

- (This is so stereotypical…) 

- He will make sure that his children will be able to play at least 1 musical instrument fluently.

- Am I the only one who thinks he will have loads of kids?

- I don’t know, like 5?

- Imagine him coming back from the studio, opening the door as quietly as possible so that he can avoid-

- Five screaming squabbling excited little children leap out of nowhere and literally knock him to the floor in a flurry of little hands and feet.

- “Hey dad, how was work today?”

- “Did you make any new jamz?”

- “Ew hyung, dad doesn’t make jam! He makes music!”

- Same thing, different evening.

- Woozi will make special mini albums just for his kids, compiling hits from sold out albums, (making sure to censor anything explicit), and as well as unique compositions only his kids get to hear.

- His kids are damn lucky ones alright.

- But when you think he’s the best dad and can handle anything…

- “Appa! Hyung punched me!”

- “No I did not! Dad, (C/N) pulled my hair!”

- “Did not!”

- “Stop lyi-”

- The one thing he can’t handle is the mini WWE matches that break out.

 - All in all, let’s just say, that Jihoon will be the father who gets (almost) everything perfect.

- He’s an amazing father.

Haven’t done this in a while.