bas guitar


For @antiquaria @intheindigo who wanted me to play the Bass Line from Special Affair 😊😏🎸🎸💗💗💗 ignore me sick sniffling 😷🤒

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Me, Starveil, Viktor, Eon and the rest of the gang wanted to thank you all for the support you have given us for the past 15(?) months of my presence in dA and over a month here in Tumblr. As of today, I have 992 watchers in dA and 100 followers here.Yay!

Decided to draw Starveil and her 3rd and probably final version of her electric bass Thundering Brilliance. Its likeness is of a Steinberger bass, only without the tuning, distorter, frets and all electric components. It can only be played with her magic. Since I couldn’t obtain a Steinberger, might as well draw for her. So imagine her playing a Nightwish soundtrack :D

Thank you very much for the support and stay cool! :)