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Headcanons for batfam when sleep deprived or insanely tired?

Bruce: He’d be pretty much the same but sometimes he would slip up on normal easy things like talking or pouring drinks and things like that

Dick: He finds everything and anything funny when he’s super tired. He could probably get stabbed or something and he’d laugh, which would freak out the offender and whoever is with him

Jason: He has no coordination when he’s really really sleep deprived. We’re talking running into doors, missing stairs, dropping things. It becomes habit to use plastic cups when he’s really tired

Tim: Tim is pretty much always tired but he can function fairly well. He might zone out a lot more and look like he just got hit by a car, but otherwise he’s pretty much the same.

Steph: She’s one of those people who gets really hyper and then will crash after a while. She is more effective and productive when hyper but once she crashes, she’s out for a while

Damian: He’s like Bruce in the fact that he’s pretty much the same except he also moves slower than normal and is more likely to put up with people (because he’s too tired to deal with them)

Cass: She’s less likely to be able to focus. She often has to ask people to repeat themselves because she can’t remember what they said and/or wasn’t really listening due to the whole your brain doesn’t really work when half asleep thing

Duke: He’s one of the only ones who routinely gets a decent amount of sleep and he thinks that the rest of the family is insane. But if he does get sleep deprived, he yawns a lot and will fall asleep wherever he can

Babs: She’s notorious for being able to sleep with her eyes open while standing. Many people have had entire conversations with her before realising that she fell asleep half an hour ago

Stephanie: Hey, batdude.

Bruce: Stephanie, you know better than to use vigilante names in public!

Stephanie: Whoa, hold on. Back up here. First, we’re not in public. This is your kitchen. I’ve seen you in full costume here.

Bruce: Suit.

Stephanie: Costume. Second, you literally just said vigilante, so I don’t want to hear it. Third, your name isn’t batdude. Or is it?

Bruce: Don’t even think about it.

Stephanie: *wicked grin*


And that’s why half the city has come to know Batman as “Batdude”.


-dark green green hair parted down the middle
-raw crystal crown with plants*
-elf ears*
-swampy blue / green eyes
-pudgy belly and round face*
-long lashes*
-rosy cheeks*
-funky patterned earthy knit sweater 
-blue and green plaid skirt
-brown tights with beige stars 
-brown loafers

* not in game

- lon lon (milk mustaches) 
- love letters 
- giggling 
- pascal’s advice

- waiting for coffee to cool 
- villagers falling into pitfall seeds
- sleeping through the sunrise 

When you want to be a HYPERION code monkey or said code monkey’s body double, you need some kickin’ kicks for strolling around Helios or the cracked surface of Elpis! I love the design of Jack’s boots, so I couldn’t wait to make a pair of my own.

I started off with buying a pair of secondhand boots that carried the same silhouette of what I’m going for - calf length brown boots with a thick small heel and rounded toes. I found a decent pair, and once they arrived I cut off the overlapping layer thing they came with - and perfect! I patterned the piece that covers the heel, and cut it from craft foam in 5MM foam. When I was happy with the pieces, I scored the corners with an x-acto knife to allow them to bend as if they were rigid corners, and then began to prep them by giving them a few coats of PVA glue, and then two layers of spray paint primer.

For paint, I used store-bought acrylic! It’s excellent because it comes out so bright and can go on thick enough to show really well on dark plastic and leather. The first thing to paint was to add the white base layer for where the boots are Hyperion yellow. After a few coats of white, the yellow was built up in a few thin layers. Once I had the right yellow base painted on, the cell shading began! Using the reference photos I had on hand, I painted in the darker shadows, and then the highlights. After these were fully dry, I added the thin black layers of cell shading.

Jack’s boots have distinct buckles as well. I cut these out of the craft foam I used for the heels, and then scored them to bend the same as his do. I added a top layer of Wonderflex to strengthen them to a rigid shell that will mimic steel perfectly and heated it to fuse together. I added contact adhesive between the two layers to ensure a perfect seal, and let it dry. After that, I added a few coats of PVA glue, and then two layers of spray primer as well.

I handpainted the buckles using the reference photos I had on hand to be as close to screen accurate as possible, and then used contact adhesive to bond them perfectly to the boots. I did the same with the heel pieces, which I attached with contact adhesive before I’d painted them. I painted the heel pieces similar to the yellow detailing on the heel, white base layer, a few yellow layers with different highlights and shadows, and then black cell shading on top. The cell shading is the most important part of BORDERLANDS cosplays, and it’s surprisingly easy - if you have a reference picture, you can just copy it as is.

Once these pieces were added on, I had to do the bulk of the handpainting for the boots themselves. I started with the base layers - black, brown. And then I mixed a lighter shade to add the lighter lines where they belonged from the references. After that, I went to town on adding the shadows and highlights until it was as close as I could get. Lastly, the black cell-shading lines really made it pop.

Here was where I hit a bit of trouble. I didn’t test the spray sealer on the boots beforehand, and the Plastikote Satin spray I used had a bad reaction to the leather of the boots underneath the acrylic. Hard to predict when that’s going to happen, but it was a damn shame. The boots took on a weird scaly appearance that sadly needed to be sanded, rubbed with acrylic and fully removed. I had to re-paint the boot and then switched to thick, thick layers of PVA glue to seal it. The glue is an okay fix (in hindsight, I feel I should have used Mod Podge). but only because the boots are very rigid. If they had any give to them, the glue would peel right off.. but for these it worked just fine!

So, here they are, done and dusted and ready to kick moon scav ass!

                 [ follow all the steps at this tag HERE. ]

~ Cowboy Cookies ~

Tweaked these chunky gooey bad boys and they came out a treat. Featuring hazelnuts and peanuts, big gobs of dark chocolate, oats, coconut, and that always delicious brown-sugar base - these are the perfect chunky treat. 
Currently writing up this recipe and an accompanying blog post, listening to Patsy Cline and enjoying the lovely autumn sun…

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WHAT IS THE NEW ENGLAND VAMPIRE PANIC IT SOUNDS AMAZING PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US also i lov gothic lit more than i love anything else so please dear goodness is it in any way related to vampirism in lit / dracula's affect on the general public ANYWAY IT SOUNDS WILDE



this is less of a panic actually and more of a sustained belief that the outside world became more aware of all at once so it seemed like a condensed event

belief in vampires was a Thing in much of the world for a really long time, including rural New England (mostly Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont). during the 19th century, tuberculosis was also a very big, very bad Thing as @queenofairandsnarkness pointed out. it’s transmitted through microscopic aerosolized drops of infected saliva when the victim coughs, and highly contagious, especially among families or other people who live in close quarters. in a time when people commonly shared beds for warmth, quarters could be very close. one case usually became an outbreak

a wasting illness that slowly drains the energy and strength from its victims…sound familiar? 

the word “vampire” was seldom if ever used, but stories spread of the consumptive dead- the consumed, I guess you could say -rising and stalking the village. often they were said to prey specifically on their own family members. it’s a bit dicey in these accounts whether the villagers believed the vampires spread the disease or it was a vampire instead of the disease

the body of the suspected vampire would be disinterred and examined. if the hair or nails seemed to have grown (a common misconception with fresh corpses, since the scalp and nail beds draw backand make nails and hair look longer) or the mouth was bloody (decomposition. fluids. enough said), the corpse would be staked in the grave. 

or decapitated 

or have a brick stuffed in its mouth

or all three

overkill was very big in rural 19th century New England. but that wasn’t the most gruesome part. often, the vampire’s organs would be cut out and burned on a gravestone or in a forge. the ashes would then be mixed in water and given to a victim to drink

why they kept doing this cure even though it had literally a 0% success rate is beyond me. maybe everyone knew a “friend’s cousin’s sister” it had worked for. maybe chain emails would have been huge in 1860s Vermont. go figure

anyway, the most famous face of the New England Vampire Panic was Mercy Brown, a 19-year-old girl who died of consumption in 1892. shortly thereafter, her ailing brother claimed that Mercy came and sat on his chest, draining the life from him. the obligatory mob dug up her grave, found her corpse well-preserved, and assumed not that being buried in January in Rhode Island had frozen the corpse but that she was a vampire. they gave her brother her heart to drink. her brother still died. this is my shocked face

the press got ahold of some of these stories and regarded them with a curious mixture of classism and Victorian morbidity. these were country people, after all- superstitious yokels with backward beliefs alien to a new age of enlightenment. (can you feel the extreme sarcasm there) 

never mind that the medicine of the time only accepted germ theory near the end of the century and had no more idea what caused TB than a Connecticut farmer burning his neighbor’s liver on an anvil. people have always loved to feel superior to someone

anyway, as for influence on literature, it’s possible. authors get their information from varied sources; I’m sure any vampire lit that existed at the time was fair game for Stoker to read. it’s been suggested that Lucy Westenra is based on Mercy Brown, but honestly I think she’s too common of an archetype to cite any specific inspiration. other people have argued that there hadn’t been time for the newspaper reports to reach Stoker in England when he wrote the book in 1897. one way or another, I guess you could argue that the NEVP influenced him in the sense that all vampire lore did

H.P. Lovecraft references the exhumation of Mercy Brown in his story “The Shunned House” as does Caitlin Kiernan in “So Runs the World Away.” There are also a few movies that draw inspiration from her story, I believe, but I’m not sure which ones they are.


here is an excellent article about it

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Having a crappy day... Do you have any cute CassCain headcanons for me? Maybe some stuff with the robins big-brothering her? I feel like that happens a lot

i sure do!!! i hope u feel better tho bab~ also please forgive me i’m still working my way through ‘Silent Knight’ so while i adore cass i really wish i did have a better handle on her character 

lets do some Cassandra Cain and the Batfamily headcanons

-jason really likes reading aloud to cass because it helps the both of them. i think jason has some lasting head trauma just from everything that happened to him. and while the pit did heal him there are still some lingering affects. so he stutters sometimes and gets migraines. but reading aloud helps him get his words together and cass likes hearing the new words and listening to jason’s voice. 

-right now her and jason are working their way through ‘The Hobbit’ because tim held a LOTR marathon last week and cass was interested in the little dwarves. after though jay really wants to break out ‘pride and prejudice’ 

-i feel like tim and cass would have such a good brother/sister relationship?? like i feel like they would both just get each other and be able to sit in silence and do their own thing but still enjoy having someone close to share proximity with. 

-like sometimes while tim is working on a case on his laptop cass will lean her head on his thigh and he’ll just pet her hair. sometimes cass braids his hair since babs taught her how to do braids. its really chill and they listen to coffee shop playlists on spotify while they hang out

- speaking of babs sometimes her and cass go downtown to up and coming restaurants to have fun and explore the area. also many times they have stopped muggings, assholes assaulting girls walking home, and have walked girls home before. one time an owner offered to comp their meal because they stopped some drunk asshole from barging in. they said no of course and gave a huge tip 

-cass regularly sneaks in the gym while dick is training just to watch him try and dance to his 80s pop synth workout mix. she regularly snapchats him and her favorite it when he lip synced to ‘like a virgin’ by madonna while on the balance beam

-cass and steph like doing this thing where they go out into an area full of paparazzi and act like the girlfriend’s they are and see what new phrase the media will come up with to define their relationship this time. their favorites our ‘totally close BFF’s we all wish we could have!’ and ‘cute gal pals sure to make you jealous’  and the top tier ‘besties share a kiss?!? So chic, so european!’ and just, stephanie brown voice: …….harold 

-damian and cass have a really strong bond because they both didn’t have the best childhoods and grew up with strict abusive parental figures. so sometimes damian will be out on the couch by himself bc he can’t sleep and cass will come out of her room and ask damian what kind of tea he wants. he never answers but cass already knows what his favorites are. they talk for the rest of the night and the family usually finds them asleep tangled together on the couch come morning. cass is almost always holding onto damian protectively


women of harry potter // lavender brown

“Friends, don’t make me laugh. She didn’t talk to him for weeks after he started going out with me! But I suppose she wants to make up with him now he’s all interesting.”

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I saw some 2-3 week old kittens today. They are all solid black (some with a little white) except for one. In the light he appears to have classic tabby markings, which neither his mother or siblings have! I don't know who the father is as the property has a number of adult cats wandering on it. Are these stripes a fever coat or ghost markings that'll go away or something else? If it bears any significance, he was born with only one eye and is blind. Thanks a bunch in advance!

if he has a black base and tabby stripes, those are called ghost markings ! sometimes black kittens have them, they end up fading over time

if he has a brown base with tabby stripes, then that just means that dad was a classic tabby who carried the solid gene 

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I'm sorry to ask you yet another genetic question, but is a black ticked tabby bicolor w/ white something that exists? That's what I told my aunt her Maine Coon is because the stripes on his face/legs/tail are black and he has the sort of dark line down his back, but no striping other than that and also has a lot of white. He has a gray-brown base. When I tried looking it up on google I can't find any cats that look like him and I'm terrified I told her the wrong thing and am a fool.

yep o:

Randy and Judy Brown had been friends with the Klebolds for years. Their son, Brooks, played with Dylan for as long as he could remember. When Harris joined the group, though, the Browns started to worry. Harris started blaming Brooks for some vandalism that had occurred in the neighborhood in 1997, and the Browns told the Sheriff’s Department they suspected it was Harris who was responsible. Harris, angered, threw a chunk of ice at Brooks’ car, chipping the windshield.

Judy Brown drove down the block and confronted Harris, who became furious and grabbed onto the window of her car. 

Kathy Harris was in her driveway when Judy Brown pulled up. Judy can still recall the plaid flannel shirt she was wearing. Kathy’s eyes teared up when Judy described Eric’s behavior. Later that day, Brooks came over to talk to Kathy, saying that Eric “had been slipping out of the house at night, pulling pranks and setting off fireworks.”

Later, Harris’ father, Wayne, called to tell Brown that his son hadn’t meant any harm.

When Harris came to apologize, she told him if he came back, she would call the police. She said, ‘'Eric Harris, you can pull the wool over your dad’s eyes, but you’re not going to pull the wool over my eyes.‘ 

Not long after, Brooks showed them pages from Harris’ Web site. Harris had created a level of Doom based in the Browns’ neighborhood. The target was the Browns’ house.

The Browns printed out several pages and handed them to the Sheriff’s Department in March of last year. They included detailed descriptions of building and exploding pipe bombs. They met with a member of the bomb squad.


doodle from my twitter but if mystic messenger aint gonna let me whisper sweet nothings to yoosung im taking matters in 2 my own hands