baseball euphorbia


Euphorbia obesa is in the poinsettia family Euphorbiaceae. Commonly known as baseball plant, it is native to arid regions of South Africa. While baseball plant is considered endangered in the wild, it is one of the most commonly cultivated succulents in the world today. It has only been known to science for about 100 years, and it’s appearance on the succulent market was met with immediate popularity. Succulent growers now have the ability to produce thousands of these plants for sale, and baseball plants are a staple in the succulent section of any gardening store or nursery. The 8 ridges on the growing stem produce both minute leaves and the flowers of this plant, which like all Euphorbia are arranged in a structure called a cyathia. These cyathia typically form at the apex of the plant, and each plant plant produces either all male or all female cyathia.

Baseball plant is very easy to grow and tolerates full sun and little moisture. While the plant remains largely spherical throughout its life, exposure to bright sunlight can cause the stem to become more columnar, as evidenced in the specimen pictured here.

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