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When Al Capone tried to buy the Chicago Cubs,

Al Capone was a big fan of baseball, especially the Chicago Cubs. But of course, it drove Capone crazy to no end that the Cubs couldn’t win a World Series supposedly because of the “curse of the billy goat”. Capone didn’t blame the Cubs lackluster performance on superstitions and curses, but a rather a shortcoming in management.  On a number of occasions he commented that with his experience he could run the Cubs much better than current owner William Wrigley. 

In the late 1920′s, Capone decided to literally put his money where his mouth was and attempt to buy the Chicago Cubs.  To head his team, Capone wanted his favorite player, Babe Ruth, as a player manager.  In fact, Capone organized an all expenses paid trip to Cuba in 1929 with Ruth in order to negotiate a deal.  Ruth was enthusiastic about the plan, having always wanted a management position.  The two sealed the deal by autographing this baseball, which sold for $61,863 in 2013.

Unfortunately for Capone, his plans were ruined by three major problems. First New York Yankees owner Col. Jacob Ruppert refused to sell Babe Ruth’s contract despite being offered $500,000 in cash. Second, William Wrigley likewise refused to sell the Cubs.  Finally, and most importantly, Capone was convicted on charges of tax evasion in 1931 and sentenced to 11 years in prison in 1932. Alas it was not to be.

Bryce Harper #1

Requested by Anon:  heyyy! i love your imagines!!! can you do one where youre dating bryce harper and he gets jealous/protective when someone from another team flirts with you? thx!!! [Thank you sooo much!! I hope you love this. Enjoy! :)]

Word count: 686

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“Kris Bryant, really?” Bryce slammed the door to your bedroom so hard that you jumped in bed.

You looked up from your phone, confused, “what are you talking about?”

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Sterek Fic: With the City Below - T, 2k words

With the City Below (2062 words) by frek
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Lawyers, Alternate Universe, First Kiss, Drinking, sterek, Suits and Ties
Summary: Okay so maybe it’s a post case celebration. It’s the first case Derek let Stiles take the lead on and he had won and Derek couldn’t be more proud. (Suits inspired lawyer AU)
Notes: Written for the incredible aeveenien for her birthday. <3

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As always, you can read below, or click the link above to read it on AO3

And don’t forget to check out the lovely art geeky-sova drew to go with this fic. <3
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Derek led Stiles through the office after they arrived back from the courthouse. The smiles seemingly plastered on both their faces spoke volumes about the case Stiles had tried just a few short hours before. It had been the first case Derek had let him take solo and he had come out on top. Stiles was ecstatic, riding the high of his first win, and Derek couldn’t have been more proud of his protégé. They had stayed after court had been adjourned, discussing the details with their client before taking their leave and heading back to the office, intending to finish up the paperwork before calling it a weekend.

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The Age of Adaline: Adaline Bowman [ISTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Over the many decades of her existence, Adaline has figured out a comfortable routine that she does not vary from, which gives her a sense of peace and calm in spite of her awareness that she can never have a traditional marriage: every ten years, she uproots, moves, changes her name, and makes a new life, but it is never so different from her old one that she does not keep mementos. She only ever adopts the same kind of pet, and celebrates her birthday every year by having lunch with her daughter. Moreover, she has a deep respect for the past—she loves anything tied to history, her own, that of the city, or simply in general.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Once others become aware of her condition, Adaline acts without hesitation – she packs up her bags, says a temporary farewell to her daughter, and leaves. She knows how to avoid being caught, how to get around the laws, and how to keep them in ways that will allow her to go under suspicion. She notices logical things around her, things that might trip herself or other people up (such as noticing that the name given to her by the man making her fake ID doesn’t match his beloved autographed baseballs). She has a good nose for business and an interest in her long-term profits (“I’m a patient woman,” she says, when buying into Xerox). A lot of her decisions are purely practical (her daughter is getting old, and will need to live with her).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Adaline prefers to deal with the loss of her pet alone, and tries to establish strong boundaries with other people to keep them at bay, but inevitably her heart intrudes and she starts feeling deeply. But every time, she protects herself first … she reacts out of her own fears and instincts, even when others beg her not to leave. Only when Adaline can confront and deal with her own feelings, her fears, and sense of loss, can she find the strength to stay.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She runs away because she’s afraid of change, but she has also learned to adapt and evolve over the years. Though she keeps some things from her old life, Adaline embraces each decade as it comes along. And once things happen to return her to a normal state, she calmly walks toward her future without much fuss. It’s just a gray hair, after all.

Note: Her boyfriend is an extrovert with Fe… his past interests and his chasing after new ideas makes me think possibly ENTP. His dad is an INTP.


The top bromide is from Miyazaki Shuuto 1st event and the bottom one is from his yesterday event ”Za Miyazaki Shuuto to minna no kai”.

You can see that he changed his autograph. Shuuto said that he changed it on his 25th birthday and one of his friends who saw his new autograph told him that it looks like baseball player autograph o(>▽<)o 

for the event report you can go here ( @kuragenouta thank you for the fantastic report and sorry for suddenly tagging you in my post(≧≦)) 

I’m too lazy to type by myself and i attended just the day section anyway

The Current State Of Podcast Advertising Is Not Ideal

another fucking long blog folks

been feeling sort of torn lately. about where I’m at and what I’m doing. largely as I was editing in my underwear at 5 a.m last night and a cockroach crawled into my drink as I was about to drink it. Then knocking another one into the toilet and pissing it around the bowl while I watched it drown, like a sociopath.

3 years of staring down at my laptop as my belly gradually expands closer and closer to it. Closing in on 30 means staying up until dawn to produce free content gets harder and harder to do and it sucks that I’m SO good at it. Like the best on the planet. Listen, this is uncharismatic to say but I’m probably a genius. A genius at a thing anyone can do out of their basement if they just barely tried. So be it, I’ll take it.

Because I love podcasting and want to preserve it at its purest, I never cut corners and throw everyfuckingthing I have at it. I’m also at whim to how hard breaking into podcasting at this level really is. It’s always been brutal and terrifying. The amount of work would make lesser comedy nerds crumble. I probably already peaked. How sad will it be when a 40 year old man is in the back of Meltdown Comics with a Zoom recorder getting yelled at by college students on Twitter because a podcast is late. I dread the day.

This idea of artistic, intellectual integrity and freedom so far I’ve only achieved at the expense of my quality of life and other people’s dollars. A fair, transparent and ethical code of conduct in podcasting, comedy and beyond. Friends, family, hosts and our remarkable cult following pay for me to do this. I’ve taken a lot and I’m not sure I’m giving back enough.

Podcasting is now a multi-million dollar a year industry, so I hear. And that’s largely due to advertising. Rigorous, redundant, stuffed into your favorite show advertisements.

I’ve mostly managed to avoid this for 2 years now and somehow survive. Freelancing, launching a failed Zine, paying my webmaster for hours of free labor with some t-shirt sales, selling a few live shows. But as we expand costs to run everything go way up. And I pay all of it out pocket so I’m depleting in resources meaning a lot of what I want to do, I can’t simply because the funding isn’t there.

We tried a few advertisements on here and there to get people used to it, but the products and the relationships just aren’t there. We just don’t have the numbers. We are still the rag-tag Sandlot kids doing our own thing in our run down diamond and the big ass dog who’s got my Babe Ruth autographed baseball is bankruptcy. “barkruptcy”. Ugh.

There’s only a handful of companies willing to advertise on podcasts. Stamps and dildos and websites and audiobooks etc. And they pay next to nothing. It is all so played out and when you get these dribble down offers, our shows don’t perform like other shows do because A) it takes time to build an audience, a long time (unless you have a built in one) and B) all of these companies have been advertising for years on other shows. We all share audiences, all the networks, all the people who are going to subscribe to Audible have dude, which is why its completely fucking stupid anyone is competing with each other at all.

The shows in the top ten on iTunes, those shows with hundreds of thousands of listeners an episode, they get better offers. Podcast advertisers pay per impression. Usually its $10-$25 bucks per 1,000 downloads. Problem is the iTunes rating system is wonky. It’s not how popular your show is, its a myriad of other equations that equal one algorithm like; how fast people subscribe in a short time period or how many people visit the iTunes podcast page and click what. All those actions are worth “points.”

So all the advertisers look at the top ten podcasts and reach out to them. Problem is because of this wonky system, all the top ten podcasts are shows that have purely been around longer and accumulated points with their system. So anyone who started in 2009 or 2010 now has a permanent home in the top ten. Unless you are Welcome To Nightvale, but who saw that shit coming.

The major podcast networks are more run by business types than creatives. A couple of networks tried starting their own advertising firms. Idea being, they’ll sell blocks of advertising across other networks shows and take a cut. Rather than defeat the enemy, slow bleed them of money and make them your livestock. It’s like when vampires take in a concubine and don’t kill them, but they are like a party of favor if you want a quick snack at the Dracula mixer. Here’s a big public fuck that from me.

Anybody can advertise on a podcast. There’s dozens of creative ways to do it. Problem is, it pays next to nothing and getting paid is like pulling teeth. The last two ad runs we did, it took 6 months to get paid! 6 MONTHS! I was a completely different person when the check came in. I started talking to my Dad more, the economy was on the way up, Bob Hoskins died…

Our show The Duncan Trussell Family Hour is a huuuge advertising success. Duncan’s the real podcast genius. He’s a shadow producer of Feral and enlightened Chris Hardwick on what a podcast was. Want to know how to advertise on a podcast? Listen to Duncan.

Duncan only finds advertisers that will let him perform insane vulgar spoken word as his advertisements for them. The craziest shit in the entire podcast is within the advertisements. You’d be insane to skip over the first 30 minutes, you are on the edge of your seat wondering what he’ll say next. And his audience loves him so much (because he’s a Saint and truly deserves it) they jump at every offer which makes him human gold. More than he already is. Love you Duncan, wouldn’t be standing here without you.

Advertising WORKS! SMART advertising. Healthy advertising. Advertising that isn’t lying to you. Advertising supports art and entertainment. But when advertisers get their say in content and censor the medium they are advertising in, that is corporate fascism my friends and it is stand up, balls out, middle fingers in the air evil.

It is so rampant in our society its unusual to be a podcaster and not have to manipulate your language to appeal to William fucking Morris who owns Kraft who owns Interscope records who owns General Mills who owns Mr. Bubble and so on and so on. Until it all goes back to the 6 big evil oil companies that own everything. And we’re aimlessly moving around digits and increments from a piece of plastic to a screen and at this point like, IS MONEY EVEN REAL? OH I’LL GO TO JAIL IF I DON’T HAVE ANY? OK I’LL TAKE PART IN CAPITALISM.

The donation model WORKS. You vote with your dollar. The dollar has become the only democratic thing left! That’s why Kickstarter works. If every person who listened to Feral Audio in one week donated $5 just ONCE, I could run Feral into the next century. By then I’ll be brain in a jar but I’ll have an automaton to do my Pro Tools bidding. And I’d be FREE. FREEEEEEEE. And I would have BEAT THE SYSTEM. Folk hero shit. If I had 3 million dollars, I’d throw it right back into the community and makes tons of radical content for free. Give me 3 million dollars, I swear to God you can trust me.

It’s hard to get someone to donate to something they get for free. Or to inspire them I guess. To realize we have cut out the middleman and are making history together. Every time you put our podcasts in your device and pitch us a dollar, we are collaborating. A new model that’s really dangerous to all the companies that have power over us.

Advertisers make it seem so effortless and easy to hand over your dollar to them. What if you are in line at the grocery store and you wanna taste the rainbow? Boom, skittles. But if we ask for a dollar for an hour of free entertainment there’s 3% that love nothing more (my favorite percent) and the other 97% who are indignant we even asked.

I have a different vision of what we are doing is. It’s not TV, its not radio, you can’t run it like that. The medium doesn’t behave like anything you’ve seen before. It is in constant flux and its all in real time and there’s a way to use existing technology and just give people the thing they want that they didn’t even know they wanted. A way to do it independently, and fair, and transparent and beautiful. And then SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE. We intend to.

I let every podcaster decide what goes in their show. I don’t force them to advertise for anyone. I love advertising, I wish we were doing it more and I made like, $15,000 a month or whatever from the podcasts by taking the easy way out. I’d pour that money right into Feral Audio and the incredible people around me.

I think there is a different way to make money though. A lot of money. Completely independently without the tyranny of kneeling to studios or advertising executives. Which is why come July, we are testing the waters. It will take time. It will be new. It will be intimate. But if it works, it is really going to work.

Jack and Angela Morrison! I feel as though they don’t do a whole lot for the holidays- they probably just lay on the couch together and watch movie such as The Little Rascals and The Sandlot. Jack and Angela exchange gifts and eat good food. Jack likes to get Angela new sweaters and the occasional new robe. He also gets her little knick knacks that he finds. She really likes snow globes and porcelain figures. Angela gets him his Old Spice and autographed baseball cards. She also tosses in a ticket and the ticket means she’ll make him whatever food he wants. It comes in handy when Jack craves steak night two days in a row (Angela bops him on the head with the spatula because he needs to watch what he eats but she enjoys another steak as well) After a day of good grub, they both cuddle on the couch, have the fireplace going, and classic Christmas music playing on the radio. :) I love these two so much.

thirty days iwaoi writing challenge
day eighteen:
 hide and seek


Oikawa did punishment well. He knew which buttons to press when it came to certain people, and he had an art for subtlety most would not have guessed he possessed.

But finding Iwaizumi’s weak spots took him years of experimentation to discover, and after a particular week in middle school when he’d tried to ignore the boy for something or other but discovered that Iwaizumi actually liked it, he’d realized the perfect punishment wasn’t to deny him his company, but to be even more annoying than he was on a daily basis. So he took things.

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