Bascetta Star designed by Paolo Bascetta


This is one of my favorite models and it’s really easy to make. If you like these little guys you should check out penguinorigami. He works with this unit a lot and posts some amazing work. 


designed by Paulo Bascetta


Remember the one I made for my dad? See it HERE. Or you can look above. Hahaha! The blue one is my dad’s. I gave it to him for Fathers’ Day this year.

I made this not because I’m bored, I totally wouldn’t make it again if I was. Anyway…

We have this PROCESS SPEECH in ORALCOM (oral communication class). My friend and I will be presenting an origami How-To. NO, the one above isn’t the origami we’ll be making.

We’re going to challenge our classmates that whoever is the first one who makes the origami that we just taught will win the Bascetta star. I think it’s a pretty cool prize. ;)

And the paper I used for the colorful one is from the same paper I used in the CURLER ICOSIDODECAHEDRON that I made for my cousin (who is now in America, it’s my parting gift for her). There were excess papers from the other origami and used that for this one.

For those who want ot see the process of the Bascetta, see HERE.

The 3rd photo above has my SLR lens cap for the size comparison.