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February 19, 1953

After being hit by enemy fire during a combat mission, Ted Williams safely crash lands his Panther jet at the Suwon’s K-13 Airbase in Korea, skidding along the air strip for nearly a mile before coming to a stop. The plane is a total wreck, but the Marine reservist, who quickly evacuates the burning aircraft, suffers only minor injuries

The power in Brendans voice is incredible


Alex, Kara, and Maggie were all huddled together on the couch in Kara’s apartment laughing and talking aimlessly. 

“Hey, I was thinking for game night this week we could change it up a bit,” Kara offered.

“What did you have in mind?” Alex asked.

“Baseball,” Kara rubbed her hands together and threw her head back laughing.

“Little Danvers, you are a genius,” Maggie commented.

“Little Danvers?” Alex eyed her girlfriend. “You’re so cute,” Alex rubbed Maggie’s hand, her heart swelling because of Maggie and Kara’s growing relationship. 

“I was thinking we would have two team captains and then draw names out of a hat. We’re gonna need more players though,” Kara inferred.

“I could round up some friends from the bar?” Maggie threw out.

“Ooh, yes that’s good. So, the team captains should be Kara and…”

“You,” Maggie answered. 

“Yes, okay!” Kara jumped up from the couch and bolted to the kitchen to grab a pen and paper. “We should order shirts!” She yelled from the kitchen.

“Oh boy, now she’s going to start throwing ideas left and right,” Alex commented to Maggie.

“And we can rent a field in the suburbs. Maybe from a school,” Alex eyed Maggie saying see what I mean.  

“I could pick up some bats and balls from the store this week,” Maggie proposed.

“That would be awesome!!!” Kara jumped up and down. “Maggie, have I told you how much I love you?” Kara giggled.

“Hey, easy there,” Alex squinted her eyes at Kara which drew Kara in to continue poking at her.

“She’s really easy to frustrate with teasing,” Kara pretended to whisper.

“Oh, I know,” Maggie murmured. “Oh, God,” Maggie buried herself into Alex’s side, the two sisters erupting with laughter.

“She’s got a point,” Alex continued. Kara couldn’t contain herself.

When they all settled down they decided to run their idea by the supergang. When they got the go-ahead, Kara ordered two sets of baseball tees; one with National City Comets written in blue and one with Krypton Suns written in red - all Kara’s planning.

The t-shirts arrived just in time for the big game. Maggie had managed to gather a good amount of people from the bar, so the two captains started to draw the names out of the hat. Alex went first and drew James.

“Hell yeah,” James high-fived her. Kara went next drawing an alien from the bar.

“Oh come on two aliens on one team,” James protested.

“Hey, there are plenty of options left, and we aren’t allowed to use our powers. Sheesh,” Kara countered back. Alex then drew Winn making Kara grunt. 

“Alright, who’s next,” Kara pulled out a strip. “Ha! I got Maggie!” She stuck out her tongue at Alex.

“Awe, sorry babe but looks like you’re going down,” Maggie whispered in Alex’s ear as she passed by driving her insane. Alex cleared her throat then drew an alien. The result was National City Comets: Alex, Winn, James, M’gann, and random aliens. Krypton Suns: Kara, J’onn, Maggie, Mon-El, and the rest of the bar aliens.

“Rock paper scissors to see who picks first,” Kara stepped up to Alex.

“Oh, it’s on,” the two went through five rounds before the revelation of Alex as the champion. “We’ll bat second,” Alex pointed two fingers at her eyes then to Maggie, making Maggie chuckle and shaking her head. She mouthed you wish.

J’onn stepped up to the plate and James was on the pitcher’s mound. Alex handled first, Winn on second, M’gann on third. James wound up and threw a sharp curveball forcing a strike on J’onn. The second pitch led to a home run putting the Krypton Suns up by one.

Maggie was next up to bat. She swung it around a few times before stepping up to the plate. 

“Easy out,” Alex teased from first. James threw two balls then on the third one Maggie got a piece of it and made it to first. She looked at Alex like she owned the place.

“Easy out my ass,” Maggie commented.

“Your ass, huh,” Alex gave her a slight slap on the ass just for shits and giggles. 

“Hey, you two get a room,” Winn yelled from second. 

“Hey, zip it,” Alex returned. When Kara was ready to bat, Maggie took a few steps forward to lead on to second. Kara hit and Maggie ran. Alex’s eyes never left Maggie’s ass, resulting in a missed catch at first. 

“Maybe you should focus more, Danvers” Maggie retorted.

“This is so fun!” Kara said out loud mainly to herself.

“It is, but it’s not going to be fun when you lose.”

“Oh really? We’ll see about that,” Kara’s statement was confident.

“So, how long have you and Alex officially been together?” Winn imitated a conversation with Maggie.

“About four months,” Maggie glanced over at Alex laughing with Kara, a grin spreading across her face like a little school girl.

“I’ve told Alex this but I’m really happy for you guys,” Winn mentioned.

“Thank you. That means a lot,” Maggie smiled at him. Mon-El hit a fly ball causing the first out. 

The Krypton Suns were up by three when they switched batters. Alex was up first with Kara pitching. Alex hit a double which inevitably was where Maggie was stationed. 

“Nice hit, Danvers,” Alex scrunched up her nose.

“Should’ve been a home run,” Alex was like a puppy and this made Maggie realize the importance of this exact moment; she was more than in love with Alex. Her whole body called out to touch Alex, to kiss her lips. Her blood felt lighter and her soul grew deeper. She wanted moments like this forever with her. 

“Go get ‘em next time,” Maggie encouraged. “Oh! Oh! I got it. I got it!” Maggie sprinted a few feet to her right and dove to catch the ball that Winn had hit.

“Damn, that’s my girl,” Alex started to clap and everyone joined. Maggie was the center of attention and she tried to hide behind Alex.

“Good catch, Maggie!” Kara cheered on. 

The inning ended with the Kryptons winning by one. Alex propped open the ice chest and handed out beers to everyone who wanted one. The aliens stuck with water. They all chatted for a bit and some even downed their beer so they could bring another one out to the field with them. 

J’onn got to second on the first throw but Maggie and Mon-El got out. When Kara hit one of the aliens in the outfield caught it. At the end of the second inning the National City Comets were winning 6-3. They took another short break before returning to the game.

“We should do this more often,” Alex told Maggie.

“I agree. I’m having a really great time, and your friends are so supportive and welcoming and it’s really nice that you have that,” Maggie revealed a smile.

We have that. You’re a part of us now,” Alex kissed her forehead. Maggie buried her head into Alex’s shoulder. 

“I’m so happy, Alex,” she let out when she stepped back from the hug. “I’m genuinely happy with you.”

“You know what? I’m really happy too,” Alex returned the smile then the couple followed the rest of the gang back to the field. They finished up the game with more teasing comments and home runs, the Comets taking home the win. 

“Hey, everyone! Gather around I’d like to say something,” Kara assembled the group together. “Thank you so much for making this a fun time for us to be together and just be in each other’s presence. Now, as captain of the losing team, I’m buying drinks for everyone tonight. Let’s go continue the fun!” The crowd cheered all gathering their things and heading out.

Alex, Maggie, and Kara stayed behind to pick up the trash and various items. 

“Hey, Kara. I think Maggie and I are just going to turn in for the night. We had already made plans and…yeah,” Alex said.

“That’s perfectly fine! Anything special?” Alex and Maggie both eyed and other and started laughing causing Kara to rethink her decision to ask. “Go on you two lovebirds. I’ll see you tomorrow. Oh, and good game, Maggie!” Kara hugged her. 

“Hey, what about me?” Alex pretended to pout.

“Oh, come here,” Kara drew her big sister in for a Danvers hug. “Have fun! I love you both!”

“We love you too,” Maggie answered for the two, making Alex tear up. Kara left them alone. “Hey, Alex, what’s wrong?” 

“No, no nothing is wrong I just….Maggie, I love you,” Alex couldn’t control her smile and neither could Maggie.

“Alex, I love you more than you know,” Maggie wrapped her hands around her neck and kissed Alex better than she ever has before. “I love you so much. Also, you look really hot when you play baseball. Especially in a cap,” Maggie eyed her up and down making Alex blush. Alex couldn’t find words so she kissed her again and grabbed her best friend’s hand as they walked to her car. 

kigichi  asked:

Ahhh I'm glad you liked the Lucky Charm bit! (I hide behind anon just in case you don't like my add on's like the weenie I am) BUT BUT BUT BUT STEVE GAVE TONY THE BALL. You know Tony has that thing in a case somewhere and displayed in his room or his office. I want to go off of Steve teaching Tony how to bat and just being a tease. Just imagine Tony manages to hit the ball and he RUNS for first base, makes it and then it's a stand off between him and Steve. Tony fakes a lunge for second, Steve

makes a go for him, only to have Tony hop back in the “safety zone”. This happens a few more times before Tony grins and bolts, running not for the base, but off into the field. Steve is confused for a second before running after him, Tony leading him on a merry chase. It’s not until Tony bounces (literally) onto the home plate that Steve realizes that Tony had hit all the other bases while running from him, and Steve never touched him with the ball. “You cheated.” “I did not! I took a detour.”

First of all, I can never not like your add-ons because they’re fab, silly and secondly, YES TO ALL OF THIS. 

Tony’s such a fan and is quite shock that he’s become so invested in the sport that he once disliked. All because of Steve with his stupid blue eyes and big smile, it kills him (but he loves it). He definitely has that ball in a case and displayed in his office and ignores the raised eyebrows from Pepper when she spots the ball for the first time. 

“So you hate baseball, huh?”

“Pepper, please.”

But after Tony has tricked Steve into chasing him around the field and making it to home, he does a little happy dance because he scored one over on Steve!

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Tony, oh so cleverly, says. 

Steve stills for a moment before shrugging with a grin. “Well, I could never really hate the player.” Smooth. 

“You’re such a sap.” But Tony can’t stop smiling like an idiot.