basantapur durbar square


Nepal’s devastating earthquake that hit Saturday is now blamed for at least 3,700 deaths. Reconstruction is estimated to cost billions. International aid efforts are underway, but aftershocks are rattling survivors’ nerves and making the recovery even more challenging.

Rescue crews and aid groups are working to reach survivors — but their efforts are being hampered by the stricken areas’ remote locations. Roads that are drivable are clogged with traffic.

Officials warn the death toll could go much higher. The 7.8-magnitude quake has left nearly 1 million children in need of humanitarian aid, UNICEF says.

More Than 3,700 Dead In Nepal As Earthquake’s Toll Rises

Photo credits: Omar Havana/Getty Images, Prakash Mathema/AFP/Getty Images and Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

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Kathmandu Valley’s treasures: Before and After the Gorkha Earthquake

Top row: Basantapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu with the 9-story Basantapur tower on the right

2nd row: Bhaktapur Durbar Square in Bhaktapur with the Vatsala Durga temple (grey stone) destroyed by the earthquake

3rd row: The iconic Dharahara Tower before and after the Gorkha Earthquake

4th row: Patan Durbar Square in Patan. The after image is looking back at the square from the north side (opposite of the before image)