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what your fav act 2 song says about you

Welcome to Falsettoland – you just really want to punch nancy reagan in the face

The Year of the Child – your favorite line in the whole musical is “look, look, look, look, look, it’s a lesbian from next door!”

Miracle of Judaism – you are secretly a 12 year old boy on the inside

The Baseball Game – you live for marvin trying to flirt with whizzer

A Day in Falsettoland – you are in awe at the groundbreaking way finn draws parallels between all the romances in the show

Everyone Hates His Parents – you either had a bad relationship with your parents of just really love mendel 

What More Can I Say? – you truly believe marvin and whizzer invented true love

Something Bad Is Happening – you call dr. charlotte your wife

Holding to the Ground –  you definitely support trina and love her character development

Days Like This – you love the tight knit family antics and probably want your own found family

Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah – you actually trust mendel’s advice (which you shouldn’t)

Unlikely Lovers – you’re literally gay

Another Miracle of Judaism – jason is your child and you would die for him

You Gotta Die Sometime –  you just really want andrew to win that damn tony part 2

Jason’s Bar Mitzvah – you cried when mendel said “son of whizzer, son of mendel, and godchild to the lesbians from next door”

What Would I Do? – you just love crying I guess

BLFC and AC badge: Dan

This is for OtherOtter, who wanted a badge for BLFC, and he’s also attending Anthrocon. This year’s theme for Anthrocon is Baseball (more specifically “Take me out to the ball game”), and he’s more excited for this theme than BLFC’s, so he wanted me to do for him his fursona Dan as a baseball player.

For this pic I tried to do a more minimalist scene, but immitating the watercolor technique but in digital. I liked the result, and Pepe (or Dan, or OtherOtter) so loved it.


May 22, 2004

Oakland retires Reggie Jackson jersey number 9, honoring the slugger who played his first nine Hall of Fame seasons with the A’s, helping the team club capture three-consecutive World Series (1972-74). The former Athletics’ right fielder, who had his number 44 retired by the Yankees in 1993, becomes the eighth player to have his number retired by two or more teams.

It’s not the Jays but it’s some good, light-hearted, baseball fun