Marinette is curious about the whole purr thing while Chat is more confused and embarrased than he wants to admit

Totally based on that trailer 

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Random suggestion but maybe you could make your OC have like a literal name? So like Midori means green, and Y'know Midoriya's hair is green so you could somehow correlate your OC's name with their quirk/appearance???



So I’ve always h.c that Jesse and Genji’s first language wasn’t English so-

Genji and McCree are sitting in the lounge or something idfc just as long as McCree has a blanket over his legs so he can slap his calves.

Genji: “wtf is tha-WTF ARE YOU DOING?”
-McCree pulls the blanket off too reveal that hes slapping his calves.-
Genji:…why are you..slapping your… umm… your other thighs
McCree: I’m sorry, my what?
Genji -trying to remember the word for them-: You’re um… What are they called again?
McCree: Ha, theyr-… um…M’ lower thighs of course.

They just sit laughing trying to remember the name for them when Gabriel shows up.

McCree: We can’t remember what these are called? -and he slaps his calves again

-Gabe just takes a long sip of his coffee, desperately trying to not let them down, but he forgot the name too.-
-He begins to text Morrison in a calm panic.-

Nathalie Appreciation Week: Day 1

@wearemiraculous thanks so much for running this!

It was very, very difficult sometimes, for Nathalie to not roll her eyes at her boss.

“These meetings should have been rescheduled yesterday, Nathalie.”

“The distributor still hasn’t gotten back to me yet, but I’m certain we’ll work something out by-”

“I don’t want to hear excuses. This is unacceptable.”

Nathalie bit the inside of her cheek. “I wouldn’t have to reschedule them at all, if an akuma hadn’t attacked the city yesterday. Sir.”

She regretted it the moment the words left her lips. Mr. Agreste didn’t lose his cool composure, not a bit of it, but now he was looking at her. Nathalie far preferred it when he looked through her. “You’re not getting angry, are you?” he asked softly.

Nathalie forced her heart rate to slow down. “Of course not, sir.”

“You know how much I value your detachment, Nathalie, your composure. It’s extremely useful to me. If you were to become like everybody else… well, as you know, I have other uses for people who can’t hold their tempers.”

Nathalie’s veins ran ice cold. “I’m aware, sir.”

“Good. I expect those meetings rescheduled within the hour.”

“Of course, sir.”