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- He knew he recognized your name somewhere!!

- Definitely surprised, he was so worried about his fan base and scandals but honestly yours was the more intimidating one here.

- He’s a little worried since he wanted to stay pretty small, but when it comes out he’s dating you his name gets out there more.

- But it’s worth it because he loves you too much to let something like that stop him.

- If you let him sing on big stages with you he’ll get really nervous because he’s never preformed in front of such a big crowd like this before.

- At the end he’s glad he got to experience something like this with you because it was so memorable and fun.

- It’s hard to have a relationship with both of your schedules but he works around that the best he can.


- He’s a little surprised at first, he feels bad for not even recognizing your name like that but he honestly doesn’t listen to very much music.

- But memories of his father and mother flood his mind, his mother was a celebrity and she never had time for him as a child due to her schedule.

- He feels bad for thinking about that, comparing you to his mother of all people. He actually loves you, so this can work regardless. He’ll support your career financially and mentally all the way.

- He loves your voice, especially when you’re in the shower or cooking because it doesn’t sound forced or labored, it’s just natural to you in those situations.


- He’s very vERY shocked at that, You?! A celebrity?! He thought you sounded similar to someone he’s heard of but he thought the idea was too out there to bring it up but.. He was right?

- Poor baby isn’t used to all the paparazzi, Headaches constantly from the flashing lights.

- It’s scary for him at first, he’s never had news articles written about him before.

- Even though it’s hectic he’ll still be with you, he loves you too much to let some nasty articles or flashing lights stop him.


- He already knew before you brought it up, finding out in your background search when he’d first met you.

- Asks if he could maybe be in a music video of yours ~

- But honestly it’s a little nerve wracking. Now people sort of knew who he was, and that’s always a bad thing for hackers.

- He prefers to keep the relationship as private as you two possibly can, but still supports your career. Thinks it’s pretty cool he’s dating a superstar.

ARRANGED MARRIAGE AU where Harry Hart is a high-profile person—some hotshot politician, a member of the nobility, Justice of the High Court, take your pick—who is perfectly aware of the fact that there are many people out for his blood. Have been for years. So he shouldn’t be surprised, really, when it turns out that the beautiful boy he’s been screwing turns out to have been a plant, a pawn, someone sent in to collect blackmail material on him.

He isn’t. Surprised, that is.

Just disappointed.

Eggsy looks convincingly torn up about it, brow furrowed into that little frown Harry’d once smoothed away with the pad of his thumb after sex. “What’s wrong?” he’d asked, and Eggsy had shrugged and said, “Nothing,” and Harry hadn’t pressed for an answer. Now Eggsy is standing there with his hands balled to fists by his sides and his eyes big and wet and earnest, and Harry’s picking up on fragments of phrases like my stepdad and no choice and never meant to hurt but none of it matters. What matters is that there are photos; photos of Harry Hart bending a boy half his age over his office desk, of him pinning that same boy against a hotel room wall, of him kneeling on his own bloody kitchen floor with his eyes half-closed and the boy’s cock down his throat. Those photos exist, and they will soon be out there because Harry Hart does not bend to extortion, thank you very much.

So he calls Merlin, his spokesperson and legal counsel, who summons their media team, and it is determined that the best way to deal with this crisis is marriage (OBVIOUSLY).

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owl-recluse  asked:

"Gamergate" is a pun based on the Watergate Scandal back when Nixon was president in the USA. Watergate was based on corruption in the government. Similarly, Gamergate was based on corruption... in gaming journalism. From what I understand, 'gamers' thought that female journalists and game makers were exchanging sexual favors for favorable reviews in games they made, friends made, etc on gaming review websites and from gaming journalists.


Help!! I think I’m talking in circular logic and confusing myself....(Scandal)

Based on my tweets last night, I got several people telling me that Liv thought the plan she proposed to Mellie was dead and that they were not going to go through with it. So it’s no really her fault that the plan got executed, because she didn’t know anything about that.

I disagreed.

The show presented the choices to her as 1. marry Fitz or 2. Work with her father to get rid of the impeachment hearings.

So when she was about to go through with the wedding (as horrible as it sounded to her), this was the option she was selecting. The one she chose.

But when she got the call from Mellie, if she truly did not want the plan of working with her father, why did she ditch her wedding? If those were the ONLY two options the show presented, then by her leaving Fitz high and dry and cancelling the wedding, automatically indicated that she truly WANTED the other option of working with her father and was relieved that Mellie finally bought into it, right?

Because if she realized the damage of that plan and truly did not want it, wouldn’t she have stayed and married Fitz, since that was the only option left? And the one she truly wanted?

(And I get that she really didn’t want to be FLOTUS. I didn’t want her to be FLOTUS either. But to me the show was trying to portray how far Olivia would go to escape the life of FLOTUS. And that included working with her father. So excusing her from accountability in this plan appears incorrect to me.)

I feel like I’m talking in riddles though.

Is anyone else of the same opinion?