[NEWS] Jonghyun’s “Crazy” is the most watched K-Pop MV for the month of January

Jonghyun‘s “Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)” music video featuring IRON has been deemed the most viewed K-pop video in America and around the world for the month of January 2015.

According to Billboard on February 11th, Jonghyun’s “Crazy” topped the K-pop music video ranking for January in both America and Worldwide charts. Jonghyun’s other popular solo track “Deja Boo” also ranked in both charts in 6th place.

In America, Keith Ape‘s “It G Ma” took 2nd place in most views, followed by JYP Entertainment‘s latest solo singer G.Soul with “You” in third place, 4MINUTE‘s “Cold Rain” in fourth, and INFINITE H‘s “Pretty” in fifth. Others who ranked included Mad Clown, Jung Yonghwa, and Sungha Jung.

For the Worldwide chart, Yonghwa’s “One Fine Day” and “Mileage” took second and fourth place respectively with Mad Clown’s “Fire” in third and 4MINUTE’s “Cold Rain” in fifth. Others included 1PUNCH, G.Soul, G-Friend, and INFINITE H.

Meanwhile, Jonghyun has seen tremendous success with his first solo album, winning several music show trophies for “Deja Boo” and topping Billboard’s World Album Chartas well.

Jonghyun ‘ Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) (feat. 아이언)’ Music Video’

Source: The Chosun Star and Billboard
Via: Koreaboo

this is a list of accolades, achievements, awards, ect. that jonghyun brought in during his first solo promotional period. (we’ve counted the beginning of this period as everything from the initial physical release of “déjà-boo" on january 7th to his very last day of promotions on sbs’ "inkigayo" on february 15th.


+ with the exception of the two title tracks, every other song on the mini album (minus “fortune cookie" because it’s only featured on the physical release of the album) ranked on the gaon’s digital chart for the week of january 4th - 10th: "love belt" at #16, "hallelujah" at #27, "mono-drama" at #28, "beautiful tonight" at #29 and "neon" at #37, respectively.
+ ranked #1 on gaon’s digital chart for the week of january 4th - 10th, along with ranking #7 on their digital streaming chart and #3 on their bgm chart.
+ preorder sales for “base" took the number one spot on the tower records chart. (a japanese chart) it also ranked #1 on itunes japan’s digital chart.
+ ranked #1 on gaon’s (physical) album chart for the week of january 11th - 17th.
+ ranked #2 on billboard’s world album chart during it’s first week of release before moving up a spot to #1 for it’s second week. it also reached #20 on billboard’s heatseekers chart.
+ reached #1 on multiple other album charts for it’s physical sales in it’s first week of release, including: hanteo (for two weeks running), hanteo, hottracks, synnara and yes24.
+ sold 30,042 copies in it’s first week of release, 25,522 copies in it’s second and 5,743 in it’s third, bringing the told number of sales in january to 61,307. (s/n: the monthly sales count ended on a friday evening so saturday and sunday were not included in finals sales like they usually would be, seeing as the last two days of the week were obviously… in february.)
+ as of february 3rd the album had sold close to 75k copies physically.
+ was the first release by a korean musician to reach the top of any given billboard chart in the year of 2015.
+ ranked #1 on hanteo’s monthly physical chart for the month of january. also ranked #1 on hottracks and synnara records’ monthly charts, and #2 on gaon’s monthly physical chart for the same month.

crazy (guilty pleasure)

+ debuted at #3 on gaon’s realtime digital chart an hour after it’s digital release on january 12th. (s/n: it actually debuted in realtime at #1 before dropping to #3.)
+ ranked #5 on gaon’s digital chart for the week of january 11th - 17th, along with ranking #5 on their weekly download chart.
+ ranked #31 on the melon digital streaming chart overall for the month of january.
+ as of february 6th the total digital sales / downloads were at 105,666+ downloads.


+ hit the melon roof during it’s first hour of release and proceeded to stay at the #1 spot on the melon digital chart (which is the most relevant and popular digital streaming site in south korea) for almost three days running. it debuted at the #1 spot on every other digital streaming chart, with the exception of daum and cyworld, as well, sticking there for just as long (if not longer) as it did with melon. it, essentially, achieved an all-kill.
+ ranked at #6 on the melon digital streaming chart at the end of it’s first week of release. (s/n: the song was released midway through the week.)
+ ranked #3 on the melon digital streaming chart overall for the month of january.
+ brought in eight wins on every airing music show in south korea. (“mtv the show”, “show champion”, “m!countdown”, “music bank”, “music core" and "inkigayo”.) won two weeks in a row on “music core" and "mtv the show”. this makes him the second highest ranking soloist from sm in terms of solo wins after boa.
+ as of the final day of promotions (february 15th kst) the song was still ranking, sitting at the #33 spot. the song had never dropped lower than #35, and this was thirty six days after it’s initial digital release.
+ as of february 13th the total digital sales / downloads were at 308,073+ downloads.

and, now…, these aren’t exactly accolades but more like personal achievements:

+ if not counting woollim artists or artists from subsidiaries of sm: he’s the first artist from the company to have collaborations / featurings from artists outside of the company on his album.
+ the first artist from sm to have double title tracks and promote them consecutively / at the same time.
+ including bonus tracks: wrote the lyrics to seven of the eight songs on “base" on his own and co-wrote the remaining one with wheesung. he also composed five of the eight songs (one on his own, one with deez, two with wefreaky and one with wefreaky/zion.t.)
+ promoted for forty five days altogether. this included making thirty five appearances between all core six music shows (with a total of forty performances altogether between both title tracks and “hallelujah”), appearing on four radio shows, four variety shows (which, to note, it’s rare for jonghyun to appear on variety shows on his own), three magazine editorials / photoshoots, multiple interviews, two concert performances (one with shinee, the other individually), eleven fansigns and hosting his radio show nightly from midnight to two am.
+ managed to get listerine to, essentially, send him a lifetime supply of mouthwash based off of hype created from a meme.
+ promoted for six full weeks altogether, which is longer than the average promotional period for most sm artists.
+ held his own on the monthly digital chart against digital “monsters” such as: noel, mad clown and davichi. (this is big considering that sm groups are usually known to good physically for a short period of time before dropping lower on the charts and best physically. he’s kept longevity with his single digitally though which is very impressive, especially for a first time soloist.)
+ every single music show win was for a song he co-composed and wrote himself.