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Headcanons for batfam when sleep deprived or insanely tired?

Bruce: He’d be pretty much the same but sometimes he would slip up on normal easy things like talking or pouring drinks and things like that

Dick: He finds everything and anything funny when he’s super tired. He could probably get stabbed or something and he’d laugh, which would freak out the offender and whoever is with him

Jason: He has no coordination when he’s really really sleep deprived. We’re talking running into doors, missing stairs, dropping things. It becomes habit to use plastic cups when he’s really tired

Tim: Tim is pretty much always tired but he can function fairly well. He might zone out a lot more and look like he just got hit by a car, but otherwise he’s pretty much the same.

Steph: She’s one of those people who gets really hyper and then will crash after a while. She is more effective and productive when hyper but once she crashes, she’s out for a while

Damian: He’s like Bruce in the fact that he’s pretty much the same except he also moves slower than normal and is more likely to put up with people (because he’s too tired to deal with them)

Cass: She’s less likely to be able to focus. She often has to ask people to repeat themselves because she can’t remember what they said and/or wasn’t really listening due to the whole your brain doesn’t really work when half asleep thing

Duke: He’s one of the only ones who routinely gets a decent amount of sleep and he thinks that the rest of the family is insane. But if he does get sleep deprived, he yawns a lot and will fall asleep wherever he can

Babs: She’s notorious for being able to sleep with her eyes open while standing. Many people have had entire conversations with her before realising that she fell asleep half an hour ago

I realized yesterday that the batfam definitely has to use makeup frequently to cover bruises from all their vigilante-ing, so it got me thinking and 

  • Bruce is the King of Invisible Makeup. He’s been doing this the longest and he’s gotten really, really good at covering bruises and cuts in a way that looks like he isn’t wearing any makeup. Probably has the color lineup of his favorite concealer brand memorized, can usually match someone’s skin color on the first try.
  • If any of the Justice League members ever noticed and made a comment on it he would just turn to them and say “Not all of us can heal bruises instantly.” in That Voice™ and they’d immediately shut up.
  • Dick grew up in the circus, so obviously he’s been using stage makeup since he was very young. He is by far the most skilled at makeup application – his blending techniques are legendary. Probably wears a light bb cream sometimes just for the heck of it, because it makes his skin look nice and who needs gender roles? 
  • Barbara doesn’t wear makeup every day, and when she does she keeps it pretty natural. Is the queen of drugstore makeup because why would she spend $40 on an eyeshadow palette when there’s an almost identical one at Walgreens for $11.99??? 
  • Jason doesn’t bother to cover his bruises with concealer or foundation like the others because he doesn’t really have much of a civilian identity anyway. Besides, bruises and split lips are kind of part of his aesthetic. Has definitely experimented with eyeliner at some point and probably still wears subtle smoked-out kohl sometimes because he likes how it makes his eyes look even more green.
  • Tim is so pale that he sometimes has trouble finding concealer and foundation that matches his face?? He uses a different brand because the brand Bruce likes has a lot of yellow tones and it doesn’t look right on Tim’s ivory skin. This brand doesn’t stay put as well as Bruce’s, so he has to reapply several times over the course of the day. Because of this, Tim has at least one concealer palette on him at all times.
  • Stephanie is the most into makeup out of all of them. She watches makeup tutorials for fun and to learn new techniques, and unlike Barbara she’ll sometimes shell out for an expensive product if it’s really good. Is the queen of contouring, and has been known to wear red lipstick on patrol. She and Dick exchange application tips and product recommendations.
  • Damian was resistant to wearing makeup when he first joined Team Batman, because he’s always been taught that injuries sustained in battle are an honor and should be worn with pride, but he realizes that to preserve his civilian identity he has to look like he doesn’t get beaten up regularly. He was absolutely appalled when he found out about animal testing in the cosmetics industry, and he made everyone switch over to certified cruelty-free products.
  • Cass doesn’t go out much so she doesn’t really bother with makeup. She doesn’t like how it feels on her face. If she ever has to wear makeup for whatever reason she’ll probably ask Stephanie or Barbara to do it for her.
  • NO ONE in the fam has the same skin color, so there’s always approximately six thousand concealer palettes laying around the Batcave. It’s a mess.
  • If Stephanie runs out of highlighter, she’ll use Tim’s foundation because it’s light enough to be a highlight on her lmao
  • Tim, Damian, and Cass are all really bad about forgetting to wash their makeup off before they go to bed and it stresses Dick and Stephanie out so much bc like??? It’s so bad for their skin??? They’re going to get premature wrinkles do they not love themselves
  • Jason tries to wash his makeup off before bed but usually can’t get all of his eyeliner off so imagine… Jason, still half-asleep, drinking coffee in his pjs… leftover black eyeliner smudged all around his eyes… he’s like a disgruntled racoon 

idk I just really love makeup and really, really love the batfam

Stephanie: Hey, batdude.

Bruce: Stephanie, you know better than to use vigilante names in public!

Stephanie: Whoa, hold on. Back up here. First, we’re not in public. This is your kitchen. I’ve seen you in full costume here.

Bruce: Suit.

Stephanie: Costume. Second, you literally just said vigilante, so I don’t want to hear it. Third, your name isn’t batdude. Or is it?

Bruce: Don’t even think about it.

Stephanie: *wicked grin*


And that’s why half the city has come to know Batman as “Batdude”.

Wig Hack Wednesday #6 !
Want to make your ponytail wig more believable with top volume? Ponytail clips are cool but they can be uncomfortable after long hours of wearing. You can make seamless high ponytail with this method for characters like Kasumi (Dead or Alive), Widowmaker (Overwatch), or Medea (Fate/Grand Order)
For this demo, I used a Sandy Brown Jeannie base wig from Arda Wigs. The Jeannie comes with a tied up ponytail wig with a ponytail clip. You can use normal non-ponytail wig as a start as well. Make sure to alter the wig so you can tie it up for the stubbed part and use extra wefts for the high ponytail part.

- Undo the tail of the Jeannie base wig and re-tie it higher. Use elastic band for this instead of rubber band so that it won’t melt against hot glue later. Cut off the extra length of the tail as closely as you can to the tied area. Stub with hot glue.
- Cut a piece of cardboard for the tail’s “extension”.
- Hot glue the cardboard piece to the top of the tail, going around it. I used a half-piece, but if you need extra support, cut a bigger piece so that you can completely wrap it around the tail.
- Add paper to the top of the cardboard using packaging tape. You can stack it higher if you wish but keep the weight in mind.
- Take the butterfly clip out of the ponytail clip that comes with the Jeannie. Cut the piece in half.
- Use the bottom piece from the last step to glue onto the top of the tail. Start gluing near the tied area first.
- Section off the hair so it’s easier to neatly glue it down to the paper form. Start from the top area, and then the two sides.
- Remember the other half piece from the ponytail clip earlier? Cut it in half again and use one of the halves to glue to the underside of your big ponytail to close the gap.
- Brush the hair and hairspray it in place and you have a strong high ponytail! Since it’s heavy-back, you may need to sew in some wig clips or zig zag flexi comb inside the wig cap by the hairline to make sure the wig doesn’t slide backward when you walk around.

The Signs As Season 9 Queens


TAURUS: Farrah Moan 

GEMINI: Nina Bonina Brown 

CANCER: Peppermint 

 LEO: Sasha Velour 

VIRGO: Alexis Michelle 

LIBRA: Valentina 

SCORPIO: Charlie Hides 

SAGITTARIUS: Trinity Taylor 

CAPRICORN: Eureka O'Hara 

AQUARIUS: Shea Coulee 

PISCES: Kimora Blac



Welcome back.

What your favorite robin says about you

(based on personal experience)


  • Weird sense of humor, lots of puns
  • taken for granted probably
  • u either are the biggest nicest mom friend or a fucking mess there’s no inbetween
  • people always have a lot of expectations for you
  • u love superman, you wish he was your dad 


  • you love suffering and are dead inside
  • you’re salty and bitter
  • you do everything out of spite
  • you wanna fucking deck the joker and sometimes batman
  • u crave constant validation but rarely admit it


  • doing your best, and are probably p hard on yourself too
  • you’re either p kinky or vanilla as fuck
  • u arrive two hours later w starbucks
  • you’re sarcastic as fuck
  • can be pretty arrogant if you know what you’re doing
  • used to be really into anime and maybe still are


  • u always rot for the little guy (or the forgotten ones)
  • u love girls probably
  • would die for cassandra cain and barbara gordon and p much every single female character
  • have a neat sense of humor
  • also always down to fight even if you dont show it


  • you’re always down to fight, even if you’re not believe me spiritually u are
  • love animals, would die for them tbh
  • are also v salty and loud about it
  • will punch a bee u dont give a fuck
  • are p soft when ppl get to know u, and v loyal as well

bonus: Carrie

  • you’re a fuckening nerd
  • also weird but w a cool fashion style (or want to have it)
  • ur too pure for this world
  • you’re probably also p gay
  • maybe not a lot of ppl pays attention to u but youre out there doing ur thing and i respect u


-dark green green hair parted down the middle
-raw crystal crown with plants*
-elf ears*
-swampy blue / green eyes
-pudgy belly and round face*
-long lashes*
-rosy cheeks*
-funky patterned earthy knit sweater 
-blue and green plaid skirt
-brown tights with beige stars 
-brown loafers

* not in game

- lon lon (milk mustaches) 
- love letters 
- giggling 
- pascal’s advice

- waiting for coffee to cool 
- villagers falling into pitfall seeds
- sleeping through the sunrise 


Winchester M1897 trench shotgun

Manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Co. based on John Browning’s design c.1917-45, this is a military gun made around 1941-42 - serial number E93511.
12 gauge, 5+1 shells of nine .33 caliber pellets in a tubular magazine, 20″ long barrel, pump-action repeater with an external hammer and no trigger disconnector, heat shield and bayonet lug for the standard military issue M1917 rifle bayonet. Stamped with the ordnance grenade symbol.
Everything looked better back when we had wood furniture.

When you want to be a HYPERION code monkey or said code monkey’s body double, you need some kickin’ kicks for strolling around Helios or the cracked surface of Elpis! I love the design of Jack’s boots, so I couldn’t wait to make a pair of my own.

I started off with buying a pair of secondhand boots that carried the same silhouette of what I’m going for - calf length brown boots with a thick small heel and rounded toes. I found a decent pair, and once they arrived I cut off the overlapping layer thing they came with - and perfect! I patterned the piece that covers the heel, and cut it from craft foam in 5MM foam. When I was happy with the pieces, I scored the corners with an x-acto knife to allow them to bend as if they were rigid corners, and then began to prep them by giving them a few coats of PVA glue, and then two layers of spray paint primer.

For paint, I used store-bought acrylic! It’s excellent because it comes out so bright and can go on thick enough to show really well on dark plastic and leather. The first thing to paint was to add the white base layer for where the boots are Hyperion yellow. After a few coats of white, the yellow was built up in a few thin layers. Once I had the right yellow base painted on, the cell shading began! Using the reference photos I had on hand, I painted in the darker shadows, and then the highlights. After these were fully dry, I added the thin black layers of cell shading.

Jack’s boots have distinct buckles as well. I cut these out of the craft foam I used for the heels, and then scored them to bend the same as his do. I added a top layer of Wonderflex to strengthen them to a rigid shell that will mimic steel perfectly and heated it to fuse together. I added contact adhesive between the two layers to ensure a perfect seal, and let it dry. After that, I added a few coats of PVA glue, and then two layers of spray primer as well.

I handpainted the buckles using the reference photos I had on hand to be as close to screen accurate as possible, and then used contact adhesive to bond them perfectly to the boots. I did the same with the heel pieces, which I attached with contact adhesive before I’d painted them. I painted the heel pieces similar to the yellow detailing on the heel, white base layer, a few yellow layers with different highlights and shadows, and then black cell shading on top. The cell shading is the most important part of BORDERLANDS cosplays, and it’s surprisingly easy - if you have a reference picture, you can just copy it as is.

Once these pieces were added on, I had to do the bulk of the handpainting for the boots themselves. I started with the base layers - black, brown. And then I mixed a lighter shade to add the lighter lines where they belonged from the references. After that, I went to town on adding the shadows and highlights until it was as close as I could get. Lastly, the black cell-shading lines really made it pop.

Here was where I hit a bit of trouble. I didn’t test the spray sealer on the boots beforehand, and the Plastikote Satin spray I used had a bad reaction to the leather of the boots underneath the acrylic. Hard to predict when that’s going to happen, but it was a damn shame. The boots took on a weird scaly appearance that sadly needed to be sanded, rubbed with acrylic and fully removed. I had to re-paint the boot and then switched to thick, thick layers of PVA glue to seal it. The glue is an okay fix (in hindsight, I feel I should have used Mod Podge). but only because the boots are very rigid. If they had any give to them, the glue would peel right off.. but for these it worked just fine!

So, here they are, done and dusted and ready to kick moon scav ass!

                 [ follow all the steps at this tag HERE. ]


FN Auto 5

Although based on the Browning Auto 5, this variant is known as the Rhodesian Auto 5 because it was built on contract for the Rhodesian Army. What makes them unique is their full length handguard and magazine tube with a capacity of 8+1. Only an estimated 1,000 of these shotguns were produced and used in the Rhodesian Bush War. However only about 250 or so examples were imported into the U.S by Century Arms. They are extremely collectable and sought after, with prices around $2,500+ and upwards depending on condition. (GRH)

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I adore your art so much, specially the fenris with hawke pics. I find your Fenris to be a bit too dark but I can't blame you with dragon age 2 having such shitty light in general. Will you be makig more art of them?? I'd like some more!

-sipping from a glass of piña colada, in a drawling monotone-

The lighting on Dragon Age 2 is bad but that is not a problem since I know that Fenris’ skin tone is 05 out of 10 in the game files. That’s square middle between lily white skin tones and dark tones. To give you an idea, Isabella’s is 10 (out of 12 for humans). Based on this (awfully easy to source) information and his in-game looks, I pick his skin tone. 

Something like this;

Or this in a slightly different environment:

I pick Fenris’ skin colour with a base undertone of brown tints. My Hawke’s base undertone is a dab closer to pink from there. His fabulous ‘still-rather-tan-for-a-ginger-boy’ skin tone is due to me HC some Antivan blood somewhere in his family. You don’t need this info but I still gave it to ya.

And this is our dearest Solas’ paler skin tone. Picked from more yellowish tints.

And this is @ferelder’s beautiful Datishan, here to demonstrate what a hot very white boy looks like. His skin colour is picked from pink undertones.

Thanks for the compliment about you liking my art, don’t get me wrong. I know you didn’t ask for a colour theory answer, but you said the thing and my soul is old and tired, and it’s past 1am, and I just don’t wanna anymore in general I just-

-reclines on divan, puts on neon pink shutter shades, sips more pina colada, is tired-