Sooo I’m a big fan of @tamarinfrog ( @searching-for-bananaflies ) and her squid kids. So is my best friend @waitingfox22 she’s and Uber fan. So I decided it was about time I did Squid fan art of my two favorite kids of hers. Using a Lovely base that I needed to use XD
And then I added text.
So hopefully she enjoys it, because I certainly love when Tetrox Messes with Arnick. It’s always a pleasure to see~

copper-fisk asked:

I was wondering about the cozy cats studio thing and how it says it comes in a zip file of SAI and something else. Do you have to have those programs to make use of all the stuff? Just curious about it because I'm considering buying it.

It comes in a zip file full of Sai and PSD files and my brush settings. I honestly do not recommend using any other programs to use these files. All the tails, ears, hair, face and clothes parts etc are on separate layers organized in appropriately labeled layer groups!  Depending on which one you choose emails are sent out each month (or bi-annually) with new stuff in them from me and artists ive hand picked to work along side :)

Soft Valentine's Day Makeup

New beauty post on #ofdreamsandthings: a Soft Valentine’s Day Makeup look!

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With V-day just around the corner, I think its only apt that I share with you a little makeup look I did one morning before work. I don’t have the luxury of putting on a full face all the time, but I did this soft Valentine’s-inspired look just for kicks. Also, I’ve been seeing quite a number of Valentine’s day makeup looks that I got inspired to whip something up for myself! I’m normally a slick…

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Syrian Kurdish forces recaptured rebel-held air base

Kurdish fighters backed by Russian bombing raids have driven Syrian rebels from a former military air base near the border with Turkey, a group that monitors the war said on Thursday.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks the war through a network of sources on the ground, reported heavy fighting between Kurds and Syrian rebels around Menagh air base, a former Syrian air force facility that had fallen into rebel hands.
Russian warplanes staged at least 30 raids against rebels at the base before the Kurdish fighters were able to seize it.
The Russians are happy to help the Kurds in this instance as it means further problems for the Syrian rebels they are trying to destroy.
“On the ground it looks as though they are waging one operation and of course the selectiveness of the Russian bombing confirms this,” he added.

Lingerie and Feeling Better - https://goo.gl/6qqE3O

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If you’ve been living in the present day, you must know how the purchases of underwear have skyrocketed in the last century. Many researchers have given their very own theories for this gain in momentum of lingerie shopping. Although many theories have been given, these all share a common base, which is: Women today realize that the right lingerie can help them feel confident and in power, women today are much more dedicated to the way they look and they care significantly more about their intimate apparel. A Delicate Matter In such a vast market for lingerie, things can get pretty c

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