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Dad, Too

Guys, my very responsible, intelligent, almost fifty-year-old dad INFJ dad informed the rest of my family around one this afternoon that he was moving his computer into the living room where we have our TV so that he’d be ready for the Yankees/Astros game later this evening. (Which starts around seven our time, I believe.) As he put it, he wanted to be sure that he was going to be in the living room with plenty of time to catch the game.

At any rate, my dad has been sitting in the same spot on the couch for nearly six hours now and the game hasn’t even started yet, and I think that’s really inspiring to a millennial like me. 

October 22, 2006

The Spiezios become the first father-and-son combination in baseball history to have appeared in a World Series game as a player for the same franchise. Scott, the Cardinals’ current second baseman, and his father, Ed, a third baseman for the 1967 club, both played in the World Series for winning St. Louis teams.

You shouldn’t hang your head

what a hell of a ride

2017. first thing i have to say is “rebuilding year” my ass. they started off this season having no players. didi, gary, jacoby, greg, then later loosing starlin and let’s add in the shitty pitching from tanaka. they pulled it together bc of our mvp. look where we are now. many memories were made this year including many many many homeruns, strikeouts and mlb debuts. thank you New York Yankees for making all of your fans proud. there’s only room for more improvment and we’ll be back next year. peace out 2k17 yankee season. see ya back at the bronx in 122 days.

and btw chase headley wants a fricken ring. YOU FAILED HIM u better get him one next year

More character designs! Out of all of my portfolio, character designs are some of the hardest things for me to do, mainly becuase I’m pretty uneducated on how to formally present them and because I’m always stuck on making things anatomically correct and precise.
Hopefully, though this is another one of those older drawings I updated, this will still be good enough for my portfolio.

Medium: Digital