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he /thought/ he was in love, but instead actually obsessed... so did ishim think cas was obsessed with dean but hes actually in love 🤔

ask n. 2   “ishim is a monster incapable of healthy love” That’s why I don’t really like that comparison. They got compared to something that wasn’t really love, but more like a stalker obsessed with a poor woman. 

(This turned way too long, so here’s a recap: I discuss the comparison between Ishim and Cas /and respective relationships with humans/, which tells us who Cas is by contrast; I also draw a parallel between Ishim and Godstiel, aka Cas’ darkest side – that Cas still managed to overcome on his own, because despite everything he’s always had a good heart and good intentions; also, are we supposed to reconsider the nature - platonic or potentially romantic - of Dean and Cas’ relationship in s6?)

Hello there, my friends! Unfortunately, you have just opened a can of worms, since I was writing some meta on the parallel between Ishim and Cas. 
To answer the first question, well, yes. Ishim (like many angels) doesn’t understand human feelings and emotions. Not only he’s a manipulative and abusive douchebag, he also lacks the experience to understand what love is (Cas, on the other hand, has been human..). 
So, when he sees the bond between Dean and Cas, he compares it to what he knows. And what does he know? The love he knows is obsession, rotten to the core; the human he wanted never loved him back; he thinks she made him weaker (and this is just textbook abusive behavior). So when he sees how far Cas has fallen (subtext: for a human), of course he thinks Cas is in his same situation. 

You know why we’re meant to stay away from them humans? Hmm? It’s not because we’re a danger to them. They’re a danger to us.

Yeah, he’s talking about both Dean and Sam, but casually Sam is never called Cas’ human weakness (context: we’re talking romantic love, throwback to Metatron saying Cas was in love with… humanity, just to point out one episode later that Cas’ goal was all about saving one human), nor he is in the climatic scene where Ishim goes after humani– erm, Dean (hint: Sam wasn’t supposed to be there because Cas loves Sam, but he’s not in love with Sam). 

Now, on to question #2. Too much exposition is deadly to a story. A great way to show who a character is or what they’ve become is… to contrast them with who they’re not (same goes for relationships).

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Team Voltron’s Chosen Fighting Styles?

Shiro: Muay Thai

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Keith: Jeet Kune Do

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Lance: Pencak Silat

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Pidge: Wing Chun

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Hunk: Hung Gar

Coran: Bare-Knuckle Boxing

Allura: Ba Gua

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x6-88 psa ✌ ✌

I see a lot of people saying that because they’ve never sided with the institute/have no interest doing so, they can’t have or keep X6-88 as a companion (and basically, get to know him as a character.)

But if you side with the Railroad you most certainly can.

I think its because when doing Underground Undercover you never actually become “enemies” with the Institute? (x6 lovin pro tip;;; either way in the course of doing that quest you unlock him as a companion after Mankind-Redefined, just go to the SRB………… i’ve literally seen people who sided with the railroad say they never unlocked him and its like……bruh but u have)

& being able to keep him is clearly intentional, considering he can help you during the Railroad’s The Nuclear Option and then has dialogue about you destroying the Institute (only if you take him with you i think), but it is lazily done? Like, he still has all of his Institute related dialogue and basically continues in a similar way to Danse still acting like he’s in the Brotherhood. (and tbh he should have had a whole conversation about it…. and not just a single line of dialogue, wtf……….but whatever….)

So yeah, anyone who didn’t know this and sides/is planning to side with the Railroad now has no excuse not to love, cherish, and protect get to know X6    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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mulan week, day 2: favourite side character

Some thoughts about Eiffel (Spoilers for Mayday)

So the new episode of Wolf 359 came out today, and it was amazing as usual. Obviously I was relieved to find out that our boy had survived (I knew they could’t kill him off, he’s the heart and soul of the team!) but there’s something about this episode that really got me thinking. 

When the bomb explodes and Eiffel loses communication with the Hephaestus as he goes careening into deep space, he starts to hallucinate people from aboard the ship to help him cope with the situation. 

Immediately. He begins hallucinating immediately. And the hallucinations are so vivid that Eiffel cries out in pain when one of them slaps him. Even under extreme stress, it’s a little unusual for someone to begin visual and auditory hallucinations that quickly. And having one physically interact with him, well… that’s a red flag right there. What’s even stranger is that Eiffel doesn’t take any time to question this. He acknowledges that the vision is not real, but he doesn’t take anytime to worry about what the implications to his mental health here are. 

I have two thoughts on this. The first thought is that the hallucinations might be more than just a stress response; it was revealed in the episode 27 that the radiation emitted by the star was making screwing with the crews minds and making them extremely paranoid. Is it possible that the stress of being suddenly stranded in deep space compounded the effect of the star’s radiation to produce hallucinations? 

My second thought pertains more to why he was so accepting of his hallucinations. My second thought concerns the episode Am I Alone Now? 

In Eiffel’s section of the video, he’s taking a mandatory psychological test. The questions are being read to him by a robot voice, except that it’s revealed by Minkowski that he was actually reading the questions out himself, using a voice box to make it sound like a robot. He says that it’s to make it more entertaining, but I’m not so sure about that. 

In their commentary on the episode, Gabriel Urbina says that this episode was about exploring who each of the characters was when they were alone. And apparently when Eiffel is alone he fills the space with an altered projection of his own voice, just to have someone to talk to. It’s also worth noting that during the word association section of the test, Eiffel fires off witty responses to every word on the list until he gets to “alone”. He falters there, and even presses himself (in the robot voice) for a response. 

The impression that I get from this is that the idea of being alone is something that Eiffel finds truly disturbing. Even for the few minutes that it takes to complete a psych evaluation, he needs to create the illusion of someone to talk to, even if it’s just himself speaking in a computer voice. He ends the episode saying “Where was I? Oh right, alone. Again. Naturally; just me and the voices”. 

M point is that maybe he immediate acceptance of the hallucinations is because he NEEDS to have someone to talk to, even if it’s just himself. It’s worth noting that he gets very annoyed with the Lovelace hallucination when she points at that she’s only an extension of his mind. Maybe because he needs to hold onto the illusion that he has someone there with him. 

Eiffel was trapped on the shuttle for over 180 days. And yes, he spent a lot of that time asleep in the chyrostasis pod, but there were still at least several days worth of time when he was awake, and aware of how much time had passed. Days spent crawling in and out of the pod as the cold bit into his lungs and his flesh, as his hair fell out, and as he sent transmission after transmission into space without an answer. And all the while trying to ignore the thought that later manifested as Hilbert; that he might still die before he was rescued. That this man, who couldn’t bear to stay alone in a room for a few minutes to do a psych evaluation might die without seeing another human face for the rest of his life. 

I might have held on to the hallucinations too.  

TL;DR I’m bad at explaining my ideas but I have a lot of feelings about Wolf 359 right now and I need to share them.