barty couch

Hunter and Hunted-Death Eaters

Maybe I am wrong….but there is something that bothers me in the movie Goblet of Fire, but I have seen that never mentioned by anybody else….

Both Moody (yes I know he is an impostor but it is important for his cover, so…) and Barty Crouch sr. are former Hunters of Death Eaters. And not only out of duty, but on the edge to be fantatical to hunt them down. And I know, so do they, that Snape is cleared of charges by the testimonial of Albus. But he was a Death Eater ( no one stops to be a Death Eater)

Given their tendency to be a fanatic in that matter I would have expected more animosity between Snape and those two. It is pretty unlucky too, that those szenes between in Moody and Snape about Harrys  Dragon egg are not in the movie, The behaviour of those two and Snape is almost friendly or at least professional.

Moody and Snape..

I really also love to see the movies. But some things I really miss….In GoF it seems Snape and Moody ( I know he is an impostor but he needs to behave like the real one, so…) are just colleagues. In my opinion they should behave more like enemies, with Moody as famous and successful Ex-Auror and Snape as former and still suspected death eater. A pity they missed that out…feels wrong (same with Barty Couch sr). I would have loved to see the szene when Snape and Moody met in the night. 

“You know I am hiding nothing, Moody” Snape said in a soft and dangerous voice “as you have searched my office pretty thoroughly yourself”


Moody….”I say there are spots that dont come off, Snape. Spots that never come off, do you know what I mean?”

Snape did suddenly something very strange. He seized his left forearm convulsively with his right hand, as though something on it had hurt him.