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Have the VLD family ever planned going out to dinner or another family activity somewhere and everyone was really excited because it didn't happen in a while since the kids are studying and the dads are working, yet finally when the date arrived, the kids found their poor daddies lying on the couch, sleeping after an exhausting day/week, and instead of being upset they just "awww"ed in understanding and joined the slumber party?

[The Voltron Family] This month had been the busiest for the Shirogane Family. With Keith being a new author, he had to keep touring for his book all over the place. Shiro had nonstop operations almost everyday because the other neurosurgeons were on leave, while the kids were having their finals so they’d done nothing but study, study and study. 

During dinner, Hunk opened up how everyone just seemed to not have some family time anymore. They even had to cancel their formal monthly dinner and that never happened at all! 

“Can we have dinner out sometime this week?” Hunk suggested. “I mean, not to complain or anything but we hardly see you both at home. The three of us eat dinner together and you arrive really late.” He looked pointedly at both his daddies. “Again! Not complaining! I… we understand you both are so busy but yknow, sometimes we kinda miss you.”

“Hunk misses the goodnight kisses,” Pidge added. “And so does Lance and well, me of course.”

“But we do kiss—,” Shiro said but got interrupted.

“It’s not the same if we’re not actually awake, Daddy Shiro,” Lance frowned. 

“Alright,” Keith said, putting his fork and knife down. “This Saturday. Dinner Buffet and a movie. The whole shebang.”

“The whole shebang?!” The three kids asked excitedly.

“The whole shebang,” Keith nodded, smiling.

“Can we eat at Balmera Hotel?!” Lance asked hopefully.

“What? That’s the most expensive—” Keith was taken aback.

“Yes, we can,” Shiro placed a hand on his husband’s arm. “Dinner Buffet at Balmera Hotel is on me. You know what that means, right? Formal attire.”

Saturday came and the kids were all in their sports practices. Pidge with her soccer, Lance with baseball and Hunk with football. Shiro was home earlier than expected and the house was empty. He decided to rest on the sofa while waiting for the rest to arrive.

He had no idea how long he was sleeping when he was woken up by Keith. He opened his eyes and saw his husband lying on top of him, smiling down.

“Afternoon, sunshine,” Keith greeted softly capturing Shiro’s lips. 

Shiro just hummed as he wrapped his arms around Keith’s back, deepening their kiss. They kissed lazily for a while and started whispering to each other about how their day went. They were both so tired that it didn’t even surprise him when Keith wasn’t responding to him anymore. He looked down and his husband was already sleeping. Keith was so damn cute and just too adorable when he becomes a cuddle monster. God, after so many years of being together Shiro still found himself overwhelmed by how much he loved this man. He smiled to himself as he pulled Keith closer to him, brushing Keith’s fringe away from his forehead to kiss it.

The kids arrived home, excited for their family plans later in the evening. They started calling out for their daddies but they were nowhere to be found. Hunk went to the second floor and informed his two siblings that he found them.When the three gathered in the second floor living room, they found their daddies sleeping peacefully on the sofa. Daddy Keith was on top of Daddy Shiro being all cuddly, as if their Dad was a huge pillow.

“I gotta admit, they are pretty cute,” Pidge whispered.

“So cute,” Hunk squealed. 

They heard some noise and both turned their heads around only to see Lance pushing the rest of the sofa set to where their dads were sleeping to make a bigger one. 

When Lance noticed his two siblings looking at him, he just shrugged and said, “What? You can’t honestly tell me that isn’t inviting at all, right? Look at them! They make me feel sleepy. I dunno about you, but I think we shouldn’t wake them up. They seem pretty exhausted.”

Hunk nodded in agreement. “We can always have dinner out some other time.”

Pidge’s smile could almost reach her ears. “I call dibs on Daddy Shiro’s side!”

“HEY! NO FAIR!” Lance cried out as softly as he could. Then he added, glancing at Hunk, “I call dibs on Daddy Keith’s side!”

“WHAT?!” Hunk gasped, clearly offended. “Excuse me, I am—”

“Sorry, first come first serve, loser!” Lance chuckled as he positioned himself right after Pidge lied down. 

Pidge wrapped her arms around Daddy Shiro and Lance around Daddy Keith and honestly, Hunk couldn’t make himself be mad at all. He sighed and joined them instead.  

“How on Earth do they smell so nice even when the day is almost over?” Pidge whispered, burying herself in Daddy Shiro’s arms. “Doesn’t that ever make you wonder? Is this like an adult thing? I smell like garbage at 10am!”

“Pidge, shut up!” Hunk and Lance said in unison, not even opening their eyes. 

To go along with this doodle [x]

Keith is a huge fan of the Giants

  • Im talking he goes to literally every game possible
  • Well, ofc there is the huge ass feud between Giants and Dodgers
  • Whenever there is a Giants v Dodgers game Keith makes sure to score the home plate seats
  • During and SF v LA game he always goes like two hours early and hangs out for like an hour longer afterwards
  • The reason being: to yell and lance the whole time

Pidge is always dragged along

  • Don’t get me wrong, she is a huge Giants fan, but keith can be hella exhausting
  • She’s pretty sure Keith makes a big deal about Lance because Keith cant handle that he’s attracted to a Dodgers player
  • Although she know has signed balls from every Giants player
  • And some from other teams, which they sell to afford more tickets

Coran is the umpire

  • He figured out that Keith has a thing for Lance
  • He takes Pidge to cool VIP parts of the stadium because he feels bad for her
  • He isnt actually allowed to ump for SF V LA games because he is close to allura, so he just sits with Keith and Pidge

Allura is the manager/coach for the Dodgers

  • She has tried to get Keith thrown out of so so so many games
  • But lance always reassures her that he isnt losing focus over the shouting
  • Either way she is always grumpy when keith shows up

Lance is the catcher

  • Pidge knows the real reason they sit at home plate is to check out lance’s ass when he squats
  • Keith claims it’s to yell at him
  • It’s not
  • At first lance was hella pissed about Keith’s screaming
  • Then he began to tune it out
  • He flirts with keith through the net because it gets him all flustered
  • Now he looks forward to keith showing up
  • Because keith is cute
  • But those aren’t lance’s words
  • Oh no, lance thinks Keith is slimy Giants trash
  • With a stupid mullet
  • A mullet he really wants to touch
  • And dont get him started on the stupid giants jersey keith always wears
  • Lance hates that jersey
  • He think it belongs in the trash
  • Or on his floor
  • Lance: take_me_to_church.mp3
  • But he wont ever admit that

Hunk is the first base man

  • Even tho lance wont admit how he feels, hunk has def figured it out
  • Pidge always asks hunk to sign a ball, at every game
  • He kinda figured that she was selling him
  • But he doesnt really care
  • He’s the one who gets keith’s name
  • Lance still refuses to call him anything but mullet boy
  • Hunk continual jokes with Lance about the matter
  • Once he even considered inviting Keith out with him, Shiro, and Lance
  • Then he realized that Keith spending time with three extreme dodgers might be a bad idea

Shiro is the pitcher

  • He knows something’s up between keith and lance and all but he can’t figure it out
  • He always asks lance if he knows keith
  • Lance just does the thing: 
  • When he asks why Lance doesnt have allura throw keith out, lance just because a flustered mess and Hunk burst out laughing