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Dad, Too

Guys, my very responsible, intelligent, almost fifty-year-old dad INFJ dad informed the rest of my family around one this afternoon that he was moving his computer into the living room where we have our TV so that he’d be ready for the Yankees/Astros game later this evening. (Which starts around seven our time, I believe.) As he put it, he wanted to be sure that he was going to be in the living room with plenty of time to catch the game.

At any rate, my dad has been sitting in the same spot on the couch for nearly six hours now and the game hasn’t even started yet, and I think that’s really inspiring to a millennial like me. 

can we just talk about this for a minute? the way he eyes left field with a knowing smirk, it’s almost like he can read Keuchel’s mind and knew precisely what pitch to be on the lookout for and where he was going to hit it. he knows what he’s doing. he knew he was going to do something special this drive and it’s one of the many reasons why i firmly believe he has some sort of superhuman ability. this man, y'all. he never ceases to amaze me.