So I got to commission Baru for some adorable BennyMavs. If there’s like a cloud higher than the fabled nine then I’m on that cloud because Baru is one of my favorite artists ever and I’ve been a fan of her work for yeeeears and it’s like a dream come true that I actually had the chance to commission her.

Obviously done by Baruyon, characters are Benny and Maverick from my and Erli’s comic No End.


That’s a wrap folks! Sieglinde’s hunt is indeed over, for better or for worse. If you’d like to check out her entire 26-page story, you can do so at the Lordran and Beyond website! @baruyon deserves a real round of applause for doing such a fantastic job on this story, five months straight! :) Also, shoutout to @radoniondad for lending their lovely helmetless Siggydad design!

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I don't want to become 24...

@soraruru: 24歳になりたくないヨォ・・・

soraru: I don’t want to become 24…

@soraruru: なんで子供のままでいられないんでしょうか

soraru: I wonder why we can’t just stay as children like this

@uni_mafumafu: ヒッヒッヒ RT @soraruru まふまふうざいヨォ・・・ RT @uni_mafumafu @soraruru おじさんへ一歩ずつ近づきますね(*´▿`*)

mafumafu: you’ve become one step closer to becoming an old man (*´▿`*)

soraru: mafumafu, you’re annoying…

mafumafu: hihihi

@baru_nico: @soraruru はよ、25に、なぁーれ!

Baru: morning, become, 25ー!

@soraruru: @baru_nico うるせえぞババなんでもないです

soraru: shut up, old lady, it’s nothing

@baru_nico: @soraruru おい。その続きを言ってみろ。

baru: hey. Just try continuing what you were saying.

@soraruru: @baru_nico オレが25のときは!お前は27だ!!!!

soraru: When I become 25! You’ll be 27!!!!

@baru_nico: @soraruru それを!それをいうな!!!なんで続き言っちゃったんだよ!!!!!!!!!!!

baru: that! Don’t say that!!! Why’d you say the continuation of that!!!!!!!!

@chomaiyo: そらるおじちゃん

chomaiyo: soraru-oji-chan (oji is what you call an older man)

@soraruru: @chomaiyo 違うよ、全然違うよ

soraru: you’re wrong, you’re totally wrong

@soraruru: Recently, many people are getting married.

@soraruru: I think someone doesn’t need to tell that he or she is married, even though he or she really is. In the internet the number of people is big so you don’t need to tell.

* Soraru tweeted this because Baru was talking about how people in her age were getting married and she needs to find a husband and soraru replied with ;;

Bottomline: Soraru should marry his fans.


The latest wallpaper for Patreon supporters arrives just in time for Bloodborne’s release! $10+ supporters can download this stunning wallpaper of Eileen the Crow right now to add some feathery flair to a home PC or phone/tablet! Huge kudos go to baruyon for putting together such an amazing piece of art!

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