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The Ugly Truth: Venus Signs

Aries Venus gets bored easily in relationships of all kind. Gotta be challenging, varied, interesting, or crazy to keep them. 

Taurus Venus can easily get stuck in ruts when it comes to friendships and partners. They base security in relationships and find it hard to leave unhealthy or negative unions. 

Gemini Venus is hard to satisfy in love. Their needs vary and they are naturally hard to keep up with in a relationship.

Cancer Venus easily slips into dependent relationships and has issues with babying others or wanting to be babied.

Leo Venus easily falls or produces unbalance or unfairness in relationships. Part of their path is to learn selfless love.

Virgo Venus struggles with their standards/expectations of love. Disappointment is common for them in friendships and romance.

Libra Venus struggles to find what they want and need out of love. They  need a lot of time and experience to truly know if they love you or to discover who is good for them.

Scorpio Venus easily gives into mind games either on their end or attracts those who play. They crave emotional stimulants.

Sagittarius Venus will not settle down easily. They have a need for freedom, exploration, and excitement in personal affairs.

Capricorn Venus isn’t one for the impatient, they make their move slowly and when they want. They also aren’t one for the high-maintenance or who needs a lot of emotional coddling. 

Aquarius Venus will always have a detached part of them in relationships. Can lack in reassurance.

Pisces Venus falls easily for romance, charm, or someone in need of help. After the intoxocation wears off they can be disappointed or disinterested.

Zodiac Signs in general

(Check your sun sign [DOB] and/or ascendant/rising sign)

Aries: Very chill, impulsive in decision making, dislikes restrictions; whether in personal space, relationships/friendships, loves tomatoes and anything spicy, enjoys eating and being free, their vocal range is powerful, medium to large sized lips.

Taurus: Not agressive but forceful, has good taste in outfit picking and food dishes and everything else in aesthetic, dislikes people without common sense, loves material possesions, loves gifts, very nice voice or distinct tone of voice, does not learn at the pace of others, prefers their own rhythm of doing things, vocal range is second highest to that of Virgo, sensual lips and throat is prominent

Gemini: likes sparkly things, very vocal, can burn your ass with their word phrasing, likes to talk for hours, enjoys reading books, magazines and anything informative, likes to work or do something with their hands, needs mental stimulation instead of physical stimulation, adapts easily to immediate environment, hates being pinned down, has an instinct to detect bullshit, can easily deceive making it real, their vocal range is scattered, uncontrolled vibrato, hands/arms are prominent

Cancer: very sensitive people, likes to cook, they consider themselves chefs, LOVES music, full-round faces, talks about emotions, most likely to cry during sad or touching movie trailers, home is their secure base, attached or close to mother and women figures, soft but firm vocal range, chest is a prominent feature

Leo: Confident, leader in anything, hair and eyebrow are their prominent features, may have ‘Lion’ characteristics, very theatrical, loves to be praised and be the center of attention, other people are their ‘servants’, stands out immediately, strong vocal range

Virgo: very musical, loves analytical things, detail-oriented, very high vocal range, strives for perfection, fussy at home regarding cleaning, detective stuff is interesting, clean image, stomach is noticeable as their feature

Libra: wants to get along with others, since Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, Libra too has a pleasing aesthetic, attractive, gives beauty to anything it touches, you can’t hate this sign no matter what they do ‘cause they do it well, anything fits this sign, dresses well, sexy but not vulgar, very artistic, likes fashion, makeup, needs a partner or wants to be with someone committed, face looks pleasing

Scorpio: magnetic personality, you hurt a scorpio and hell breaks loose and you get stung, powerful and demanding voice, prefers dark shades of color, sex is their thing, very passionate, demands the same attention it gives, penetrating stare, motherfucking sexy as f’, smells bullshit from a mile away, their sexual organs are a prominent feature

Sagittarius: ‘foot-in-the-mouth-disease, blunt, says things like they are, very nice legs or well-formed legs, likes to be physically and mentally stimulated to be happy, prominent smile, walks like a horse (or their walk is like a ‘trot’), red/orange, purple and other warm color hues are their thing, loves music, straightforward, very direct voice.

Capricorn - disciplined, endures good and bad shit, likes to stand out in public, fame is what they strive for, most likely to be in the public eye, there’s always something recognizable about the sign, thin appearance, the elderly are important to them, success is always sure for them, executive look, chiseled chins and knows what’s up, shins and knees are what they deal with the most

Aquarius: very fucking original, a feature always stands out, eccentric, electric, very strong personality, visionary, sets trends in anything you can think of, musical prodigy, technology is their thing, needs mental stimulation, intellectual, calf (leg) are their noticeable body part

Pisces: a very sensitive snowflake, is liked by everyone, green/blue colors fit them, ‘mermaid’ look, breathes music, any look fits them due to their ability to fit like water in a cup, extremely musical, possesses all the qualities from the rest of the zodiac signs since it’s the last sign, silky hair, well-shaped feet, big eyes

Zodiac Signs in general

Aries: Very chill, impulsive in decision making, dislikes restrictions; whether in personal space, relationships/friendships, loves tomatoes and anything spicy, enjoys eating and being free, their vocal range is powerful, medium to large sized lips.

Taurus: Not agressive but forceful, has good taste in outfit picking and food dishes and everything else in aesthetic, dislikes people without common sense, loves material possesions, loves gifts, very nice voice or distinct tone of voice, does not learn at the pace of others, prefers their own rhythm of doing things, vocal range is second highest to that of Virgo, sensual lips and throat is prominent

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Jupiter: the greater Benefic. The planet that can expand, exemplify, and enlarge. It can also bring abundance and luck. Although depending on the sign, house and aspects regarding Jupiter, a person can have positive, neutral or no luck. The soft aspects (trines, sextiles and conjuncts) will enhance jupiters energy. The hard aspects (squares, inconjuncts and opposites) can make jupiters energy harder to see or manifest.

Since Jupiter and Saturn are the gateway between the personal and interpersonal planets it is important to look at both the sign it resides and the house. If Saturn represents life’s tests and lessons then Jupiter is the guide and teacher out of those lessons.

SIGNS modify planets
PLANETS are the energy of the chart
HOUSES are areas of focus in a chart
ASPECTS interconnect planets and points in a chart

How you best use jupiter is up to you. 🌟

****I use mostly whole signs so check your placidus and whole sign house

JUPITER’S FIRST-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You are your own good luck in that your personality and appearance can see you positively through just about any and everything. Cash in on your all-encompaasing sense of humor and normally-positive attitude and outlook. You have the natural ability to make others feel better while in your presence. You may have a beaming million-dollar smile; don’t neglect using it to help with getting what you want. Others seek you out for your natural adeptness to counsel them on their problems; draw upon your natural intuition. You can get complete answers to rather complex questions from sources beyond your “worldly” practical awareness. You can charge for this gift. You have an inborn ability to accept adversities calmly and positively, since you have an inner awareness that they are only object lessons which are essential and meaningful to your emotional growth.

JUPITER’S SECOND-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Material gain, money, and possessions in abundance are your true “birthright.” You may deal in, work with, and, in time, accumulate large sums of money and other representations of material success. When it comes to getting ahead financially, you have your lucky four-leaf clover ever at hand. You are very much a materialist and should concentrate your major energies on getting ahead first and foremost in a material/financial way. Little spiritual growth may be made until you have gained your worldly fortune. It is most important that you not burden yourself with any feelings of guilt concerning this truth. Feel guilty only if you employ any form of dishonesty in achieving the material rewards which are rightfully yours. Whether it all belongs to you or not, you are destined to handle large amounts of money and deal in other ways with great wealth. Put on your thinking cap and find practical and honest ways to make more of it yours personally.

JUPITER’S THIRD-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your mind and the ability to communicate well are the keys to realizing your good fortune. Your mental capacity is great in scope; you can be a storehouse of information. This information is knowledge; knowledge is power. The remuneratively-rewarding areas of selling, writing, public speaking, publishing, and broadcasting can open fabulous channels for you in which you can realize your fondest dreams. You may find that it is necessary to be mobile, to move about, to travel shorter distances, and to make changes in order to take advantage of your best luck potential. Be versatile and willing to go along with whatever seems right and best. Your luck will work for you if you will work with it. You cannot realize your true potential if you are an unyielding “stick in the mud.” Read, write, listen, speak, gesture, go, change, modify, rectify; consider the meaningful role brothers and sisters and other family members can play in boosting you to a fuller realization of your ultimate potential.

JUPITER’S FOURTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Luck to you is closely connected with actual security. Above all else, you must first work to assure that you develop a secure base from which to operate; you need to put down firm and secure roots. Once you have done so, you may then work in a certain and relaxed way to add measurably to that basic security. Land and real property hold great promise for you; put all the money and effort you can spare into wise investments in real estate. Your major plan should be to acquire one piece of land and then, as you can, buy adjoining property, etc. Having rental properties can bring you great financial gain as well as an inner joy through ownership. You are fortunate in birth in that your parents may serve as a springboard or guiding hand in your moving forward at a relatively early age. They may enrich you with gifts, money, property, basic intelligence, and love. Most of your good luck is always very close at hand – near home base; or in proximity to your area or place of birth. Your luck works best when you maintain an inner confidence in yourself and your ability to do well.

JUPITER’S FIFTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You are extremely lucky in that you can get a lot of pleasure and joy just from the routine of living your life day-to-day. So, don’t miss out on a single day – enjoy yourself. Jupiter here expands your creative faculties and offers you personal gratification when you utilize your innovative ideas and talents. You can be lucky with your own children and the offspring of others as well. Your best future may center in the practical application of this native capability. You may excel in sports and in the areas of commerce associated with recreation and entertainment. If you are wise and careful, you may make striking gains through well-thought-out speculation, especially if it involves matters at a distance. (Your hobby should be to enter every give-away contest possible.) You may, if other indicators support, have better-than-average luck with gambling and other games of chance. Also, use your sense of humor and general zest for living as stepping stones to getting the things of life which you desire.

JUPITER’S SIXTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your fortune may lie in the quantity of service you are capable of giving others in exchange for payment. You are wisest and best advised to sell services as opposed to products. Glowing, abundantly good health may be yours; and when you have good health, there is really no greater fortune. Jupiter placed here offers you the opportunity or ability to turn out an impressive amount of work so you should have little or no reluctance to put forth the amount of effort necessary to accomplish whatever you really want. It has been said that genius is five percent inspiration and ninety-five percent perspiration. Go ahead and let others label you a genius if they want to, even though you know that you accomplish tasks best through honest hard work. Jupiter in the sixth house also causes others to want to serve you; consequently, most of those who work with or for you may, through their willing efforts, aid in speeding you on to great and worthwhile accomplishments.

JUPITER’S SEVENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your prospective good luck and your fortune in life are determined importantly by the partnerships you do (or do not) form. These partnerships include marriage, meaningful relationships, business, social, legal, religious, and all others. You could marry into very fortunate circumstances, as you can attract others who will work hard or share generously to your personal advantage. You must not overlook your natural potential for being able to make judgments quickly and accurately. Knowing when the “iron” is hot, sensing the proper time to act, can propel you toward your best fortune. You may also capitalize from a natural legal bent in your mental machinery. Because of this factor, you may be able to handle your interests quite well in contractual dealings and other matters relating to agreements. Almost anything which deals with balance, form, order, color, and symmetry can offer you abundant opportunities for forwarding your luck potential.

JUPITER’S EIGHT-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your good luck can lie in your desires and your ability to harness and direct their very potent powers. It would not be an unfair or unrealistic matter to make an analogy between desire and what is commonly called prayer. Prayers (often expressing desires) are materialized if one believes and persists in the belief (keeps faith). You will receive your fondest dreams as realities only if you first get a clear mental image of what it is you want. Once you have this in mind, you must fan your desires and intensify them to the point that the accomplishment of that desired goal becomes a part of yourself. With an eighth-house Jupiter, your desire potential is naturally very strong and you generally succeed or fail to the degree that you are able to manipulate this very potent force. Inheritances, and gifts or those things which you did not have to work for in a literal sense may figure importantly in your good fortune. Dutifully cultivate good relations with all those who could benefit you in these areas.

JUPITER’S NINTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Thank your “lucky stars” for an inborn capability to get answers and guidance “out of the blue,” intuitively. Your higher levels of consciousness and intellect can aid you markedly in reaping great rewards materially and in enhancing your good-luck potential. Jupiter is especially well-placed in this sector since it is natural ruler of the ninth house. Institutions of higher learning, those in positions of authority (judges, professors, spiritual leaders, and gifted advisers) can help you toward realizing your greater fortunes in life. Don’t overlook the ability for utilizing your potentially-positive philosophy toward yourself and life in general. The word “distance” may be a key to your success. Your fortune is most likely to be at a distance from your place of birth (another city, state, or country), or it may deal directly or indirectly with long-distance travel and communications, or import and export. Gains through higher learning, college degrees, and published writings are strongly accented.

JUPITER’S TENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You can bask in the sunshine of recognition through your natural ability to gain attention and receive the favorable notice and approval of others. You can often cash in on fame and your marketable reputation. You may be lucky in getting free publicity, so make it a point to circulate and frequent places or events where random favorable notice might come your way. You can be extremely fortunate in selecting the right career or professional area. Rapid promotion and advancement are your natural “birthright.” Seek work or career areas in which there is room at the top, for you are likely destined to be there – especially if you play your cards at all wisely. You can easily receive the nod from those in positions of power and importance, especially in the world of business and commerce. Because of your ability to gain notice and command mass appeal, the wide world of entertainment may offer you many opportunities for growth and luck.

JUPITER’S ELEVENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your best luck may come through your friendly nature, your friends, and your usual bright optimism and positive regard for yourself and others generally. Be wise in your selection of friends; choose those who can either pull you up or give you a needed shove from beneath. Hopes and wishes are important to you, but remember that they can be rather fleeting in nature. You will realize more of them when you intensify and refine them to the level of desire. Capitalize on your ability to make friends quickly, and your natural talent to cause those friends to maintain a consistently-high regard for you. With this placement of Jupiter, it is valid to state that generally you succeed or fail through your friends – either directly or indirectly. Don’t ever be reluctant to think big. If at any time you should feel that you personally lack a particular talent or ability, don’t forget that friend who does possess this ability. You can never afford to overlook the inherent good-luck potential available through your friends and your circle of acquaintances.

JUPITER’S TWELFTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Good fortune for you may lie in secret, out-of-the-way or hidden places. Much of your luck is manifested quietly and unobtrusively. Hidden resources and reserves may contain the ore of your greater fortune. Of all the house placements, this may seem the least promising; but this is apparent only. The reason it seems so is that good luck (Jupiter) may not announce itself as obviously or easily or loudly if concealed here. If you have this placement of Jupiter, your firm inner motivation and belief must be that you have to persist with faith and patience until you are able to comprehend your good fortune’s soft whispers. For you, there is “gold in them hills”; but you will have to prospect faithfully for it. Patience is necessary; but the lode is very rich, as you will in time discover if you persist. Another very valuable asset of this placement is that it enables you to be quite successful in keeping covered up just about anything concerning yourself which you do not wish others to know about – for whatever reason.

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Synastry Series: Moon Overlays

Moon in the 1st house:

The house person becomes encompassed by the Moon person’s emotions. Their actions start to derive towards comfort and security of the relationship. The Moon person often expresses their emotions freely to the house person with little excuse. The Moon person provides emotionally thriving interactions, often understanding what the actions of the house person are. The house person’s body language becomes more expressive.

Moon in the 2nd house:

When someone’s Moon falls into another person’s second house, there is a lot of emotional sensuality and predictability that goes into the relationship. The comfort and security of the house person become the main focus of the Moon person. The Moon person may be seen as someone who spends based on wants and whatever emotionally fulfills them, depending on the house person, they can see this as a good or bad thing. Lots of shared cuddles and soft blankets.

Moon in the 3rd house:

Moon in someone else’s 3rd house encourages the house person to become more verbally open about their emotions. Lots of cooperation and friendly supportive nature. The Moon person occupies the 3rd house person’s mind in a way that makes them care deeply. The house person is often found saying “I feel” a lot more around the Moon person. The Moon person comforts the anxious house person.

Moon in the 4th house:

Familiarity and soul connection is felt here. The house person feels like they have found someone who understands them in a way almost no one else can. The Moon person coddles the house person soul with comfort and blankets. They entrap the house person with deep emotional exprencies, the touching of souls is common and psychic receptivity is felt through the heart.

Moon in the 5th house:

Fun times and heartfelt connection. The Moon person becomes a bearer of humor and maternal grounds to the house person. The house person feels like their creativity becomes more intuitive near this person, the heart is sensitive. Quivering to the touch. Loads of emotions are played out in almost theatrical expressions. Laughter and tears are shared from one soul to the other’s heart.

Moon in the 6th house:

Acts of service and emotional support are bound in this synastry. The Moon person becomes one who comforts at an almost daily basis, leaving the house person feeling like their days are emotionally fulfilled (or not, depending on the Moon person). The way the Moon person can go about caring for the house person is through running errands, working, cleaning, and healing the house person.

Moon in the 7th house:

A good synastry for an emotionally balanced relationship. The Moon person activates the house person’s other half by intuitive means. The house person feels as if their missing half is filled through the soul. The two become emotionally understanding companions, the Moon person sheds new insights on emotional issues of the house person, becoming like a problem solver. It’s not intense or extreme, but rather a good marriage synastry, a basic emotional understanding is inevitable.

Moon in the 8th house:

This is a tough pill to swallow in a synastry. The house person now owns the Moon person’s deepest desires and soul. Secrets pour in from the Moon person directly to the house person. The Moon is scared, and almost feels entrapped, but it’s like a horror movie and she keeps coming back for more. It’s possessive and even if the two separate, they still feel a misunderstood way of coming back to each other.

Moon in the 9th house:

A common theme with this synastry is emotional expansion. The Moon person now goes on emotional expenditures with the house person. Traveling through the soul of the house person, the Moon may find a home anywhere with them. Feelings of idealism and joy are effervescent. The house person feels like they are put on a sort of higher being type of pedestal, they feel like they are brought to higher and higher levels in everything.

Moon in the 10th house:

The house person now has a supporting role and partner in their public image. The Moon person becomes like a push for them, supporting their goals and aspirations, especially in business and career. This can be a bit of a traditional relationship, the relationship is really public and may end up being like “trophy wife” or “trophy husband” if it’s a romantic one. The base of emotional security is essential and often provided by both parties, but the Moon person may still feel uncomfortable having such private parts of them exposed like so.

Moon in the 11th house:

The universal best friends, the connection feels cosmic and like a dream that you knew was going to come from the future. The Moon person is supportive of the goals the house person has set for society, and often is there to help them reach it by intuitive means. Often secluding each other from the social scene for times of intimate soulful connection. The feeling like you can both be yourself around each other is really comforting and happy, little judgement is enacted, especially when it comes to your emotions.

Moon in the 12th house:

A bit of a murky synastry for the Moon person. The Moon is naturally a person of passive comforting nature, when they enter the house of subconscious secrets, they feel like their efforts aren’t appreciated and can cause a bit of trust issues in the process because you feel like they’re hiding something. It can create tension because the house person reacts back in suspicion. There’s almost always a sort of uneasy feeling of mistrust. It can be unlocked through the house person simply letting the Moon person into their psyche with little effort for them to exit again.


I just turned 22 and I’ve never had a boyfriend or really dated. I was always focused on school. In high school I was focused on getting into university and when I was in university, the one I went to never really offered any guys worth dating or spending time with. Therefore I focused on school again. After I graduated in June I wanted to spend my summer differently and just enjoy it. So I went on a couple of dates, did things differently than I usually would. Then I met the work in progress. We talked for 2 months. Basically hours on the phone everyday, our longest conversation lasting 4 hours. He was older, 29. I think the idea that I’ve always been an old soul, made me romanticize his age. I thought this meant he was older and wanted things differently.

We discussed how we didn’t understand how people could just rush into relationships within a month, how do you really know someone? We agreed on all of these things. We’d discuss the most random things and started to have inside jokes. He expected me to call him and talk to him on a regular. We would have arguments and then talk about it, and go back to our regular programming. This was all different for me, because he taught me how to communicate with him when I had a problem. It took me awhile because I’ve always hated confrontation. We never slept together because I’m a virgin and he was okay with that. I was an exception to his rule, “I don’t do virgins”. We’d make out, fondle each other, cuddle, but we’d always just stop. I thought he liked me tbh. I was starting to develop feelings quicker than I expected. I never catch feelings for anyone. So i’d start doing that thing, where you get crazy. He told me he could see himself settling down with me. I never believed it, even though he’d reassure me that he didn’t have any other potentials. He never made me feel secure. Based on how he’d talk about other girls in front of me. He’d talk about their beauty as if I were lacking in areas they flourished. He was so different from other guys I had come in contact with before. He was mature in terms of discussing issues and understanding the world, but as someone who had been hurt before, he was a boy in a relationship sense. He’d say he could see himself with me, but he didn’t want to put any title on us, it was too soon. He’d say this, but his effort was lacking.

I understood that. I did. I didn’t want a title, but reassurance he wasn’t meeting any knew girls and talking to them. I’m so used to being pursued, I wasn’t used to the feeling of having to show someone my worth. I was used to someone already seeing it and thats why they were pursuing. I got to the point where i’d try to show my worth sexually by sending him nudes and I never felt like it was good enough to him. So because of that and other external reasons, I decided to end it before he could string me along. I told him if he couldn’t see my worth, I wasn’t going to waste months and months for him to see it.  He was changing for me, I could see that, but I don’t want to change someone. He said “let me make that decision, because I was doing that for you”

I didn’t want to let go and sometimes I wonder if I should have just stayed around so I could see where it would go. But I feel like I can do better. Someone who’ll want to take me on dates all the time or want to talk to just me, not entertain options. Someone who is emotionally ready. I do feel like he liked me, but wasn’t ready. Or maybe I was expecting things too soon? I’m old school so I don’t understand this generation of “hooking up and not being with someone, but liking them, but not being ready to be with them, or I’ve been hurt before so I like to take my time”. Everyone is so afraid of being hurt they won’t put effort in or worry they’re putting to much. I know I was worried I was putting in too much after he told me he could see himself settling down with me. I just think if you know your worth, you’re wise not to be fooled by words and watch actions. You also wish not to settle for less than what you deserve. Half ass efforts may be enticing to a girl, but to a WOMAN, you’re just wasting her time. My time.

“The patio was lit only with candles and moonlight, so aides used the camera lights on their phones to help the stone-faced Trump and Abe read through the documents,” Liptak writes. In DeAgazio’s first photo, you can see a phone flashlight being used in that way.

Why is this important? Mobile phones have flashlights, yes — and cameras, microphones and Internet connectivity. When Edward Snowden was meeting with reporters in Hong Kong at the moment he was leaking the material he’d stolen from the NSA, he famously asked that they place their phones in the refrigerator — blocking any radio signals in the event that the visitors’ phones had been hacked. This was considered the most secure way of ensuring that the phones couldn’t be used as wiretaps, even more secure than removing the battery. Phones — especially phones with their flashes turned on for improved visibility — are portable television satellite trucks and, if compromised, can be used to get a great deal of information about what’s happening nearby, unless precautions are taken.

Astrology chart basics overview

Sun sign = the essence of a person, the potential & ideal personality

Moon sign = the inner core of a person, private feelings, subconscious habits and attitudes

Ascendant sign = (aka rising sign) the outer layer, mask, the first impression a person gives to others

Planets (represent energies; what is taking place):

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Be Careful (Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvels, Avengers

Warnings: Blood, getting shot


Request: Hi could you do one where the reader is Tony’s teenage daughter who’s dating Peter and she’s just the type of person everyone loves but she’s also a really good hacker and fighter so she does missions sometimes and she ends up getting shot? I really love your writing.

Originally posted by crazyneoncupcake

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Peter was walking you home after your date with him. It was a normal thing for you to have dates the night before you were to go on a mission.

You were the daughter of Tony Stark, and like your dad, was extremely smart. However instead of suits and weapons, you did hand to hand combat and hacking. When Fury figured out you would hack into SHIELD’s files for fun, he signed you up before telling your father. He didn’t know whether to be mad or proud of you. At least he took it better than when he caught you kissing Peter and finding out you were in a relationship.

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Where’s my Mom?

A/N: Happy Angst Appreciation Day. Reader is Eileen’s five year old daughter.

Sam stared down at Eileen’s body in shock; he couldn’t believe she was dead. He felt the tears begin to quickly build in his eyes while he observed the different injuries that she was covered in.

The brothers continued their conversation about what happened, how could she be dead? Why did the hell hound kill her? Why did this always have to happen to the ones that they loved?

Then Dean asked a question that stopped Sam’s heart;

“What do you think happened to Y/N?”

“We need to find her Dean.” Sam said in a serious tone that was laced with worry. You were only five years old; your mother was dead and your father was a hunter who wanted nothing to do with you, just another reason why Eileen always avoided other hunters.

“I know Sam, we will.” Dean assured him before turning to leave the morgue.

“No Dean,” Sam replied, gripping his brother’s arm, “We need to find her. She’s just a kid, who’s alone with the freaking British Men of Letters out there looking for all hunters. They wanted revenge on Eileen for the accident with the colt, who’s to say they won’t take it out on Y/N.”

Dean nodded his head, “We need to find Y/N.”

A few days had passed since Eileen’s death and the Winchester’s were no closer to finding you. They had checked every motel in the area Eileen’s body had been found. They checked data bases, security cameras, they couldn’t find you anywhere.

They hadn’t given up the search, but moved their hunt for you back to the bunker so that they could have a home base while finding you.

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Inseparable Love - Loki x Reader

Originally posted by avengersmemes

Summary: Loki & (Y/N) have been secretly together for years. One day Tony eggs (Y/N) on about getting into a relationship until she cracks, eventually revealing that she is in a relationship with the villain who once tried to take over the world.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word count: 3.5K

A/N: Sorry I’ve been kinda inactive, school has just started for me and I’m kinda trying to get on schedule and figure everything out!
As always, requests are open but please be patient with me! I’d love to write your stories but at the same time, I have my own ideas.
I’m open to anything as long as it isn’t morally wrong (: thank you for reading!


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GROSS: Your relationship with Han Solo, Harrison Ford in the movie, is such the kind of, you know, typical will they or won’t they? They hate each other, but that’s ‘cause they really like each other (laughter) and you know. And so you’re having that kind of onscreen relationship and in real life you’re having an affair. So how did the affair affect the chemistry on screen?

FISHER: I think it made us more comfortable with one another. I think it made me more able to wisecrack to him. Even if I was insecure, we were having an affair, so there was something to base some security on. I don’t know. Well, we were - there was chemistry there, and you can see it. So I don’t know which came first - the chemistry in the film or the chemistry in the world.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Yakuza AU (if you're not comfortable with that than just normal) with hand x reader where their home is raided and reader is held hostage and hanzo has to watch a little as she is beat up or groped or something before he can save her and kill them? And then a lil fluffy smut along the lines of like "I could've lost you" or "I'll never let them hurt you"

((Yakuza Hanzo…is like my greatest weakness…holyshit thaaaank you for this request you lovely person you))

Japanese summers were absolutely stifling; the suffocating humidity combined with the sweltering heat left people in a constant state of lethargy and irritability. But in the same hand, they were incredibly beautiful in their uniqueness to only Japan; the festivals, fireworks, seasonal delicacies, variety of vibrant and unique yukatas all accompanied by the singing of cicadas. It made suffering through the intense weather worth it. But something was wrong…the cicadas around the Shimada-gumi’s summer estate had gone silent.


Your voice was soft, still thick with sleep as you felt your husband’s arms untangle from around your waist, your body instantly rousing when the comforting heaviness of his touch was gone. Confused wakefulness began to course through you as your bleary eyes cleared, watching as your shirtless husband pulled one of his gun’s from his nightstand, hands quickly loading the weapon and pointing it at the door. You felt your heart begin to thunder in your chest as you pushed yourself up, Hanzo flashing one finger back at you as he took a half step towards the bedroom door. He was still shirtless, his raven hair hastily pushed back from his face but not tied up, the muscles of his back and shoulders tense. Your own body went tense as you heard a crash from downstairs, a muffled curse followed by the sound of more crashing.

Someone had gotten into the estate.

This was not the first time this had happened and you were sure that it wouldn’t be the last; the Shimada-gumi may not have been the biggest Yakuza faction in Japan but they were one of the strongest. That painted a very pretty target on any and all Shimada or Shimada associates’ back. Assassins, kidnappers, blackmailers, hell, even the occasional paparazzi had managed to sneak onto the estate, all looking for something that could bring the Yakuza faction to their knees. Still, none had made it into the main house. Most ended up snuffed out by their small army of Shimada hired bodyguards or security bots near the front gates, the more insistent trespasser making it to the gardens before being shut down. They weren’t in the main Shimada estate, however.

Hanzo had surprised you with a month-long trip to Hokkaido; the two of you visiting the various estates, onsens and even small castles that the Shimadas’ owned in the northern region, handling business on the side but mostly enjoying one another’s company. While your travel security detail had been with the both of you, it was light compared to the amount that stayed around on the main estate. Still, the travel schedule had been strictly need to know, meaning that someone had either hacked their itinerary or one of your trusted employees had divulged that information. Regardless, it appeared that you and Hanzo were on your own for the time being.

As quietly and quickly as you could, you groped at the nightstand until your fingers wrapped around your phone. You forced yourself to look away from your husband’s back, fingers dancing across the touchscreen in a practiced manner, activating the panic feature that had been built into the device. It sent a notification out to the elders, Genji, the entirety of the Shimada security detail and several police stations that were in the pocket of the family. Because of your location, you knew it would be at least two hours before someone arrived, the both of you just had to manage until then. You moved as silently as you could, Hanzo not turning to look at you as you lightly placed your hand on his back.

“I called”, you murmured, voice barely rising above a whisper, taking a half step closer and pressing your body against his back. Touching him calmed you, the heat from his body easily bleeding through the lace and chiffon of the cream negligee you wore, ebbing the racing of your heart. “Two hours…should we–?”

Your body jumped as you felt Hanzo go stock still against you, the sound of someone right outside the door making your blood run cold. The small estate you were in tonight had been upgraded back in 2050 to be more automated; biometric-based security systems, HD security cameras, holo-pad controlled HVAC and appliances and hidden lights that responded to physiological changes in the rooms they were installed in. The security system in the home was, or was supposed to be, heavily encrypted. But you watched as Hanzo adjusted his hold on the gun, the soft, electronic sounds of beeping sounding off through the door before several tiny clicks sounded. The biometric pad next to the door turned from red to green, Hanzo taking several steps back, arm reaching and pushing you further behind him.

“Ah ah, I would put the weapon down! Unless you want your pretty little wife to watch us blow a hole in you.”

Your hand curled into a fist against Hanzo’s back, feeling the angered growl that rumbled through his frame as he sized up the threat in front of the both of you. You could feel the vicious, snarling energy of his twin dragons rippling from beneath his tattoo, sending waves of warning heat through your left arm and your own white ink tattoo. All Shimadas’ were marked with a sign of the dragons, whether by becoming of age if you were blood related or marriage once you had been proven worthy. While unable to actually summon a dragon, the tattoo tied you to your husband and symbolized you were to be protected by his dragons. You didn’t need to see his face to know that his mind was running through every possible scenario that could play out, silently assessing their chances of getting out of here through brute force alone. Gulping thickly, you could see the slight twitch in his shoulders as his hand tightened around his gun before lowering it, the weapon clattering to the floor loudly as he raised his hand.

“Name your demands”, Hanzo said smoothly, his deep voice even despite the danger. His words were sharp, commanding, taking charge despite the fact that he was at a disadvantage; just as the head of the Shimada-gumi should. His right arm remained raised but his left was behind him, keeping you safely tucked behind his body, shielding your both from seeing and being seen by them.

“Oh we will”, the obvious leader remarked snidely, his voice nasally and grating. There was a chorus of laughter that sounded from behind him before he snapped. “Grab ‘em!”

Your husband snarled at the men, stepping back and trying to guard you before the butt of a pistol swung out and connected with his left temple, stunning the man.


Your arms wrapped around Hanzo’s middle as his body wavered, squeaking softly as you and Hanzo fell. Pulling him tight against your body, you were finally able to see the men that dared to attack the Shimada-gumi. There were five of them clustered around the door, the red oni tattooed on the side of their neck clearly indicating what faction they were from. Dogs from the Horikoshi-gumi. The Shimada and Horikoshi factions had been locked in a bloody battle, the latest fight taking out the second lieutenant from the Horikoshi gang. Last you heard though, was Hanzo and Ryota, their leader, had come to an agreement, a truce to end the bloodshed. Apparently his men hadn’t heeded the memo. The scrawny man in front leered at you, a wide grin breaking across his face, revealing a mouth full of golden teeth.

“You heard me boys, grab ‘em! Let’s take them downstair so we can put on a real show.”

It felt as if a nail had been driven through the left side of his head, Hanzo biting back the groan of pain that threatened to fall from his lips. The throbbing in his skull was only matched by thrum of heat beating in his arms, the dragons twisting and snarling, waiting to lash out for their master.

“Real shame you had to go and marry a Shimada. You’re real pretty. Sweet little thing like you would look real nice on my arm.”

“The only shameful thing right now is being touched by the likes of you”, you stated coldly, venom in your calmly spoken words.

Hanzo forced his eyes open, his lip curling up in a silent snarl of pain as light flooded his senses, lids fluttering until he could see clearly. His wrists had been bound together and he had been left in a kneeling position while unconscious. Hanzo barely tilted his face, assessing the room quickly before he lost the advantage of no one knowing he was awake. It appeared that they had dragged the both of you into the tea room, the size of the room comfortably seating the dozen or so men that appeared to have been stationed in there. Hanzo felt his stomach twist tight in both anger and worry as his eyes connected with you, his fists clenching tight as he resisted the urge to lash out.

Your face had settled into a stony mask, full lips drawn in a tight line of anger, eyes staring directly ahead at the wall. You sat in seiza, shoulders rolled back and head held high, back ramrod straight with your hands curled tightly in your lap. The right sleeve of your gown had been torn, your hair was disheveled and several strands hung in your face, your braid almost completely loosed. Despite the leering men around you and the precarious situation the two of you were in, you still gave off the aura of a perfect lady. Two men stood on either side of you, the man that had struck Hanzo before was walking back and forth in front of you.

“Think you’re so high and mighty don’t you bitch? You think we don’t know you were one of them little hostess sluts?”

“I may have been a hostess but I had class unlike you”, you scoffed, gaze still refusing to meet his. The man growled hand flying out and grabbing you by the hair, fingers tangling deep into your locks and yanking your head up.

“Get your hands off of her!”

The man’s hold on your hair slackened for a brief second before tightening, a manic titter lifting from his throat. Your eyes flew to Hanzo’s, the mask of fearless indifference cracking into unadulterated relief and abject distress as the man holding your hair shook you with a leering grin. Your lips pursed tight, refusing to reward the man with a cry of pain, a shameful blush burning across your cheeks as the cretin moved behind you and grabbed your throat with his free hand.

“Well good morning sunshine”, the man exclaimed, a sneer settling on his lips as he glared down at Hanzo. Chuckles followed from around the room, the low-ranking lackeys smirking wickedly at their eyes darted from their boss and you to the bound Hanzo. “Woke up just in time to see me play with your pretty little whore! If anything happens to her, it’s all on you buddy! Shouldn’t have fucked with us!”

Hanzo made a move to stand only to have two hands clap down on his shoulders and yank him back to the floor. Your eyes went round, struggling against the hold, a raucous laugh rising as the both of you protested the treatment of the other. A cry was finally wrested from your lips as you felt the hand of the man drag down from your throat, playing with the edge of your gown brusquely. Your eyes frantically locked with your husband, seeing the discernable rage in his gaze, his body struggling against the men before going completely still. His brow was furrowed, more in concentration now rather than anger as he stared at you, silently exuding calm your way. He was telling you to ‘focus on him’. You blinked several times, the tears that rested in your eyes rolling down your cheeks, as you gave a fraction of a nod to your head.

“Is this all of them”, Hanzo asked simply, ignoring the incredulous bark of laughter that bounced through the room.

“Y-yes”, you answered, your eyes darting around before looking back to your husband’s as realization began to dawn on you. A soft astonished laughed fell from your lips as the gangster yanked at your hair once more, earning yet another laugh from you.

“What the fuck is so funny?!”

“You and your men”, you started, voice slightly strained in pain as he tugged harder at your hair, confidence returning to your face. “You are foolish men who have made a grave error. You never corner a dragon.”

“Just what the fu–”

“Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!”

You winced, not allowing your eyes to fully shut, as the room filled with bright, brilliant bursts of cyan light. Hanzo’s twin dragons burst forth from his arm, a deafening roar filling the small space as Yuuki and Ame tore their way through the men, circling around the room and hitting every target. The dragons, like their master, were thorough in their ferocity; ripping through the bodies of the men and completely disintegrating them with their magic energy. A reassured smiled tugged at your lips as the dragons reached you, the hand holding your hair finally releasing you and allowing you to drop back to the ground fully. It felt like a summer breeze was blowing around you, warm and soothing and peaceful, your own tattoo thrumming as the dragons danced around you briefly before surging back to their master. Your eyes fluttered open, briefly looking around the emptied before connecting with Hanzo.


You cried out for your husband, scrambling forward and hastily untying the ropes that bound his wrists. As soon as his arms were freed, you threw your arms around his neck, the man’s strong arms wrapping around you as he fell back onto his rear. Your hands shook as you pulled back slightly, finger touching the bruise to the side of his face gingerly a sympathetic whimper rumbling in your throat. Your fingers continued to dance over his skin, he doing the same to you in return, both of you worriedly examining one another. You flinched as you felt Hanzo’s hand graze the top of your negligee, gulping hard as your eyes locked back onto his anger darkened amber eyes.

“I was so scared”, you forced out, leaning forward to press your forehead against his, tears springing to your eyes. He pressed back, his hands lifting to hold either side of your face gently, thumbs rubbing in slow circles. “They hit you and you were out…and they dragged us down here and you weren’t moving Han. You weren’t moving…and they…they said…I could’ve lost you…”

“I am so sorry beloved”, he breathed out, tilting his head up and pressing a hard kiss to your lips to silence your anxious rambling, a soft sob falling against his lips. “I will never let them hurt you. I will never let anyone hurt you again. I will protect you til my dying breath.”

“No dying”, you corrected, your sob and laugh morphing together as you kissed him back hard.

Kissing him made everything feel better, your arms wrapping hard around his neck as you tried to press yourself closer to him. You needed to touch him, feel him and it seemed that the feeling was mutual, the both of you drawing consolation from one another. Hanzo’s hands pulled away from your face, trailing downwards in a soothing manner, thumbs lightly massaging at your throat then at your collarbone and shoulders before dropping to the neckline of your negligee. His touch was gentle, tender, pushing away the mental remnants of that cretin’s hands on you. You whined as he broke away from your lips, softly shushing you as he kissed the corner of your lips then your jaw and your jaw. He gently nudged your face with his nose, a silent query for permission that you quickly granted by tilting your head up for him. He kissed where the man’s hand had been so tightly wrapped around, drawing soft sighs from your lips before dipping lower.


Your hands tightened on his shoulder, in no way stopping the man but steadying yourself in his lap as his beard grazed the swell of your breast. He softly shooshed you again, hand coming up to run over your cheek before it moved to undo the button at the nap of your neck. The gown slackened slightly around your shoulders, Hanzo pausing to run his fingers over and through your hair, completely undoing your braid before his hands dragged back up to your shoulders. He pushed your nightgown down, your arms dropping, the soft, translucent fabric to pool at your waist. Soft sighs and whimpers of appreciation tumbled from your lips as his lips drew downwards, back arching as he captured one of your nipples in his mouth. Your hands dragged to the back of his head, pushing him closer, fingers tangling into his hair.

His touch, his lips, the soft words of endearment spoken against your skin drove away the fear of losing him, the thoughts of being touched by another. Your fingers scratched lightly at his scalp, his calloused hands running up and down your sides and over whichever breast wasn’t currently in his mouth. He lowered you gently to the floor, his mouth leaving your sensitive nub, eyes boring into yours lovingly. Gently cupping his cheek you smiled, other hand gently coaxing him back to your lips and kissing him earnestly. Heat was rolling lazily in your core, the emotional need to be coupled with your husband winning out over the physical demand for it.

“Please”, you breathed out as the both of you broke away, stars in your eyes as you looked at him. You peppered soft, adoring kisses to his lips through your words, unrushed, tender shows of affection and want. “Hanzo, please?”

He smiled at you, a rare expression that you hoarded greedily and proudly, his gaze soft yet hungry for you. He assented, nodding and gently nudging his forehead against yours, placing one more kiss against your lips. You loosed your hold around his neck as he pulled back, his hands pushing his silk night trousers and underwear down. Eyes dipping downward, you shivered as your eyes took in the sight of his thick cock, already dripping with precum. Hanzo’s hand lightly tilted your chin up, your eyes locking as he slowly crawled over your body. You laid back with him over you, shivering hard as his lips pressed into yours, whimpering softly as his hands pushed your gown up. The warmth of his hands made your skin tingle wherever they roamed, sighing needily as he gently massaged at your bare hips, spreading your legs for him as his hands dragged to your thighs.


You whined against his lips, back arching as his hand grinded insistently at your mound, fingers slowly rolling around your sensitive nub. He smiled against your lips, catching your moans as her rubbed your wet slit, fingers barely dipping into your core. Your arms wrapped tight around his neck, pulling him closer to you and whining piteously at his teasing motions.

“Han please”, you breathed against his lips as he dragged his hand over your clit once more, gently clawing at his shoulders.

“Of course beloved”, Hanzo murmured, pulling his hand away from your cunt before moving further your legs.

The both of you groaned as Hanzo lightly brushed his cock against your entrance, your hands tightening against his shoulders once more. Your breath hitched as he began to push into you, toes curling and hips rolling as the head slipped inside. Hanzo’s head fell to your shoulder as he set a steady, lazy pace, his lips and tongue pressing gently into the skin of your neck. There was no rush in either of your movements, hands falling to either side of your head, Hanzo’s hands intertwining with yours.

“You are mine”, he moaned against your skin as he nibbled at your pulse points. You gave a loan moan of agreement, nodding your head dazedly as he gave a slight snap of his hip. “Made just for me beloved. Only mine to touch, dearest. Mine to protect.”

His words were possessive but not aggressive, waves of pleasure lapping hungrily at your senses each time he spoke. The words were intimate, loving, his grinding hips and thrusts filled with a need to show you how much he needed you, cared for you. One of his hands released yours, his thrusts getting faster, sloppier as you tightened around him. Butterflies flew in your stomach their numbers expanding as his hands caressed your face tenderly, combing through your hair and moaning your name in such a sweet, loving voice.

“H-Hanzo”, you whimpered, body being carted towards.a.point of no return. Your mind was filled with thoughts of him, your darling husband, of his words and his caresses, of the sweet nothings the slurred together as he hungrily kissed and nipped at your skin. Nothing from earlier remained, only him and his affections and his cock coaxing you towards your edge. Your eyes slipped closed, fireworks dancing behind your lids as you came, Hanzo’s strokes picking up as he fell right along with you. You could feel the warmth of his seed fill you, your walls milking him hungrily, taking all of him in. All you could do was squeeze his hands tight, free hand wrapping around his neck to press him close and sobbing words of agreement to him. “Yours, all yours dear husband. Just for you. You just for me. Oh Hanzo I love you, I love you I love you.”

“I love you too my beloved wife”, he said through gentle kisses, body still shivering as he fell atop you, his weight a welcomed warmth.

It took several moment for the both of you to regain your bearings; Hanzo redressing you and himself, picking you up bridal style (despite your insistence you could walk) and laying you in the bed while telling you to sleep, that he would take care of the rest. You assented to him this time, only requiring one stipulation: that he stay until you fell asleep. And so he did, brushing your hair and face until you were lulled into dreamland comfortably.

Jane “bestie of Lily Tomlin for decades - longstanding supporter of feminism - taught dance at age 15 - supported the Black Panthers in the 1970s - breast cancer survivor - critic of oil developments - supported Alcatraz Island in 1969 - protested against the Iraq war - recovering bulimic - mentored the first trans cast of ‘The Vagina Monologues’ in 2004 - helped fund the Indochina Peace Campaign in 1972 - survivor of rape and childhood sexual abuse - opposed the North Dakota pipeline in 2017 - co-founded Women’s Media Center with Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan - works on a show actively promoting healthy female sexuality and masturbation for older women - marched through Ciudad Juárez to urge Mexico to pump resources into investigating hundreds of women’s murders - established the Jane Fonda Center for Adolescent Reproductive Health in 2001 - marched in 2015 to raise awareness about climate change - anti-Vietnam war peace protestor - kissed another woman in a film at the age of 76 - supported Native Americans in 1970 to secure base land that was going to be turned into a park - lost her mother at age 12 to suicide - demonstrated against Israel’s occupation of the Gaza strip in 2002 and is for the two-state solution - still has it at 79 years old - sells merch of her own mugshot - gives exactly zero fucks” Fonda is a fucking badass and is my HERO. She is so much more than leg warmers and fitness videos. 

Her actions aren’t always perfect - no one is completely unproblematic - but her activism and spirit give me hope that we aren’t all completely in the fucking gutter. I will fight you if you come after her.


Scottish Dirk, Early 18th Century

The blade (some wear and pitting) cut with a narrow fuller along the back on each side and double-edged over a third of its length to the point, slightly shouldered root wood hilt (split, some wear) carved with characteristic Celtic interlace, brass mount at its base secured by a pin on each side, and circular flat brass pommel-cap retained by a quatrefoil tang nut. 34.5 cm blade.

Why do we feel the need to prove, via social media, that our achievement is just as good as theirs? That our success is authentic and tangible? The more you post online about your life, the more you are trying to prove to yourself that your success is real. It’s not about showing others that you’ve got it figured out. It’s about making yourself feel secure based on how the world applauds you.
—  Sade Andria Zabala
Carpet Python Viv build

For you anon! So I decided to get a carpet python, but could not find a good vivarium to really “display” it (since they are such pretty snakes). Being a little handy, and not being in a rush because I hadn’t purchased the snake yet I decided to build a tank to fit my needs. Started by sketching the basic design I wanted.

The viv portion measures 5ft long, 2 ft deep, and 3 ft tall. The bottom base is 3.5 ft tall, and the top portion is .5ft tall. It features a built in pond with drain so that I can reach under and empty the whole pond by turning a valve. 

Here’s the base portion assembled from 2x4s. (ft my husband)

Sides and back (decking plywood) on; front will be added soon. The top portion was painted twice with drylok; a masonry sealant, to protect against moisture. The plywood was already treated but better safe than sorry! 

2.5 gal pond liner with a bulkhead drilled in the bottom and attached to a ball valve for drainage. All I have to do to change the water is stick a bucket under the tank and twist a handle. We leak tested it (in the garage of course). Initially I was going to sink the pond in the bottom but the irregular shape would have been difficult to cut out. Decided to go with this and use spray foam insulation around it, carved and painted like rocks, to support the sides. The large volume of water is beneficial in helping keep humidity in the enclosure up.

The front pannel was applied and space for the doors cut out.

Putting on the doors

Pond foamed in, doors on! The insulation foam (it took several cans) was cut with a razor after it dried and painted with drylok. After a couple of coats I tinted the drylok with acrylic paint in several colors to make the “rocks”.

Building the top; did it on the base to make sure it matches up.

Aluminum channel used for the sides to secure the plexiglass to. Top was applied to make sure everything lined up but was not secured permanently until the plexiglass was installed.

Painted and back installed; leftover plywood used. The vents were pvc drains that we reinforced with silicone and pvc rings on the back. The shelves were braced and then I added insulation foam for texture.

I wanted to build a “tree” since carpets are semi-arboreal. I ran around the neighborhood picking up random sticks until this one caught my eye (it looked much smaller than it felt, carrying it several blocks, late one night. Kiddo for scale.

Back panels painted (black and brown spray paint with a texture paint as well).

Peeling the protective plastic off the plexiglass sides, VERY satisfying. We bought 48x24″ sheets and cut them to fit with a circular saw. It smelled like a dentist office while we were cutting D:

The plexiglass fits in ¼ inch aluminum c channels mounted along the bottom and top.

The doors for the front are two 2.5ft sections (plus ¾ inch for overlap) that fit in a ½ inch aluminum c channel so they can slide. We did a foot tall solid section so that the whole front doesn’t open and spill out bedding, plus “aesthetics”. A solid 5 ft section of plexiglass is super expensive so we did two 2.5 ft sections, which resulted in a small seam but saved a LOT of $.

Here you can see the two front panels. After the front and side panels were installed we lowered the top and secured it. All of the sides are reinforced with rivets that go through the aluminum and plexiglass. The light is mounted inside of the tank; we drilled a small hole in the top to feed the cord through. It’s a leftover LED aquarium light that I painted some frosting on to make less harsh. It’ll be attached to a timer.

Stuffed snake for scale. At this point I only had enough plants to cover the base of the “tree” (secured to a piece of wood which was attached to the 2x4 support beems) and I decided that while it looks aesthetically pleasing it wasn’t adequate for a carpet pythons needs. So way more plants and some more climbing material needed! Handles were also added to the front panels to help open them easier.

Finished! The plants came from Michaels, with a sale and a couple coupons I spent about $75. A few of them are just placed in but most of them are secured with a little hot glue. The ones on the back shelf were placed into holes I drilled then sealed with hot glue. I had to trim lots of the stems; I tested all of them with my finger to make sure the wires were’t exposed and those that were got a bit of hot glue to smooth them out. 

We’re installing a radiant heat panel to the left side of the roof inside the tank. That’ll create some basking area along the top but isn’t enough to heat the whole thing because of the height of the tank. The rest of the tank will be heated with a piece of heat tape, mounted inside along the back panel, and sandwiched with plexiglass (we had lots of leftovers from the side and front) to protect from burns. I’ll add a thin layer of substrate later.

So that’s it so far. We’ve learned a lot during this process and I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has!