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WAIT NO "melek taus" is "king peacock" IM AN IDIOT EIRIKR FORGIVE ME

Too late. Now everyone will see this post and your shame:

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Yeah, maybe (well, surely) they don’ t even exist, BUT DAMN



If you want to make me a gift (?) give me these rings. GO TO A GOLDSMITH’ S AND ORDER THEM.

THIS PICTURE IS SO OLD!! my style changed a bit (i haven’t improved)

NOV 2011

In continuation with my desire to draw FFXII crossed over with the DA universe, have Basch Von Ronsenburg OF DALMASCA Judge Magister Gabranth getting into a bit of a spat with Knight Commander Cullen. Why are they fighting? IDEK, they’re beautiful men with big swords? Okay, okay… hmm

While Basch is not much of a magic user (I say not much of one because even if he isn’t a mage, he still has his quickenings and I sometimes used him for casting status ailments on enemies), I doubt he’d take kindly to the way mages are treated in Thedas. I guess in this picture he’s interfering with Cullen’s hunt of an apostate.

“You’ll not take this child. I have seen what your order does to them and it is barbaric!”

Basch is such a papa wolf :3 And even though Cullen has been broken by what happened in Fereldan’s Circle, I think some of his doubts still linger. I think, eventually, they’d wind up as total bros though.