Royai Week - Day 1 “Dreams”

Note: This fic takes place after the beginning of the episode “Conflict at Baschool” of FMA:B for reference. It’s always been one of my favorite Royai scenes. It’s short, and they’re not even near each other, but it’s really profound how he knows she’s upset without her even saying anything and she’s comforted by him without him even meaning to.

Warning: There is a mention of sex but no actual smut. It was hard but I kept it clean. Also, per my usual, this is way longer than I intended. What’s new.

Happy Royai week everyone!

He often dreamed of her.

Sure, there was the occasional sex dream. He was just a man after all, and even poser playboy Roy Mustang still had the natural urges that guys tend to have, minus the usual outlet for that kind of thing. And who else would those kinds of dreams involve? It’s not like he thought of any other person the way he thought about her.

To have dreams like that about anyone else would have been a betrayal in his mind.

His dreams of Riza weren’t always of that nature, and he sadly hadn’t had those in quite some time. Now they were mystical and enigmatic; he would just see a wisp of her hair or a glance of her burned back in a swirling haze of confused imagery. Other things would accompany the glimpses of her: fire and blood in the sand. Corpses. Empty telephone booths. Eyes that glowed in the dark.

He would wake up, out of breath, torn between crying and wanting to scream. Sometimes her name would be on the tip of his tongue. Yet he always remained silent.

Until one night.

She often dreamed of him.

Usually it was one very specific dream where she would chase after him through different landscapes, warped places that they had been together. Her father’s house. Ishval. Military buildings. Her apartment. Riza Hawkeye would never be able to catch him, and even if she called his name, he never turned around.

Until one night.

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