It was such a simple action, but with so much shove behind it. It demanded to be noticed and it demanded a way out of the body. From her head to her toes, she shivered at the simple touch of his fingers against her collarbone and then against her chest. It was more of an expression, a sign to tell his fingers not to stop. The shiver was a sign of excitement and sign that maybe the first touch shouldn’t be the last. Then the way his bare chest pressed against hers, it made her


That is all she ever was around him. His words made her weak and now his skin against hers tied up the last string to make her nothing but his puppet. Her heart was in his hands and one held the scissors that she never thought would cut her down from its strings.  She didn’t even think about it because in that moment that he was against her, fingertips now tracing the design of her spine that sat perfectly arched, welcoming the feeling, she was almost


But being in the clouds just meant a harder fall, one more painful and that skin on skin feeling that was once so sensational would become a nightmare. A stab to the back that left his hands against that same arch of her back but this time begging to feel the blood that spilled. He wanted to know it hurt and in that moment she could have been


That was because even simple words can feel more like the bite of a blade, or hands around the throat. Even words can feel like skin to skin contact and maybe that is what she was afraid of. Maybe that is what left her