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Boruto and Himawari’s Backpacks

Based on this Post! 


  • He gets bentos from Hinata, and the little blue notes are from Hima, telling him to have a great day.
  • He can’t bring himself to throw the notes away so he always has a bunch in his bag
  • his hand-held gaming console. You never know when your gonna run into Inojin and Shikadai. 
  • A rejected genin application form. The picture got messed up. Oh, he didn’t paint his face like Naruto did or anything. He sneezed. He keeps it because it’s funny to look at. 
  • Mitsuki once wrote “Sarada <3 Boruto” on note to Boruto and he got so annoyed he scratched it out and crumpled it up. He’s forgotten to throw it away. 
  •  A really old, really dirty rag. He uses it to clean everything- his gaming console, his headband… he keeps it hidden in his bag because he knows that if Hinata sees it he’s dead, and he’s too lazy to buy a new one. 
  • Spare chain for his necklace. Himawari made it by hand. It’s too uneven to use, but he refuses to throw it away because he loves his sister way too much for that. 
  • A little hand-drawn picture of him and Hima, which she drew for him. Never. Losing. This. Picture. 
  • Some materiel for his jacket. Hinata was going to use it to fix his clothes before he decided to keep them that way. He keeps the cloth for emergencies. 
  • Spare bandages. He had to wait AN HOUR to get fixed up when he was burned. Not happening again. 
  • Needle and thread. After the Great Panda Incident he taught himself how to sew. You know, just in case. 
  • Chopsticks from Ichiraku. From the first time Naruto took him there after a successful mission. He doesn’t want to throw them away. 
  • If you look under the gamer, there’s a stack of notes. He was playing some game with Sarada and she won, which annoyed him, so he scratched it out. 
  • Never cleans his bag so there is dirt EVERYWHERE (Keeps his room clean but forgets about the bag completely someone help this child)
  • Little angst here- There’s JUST enough money for two bowls of ramen. After that one time Naruto took him there (see chopsticks) Boruto has always kept some money at hand, in case Naruto is suddenly free to take him at a moment’s notice.  
    But he’s never used it. Not even once. 


  • Her Panda Doll, all patched up. 
  • Guess who inherited her mom’s love for cinnamon rolls?
  • Takes fresh sunflowers to Neji’s grave with Hinata everyday. I will die with this headcanon. 
  • Spare hair tie (Cause once it ripped when she went on a rampage)
  • Yes that is a map of Konoha, courtesy overprotective dad. 
  • Yes there are two strips of paper with phone numbers courtesy overprotective dad again.
  • Crayons. She does all her colouring with this. The pack’s lid is loose from overuse so a few crayons always get out (I wanted to draw them a little worn out but i was already done so)
  • Under the Cinnamon roll, there’s a little photo of her. It’s for her genin application, she says. Everyone knows she’ll have to take a new one, but no one says anything. 
  • She bought Ink once, to try it out. The cap was totally loose, so it spilled everywhere. There’s a tissue she used to soak it up. Both are still in her bag. The bottle is empty, though. 
  • Finally, there are a LOT OF DOODLES. Listed below>>>

- Hinata with whiskers

-Naruto and Boruto doing the fist bump 



-Naruto and Hinata being cute

-I’m not telling you what the blue and green shoes mean. Figure it out. 

-Er…. there’s a photograph of Neji. She kept asking to see it all the time so Hinata gave it to her. 

Steven Universe Theory

Warning! Potential spoilers for “The Answer” and “It Could’ve Been Great”!

Again, Images from the Steven Universe wiki.

After “The Answer” came out, I saw some people saying that the statue Pearl shows in “Cheeseburger Backpack” (long thought to be a statue of the ever-elusive Blue Diamond), was not because of the four arms.

(Pictured: Pearl projecting an image of a statue surrounded by high-class gems. The center gem statue is tall and has a blue diamond-shaped gem on their chest).

Additionally, here is an unedited image of Blue Diamond from “The Answer”.

(Pictured: A seated Blue Diamond with a Blue Pearl standing in the foreground).

At first glance, Blue Diamond appears to only have one arm shown. However, when broken down…

The arms in this image seem to end and begin from nowhere. Maybe this is just an issue with perspective, though… After all, none of the other Diamonds have strange body parts, right?

(Pictured: The Yellow Diamond mural shown in “It Could’ve Been Great” She is glancing upward and depicted in a stylized manner).

The Yellow Diamond mural shows her with an extremely long neck. It’s not just the style, the Blue (and presumably White) Diamond murals show them with regular neck length. Although this isn’t solid evidence, it can provide some backup for this multiple arm theory. Depending on what Yellow Diamond could look like when/if she makes an appearance, this could confirm or deny any further implications of the long neck/multiple arms.

(Pictured: Blue Diamond’s mural and a traced version of said mural).

Here is Blue Diamond’s mural. She is shown with a strange, overlapping color outside of her regular arms. This is also not seen on Yellow Diamond’s mural.

One last thing, A traced over version of the statue in the Lunar Sea Spire statue compared to the Blue Diamond mural.

Please let me know your opinion on this theory!

Erste Station gebucht!

Wir haben lang nix mehr von uns hören lassen, deswegen bringen wir euch mal auf den aktuellsten Stand unserer Planungen:

Seit dem letzten Eintrag haben wir’s eigentlich geschafft, alle wichtigen Dinge zu besorgen, ab jetzt steht nur noch “Kleinkram” auf dem Programm…

Sprich der ganze Kas wie Jacken, Schlafsäcke, Schuhe, Rucksäcke, Reiseführer ist alles fertig.

Gestern haben wir sogar die ersten 5 Nächte in Auckland gebucht, und zwar im “Base Backpackers Auckland”. Zwar ein riesen Komplex, aber bei 11 Euro die Nacht kann man definitiv nicht meckern!

Was uns jetzt noch fehlt und ziemlich wichtig ist, ist die Routenplanung für die Reise… Da stehen wir noch völlig im Trockenen, aber auch das wird (irgendwann)

Also dann, bis die Tage :)

I saw a new photo of my niece getting ready for her first day of school in FB, and it kinda inspired me to make this drawing of my older NaLu daughter Luna on her first day of school

Sarada’s Backpack

Based on this post!

  • A case for her glasses. She may need it for overnight missions. Or when she really needs to kick some ass. Whichever. 
  • An old, rusted Kunai. She prefers to fight with her hands. There are old bloodstains on the handle though, so it’s definitely been used a few times.
  • Hahaaaa Hanabi’s habit with putting charms on the Kunai. Viva Uchiha :D 
  • Family photograph (of course she carries one)
  • Team Konohamaru photograph. Mitsuki was in the middle (you can kinda see his fabulous clothes)
  • You may not be able to see, cause of tumblr’s shitty quality, but the note under the glasses case is from Sasuke. He’s going on a trip to Suna with Naruto and he left a note saying he’d be back in two days. Naruto wrote ‘Love you!’ under it, which Sauce the Tsundere scratched out. He signed it ‘Papa’ and you can see a little ‘and’ under it, probably Naruto adding his name, but he was clearly stopped. 
  • She found a pebble that reminded her of mama’s forehead mark. Totally forgot to take it out. 
  • She bought tomato seeds as a joke. Totally forgot to take them out, too. 
  • Yes, those are doodles of Shin Uchiha. Probably between her and Chocho. 
  • A little doodle from Himawari of Sarada as hokage. Who doesn’t love Himawai? Of course she kept it. 
  • Mitsuki wrote “Boruto <3 Sarada” on a note to her. She crumpled it up and has totally forgotten about it. 
  • Cloth to clean her stuff. (that’s the pink thing under the kunai btw). She always buys fresh ones because she doesn’t like keeping the dirty ones. 
  • Old blood stained cotton. Just got back from a mission, hasn’t thrown it away yet. She always has blood stained cotton in her bag. There’s a downside to always using your fists. 
  • We all know that Sauce’s favourite food is tomato but a lesser known fact is Mama Uchiha’s love for pickled plums. Sarada often buys her mom a jar on her way back home. Sakura loves her for it. 
  • That red ribbon belonged to Sakura. She gave it so Sarada in case she ever wanted to tie her hair back in a more comfortable way after a mission. Sarada doesn’t want to damage it so she keeps it safe in her bag. 
  • I think Sarada’s the kind of girl who would see pretty leaves and pick them up like, ‘ah, that’s pretty’, but then forget to take them out. So her bag is just full of dead leaves in the bottom.