barty bart

List of things I have called the Bartimaeus trilogy characters
  • Nathaniel: Nat, Natty, Natty boy, Jonny, my trash child, my trash son, my precious fashion disaster.
  • Kitty: Kitty cat, the queen of my heart, squad mom*, queen of conspiracy theories*.
  • Bartimaeus: Bart, Barti, Barti boy, my other trash son, nerd, loser, that little shit, that sarcastic piece of shit, my beloved trash-talking son, asshole cat*.
  • Ptolemy: Ptol, my child, nerd, science nerd*, sarcastic little shit, my precious son, ray of sunshine, mister "sorry I haven't slept for a week bc science"*, my precious cinnamon roll.
  • Jakob: Jakeeeeeyyy, my beautiful son, Wine Mom*.
  • Faquarl: Faq, Lord Farquaad, Gordon Ramsay wannabe.
  • Jabor: J-boy, J-dog, helldoge, trash helldoge.
  • Queezle: Quiz, Quizzy, my daughter.
  • Lovelace: That slimy little fuck, Lovelacey.
  • Asmira: Assy McFrassy, my wife, smol sleep-deprived murder machine*.
  • Solomon: Sol, party king, fabulous party king, nerdlord supreme*.
  • Khaba: SHADOWFUCKER, that sentient pile of kinky garbage, trash king*, trash overlord*, THAT FKIN PIECE OF TRASH, that fucker.
  • Ammet: Trash marid, gay disaster, textbook example of a gay disaster, shadowy fuck, trash loser, the little shit, affectionate little shit*, attention whore, thirsty little fuck.
  • Nouda: Asshole.
  • * = fanfiction exclusive