base and flyer


High school team of the day:
River Bluff

They got 2nd btw


I seriously thought this was a college team but NOPE it’s freaking high school omg

  Down on her luck, that was how Joohyun felt before stumbling across the flyer posted near long closed grocery store she’d been using as a sort of base. The flyer was calling for auditions for some film project, but the promise of pay was what really caught her eye. Using her last bit of change on the nearest payphone, Joohyun had called the number on the flyer without the slightest hesitation. The voice at the other end had been somewhat gruff, and uninviting, but the girl didn’t let it phase her as she listened to the details offered and arranged to meet the poster of the flyers. 

  She arrived early at the convenience store the male had told her to meet him at, and she sat herself down at the table furthest from the entrance. Staring longingly at the people at the next table over, or more specifically, the ramen the people at that table were eating. So caught up in the smell of the food, the girl sat waiting. Spaced out, inattentive to her surroundings. 

Teams Who Didn't Make The Playoffs: What To Look Forward To Next Season:
  • Boston Bruins: Probably the playoffs because yall literally are the Bruins and you'll be back in it next year.
  • Dallas Stars: Jamie Benn.
  • Los Angelas Kings: Jonathan Quick.
  • Florida Panthers: The potential to start being a playoff caliber team, oh and Jagr let's not forget about the forty-three year old monster.
  • San Jose Sharks: making it into the playoffs... and choking.
  • Columbus Blue Jacket: awesome up and coming fan base!
  • Colorado Avalanche: Gabe.
  • Philadelphia Flyers: I'm not sure about this one.
  • New Jersey Devils: another season of low scoring and defense!
  • Carolina Hurricanes: Eric, Jordan, Cam, and Jeff.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Steve Dangle!
  • Edmonton Oilers: Hopkins & Hall
  • Arizona Coyotes: people finally realizing that you are the "ARIZONA" coyotes now!
  • Buffalo Sabres: moving up the standings!

There is no such thing as being “too big to fly” and I feel like this statement has caused a lot of harm to people’s self confidence especially when they are skilled and have good body control. I feel like the wording behind this is the real issue, being usually the problem is your bases aren’t big or strong enough to lift the person. As a coach of a younger team I’ve come across a bunch of girls who are flexible and have good body control but are taller and bigger than their back spots and as sad as it may be I had to tell them they couldn’t fly because the other girls couldn’t safely pick her up and have energy to finish a full routine. so to repeat my point the fault should be pointed at the bases not the potential flyer.