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How do I write about characters playing a sport or a game without it being too boring or filled with "A hit the base ball with the bat." or "B ran to third base." Thanks.

1. Show, don’t tell. Think about what kind of vivid details and imagery you can use to really put the scene in the reader’s head. Talk about the dust picking up behind them as they run, the sound of their feet skidding into the next base, the excited gasps and yells of the crowd, the shine of sweat on foreheads, the whoosh of the bat swinging through the air, etc. 

2. Keep your characters in mind. Remember, to you, this might not be that exciting, but to the character, this could be hugely intense. Think about how they are feeling. Worried? Confident? Excited? Are they aware of their surroundings, or hyper focused on the game before them? Describe the adrenaline that courses through them as they run, that intense moment where everything hangs in the balance as the ball soars through the air, knowing that wherever it lands could decide the victor, how this moment now on the field feels real and vivid. Even if you aren’t particularly into sports, you can think of an activity that makes you feel that excitement, and describe that emotion in the context of the game.

3. Remember the stakes. What are they playing for? What is at stake? Are they trying to beat a team that has thwarted them for years? Is this some sort of championship or tournament? Maybe they just truly love to play this game, and doing a great job or giving it their all is where they find happiness or fulfillment. Whatever the case, there should be a certain amount of pressure- be is eustress or distress- that motivates them. 

4. Keep up the conflict. A truly interesting game that is hard won or hard fought. It’s kind of boring to read about a game where the protagonist and their team is super amazing and the other team is not great and they win the game with flying colors. Mess with the match a little. Maybe the other team is actually really good and difficult to beat, maybe they are tied head-to-head nearly the entire game, maybe someone makes a mistake that they have to recover from, maybe the referee is biased or some players aren’t playing fair. Conflict is always where things get most interesting.

Thanks so much!


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M!A Tougou lives with the boys for 15 asks (NO MURDERING OR HARM IS ALLOWED) But Jyushi I will give you a base ball bat and Ichi a gun if they do anything welp (evil luagh) good luck

Tougou: It sure is great to be back~!

That first scene in Inglorious Bastards should serve as a reminder of what happened during the Holocaust. I thought they were going to arrest those Jews which is bad enough, but they straight up shot them through the floorboards.

On a lighter note, I’m really enjoying Brad Pitt’s character and the fact that he has a whole team of angry Jews ready to scalp some Nazis. And that one guy with the base ball bat.

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How does mafia Matsu celebrate his kid's first birthday?

Mafia!Oso: he would get his kid a teddy bear, yes not a fancy gift but it would mean a lot to him. it was the same teddy that he had received from his father on his first birthday.

Mafia!Kara: he would get his child a locket that he would have them wear at all times till the time for them to open i was right… the locket had a picture of his past S/O

Mafia!Choro: he would give his child a book, a photo book with his family in it. and he would add more photos as the child grows up, he didn’t want his child to forget about him when he someday passes.

Mafia!Ichi: He would make sure to his child grew up with a kitten, and that kitten would be one from Ichimatsu’s right hand cat, ESP kitty.

Mafia!Jyushi: he would give his child a base ball bat. the first one he bashed some one’s windshield for the first time. but he would make sure to pick the glass out and to sand it down so his baby wont get hurt.

Mafia!Todo: he would give his child all the love he can give them, even making time so he can spend a week with them, being a mafia leader he knew at any time he will be killed.

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hey (: can I request a imagine where I'm embrys girlfriend/imprint and he finds out who his dad is and runs away without telling me where he's going he's gone 4 months he comes back in the night and she's pissed and imagination for the rest idk

Title: Father, Oh Father

“So, what was so important that I had to rush over here?” you start, looking at all of the pack members huddled around Sam holding a piece of a paper. Your eyebrows crease in confusion. Emily makes her way over to you, resting her hand on your shoulder in sympathy, “what’s wrong?”

“Just… read it,” she snatches the paper from Sam and gives it to you, causing you to look at everyone with a confused expression. They all look back at you with pity.

Dear (Y/N) and the pack, I am incredibly sorry for leaving without telling anyone. I found out who my dad was and I had to go and find him. I know you won’t understand and you’ll be extremely angry at me, but I have to do this.

(Y/N), I love you. I don’t know how long i’ll be gone, but know that I will miss you to no end. Just writing this makes my heart hurt immensely. At least you have Emily and Leah, right? I mean, I know we’re meant to be together, but there comes a time in everyone’s lives where they have to be away from the ones they love for a period of time, and it always hurts the relationship. But, I love you, and you’re my soul mate. If I end up losing you because of this, well, then that’s what happens. I just want you to be happy. Just try to forget me if it makes you feel better while i’m gone.

To the pack, I know i’ll get major crap when I get back, and that’s okay. I’ll take my punishment or whatever with complete pride. I just pray that if something happens between (Y/N) and I, you’ll let me mend that first. I don’t have much to say, other than that I need to do this. I hope you can understand.

From, Embry

You let the tear slip from your eye, letting the paper flutter to the floor, “he’s gone? And he didn’t warn anyone? I can’t believe it,” you whimper.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I made you some hot chocolate to make you feel better,” Emily smiles slightly at you, holding out a mug of steamy hot chocolate.

“I don’t want any. I just want Embry,” you whimper, running your hands over your face.

“I know, but he left without telling anyone. You can’t go after him; we don’t know where he went,” Emily sighs.

“Yeah, I know,” you reply, looking down at the floor, “but he is so dead when he comes back.”


It was the middle of the night; you were dreaming peacefully when you heard a door shut from downstairs. Immediately, you went into hyper-drive, snatching the base ball bat that lives underneath your bed. Springing up from your bed, you make your way down the stairs, peering around in the dark.

“(Y/N), it’s-” before they can finish their sentence, you swing the bat at the person, only having them duck the second before it would hit them, (Y/N), it’s me, Embry!”

You stop, your mouth dropping in shock, as well as the bat. Just hearing his voice was odd to you; as was his name. You stopped thinking and talking about him after the first two months, “Embry?”

“Yeah, it’s me. I’m back. My father, he, uh, he didn’t want to be found by anyone. Although, he met with me and told me all of these things for a few months, but he didn’t want to come back, so I had to leave. I missed you,” Embry smiles, reaching out to hug you. However, you lap his cheek, shocking him immensely.

“I get that you wanted to see your father, but that isn’t something you should hide! I am your soul mate, dammit, and you should of at least kept in contact! I kept worrying so much and almost got myself killed by snapping at Paul, so after two months of you being gone, I just decided to try and forget you. I still love you, if you’re wondering, but things can’t just go back to the way they are,” you shake your head, the repressed feelings for two months coming back all at once, leaving you in sobs on the floor, “I felt like I could barely breathe when you were gone, and now that you’re back, I feel suffocated. Do you know how much you hurt me?”

“No… and i’m sorry, (Y/N), I truly am. Whatever you want me to do in order to get you back, I will,” Embry pleads.

“Tomorrow. I finally got some good sleep before you came in and scared the crap out of me. The couch is open,” you growl, stalking up the stairs to show your anger, even though he most likely can tell that you’re pissed. And even though you wanted to go to sleep, you wished to go to sleep, your mind wouldn’t let you at ease, because all that filled your mind was Embry.

~~~~~ THE NEXT MORNING ~~~~~

You gasped as your eyes flickered open to see Emily peering over you. She wore a sad smile, “Embry’s back. He slept on the couch,” she says.

“I know. He scared the crap out of me last night. I told him to sleep on the couch,” you mumble, running a hand through your hair, only for it to get caught in tangles. However, you didn’t care. So, you got up and fixed your pajamas, which were shorts and a t-shirt, before making your way back downstairs followed by Emily.

“Hey, (Y/N), Embry gave you a sympathetic smile, eating at his eggs and hash browns, which Emily must have made. It was weird, because the entire pack was here, at your house. Normally, everyone was at Emily and Sam’s.

“Last night we caught hold of Embry’s scent. Being with his father, a scent we’ve never smelled, made us think he was a trespasser. It got worse once we realized it was headed here, but we soon figured out that it was Embry, so half of us on patrol stayed here to make sure nothing bad happened,” Sam explains.

“Ah, and you made breakfast, I assume?” you turn to Emily with a chuckle, who nods lightly.

“Smell’s delicious, but, uh, did you expect me to throw a knife at Embry or something? I slapped him but hat’s it,” you grumble in annoyance, turning to the kitchen and being surprised that it’s not all gone.

Paul counters, “you hit me for saying a rock was pretty.”

“That was when I was over-emotional about Embry leaving! Besides, he always called me pretty because I’m self-conscious,” you cross your arms in defense.

“Okay, let me rephrase that. You hit me with the rock I said was pretty. It was huge and I almost killed you!” Paul huffs.

“Boo-hoo, get over it. It was two months ago,” you grumble. Paul mumbles under his breath, rolling his eyes. Ignoring him, you turn to Sam, completely passing over a guilty-Embry, Everyone notices.

“You two need to talk, but I don’t want to leave you alone because you’re acting like a hormonal woman on her period,” Sam states.

“Oh, that was the wrong thing to say,” Emily cringes, backing away from me as I stare at him in shock. He did not just say that!

“Oh, really? So you wouldn’t want to kill anyone if Emily and I just took a four-month vacation without telling you? She could be in danger, and you couldn’t help her. She could be having the time of her life, without you. She could temporarily forget about you while she’s off doing whatever she wants. So, go ahead and blame me for being emotional. You, the big bad alpha, would too,” you growl sassily.

“Oh, damn, it just got real,” Paul gapes.

“Okay, let’s try to keep me from fighting Sam for ripping your face off. I know you’re mad, but take it out on me, not everyone else, alright? You can hit me, hate me, whatever you like,” Embry says.

“I wouldn’t give me the option to hit you, Embry, you might regret it,” you roll your eyes, “but i’m sorry, Sam. I went a bit overboard.”

“I know,” he chuckles, “if she goes, i’m going with her, so that wouldn’t work,” Sam smirks lightly, earning a chuckle from you and Emily, who wraps her arms around his waist.

“So, is it okay if I speak to Embry alone? And can I ask you a favor, Sam?” You grin lightly.

“What?” Sam quirks an eyebrow suspiciously.

“Not give Embry a punishment for not telling the pack about his departure,” you smile sheepishly, “because he’ll probably get a lot of crap from me, and getting it from you guys wouldn’t be too nice. Even though he doesn’t deserve nice at this point,” you send a quick glare at Embry, who chuckles nervously, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.

“Alright, fine. Just don’t ever take Emily on a vacation without my knowledge or kill Embry,” Sam replies, leaving with the pack.

“Well, while I wait for them to get out of earshot, I need some coffee. Want some?” you offer politely.

“Sure. I’ll make you a plate of Emily’s eggs and hash browns. They’re delicious and you haven’t eaten yet. Also because you’re always in a better mood after you eat breakfast…”

I just wanted to add that I loved writing this! <3 I love Embry so much. KIOWA IS SO ATTRACTIVE WHY


Want to Catch ‘Hamilton’? Try the Central Park Softball Fields (NYT):

No, you do not need tickets and no, sadly, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and stars in the musical, does not play.

But other performers do, including Christopher Jackson, who plays George Washington onstage and third base on the ball field.

He bats cleanup, right after Anthony Ramos, an outfielder, who in the Broadway production plays John Laurens as well as Alexander Hamilton’s son Philip.

The team’s left-fielder and fleet-footed leadoff batter is Ephraim Sykes, who is part of the ensemble, and also plays George Eacker.

Alysha Deslorieux, a standby performer for the roles of the Schuyler sisters, starts at second base and brings the team mascot to the games: Max, her dachshund-poodle mix.

They play in the Broadway Show League, where teams are made up of the cast, crew, musicians, ushers and other theater employees from different productions.

The notoriously sold out “Hamilton,” which is nominated for a record 16 Tony Awards this year, is also mopping up on the field.

Five games into the season they are undefeated. All of the victories have been decisive, if not blowouts.

They shut out the team from “Beautiful” by a score of 5-0, beat “Kinky Boots” and “Phantom of the Opera” by seven runs each, and blew out the combined team from “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Finding Neverland,” 19 to 0.

On Thursday, they routed “Les Misérables” by 10 runs, putting them at 5-0 and at the top of the standings with “Matilda.”

“Hey, we’re ‘Hamilton,’ we try to win everything,” said the team’s co-manager Sandy Paradise, poking fun at the show’s seemingly boundless success, which also includes Drama Desk awards and the Pulitzer Prize for drama.

Ms. Paradise, who operates the spotlight onstage, was penciling in the starting lineup before Thursday’s game, on Field 2, near the Central Park carousel.

She gathered the players and pointed across the infield at their opponents from “Les Misérables” — like “Hamilton,” a revolution-themed musical — and urged her players to kick some “French Revolutionary” posterior.

She led the pregame shout — “To the Revolution!” — and it was time to play ball.

The performers, who on the stage wear period costumes like frock coats and ornate dresses, take the field wearing black-and-yellow uniforms with the show’s name. The caps bear the “Hamilton” logo and the phrase, “Raise a Bat to Freedom,” a variant of a line from the song “The Story of Tonight” in the musical.

“There is still so much buzz around our show, and it translates onto the field,” said Chris Robinson, who operates the light board for the show, and is a utility player on the team.

While some teams have trouble fielding a full squad, more than 50 cast and crew members signed up for the “Hamilton” team, creating a roster “as big as the Bible,” said the team’s other co-manager, Angelo Gonzalez, who played first base on Thursday.

As the doorman at the stage door, Mr. Gonzalez makes sure things go smoothly when the cast exits to the swarms of fans awaiting them nightly.

While it’s fabulous to be in a show that has taken the theater world by storm, “the problem is, everyone expects us to win,” said Sean Quinn, the theater’s chief engineer and one of the team’s pitchers.

more fun photos in the article – also a nice shout-out to fans. (check out more about the Broadway Show League or watch Angelo the Stage Door Guy’s ham4ham performance!)

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(>°^°)> okay so.. what will the matsu do if there s/o was kidnapped by touhou and the matsu knows something is up by like.. there s/o is not texting them or answering calls and such will they go out and try to find them or something? (^°-°^) thank u!

Osomatsu: He would know something is wrong if his s/o is late for their date, going to look for them at their house would be the first place he looks, seeing the door broken a bit he would slowly push it open and walk in, seeing the house, eyes widening when he sees the house in ruins, running to the bedroom his heart would drop when he sees the bedroom is worse than the other parts of the house. looking at the far wall he would see the words. “you are next osomatsu” carved in the wall, swallowing thickly he turns and leaves the room and then the house, growling and clenching his fist. “don’t worry hun… I’ll find you” he says after shaking his head to put the once buried memories back.

Karamatsu: he would check his phone when his s/o last texted him, putting on his sunglasses he walks to the apartment him and his s/o shared, pushing the door open he will see everything torn up a picture of him and his s/o that was once on the wall now shattered and has blood on it, picking it up he will gently take the picture out and look at it, anger filling up his body. “tougou…. i will get you for this…” putting the picture away in his jacket he leaves the house to look for his love and the man who took them away.

Choromatsu: the minute his s/o doesn’t call him he would be running to their house, pushing people out of his way, only to find his s/o’s home swarmed with cops. pushing past them he would run into the main bedroom, eyes widening with how the room looks, the room was torn to shreds, walking in on shaking legs he looks to a photo of him and his s/o on their first date, osomatsu was the one who took it for him. it had blood dripping from it, and it was fresh, shaking he leaves the house in a daze, soon a grin spreads across his face. he know who took his s/o he spoke to the man earlier that day. “tougou… hehe you will pay for this…i will get them back…”.

Ichimatsu: he would go looking for his s/o when he finds out his s/o is missing, picking up his s/o’s cat he would notice a wound on the poor kitty, checking the fur he will notice that it is a stab wound, tending to it he would take it to dr dekapan, after it is fine he tells dekapan to give him a shot to talk to the cat, once he gets it he talks to the cat. finding out that way a strange man broke into the cafe and took his s/o.  with a blank face on his look he gets up and walks out of the lab. smirking he would go to the woods he unlocks the cage with the tiger in it, walking in he gently pets it. “hehe you ready to find kitten and to have a meal?”

Jyushimatsu: he finds out his s/o is missing he would run around town looking for them, when he doesn’t find them he would snap, his smile gone as he goes looking for them, dragging his bat behind him and  interrogating anyone who he thinks is part of his s/o’s disappearance, only smiling when he gets the info he needs and beats the crap out of the person who had a hand at taking his love. walking around town at night with a bloody and bent base ball bat, he would stop as he laughs out loud tears falling down his cheeks. “i-i will find you! it will be my ultimate home run!”

Todomatsu: looking at his phone he would notice that life360 would be acting up, touching the app he would notice his s/o’s dot moving away from him and the meeting place they set up for the date, growling he would follow the dot, but soon notice that it is going to the docs, swallowing he will go to the cops and tell them what happened and show them the life360, and when the cops don’t do anything he would go on his own to find his s/o, following the blip he would find them being forced onto a boat by a strange man, eyes widening he would swallow hard. “n-no… n-not this man… tougou…” he said with shaking lips, swallowing again he will sneak onto the ship and find his s/o, drugged up and dazed. picking them up he would sneak off of the boat with them but not till he takes pictures for the cops to see and to track down the boat.


You were sitting in your living room watching tv when you heard a knock on the door you sighed and got up to see who was at the door.

 As you opened the door men in mask pushed the door open and ran into your house.

 You ran upstairs to your room pushed your dresser in front of the door grabbed the base ball bat next to your bed the men in the mask started banging on the door trying to get in grabbed your phone and called for help

“What do you want kid” Jason said as he answered his phone and put you on speaker so Roy and Kori could hear

“I need help “ you said urgently  a loud banging could be heard in the background

“What’s wrong and what’s that noise?” asked Jason

“well some guys broke into my house and I’m hiding in my room and the noise is them banging on the door trying to get in “ you said

“Oh shit “you said as the dresser fell to the floor the door slammed open and the men rushed in you hit one of them with the bat and dropped the phone you took out another guy

“Y/N Y/N What’s Going On “ Jason yelled into the phone worriedly

 “ LET GO OF ME HELP “you screamed as you were grabbed from behind and the bat knocked out of your hand and  started to get dragged out of your room 

”Dammit” Jason said when he heard you scream help he looked at Roy and Kori who were already ready to go he grabbed his hood and his guns

“Lets go get our girl back” Roy said and they walked out the door to find you

———————————1 day later—————————————–

You were tied to a chair in a old abandoned building 

One of the men in a mask hit you in the face you spit out blood and laughed

“What’s so funny” asked one of the men in the mask

“What’s funny is that in a few minutes your all gonna be dead because they’re coming for me and there gonna kill you” you said and then got hit again.

 A few minutes later  the sound of gun shots and screaming could be heard outside the doors You  chuckled

The doors were soon broke open and arrows bullets and star bolts were shot

After every one of the men in the mask were dead Kori walked over and untied you

“ What took you so long” you asked

“Well we had to find you” said Kori

“ Now wanna tell us why these guys were after you?” asked Roy

“ Honestly I have no idea “ you said and smiled

“Thanks for saving me” you said

“Anytime kid now lets find out why they kidnapped you” said Jason

"Addiction" One Shot

Author: littlemermaid9727

Summary: the reader acquires an unhealthy addiction to sleeping pills, and the boys have to get her to stop.

Warnings: Insamnia, anxiety, addiction, mentions of addictive drugs

Word count: 1,746

A/N: this is based off of real life experience, so it’s kind of personal to me. Sorry L (I hope you’re ok sweetie. Ray x)


You jumped into bed tired as all hell, the usual. Your body ached, everywhere; sore muscles, head ache, stomach pain, and don’t forget the multiple bruises and lacerations now covered in thick white bandages. You took a shower to wash off the blood, and dirt before falling into bed ready for a great night sleep.

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KC: Klaus is in trouble (whatever the trouble is up to you). Caroline bails/rescues him like a boss. Because I totally want to see Caroline be a total BAMF.

Your wish is my command!

Three things become very apparent when he finally regains consciousness. One, there were gaps in his memory, although he suspected that they wouldn’t take very long to come back.

Two, Kol was laying beside him, bound and gagged. Smart move that, Kol’s mouth always did have a tendency to get them into trouble in situations like this. His brother was still unconscious, and he took great pleasure in kicking him sharply in the shin.

Three, if the sound of burning flesh was any indication, they’d somehow trussed him up like a Christmas turkey with some seriously spelled manacles. He worked at them experimentally, noting that although they would be difficult to get out of, it wouldn’t be impossible. It would just take time.

He had time, he could multi task, come up with all of the multitudes of ways that he was going to make his captors die as slowly and as painfully as possible. He kicks Kol again, knowing that his younger brother would definitely want to help once he discovers what’s happened.

A soft groan tells him that he’s got Kol back, Kol gagging before spitting the piece of wadded up cloth from his mouth.

“Bloody hell.” Kol breathes in as he glances down at his own set of manacles. “What the hell happened?”

“Can’t remember.” He replies to Kol, forcing himself into a sitting position. “You weren’t out making a nuisance of yourself again, were you?”

Kol just shrugs, and Klaus deduces that his brother has probably had his memory wiped as well.

“How are we going to get out of this one Nik?” Kol asks patiently, struggling against his bonds.

“We wait.” He tells his younger brother, who scowls at this. “I want to see who we’ve pissed off enough that they’re willing to cross me. And I want to find out how the hell they fashioned these bloody manacles.”

Kol just smirks, resting his head against the dirt with an entirely unaffected air. His brother always had been good in life threatening situations.

“Let’s not wait too long then. I was supposed to have a date with Davina at some point this week. She’s not going to be pleased if I stand her up.”

He can’t help but make a disgusted noise in the back of his throat. He didn’t mind Davina, but he still worried about Kol sometimes, meddling in the affairs of witches where he didn’t necessarily belong.

It had already gotten him in trouble once or twice throughout the centuries, and he was sick to death of cleaning up after Kol, getting him out of various scrapes and messes.

“Relax brother. I can handle Davina Claire without your help.” Kol remarks lightly reading his mind in that eerily accurate way of his.

They both stiffen as they hear footsteps on the stone floor beyond the bars of their cell, both of them hauling themselves into a sitting position as one of their captors appears on the other side of the bars.

He vaguely recognises the witch, an older woman who he’d crossed paths with a few times at various parties throughout New Orleans. She belonged to a coven east of the city, and for the life of him she can’t remember her name.

“Angela.” He settles for, taking a stab in the dark at her name.

The witch scowls at him as two more appear behind her. They were officially outnumbered, which wasn’t good.

“It’s Abby.” She snaps in reply as she reaches for the keys on her belt and unlocks the door.

“Right, Acacia.” Kol replies. “Now how about you let us out of these shackles and we can forget that this ever happened. Just a simple misunderstanding, hmm?”

“Over my dead body.” He shoots at Kol, who simply closes his eyes and sighs.

“That can be arranged Hybrid.” Abby hisses towards him, and he falls silent instantly. He could play that game, if that’s what she was angling for.

She pulls out a syringe and stalks towards him, the two witches behind her fanning out into the cell and chanting an incantation that instantly makes him feel weak and nauseous.

Before he can stop her Abby has bent over and drawn some blood from the inside of his arm where the vein is most prominent.

“Your blood is valuable Hybrid. This will be most useful.”

Kol is slumped over on the ground, helpless to do anything as the witches retreat, Abby locking the cell after her.

“Don’t go too far!” She calls tauntingly, her voice echoing in the darkness. “I’ll be back for more soon enough.”

He’s not sure how much time passes in their cell. During that time Abby comes to draw more of his blood, the same witches accompanying her each time. Kol begins murmuring threats under his breath, and soon enough he’s made it very apparent in excruciating detail just how he’s going to go about disembowelling them all once he gets out.

Abby just laughs at that, tucking the now filled syringe into her pocket carefully.

“You’re not getting out of here anytime soon Kol Mikaelson.”

Kol just rolls his eyes, like it’s the stupidest thing he’s heard all week.

“Whatever you say, April.”

“It’s Abby!” The witch snarls before she’s stalking out of the cell, slamming the door behind her great force.

The lack of blood must be getting to him, because he could have sworn that the ground just moved beneath him.

“Did you feel that?” He asks Kol, who just grunts in surprise. Kol seemingly turns into a pre pubescent girl when deprived of blood, all moody and unwilling to talk to anyone.

The ground moves beneath him again, and he wrenches himself into a sitting position, eyes scanning the darkness beyond the cell carefully.

Hurried footsteps echo along the stone, and he bares his fangs, ready to face whatever threat comes through those doors.

He’s surprised to see Caroline, dressed all in black and carrying a metal base ball bat over her shoulder.

She’s got black gloves on, and she blinks at them in surprise, as if she can scarcely believe her luck in finding them.

“I leave New Orleans for one day on a shopping trip with Katherine and you get yourself into trouble? Honestly Klaus, we’re going to be having words about this later-“ She breaks off, sinking to her knees with a scream as one of the witches appears behind her, hand held out in the air as she delivers a no doubt excruciating vampire aneurysm.

He snarls, finally breaking through the manacles he’d been slowly weakening over the past few days or however long he’d been in here for.

To his surprise Caroline’s eyes pop open and she winks at him before striking out with her bat, breaking the neck of the witch, who crumples to the ground like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

“Just kidding.” She says lightly. “Bonnie used to perform them on me. I built up a tolerance. They’re far too inconvenient to have to deal with, don’t you think?” She asks conversationally as Kol just gapes at her in amazement. “Of course you’re here as well.” Caroline directs towards Kol.

“Is that my baseball bat?” Kol asks, seemingly regaining his composure as Caroline gives it a swing.

“Yeah it’s great. I can see why you favour it so much. And just knowing that this is the very bat that broke Damon Salvatore’s kneecaps…” Caroline gives a wistful sigh. “Hey Kat, I found them!” She yells a little louder.

The darkness shifts a little as Katerina Petrova steps up beside Caroline, a somewhat exasperated look on her face as she catches sight of Kol and Klaus.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to go wandering off in a witches den, Forbes?”

“How did you two get in anyway?” Kol asks, as Klaus crosses the small space and rips the manacles from his wrists and ankles.

Katerina just shrugs.

“They were amateurs. And we had help. Your girlfriend’s outside and she’s not impressed.” Katherine replies.

“I’m a little turned on right now.” Kol admits out loud as the occupants of the room turn to face him as one. Kol looks sheepish if not unapologetic, simply shrugging as Katherine looks at him incredulously.

“Kol.” Klaus replies evenly. “Stop talking. Now.”

Kol makes a movement of zipping his lips shut and throwing away the key, an altogether human gesture that makes him roll his eyes.

He turns his gaze towards Caroline, who even now is bending her head to talk to Katerina. Why Elijah insists on keeping her around he’ll never know, but now that the two are entangled she’s firmly on his No Kill list. He knows that Caroline is also fond of her maker, despite everything that had happened between them.

“Okay, time to go boys.” Katerina finally says out loud as she and Caroline break the lock on the door and haul it open.

He staggers a little as he makes his way towards the opening, Caroline catching him around the waist and slinging one of his arms over her shoulder with a look of concern.

Kat is practically hauling Kol bodily up the stairs, the other Mikaelson not in much better shape given the lack of blood. They’re easy targets to anyone else who happens to be lurking in the house, but they manage to pass unmolested into the front room, where two of the witches, Abby included are lying in rapidly spreading pools of blood.

He listens out for heartbeats and is somewhat delighted when he hears none.

“Proud of you sweetheart.” He remarks gruffly, once they’re out in the humid air of New Orleans. Davina relieves Katerina of Kol, the young witch looking slightly concerned at the pale set to Kol’s skin.

“Thanks.” She says under her breath as she steers him towards a waiting car.

“Come on then, let’s get you home. Even the big scary Hybrid is allowed to have rest days.”

I don't understand

How are there people who actually LOOK GOOD when they play their instruments?! It doesn’t matter what I play, I always look like some sort of troll. Even on when I play the piano I look like I’m smelling a foul oder while getting hit with a base ball bat! People who look good while playing should be burned at the stake for witchcraft.

Deer in front of headlights

It was the end of another long day at Hogwarts. Bobby was slowly trudging back to the Gryffindor common room. He watched as other class mates passed him happy to be finally done with class for the day. Groups of people were seen goofing around and chatting as they walked. The boy was just about to enter the stair case as it hit him. As an all to familiar feeling of fear hit him like a base ball bat straight to the head. Bobby froze in the hallway not really knowing what was going on as he was consumed by fear. A couple people brushed past him but he stayed frozen until someone ran straight into him. The boy quickly snapped out of the frozen state he was in as he stumbled forward. Bobby quickly turned around and saw the other students papers fly all around them “Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! Here let me help!” The boy quickly went to grab the stray papers that were scattered around the floor.

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I got a message from an anonymous person expressing their polite displeasure with my baseball kick tonight… my response is this…

Why not?  Baseball to me is a small slice of summer joy served with a side of hot dogs, peanuts, cold beer and cracker jacks, all wrapped in the red, white and blue.  There is something about the simplicity or 3 strikes, 3 bases, a ball and a bat which makes life just a tad bit more enjoyable.  People complain that baseball is boring, the games take too long, that baseball pales in comparison to other harder hitting sports but that’s where it appeals to me… it’s a game of finesse, it’s a game of risks, it’s America’s summer pastime, it’s a game of beauty.

My sons have both been loving and playing baseball for a couple years now and I couldn’t be more delighted.  I appreciate the fact that they can sit and watch 9 innings of baseball and never complain when the game drags on, or when the pitcher attempts to pick-off a runner on first, they love this game and even at such young ages they enjoy the “cat and mouse” that is baseball.  I never complain about the baseball cards on the floor, the baseball bags littering the doorway to their bedroom, the missed bedtimes when we watch games together, or their desire to play catch with ol’ dad in the backyard.

Baseball is part of who I am as an American and though I may not be what you call fanatical it makes the lazy, hazy days of summer that more enjoyable and I will always post baseball imagery whenever the spirit moves me… I hope you’ll humor me.