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Christmas Prompt: Punch

Yay it’s almost Christmas!!!! May I request one for Jamie Reyes❤️ first Christmas together. They’re invited to the Christmas party at the manor. No one knew Jamie had a girlfriend, just Bart. Everyone was surprised when they saw them together. Can you make it all fluffy maybe a little bit sin but like not a lot just them getting heated in the moment. The reader was very shy so when they ended up standing under a mistletoe the YJ members noticed and cheered them to kiss. I hope I make sense 😂💙

Pairing Reader x Jaime Reyes


“Jaime stop.” You gasped with a giggle as he started kissing down your neck.”
“Yeah okay.” He sighed but a small smirk played on his lips “tonight,si?”
“Me encantaría (i’d love to) - just not with your friends around”
“But i just want to have it just you and me.”
“Just one hour you said, and it’s been 10 minutes.” You reminded him with a small kiss and he groaned
“Lo sé (i know).  Meet here again in 15 minutes?” He chuckled and put his hand onto the handle.
“If you get the potato salad, i’ll grab the cocktail sausages.”
“I’ll bring some punch too.” You giggled and waited a few minutes to leave after him.

Zipping between the members you shied away from the friendly faces, and went straight for the food table. You spotted another member talking to Jaime before he caught your eye and started going for the food table too.

As you both perused the food platter offered, you eventually met up at the punch bowl. His shoulder bumped yours and you suddenly heard wolf whistling behind you.

Loud coughing came from the girl you were told to call Artemis and you looked at Jaime with a confused look.
“Just kiss already.” You heard his best friend call out and you spotted the mistletoe hanging about the punch bowl.

He nodded at you seeking confirmation and you chuckled and leant in.
His lips landed softly on yours and cheers erupted around you, causing you to pull away quickly.
“You’d make such a cute couple.” M’gann giggled and you blushed.
“I’m glad we still do, it’s only been a year.” He nodded in agreement as he held you close.

“Hello M’gann!” The martian giggled “I was surprised to see you walk in with someone other than Impulse latched on your arm.

“Should i be worried?” You asked her with new found bravery
“You might find friendfiction of you is all.” She laughed


so a new girl joins the team in season 3, possibly a member of the batfam (maybe steph or harper? i’m not totally familiar with the girls), and she’s close to tim. they get to the watchtower on her first day and she sees jaime working out and she’s just like hot DAMN hot DAYYYYMMMMM. because jaime reyes only owns one shirt and three hoodies and he’s not going to waste any of them while working out and he has ABS 

and she, being a super forward person is just like, “dude i’m gonna go ask him out.” 

and tim’s like, “um, i really don’t think you want to do that” 

“does he have a girlfriend?” 

tim laughs really hard, and says, “nope, no girlfriend.” 

and then she’s just like, “I’M GOING FOR IT I’M GOING FOR IT I’M GOING FOR IT”

she like stumbles over her words trying to be smooth and get introductions out of the way, and she tries to casually ask him out to dinner. jaime’s not super observant but he does pick up on that. 

“do you mean like a date?” he asks, his eyebrows scrunching up. 

“yeah,” she says, biting her lip, “tim told me you don’t have a girlfriend.” bart allen’s “someone is hitting on the bae” senses finally start tingling. 

“um, i do have-” a yellow blur appears in between them

“a boyfriend!” the blur says, shaking her hand. 

“i’m kid flash, the boyfriend.” jaime facepalms. 

“oh um,” she says, face bright red, “nice to meet you.” she tries to pull her hand out of kid flash’s grip. tim in is in the corner of the room, laughing his ass off. 

“calm down, cariño,” jaime says, glaring at bart. 

then he turns to her and says, “i’m sorry, i was trying to let you down easy.” she turns bright red. 

she says “i am going to kill robin,” under her breath. she fakes a smile for both of them and says “it was really nice meeting you!” and then she goes off to kill tim, who has wisely removed himself from the room. 


So today I was in London and stopped by St Barts because the girlfriend hadn’t visited it yet

It was nice to see the phonebox is still full of messages, notes, artwork and all kinds of things from sherlockians worldwide-in fact it filled me with pride to see it’s still going after I was among the very first people to leave something there (it was a sticky label with ‘we believe in sherlock holmes’ on it, no longer there sadly.

However it upset me to see people have started actually writing on the wall of St Barts again, so this is a polite message to remind people to not do this. This is the reason the phonebox notes started because they can easily be removed without damaging the building or surrounding area, we wanted to leave a message too but do it respectfully. Actually writing on the building is vandalism and is ruining an iconic building and more importantly it’ll give fans a bad reputation. The messages in the phonebox are sweet, but if you’re going to make the effort to bring a pen, bring paper and some blue tack-don’t write on the box itself or the building. It’s more of a pain for people to clean off. Honestly it’s really upset me that members of this fandom think writing on a building as old as St Barts is an okay thing to do. Guys, I’m really disappointed.

Watching The Simpsons...

It’s the episode “Bart’s Girlfriend” where Bart tries to get Reverend Lovejoy’s daughter to like him and it turns out she’s worse than he is. I remember when I realized that Meryl Streep voiced Reverend Lovejoy’s daughter, it blew my fucking mind lol. The Simpsons has really gotten a ton of amazing actors and actresses to come onto the show.

One of my favorite parts just played right now.

“There’s no such thing as Scotchtoberfest!”- Principal Skinner
“There’s not!? YE USED ME SKINNER! YE USED ME!”- Groundskeeper Willie


“There’s only one thing to do in a moment like this… STRUT!”- Bart
*Staying Alive starts playing*
*Bart pops collar and starts strutting*