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Unusual Circumstances

*The following is a transcript of thoughts based on Sarahni’s visit to Rinoha at Addlewood. Unless you are told about it ICly, then your character would not know what happened.*

Last night, I decided to take a trip to Addlewood to see Rinoha. I had heard whispers and half stories that something had happened, but not the whole thing. All I knew for sure was that Rinoha was being confined in a cell in her own room, and I was hoping to gain some clarity as to why. Walking up, I was greeted at the door by some unknown Kaldorei. I did not recognize him, and when asked, I was told that he was guarding Rinoha for the time being. His story didn’t seem to make much sense, especially seeing as he left as soon as I walked in. 

Walking up the stairs, I almost couldn’t believe what I saw. Rinoha just sitting on the floor of her room, eyes glued to the fireplace, and a barred door replacing the usual wood one. Wards had been placed as well, though they seemed hastily done. I tried to strike up a conversation, but it was obvious this girl was losing herself to her own isolation. I asked who was guarding her, and she said that she had been left alone for a great deal of time. She then confirmed that the Kaldorei I saw was just…someone…who walked in. Where were the guards in all this? I’ll have to speak to Natheran about that. 

Speaking to Rinoha was a chore in itself, which is very unusual for her. She seemed lost, stuck in her own mind. I’m not particularly surprised. Being kept alone in a room like that with very little contact would wear anyone out mentally. Though, I don’t think that’s the only trouble plaguing her. She and I continued to talk, and while I didn’t wan’t to press her for information, I admit I was very curious. What happened, exactly? What brought on this form of punishment? 

She gave out snippets of information. She told me she had tortured members of her family, and seemed very clear on mentioning that she was not under mind control. Beyond that, she chose not to talk about it. My heart goes out to her. I understand that is a heinous crime in itself, but this isn’t the whole picture, I feel. Something bigger is going on, and it’s only a matter of time until we find out. Rinoha seems to be resigned to her “Fate”, as she claims to know what kind of punishment awaits her. 

Our conversation ended after a while. I tried to include other topics to discuss. Anything to take her mind of this constant torment she’s putting herself through. It seemed to work? I don’t know. I can’t tell what’s really going on in her mind. I did promise to come back and visit her, though. Next time, with a very special package I’ve thought up. 

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Okay, but can we talk about the Japanese Sun&Moon commercial / ad? It’s honestly the most precious thing ever????

A Japanese kid is moving to Hawaii with his mother and loves Pokemon. 

He stays up with his mother practicing his English so he can communicate with the new environment around him, it seems he isn’t completely fluent. 

The next day he introduces himself in his, still budding, English and the other children don’t seem very responsive to his efforts or taken off-guard somewhat?

Out of the blue one child starts clapping for him to show some kindness and the whole class joins in on celebrating his introduction.

He wants to join the other kids at lunch but seems to feel awkward about it?

He spots the kid who showed him kindness at the Pokemon Sun and Moon release. He plays the games for a while in his mom’s car and he later spots the same kids from school vibing together.

In the end he feels encouraged about going up to approach them and introduces himself.

They pick out starters together and become friends, they play the games in different languages. 

It’s very, very cute. It’s a beautiful message to send that you can reach out to another person if your true and Pokemon was a push toward that, it really did a good job conveying how important friendship is. You can be friends with someone if you try, it’s just important you try to forge a bond with them and sometimes it can just happen naturally over anything. There’s something very touching and humanizing about this commercial, the music is very good vibe-ish and uplifting. The group of children is very diverse, once again showing people from many walks of life and colors uniting together to smile and have fun. 

“근데 니가 마크형랑 밥 먹으러 갔잖아”
But you went to go eat with Mark hyung.

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I feeling pretty angsty and was wondering if you could do something along the lines of mccree or Hanoz (or both) reacting to finding out their past lover whom they presumed dead is actually alive? I hope this makes sense. Haha

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Jesse McCree

It had been a solid seven years since Jesse last saw you. After his return to base from visiting Kings Row he had found out you were resigned out of Blackwatch and placed into a small Overwatch watchpoint in Massachusetts.

Shortly before Zurich blew up there was a massive attack in that watchpoint and the base was eradicated from the map. Every body they had found was a charred and mangled mess, but they never found your body. The young cowboy was utterly bewildered at the news and left Blackwatch shortly after. With a broken heart and a recently lost arm, he began taking justice to his own hands for those in need.

Never in his lifetime would he expect to see your bright smile again. His initial rejoice with you was very explosive. He was in the mercy of a group of ex Deadlock members, however, you had come to his rescue by incinerating all of them. At first, Jesse was too shocked to move as he looked at you. Your once soft smile and kind gaze had turned to an angered glare and a relentless snarl. Scars tattered your face and body. Your right hand was replaced by a prosthetic that was programmed to act as a flamethrower.

Once your gaze caught Jesse, your eyes softened.

“Jesse? Is that you?” you asked. Those chocolate brown eyes of his could never be forgotten really.

In a mix of emotions, excitement and everything in between, Jesse rushed up to you and pulled you in a strong embrace.

“ y/n! my god, you’re alive, you’re alive! I can’t believe it!” He said, brushing your frizzy and messy hair back, “Still as gorgeous as ever sugar-pie…”

With a soft laugh you tapped his brand new hat. You remembered he used to have that small black hat. “And you’re as western as ever McCree…”

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Hanzo Shimada

As a young boy, you and Hanzo were both the eldest children. You were from a friendly, but lower class clan. It didn’t stop you hanging out with the young Hanzo.

You two would play every day. Until one day, you didn’t. An enemy clan had invaded your residency and it was assumed everyone from your clan was dead as the fires burned enough for the Shimada clan to be able to see the pyre that was the remains of your home.

When Hanzo met you once again, it was the fifth anniversary of Genji’s death. He had returned to his home to pay respects to his loss when he heard soft padding of feet from his side.

“Show yourself, assassin…” He beckoned.

He did not expect your small form to come into his view, “I knew you’d be here my friend.” you said as you carefully approached him, unmasking yourself from a shugoki mask you had donned on your face, “Long time no see Hanzo.”

The Japanese man was at a loss of words, his eyes tried to avert from your face, trying not to rudely stare at the left eye, which had a milky, dead hue to it.

“How… are you alive? Your clan was erased.” He stated, making you smile a little.

“It’s a long story Hanzo… How about we have a drink while we talk some things out?” You asked, knowing that you’d have to break through a lot of ice to rebuild this friendship.


Dissolve and coagulate.

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Die Bastei is a rock formation towering above the Elbe river in the Sandstone Mountains of Sachsen, Eastern Germany. Reaching 305 m above sea level, its jagged rocks were formed by water erosion over 1 million years ago. They are situated near Rathen, not far from Pirna near Dresden, and are the main landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. They are part of a climbing and hiking area that extends over the border into the Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic. The Bastei has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years. The spa town of Rathen is the main base for visiting; the town can be reached from Dresden by paddle steamer on the river Elbe.

Scratch - Part 2 - (Steve x Reader)

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Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N: I’m really enjoying writing this series. I think it might be because it’s one of the more lighthearted ones I’ve written. Not that I don’t promise to toy with your emotions later on, but for the most part it fun to write.

Warnings: light smut I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Part 1

“How was the mission,” Nat asks not looking up from the television as I made my way into the living area of the compound.

“No questions until I’ve slept for at least a week,” I mumble letting my duffle hit the floor rather loudly.

“That bad,” Steve says from somewhere in the kitchen.

I glare at him as I slowly walk closer to where he stood and without saying a word take the beer he was holding in his hand and take a long swig.

“You know what,” I say stepping away from him. “I think I might take a shower first. I’ve had this itch I just can’t seam to reach,” a small smirk finds its way to my lips when I see Steve’s hand move to readjust his jeans. “Hopefully a long hot shower will help get rid of it.”

“Don’t forget,” Nat calls out. “Fury expects you to call in with your report by seven.”

“Don’t worry,” I say backing out of the room. “Five hours should be enough to get over this itch.”

Steve was giving me a stern look as I took another sip of the beer I had taken from him. Before I was out of sight I quickly winked at him and turned around to make my way to my room.

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Megatraven’s ML Fic Masterlist

Hey friends, Megan here! I asked earlier how okay it was to post a masterlist of my own fics, and it was received pretty well. This list will have three sections: Fluff, Angst, and Both. I will order my fics based on which ones I enjoy the most and think are well-written. My crack fics will not be included on this list. Happy reading!


Signature | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “Real smooth, tripping over air.” (Marichat)

Of Brains and Brawn | Multi-chaptered | Status: On-going
Summary: Started from the prompt “Bitch better have my money.” (Adrienette)

Reunited | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “So… did you miss me?” (Djwifi)

More Precious Than Gold | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: She only saw him, just as he only saw her. (Djwifi)

Escape Plan | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompts “Quit staring! They’ll notice use!”, “Do it. I dare you.” and “Bro… that’s so… not cool.” (Platonic Adrienette, minor Djwifi)

Trading Advice | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: When Nino and Marinette hang out, they get advice from each other in regards to relationships. (Platonic Ninette)

All Is Right | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: The battle is over, and everything is alright. (Adrienette)

Realization | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Adrien comes to realize what his feelings for Marinette really are. (Adrienette)

The Language of Love | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “You speak my language?” A Percy Jackson au. (RoseMari)

A Different Kind of Gift | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Chat Noir and Ladybug plan a special event for the many orphaned and/or fostered kids of Paris in time for the holidays. They have a visitor that didn’t come with the others, but is given the same, kind treatment as the rest of them. (Platonic Ladynoir)

Cat-ch Me If You Can | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “Real smooth, tripping over air.” (Ladynoir)

Cosplay in Costume | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “Zero fucks given. Next, please.” (Marichat)

Requited | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “How about you make me?” (Ladynoir)

Not His Fault | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Chat pays Marinette a nighttime visit in order to receive some attention. (Marichat)

Consteyellations | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: There are no stars seen from Paris, so Alya finds them the next best thing. (Alyanette)

Unfocused | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: A spat between Marinette and her friends replays in her mind all throughout the day, even when an Akuma attacks. Chat Noir notices Ladybug’s distractedness, and opts to try and help her through it. (Ladynoir)

Bully Be Gone | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “You look like an accident.” (Lilanette)

Different Kind of Gift | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: A crack appears in the stone heart of Gabriel Agreste, and decides to give Adrien a gift himself for his birthday. (N/A)


Not Enough Time | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: “It’s cruel, don’t you think, Kitty?” (Ladynoir)

Of Sweaters and Holes | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: “Christmas Sweaters” for an angst prompt. (Alyanette)

China Doll | Multi-chaptered | Status: On-going/hiatus
Summary: When confessing her feelings doesn’t go as planned, Marinette has to fight off akumatization. Her efforts fail when Chloe ultimately pushes her over the edge. (Eventual Marichat, minor Djwifi)

Don’t Cry | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “I won’t remember you, will I?” (Alyanette)

Roles Reverse | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “For once, I need you.” (Ladynoir)

Countdown of Lives | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: The eight times Chat got back up, and the one time he didn’t. (Ladynoir)

According to Plan | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: After an encounter with an akuma, Ladybug’s and Chat Noir’s usual routine is put on hold when Ladybug has a strange look on her face. (Ladynoir)

Stay Good | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Sometimes akumas strike too fast for LB to save herself and Chat. (Marichat)

Too Much | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “Forget it. You fucking suck.” (Chlonette)

Pincushion | Multi-chaptered | Status: On-going/hiatus
Summary: Marinette believes that as a superhero of Paris, she shouldn’t burden others with her own problems and feelings. She pays the price for keeping to herself when the negativity is too much for her to keep hidden. (Eventual Adrienette)

Aloha | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: She slips off the railing, and he can’t grab her in time. Based on the song Hello by Evanescence. (Adrienette)

Seven Seconds | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: In which seven seconds is all it takes for things to go wrong. Or; if Copycat hit Ladybug with Cataclysm instead of the chain. (N/A)


Unconditional | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Mme. Agreste has a big heart, and it’s one of the few things she passes onto her son Adrien before she goes missing. (Ladynoir, Adrienette)

Is This Goodbye? | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: When Adrien meets a non-magical end, Ladybug finds her lucky charm keeps bringing him back in the form of his heroic persona. (Platonic Ladynoir)

Ladybug Will Come | Two-shot | Status: Complete for now
Summary: For the prompts “When I tell you to run, you run” and “Do you know who I am?” (Djwifi)

Pressure | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary:  Pressure can make or break a lot of people and things. Marinette is one of those people, and even at her worst, Paris’ favorite cat wants to help. (Platonic Marichat)

Moving On | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Adrien has to stop anchoring Marinette’s spirit to the world of the living and move on from her at her own suggestion. (Adrienette)

My Only Sunshine | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Marinette visits Adrien. Based on the song You Are My Sunshine (Adrienette)

I See Him! | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Marinette watched Adrien from afar, and he can’t seem to see her anymore. (Platonic Adrienette)

As It Happens | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “How about a hug, hm?” (Platonic Tikki/Plagg)
Note: I put this in this section because it is up to interpretation on whether it’s fluff or angst.

Miraculously Meaningful Moments | Multi-chaptered | Status: Complete
Summary: A collection of drabbles and one-shots that will spring forth from tumblr prompts more often than not!
Note: There are warnings for each drabble in the note at top telling if it will be angsty or not

Death by Embarrassment | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Ladybug gets very injured, but when her and Chat’s transformations both drop, she realizes she can’t die, because how embarrassing would it be to die in front of your crush? (N/A)

Surprise Bitch (Hanzo Shimada)

Originally posted by darkwolffe

Pairing: Hanzo Shimada/Wife!Reader
Words: 780+
Warning(s): FLUFF, some blood mention
A/N: Honestly the title has nothing to do with this fluff piece but I put it as my doc title to keep track and I love it. it makes me laugh so hard and idk why. also this is my favorite fic ive written on here yet.
Request: Hanzo x reader where he thinks his s/o(wife) died but at the overwatch recall shes just like ‘oh yeah wassup im alive’ and he just breaks down in happiness and they just hold each other and cuddle whispering sweet nothings?

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Texas Gothic: Texas Panhandle
  • Dust devils swirl down the road. You keep an eye on them, avoiding their path. They don’t look dangerous, but you know looks can be deceiving.
  • You’ve been driving for hours but the landscape hasn’t changed. Everything is flat and yellow-green and you begin to wonder if you’ve gone anywhere at all.
  • A tumbleweed rolls down the side of the road. You stop to let this four foot tall tangle of branches pass before you go on. You have the strangest feeling that something is watching you, but there is nothing around but the tumbleweed.
  • There’s a statue of Ronald on a horse in front of the McDonald’s. “That’s how you know you’re in Texas,” you say with a smile that’s more like a grimace. You feel like its eyes are following you.
  • The sky is bright blue and you think it should be cheerful, but it’s not. The sun beats down without mercy. You have not seen a cloud in days. The heat creates shapes on the pavement and you hope you’re beginning to hallucination. The alternative is far worse.
  • “Road work ahead” the sign says. You drive for an hour but see nothing. “Road work ahead” the sign says. You begin to wonder if there’s something you’re not seeing. “Road work ahead” the sign says. You see a single orange cone on the shoulder. “End road work” the sign says.
  • Clay cliffs stretch put over either side of the road. As you drive they seem like they’re closing in, but that’s ridiculous. Its just dirt. You drive faster.
Mobile Masterlist

Spencer Reid x Reader: 

Drabbles // • Headcanons

Visiting Hours
Emotions run high as Spencer receives his first visitor in prison. (season 12

For Forever
A rare date night takes a cliche turn for Mr. & Mrs. Reid. The utmost of fluff.

Upon the arrival of a new team member, Spencer finds himself at a loss for how quickly he becomes enamored.

All We Want & Could Never Have
When the lives of his growing family are threatened, Spencer must make the decision needed to protect them. (Loosely based sequel to Visiting Hours)

With the help of a wedding reception and a love song, Spencer has a revelation of his own love.

Sign of The Times
When the time has come for your story to end, you can’t leave without talking to Spencer just one last time.

Little Love  // • Little Love pt 2
—  For the seven months following your breakup, you’ve kept your pregnancy a secret from Spencer, unsure of how he would react. But when the two of you are unexpectedly forced to see each other again, it doesn’t take long for your growing secret to reveal itself.

Miss .45 – An MGG Fic
Most actresses would jump at the chance to play in a role opposite from their husband, but when your role opposite from your husband Matthew is designed to cause pain, it’s far from a dream come true.

• Strand By Strand
— For everyone who has ever wondered why Spencer began wearing a hair tie on his wrist.

In The Morning, There Is Meaning
— An early morning in the Reid household brings with it the most sentiment.

A month of AUs - June 3

A/B/O verse Hanzo discovers he’s pregnant and worries about his ability to be a decent parent.

(Heads up, there may be a number of days in the A/B/O verse or variations of it, because while I CAN come up with 30 distinct AUs… I do not necessarily feel like writing a scene for all 30 of those distinct AUs)

Staring down at the stick in his hand, Hanzo feels like the air has escaped his lungs. It takes him a moment to remember how to breathe, his hand falling to the bathroom counter to keep him upright.

He thought he’d been prepared for this possibility. As soon as he’d recognized the symptoms he’d considered all avenues. Pregnancy… pregnancy was not the worst possible thing anymore. He wasn’t on the run. He wasn’t being hunted. He even had a mate. He’d lived with Overwatch for three years now, been with Jesse McCree for the past two years. Overwatch had returned to being a legal entity not long after he joined, and the protection that came with it made life almost easy.

He thought he’d be okay with the possibility of being pregnant.

He wasn’t.

He doesn’t realize he’s sobbing until a knock on the door pulls him from his thoughts.

“Darling? You okay in there?”

He’d nearly forgotten McCree was waiting in their room. For a second, Hanzo considers not saying anything. Then he looks at the window and contemplates escaping to the roof.

Eventually, he stands and opens the bathroom door.

McCree is standing there with his hand still poised to knock. He takes in Hanzo’s appearance before noticing the red tint to his eyes. “Oh, Hanners…”

Hanzo falls into his arms before he can say anything else, not crying, but refusing to look up at his husband’s face. “It’s positive. I’m-. We, are having a child.” He can feel the stutter in McCree’s chest as he inhales, and his grip around Hanzo tightens.

“You mean it, babe?”

Hanzo can’t speak. He only nods, holding back another sob now at the guilt from how excited McCree sounds. Of course he would be happy. McCree had brought up his wish for children so many times since they had begun their relationship. He had never pushed, never asked for them to settle down, but Hanzo had known anyway.

With a gentle kiss to the top of Hanzo’s head, McCree leads him over to the bed, pulling the smaller man down onto his lap, arms curled around each other.

“So what’s the plan then?”

“Hm?” Hanzo asks, still refusing to look any higher than McCree’s chest. “I suppose we will have to see Dr. Ziegler to schedule appointments. See Commander Amari about-… about my pregnancy leave.”

“We don’t have to-”

Hanzo ignores the interruption, pulling away slightly as McCree’s closeness begins to feel like it is suffocating him. “I must inform Genji, see if he can steal our tombs from Hanamura to ensure our child bonds with his dragon without incident. I will of course be unable to go. I will be unable to train as well. Commander Amari will need to find another sniper, leaving our teams vulnerable-”

McCree does the only thing he can think of to stop Hanzo’s rant before he begins to panic. He puts his hand over Hanzo’s chin and forces him to look up. “Han. It’s okay. I need you to breathe.”

He does, heart racing and head feeling faint as if he hadn’t been breathing at all this entire time. “Jesse…”

“You’re panicking, darling. Wanna tell me why?”


“Let me rephrase that. Tell me why.”

It’s not really an order. If Hanzo did not want to discuss it, he could remain silent. But phrasing it as an order gave him an out. Gave him the opportunity to talk frankly and not feel as if he were being weak by wanting to share his fears. So he puts his hand on McCree’s shirt, playing with a button as he gathers his strength.

“I do not believe I should be a parent.”

McCree tenses at the admission. “And why’s that?”

There are so many reasons. And he lists them all. His mother and father were terrible examples. The elders were hardly the basis for a good family dynamic. He doesn’t know the first thing about children. He grew up thinking murder was a part of life. He tried to kill his own brother as adults. Oh, and that one time when he and Genji were small, when Genji came down with a flu and Hanzo thought he was faking and pushed him out into the snow.

He began his training when he was still a child, barely old enough to consider attending school. Would he be a bad parent for not wanting their child to train as diligently? Wouldn’t that just be setting them up to be hurt or killed, unable to defend themselves?

And what about school and education? Discipline? Could he stop himself from raising his hand against his child if they acted out? Should he do that? He read that it was wrong. And he was terrible with his words. What if his child grew up thinking his father hated him? What if-

“Darling, I had no idea you felt that way.”

Of course Jesse would cut him off from those thoughts just as Hanzo was beginning to have them. He was a good man.

“I did not know I would feel this way.” Hanzo admits after a long moment. “I thought I was prepared. I thought I would feel… excited? I am not sure.”

“Well, why did you think you’d be excited?”

For the first time, Hanzo placed his own hand on his stomach, considering the small group of cells that were growing there. Why had he wanted to try for a child with Jesse? “… I wanted a child with your eyes, your smile. I wanted to see a miniature version of you in my arms, with you smiling at us.”

He can feel Jesse’s smile against his hair before the other man speaks. “You know you ain’t the only one with fears, Han.”

Hanzo scoffs, but allows Jesse to continue.

“I ain’t even know who my dad was. And my ma died when I was just a kid. I don’t know the first thing about how a parent is supposed to be outside of movies and TV. Even when Fareeha was visiting the base, she was usually hanging with me and Reinhardt, not her mom. I remember Ana would keep her artwork and call her during missions, but I don’t remember much else. And you ain’t the only one with insecurities either. I have ta quit smoking right now if we’re going to do this. And recalibrate my arm so I don’t crush nothing when I get mad or distracted.”

Something in his words catches Hanzo off guard and he finally looks up at his husband. “I am not sure why I assumed you already knew all about child rearing, but I did.”

“I don’t even know how to change a diaper, honestly. Or where to buy them.” He makes a face and suddenly goes pale. “Oh my god. What do babies eat?”

“Jesse, I am sure I will be capable enough to feed our child.”

“Yeah, but what about when you’re on a mission? Do we just get formula or something?”

Hanzo falls silent.

It takes Jesse a moment to realize. “Han? Did I say something wrong?”

“No.” Hanzo assures him. “I just… I assumed that I would no longer be welcome on the team. Would I not be a liability?”

“Well, I ain’t goanna say I want you out there in danger, but that ain’t no different from when you go out on a job without me. I suppose it’ll be up to you and Mercy as to when you go on leave. And I guess I just assumed you’d be wanting to get back into things right away. I know ya don’t like being cooped up and I don’t mind staying behind sometimes. Long as you keep yourself safe.”

“It seems we have both assumed many things about each other.”

Jesse can’t hide his smile. “Seems like. So, how are ya feeling about all this now?”

Hanzo shrugs once, then gently raises his first to meet Jesse’s eyes. “I still have concerns over my ability as a parent but… perhaps, we can, as you say, figure things out on the way.”

Jesse grins. “And hey, worst case scenario, I’m sure the team would be more than happy to help us out.”

Hanzo hadn’t even considered asking their teammates for assistance, but he finds the idea warming. Their team is their family. Of course they’d help.

Hesitantly, Jesse slides his hand down to Hanzo’s belly, placing it over Hanzo’s own hand.

“So… this is really real.”

Gently, Hanzo entwines their fingers together.

“It is.”

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Hi I love your stories! I wanted to know, what continues next for anakin and ben in twinsuns?

“He kills me.”

The soft voice takes Qui-Gon of guard and he chokes on the pipe he’s smoking, the smoke locking itself in his lungs and airways as he coughs and pounds himself on the chest. Turning he looks at Ben through watery eyes, taking note of the thin sleep wear and bare feet as the teen stands in the doorway of their lodgings before he registers the words. “Who?” There’s a growl in his voice that could be explained as the smoke and the cough but Qui-Gon knows himself, the words are growled because of the protective swell of emotions he feels.

“Anakin.” Ben slowly stepped into the cold night, moving to the older mans side even as Qui-Gon drops his pipe, a gift from Tahl a long time ago.

“What?” The other whispered, unbalanced.

“Anakin kills me in the council chamber and the Force feels cold and his eyes are yellow. That’s why I went into shock.” Shivering Ben allowed himself to be drawn into the others lap, held tightly by Qui-Gon against the others warm body.

“Oh Force…can it…be prevented?” Qui-Gon questioned.

“…I’m not sure. I haven’t…looked into the future again. I’m…I’m scared.” Ben pressed his face into the others collarbone. “I don’t know what to do.”

A sterner master or a council member would have told Ben that fear was the way to the darkside, that he had to meditate and release those emotions into the Force. Qui-Gon was not that master as he carefully tucked Ben against himself, rubbing his back steadily with a broad hand. “What do you suggest?”

A helpless sensation entered the Force and Ben tucked his face into the others collar. “I…don’t know. I…I’m so scared. I need Anakin. I don’t know how to save him. And I’m scared of my own fear because I’m not suppose to be frightened.” He whispered.

“You’re allowed to be scared as long as you don’t let it take over you. That is what you can’t allow.” Qui-Gon murmured, holding the young man tightly. “Ben, think about it, you know your brother, what do you suggest I should do?”

Ben hesitated then looked up at him. “Don’t let him spend time with Senator Palpatine. He reeks of darkness and no one seems to notice. And don’t let him spend time with Padme Amidala, she’ll become Senator of Naboo soon.” He whispered.

“And Senator Palpatine?” Qui-Gon blinked, he could see the trap in the latter, the infatuation his padawan had with the young woman quite clear. But the former…

“…Valorum can’t sit for long. Someone else has to become Chancellor.” The two stared at each other. “I can’t change everything I see. I’m just a padawan.” Ben pressed his face into the others collarbone, shaking a bit.

Qui-Gon wrapped his arms and robe around Ben’s slender form, rumbling quietly into his ear while rocking the copper haired teen. “You are. Thank you for coming to me Ben with this. You haven’t told Anakin I take it?”

Ben settled against him, legs pulled up beneath him and his knees digging a bit into Qui-Gon’s stomach. “No…I…I don’t want to scare him. He’s scared for me, I won’t make him scared of himself.” He whispered.

“I see. Then thank you for trusting me Ben. I’ll look after him.” Qui-Gon murmured, wondering how he was going to do it.

Palpatine was easy, Anakin did not like politicians, though he had gotten a fondness for Valorum based on many tea visits he and Qui-Gon had with the man. It was just so easy as to keep Anakin away from the Senator.

As for Padme Amidala…

Now there was a sarlaac trap if Qui-Gon ever saw one.

“Ben wha-oh.” Qui-Gon stared down at the sleeping teen in his lap, taking in the deep purple bags beneath his eyes and the steady rise and fall of the others chest. He must have been exhausted to fall asleep in Qui-Gon’s arms, finding safety and warmth and perhaps easing his own hearth and burden just a little bit when he shared what he had seen with someone he knew would help him.

“…Sleep well Ben.” Qui-Gon murmured quietly and stood slowly with the to slight a weight of a teen in his arms. “Lets get you back to bed.”


“And with a majority in votes, Sheev Palpatine from Naboo takes the Chancellor post.” Ben stared at the news as Jocasta read her datapad, the woman giving a hum.

“Well lets see if he works out better then Valoru-Ben?” She caught a look of the expression on his face, sitting up a bit.

“…We’re one step closer to war.” Ben whispered softly before standing with and giving his Master a bow. “I’m going to go spar master. I shall see you in the Archives?”

“…Of course Ben. Please don’t exhaust yourself.” She watched him go, face set in a worried frown before looking back at the viewscreen to see Palpatine wave to the crowd with a warm smile on his face.

For some reason, she felt coldness shiver up her spine.

Chapter One: Here


I thought of this around the episode how Danny acted in ‘Freakshow’.

 Just picture Danny going to sleep and waking up with Ghost blood (Some human maybe) on himself, he finds it really confusing. Low level Ghosts stop visiting (exempt the box Ghost), although Ghosts that don’t know of the rumors- that are based around Danny- keep visiting, which is by means in the higher level Ghost community. This freaks Danny the fuck out when he no longer sees blobs of ghosts or any animal ghosts.

He also falls asleep in class. 

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anonymous asked:

Can I have headcanons for the main 3 on how they would react when their always calm and gentle s/o suddenly lashes out at them from pent up stress? Your blog makes me so happy omg!

Is that a bit of angst I smell? I think so. I love writing angsty shit like this. Pain is my pleasure, which is probably why I hate myself and love to destroy my own confidence lmao. Anyway, I enjoyed writing this. Thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • You have been cleaning all day because your parents are going to be visiting the apartment you and Viktor share as a couple
  • It’s the first time they’ll be seeing your home, and you want your parents to know that you live a good, healthy, and responsible life with your boyfriend
  • and of course the best way to do that is to clean the fuck out of every square inch of the apartment lmao parents love that shit
  • You’re putting the finishing touches on the living area when Viktor comes home from practice, looking tired, but still sounding chipper when he kisses you and asks you how your day was
  • Out of force of habit, Viktor throws his duffel bag on the floor and slings his jacket over the back of the couch before heading to the kitchen for a snack, leaving his water bottle on the counter in the process
  • oh my god can you believe this bitch lmao like what the fuck who do you like you are ???? you act like you’re viktor nikiforov smh what the hell
  • “Viktor, honey, can you please put your things away? I spent all day cleaning for my parents, and you kind of just threw a wrench into everything, haha.”
  • Viktor basically ignores your nervous laugh and passive-egressive tone; he doesn’t seem to notice how stressed you are about your parents coming and evaluating all of your life choices based on one visit
  • “(Y/N), honey, you’re being silly. It’s fine, it’s all fine. Don’t worry about a thing, okay? It’s all in your head, I promise.”
  • Something inside of you snaps, and you’re sent over the edge of fury; you feel yourself scowl as every muscle in your body tenses and your blood boils as your heart begins to pound
  • You drop the can of cleaning spray on the floor with a loud clatter, causing Viktor to jump and look at your with a startled expression
  • “(Y/N), what are you—?”
  • “You’re seriously telling me ‘not to worry about it,’ Viktor? Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve been cleaning and working all day for tonight, because I want my parents to approve of the life you and I live. You realize tonight could determine if they give you their blessing to get married one day? And you’re saying ‘it’s not a big deal?!’ Viktor Nikiforov, I cannot believe you! What the hell?!”
  • Viktor stares at you with a guilty expression, not sure how to react to your outburst; you’re always so calm, and he would have ever expected this to come out of you
  • but can you imagine leaving THE VIKTOR NIKIFOROV speechless ???? respect, fam, respect
  • You storm over to the bedroom door, needing to get away from your boyfriend right now since you need to cool down before your parents arrive
  • You slam the bedroom door, leaving Viktor alone in the aftermath of your outburst and the surprisingly still atmosphere of the almost-clean apartment

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • It’s been hard the last few weeks with Yuri being so caught up in skating and you with your own responsibilities, and you’ve gotten pretty stressed out
  • But tonight, you’re going to stick it out for just a little while to cook Yuri an amazing dinner; you mostly just want to spend time with him and unwind together, though
  • Sure, you’ve been a little lonely without Yuri around as much as he used to be, but you’re holding up because you know how much he values his skating and the time he as with Viktor
  • i mean his idol just came out of nowhere and became his coach ???? how can you blame him for wanting to spend time with THE Viktor Nikiforov ?
  • Pushing the lingering fatigue aside, you take a quick trip to the grocery store to get what you need for tonight’s meal
  • The grocery store is busy as hell, and it’s a very stressful experience trying to get though the isles of customers, and the line to check out seems to stand still
  • You barely make it out alive, but you manage to exit the store with everything you need, with a little extra stress on the side
  • You spend the next several hours reading the new recipe carefully and preparing the food; cutting, seasoning, and mixing the ingredients is a lot of hard work, but thinking about spending time with Yuri tonight makes it more bearable
  • you may or may not have shed a few tears and extra sweat into the recipe, but it is made with love nonetheless and thats all that counts lmao
  • Once the food is in the oven and cooking, you text Yuri about how excited you are to see him tonight, and you be sure to imply that you have a bit of a special surprise for him
  • There’s only a small amount of time left before Yuri is going to be home, so you hurriedly set the table with the finest china and wine glasses you have, making sure to fold the napkins fancily on the plates
  • You go through the effort of lighting candles and setting out an expensive bottle of wine that you know Yuri loves
  • Yuri’s normal time of arrival rolls around, but there’s no word from him or any sign of him coming home; you send a couple of texts, but he doesn’t even open them
  • you even have turn the oven on low and put the food back in to keep it warm since it’s starting to get cold ;-; yuri where tf are you
  • At almost 10 p.m., the front door opens and Yuri enters, seeming chipper and happy to see you; you though, wear an angry expression, and demand to know where he’s been and why he wasn’t answering his phone
  • “I-I was with Viktor, (Y/N)! He promised to take me out to eat if I had a good practice, and we went out. I’m sorry for not texting, though, honey. I have no excuse.”
  • “You mean you ate already? I spent hours in the kitchen getting ready for dinner! I spent half my paycheck on expensive wine I don’t even like, I cooked for hours, and I waited around with no word from you! What the hell, Yuri?! Enjoy the meal, I guess. I made it special, just for you.”
  • Leaving a bitter edge to your words, you storm out of the apartment before Yuri has a chance to explain, pushing past him and slamming the door behind you, leaving Yuri in the dim candle light and the smell of a home cooked meal filling the room.

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • You’re having a rather bad day—just feeling a bit worn down and stressed from the week before—and just want to spend a day on the sofa to try to clear your mind
  • i mean i think everyone deserves a day off once in a while; life is busy and sometimes a break is all it takes to get back at it again
  • You’re waiting for Yuri to return from skating practice so you can watch a movie together and relax on the couch for the rest of the day
  • Yuri’s been really busy and stressed with his skating career lately, so you figure it’ll be perfect for both of you to take time and relax together
  • The telltale sound of the lock of the front door unlatching echoes into the living room, and you smile at the sight of your boyfriend entering with his duffel bag
  • and his hair is half up in that little ponytail of his and he looks absolutely fuckin adorable ugh yura ilysm
  • After dropping his belongings in their usual place on the floor, he walks over to the couch where you lay
  • You open your arms welcomingly, inviting him to have a cuddle party with you in your arms; he’s just in time for one of your favorite movies to start playing
  • To your surprise, Yuri just picks up the remote and turns the television off, leaving you with a disappointed and confused expression on your face
  • “Uh, Yuri! I was watching that.”
  • “(Y/N), get up. We’re going shopping and then getting dinner, okay? I saw some stuff online that I want us to try on for the party Viktor and Katsudon are throwing this month.”
  • ugh Yuri wtf are you doing goddammit not everything is about you smh
  • You explain to Yuri that you just want to stay home and relax for the night, making sure to include how tired must also be because of training; you promise that you can shop with him tomorrow
  • “Come on, (Y/N). You can’t be that tired! Just suck it up and go shopping for an hour. I trained all day today and I’m fine; all you did is sit here at home on your ass this week.”
  • Something inside of you snaps and you throw the nearest pillow at Yuri as hard you can before standing and walking up to Yuri so your body is flush against his, but there’s nothing affectionate about your gesture
  • “Yuri! I’ve been having a really, really rough week and I just wanted a day to relax with you! Look, I get it; you’re probably tired from training and want to just go shopping to unwind, but can’t we just do what I want for once? I feel like all we do is what you want! And you have no right to disregard my feelings like this! Fuck you, Yuri!”
  • “(Y/N), I—“
  • Yuri sits with a blushing, dumbfound expression on his face as he watches you storm out of the room and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind you