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24 Days of Christmas: Christmas Engagement *Tony Stark x Reader*

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Summary: I did that annoying thing where I put loads of smaller boxes inside one large box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that there’s a ring in the smallest. 

Day Four

“She’s gonna hate this idea,” Steve remarked to Tony who wrapped the large box in front of him down in the workshop.

Bruce chuckled nodding in agreement with Cap; Tony rolled his hazel eyes not hearing a word as he attached a pretty bow on top of the box, along with a small tag letting you know it was from him and to you. He came up with a plan which normally everyone would be suspicious of but he definitely figured it was better than Ultron!

“I don’t know what you mean, she loves surprises, I always surprise her.” Tony smugly smiled and left the box in a pile of all the other gifts for the party tonight.

Bruce snickered at Steve’s `you’re shitting me!’ look. “Steve is right, she’s gonna hate this idea of yours, Tony, know how easily tempered she is by annoying things; I mean, you’re the most annoying thing in the world!” Steve burst out laughing at Bruce’s honesty with his best friend.

Tony raised his eyebrows and chuckled at Bruce, who didn’t look the least bit sorry or embarrassed, at all. Tony sighed, he had forgotten how quick to temper you are when something trivial happens, although he figured since you’d be in the Christmas spirit it wouldn’t matter as much. 

He shrugged and went about his daily routine of working on the Iron Man suit, plus Avengers gear and then annoying Bruce with his friendship!

The party started before Tony had a chance to go look for you, Avengers and friends all gathered in a very beautiful hall with a champagne fountain, everything arranged due to Stark putting in a ridiculous amount of time into the details. A tall decorated tree sat pretty in the middle of the hall, you were looking at every decoration on it when Tony spotted you.

His heart leapt from his chest at the sight, he often forgets how beautiful you really are, your eyes shimmering in the low light of the hall and twinkling brightly at the Christmas lights. Your smile etched upon your face, you turned and locked eyes with Tony waving with a glass. He walked over to you, wrapping an arm around your waist with a bright grin upon him, kissing you lightly on the lips.

“I got you something, actually.” He tells you taking your champagne flute, you frown as he leads you to the table where fake presents are arranged in a neat pile, you look at him as he puts on a very large one. Everyone in the hall all very intrigued by yourself and Tony as you takes the box, it didn’t weigh heavy but it was large.

You place the box on a table and began unwrapping the first layer, the Avengers crowded around you and other guests; you frowned and noticed another box inside the larger box. You glanced at Tony who was smiling, he gestured you to the other box, which you pulled out and the room chuckled at that. 

You knew this was such a Stark antic; he liked to push your buttons.

Your resolve slowly began to leave with each box inside another, though. You gritted your teeth and glared at your long term boyfriend, Steve trying not to laugh at how angry you were getting, Bruce was still the only one that knew of the actual present hidden inside all the boxes. Tony grinned when you made it to the last few boxes.

“Tony, I swear if this is some prank, I’m dumping you a week before Christmas!” you grumble out and opened the next box pretty harshly causing everyone to laugh at you.

You got to the last box, it was tiny, and you wondered what it could possibly hold and unwrapped the gold paper carefully.  It was a small wooden box, you glanced at Natasha who was smirking at you whilst Clint beside her, with a knowing smile. You then opened the box and gasped at the contents of the box.

Inside was a beautiful engagement ring, diamonds carved beautifully and dead centre was the Ruby gem, it wasn’t too flashy; how you liked. It looked vintage but modern; you looked at Tony, finally. He was on one knee, you smiled with teary eyes, you knew how much that suit cost so this must be a dream and not real? 

He flashed his famous Stark smirk, grabbing your free hand and in that moment you were definitely the only two people in the room, you felt on cloud nine.

“Y/N, I have never knelt before anyone other than you countless time for different reasons,” you chuckled despite Steve’s disproving grunt of getting the implications of that. “I know, I’m not the easiest person to be around, yet you make it seem like that I am. I love you and can’t picture my future annoying anyone else with my love other than Bruce!” You smiled, “I love you with everything in me and I want you to be beside me, always. Would you do the honour of marrying me?”

You couldn’t breathe let alone talk, you nodded instead causing Tony to grin, he gently took the ring from your other hand and put it on your finger. It shimmering in the light, it looked beautiful and fit perfectly, you watched Tony stand up. He leant down with a small smile, capturing your lips in a playful and gentle kiss; you responded wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer to you.

He pulled away and looked at you, grinning from ear to ear, you’d never seen him this happy before not since you agreed to be his girlfriend. He looked like a child on Christmas morning, he was buzzing with excitement, you sighed gently and pecked his lips once more. Clint and Steve got the party back in full swing, giving you both some privacy to let it settle that you were now engaged to one another.

“I love you, Tony,” you mutter gently and he nods. “But if you pull that shit again with the boxes then I will not hesitate to slap you, hard.”

He laughed loudly, wrapping arms around your waist. “I love you too and I promise, to not do something like that.” You grinned happily.

You stood on your tippy toes and kissed him again smiling happily into the kiss, best Christmas party he’s ever thrown.

(I hope you like this, it’s been a while since I have written Tony, happily decided to change that due to Christmas. Honestly, I put so much pressure on myself to write fucking 24 things before Christmas, I hope you actually like all these. - Rosalee)

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Steve Rogers--No. 49

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Being an Avenger was worse than being a celebrity, or at least on par with it. 

Even grocery shopping turned into a spectacle, you didn’t mind the pictures and the fans, but the constant barrage of tabloids and sleazy magazines were terrible. 

Rumors, personal pictures, edited pictures were constant annoyances. 

You were in line paying for the box of pop tart's Thor wanted and a bunch of other things for the group, and that’s when you saw it.

‘(y/n) and Cap! Engaged at last?!’ Your eyes went extremely wide, you grabbed the magazine and buried it under the box of popcorn, hopefully, the cashier wouldn’t pay too much attention and just pass it off as something trivial. 

You made it back to Avengers Tower without having people follow you or beg you to let them up for ‘just one quick second’. 

“Steve!” You shouted as you made it onto the main floor. “He’s training with Thor. What’d you bring?” Clint asked. 

“Here.” You said shoving the bags in his arms. “You can check while you put stuff away.” You said as you made your way towards the training room. 

“Steve!” You shouted effectively stopping their sparring session. “Thor, there’s pop tarts in the kitchen. Have at it.” You said getting him to leave the room. 

“Something wrong?” Steve asked looking worried and somewhat frightened. 

“No, not, in particular, I’m just wondering WHY THE HELL ARE THE TABLOIDS ARE PRINTING OUR ENGAGEMENT!” You shouted throwing the magazine at him. 

“Who’d you tell because I sure as hell haven’t told anyone. I mean we haven’t even made it official, I haven’t worn a ring outside of this building–not even outside of our room. So who’d you tell?” You rushed out.

You stared at him as he studied the cover, just waiting for him to say something, you were on the brink of losing your mind–if villains found out that you and Steve were together then they’d use the two of you against one another and that was something neither of you wanted–that’s when he started laughing.

“Is something funny?!”  You asked–a question which only seemed to make him laugh harder. 

“(y/n) look at the picture, look at the ring.” He said handing you back the magazine. You studied the image and that’s when you noticed it; the ring they claimed was your engagement ring wasn’t your ring, it was just a ring that your mother had given you, a plain silver band with a single diamond. 

“Well, I think it goes without saying that I feel really stupid.” You said rolling up the magazine and tossing it into the waste bin by the door. 

“It’s alright, maybe this just means we should stop hiding this.” Steve said wrapping his arms around you. 

“But what about what we discussed, I don’t want us to be used against one another.” You mumbled into his chest. 

“Then we’ll start slow, let’s just tell the rest of the team and eventually it’ll slowly spread out to the rest of the world.” Steve told you. “Besides I highly doubt super villains read the National Enquirer.” He teased placing a kiss on your forehead. 

“I love you, I’m sorry for freaking out on you.” You mumbled.

“I love you too. Let’s go get your ring and we can go tell the rest of the team.” He told you.

You smiled and the two of you made your way to your room. 

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tony stark had the right to react the way he did in siberia.

Sometimes I wonder if the fandom would be nicer if Tony was the Winter Soldier but Tony was mind-fucked and people still defended Wendy McDonalds who volunteered to be Hydra’s new toy and tried to kill Tony and the Avengers because why not… 

Y’all okay with Wendy seeking revenge because one of Stark Industries weapons (Probably Obadiah’s doing) killed her parents even though she had years to grieve and get over her parent’s death. (Yeah, y’all ugly want Tony to get over her parent’s death? What about Wendy getting over hers and not volunteering to an evil organisation? Y’all must have never lost a parent for saying shit like ‘get over your parent’s death already’)

However, y’all not okay when Tony snapped in Siberia???? Wendy had years to get over her parent’s death and yet she fucking didn’t. But nobody blamed her. Who would? Her parents died for fuck’s sake. 

But why do y’all think that Tony should have reacted differently upon learning the truth about his parents’ death? Like maybe he should have sat down and have a tea party with Bucky and Steve? Talking about the weather and movies?

I mean…

…Tony thought his parents died in a car crash.

He thought it was an accident. Plot twist, motherfucker, it fucking wasn’t.

Therefore, Tony believed a fucking lie for over twenty years… 

… Then Tony, who came to help Steve someone he considered his friend, had to watch his parents die, his mom getting chocked to death, and then he asked Steve if he knew and Steve-sometimes-my-teammates-don’t-tell-me-things-Rogers, the ugly, said NO. HE SAID HE DIDN’T KNOW. HE LIED RIGHT IN TONY’S FACE….

WELL EXCUSE TONY STARK for being a little upset and overwhelmed and sad and angry about the whole thing… knowing he has anxiety, PTSD and lots of other issues nobody knew about because nobody cared enough to ask Tony how he is and nobody cared enough to listen to him when he seeks for help… BRUCE FELL ASLEEP WHEN TONY TALKED ABOUT HIS ISSUES.

Y’all still think Tony should have reacted normally after all of this??? Bucky is innocent and fuck, that cupcake deserves so much better than what he went thought but CAN Y’ALL STOP YOUR HATE FOR 3 SECONDS AND TRY TO IMAGINE HOW TONY MUST HAVE FELT AT THIS MOMENT… 


So if you still think Tony had no right to act the way he did in Siberia well, block me okay? thank you and have a nice day :))) 

The Sky Comes Crashing (Epilogue)

Summary: Your relationship with Tony Stark faces the ultimate test when the Sokovia Accords are presented to the team. Sometimes, compromise just isn’t an option.

This takes place during the events of Captain America: Civil War, so spoilers for the film will be rampant throughout the series.

Word Count: 1,598

Warnings: Language, some violence

A/N: This is it! I can’t even believe it and I’m actually really sad to be putting this story to rest because I had so much fun doing it. I wanna thank all of you who’ve stuck with me through this entire beast of a series (39,039 total words holy shit) because I love you all. As always, thank you to @alientheatre for this request because it’s been a blast. Also, not my gif.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

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Remember Barnes, I never miss

Pairing: Wanda x Clint, Emily Barton(oc) x Clayton Barnes(oc)

Request: Clint being overprotective when a certain young man named Clayton Barnes comes to see he and Wanda’s daughter, Emily. He even goes so far as to give young Clayton an interview to vet him.

Emily Barton has lived a very sheltered life since the day she was born. Seeing as both of her parents were avengers she knew she couldn’t go out like normal teenage girl. She would have shield agents following her when she went out with her friends. Her friends would always ask her why they were always there but she simply replied that her father was uncool and didn’t want her to have any fun.

Clint didn’t see it that way though. She was his and Wanda’s only child and he didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. He was being overprotective because he didn’t want her to get kidnapped like some of the agents kids have throughout the years.

The number one thing Emily hated about her dads overprotectiveness was the fact that she couldn’t talk to any boys. Since Clint was an avenger he asked Tony to install something on Emily’s phone so it could notify him when Emily gets or makes phone calls or texts. It also sends Clint the phone number of the person so he could look them up so he can confront them. Emily always apologized to her friends for her fathers actions which resulted in them teasing her before they’d put it behind them.

Emily’s teachers knew about Clint’s overprotective and gave into his request to only pairing his daughter up with female students. Unfortunately there was one teacher who didn’t agreed with him and paired her up with a boy. So now Emily had called her mom and asked if she can have a boy over because they had to work on a project together. Wanda being the rational parent agreed to it but warned her daughter that her father might not be happy about it. She knew that and warned the boy who also happened to be her crush about her father.

When they arrived to the compound the boy with her was amazed that she lived there. He even went on to say his parents were apart of the avengers as well but he was raised him in Brooklyn. Wanda greeted her daughter and the boy once they entered the living room. She offered them a snack and warned them about them trying anything before they headed towards Emily’s room.

Clint came back from his two hour training session just in time to see the teenage boy on their floor. His back was to Clint so he couldn’t get a good look at him as he followed Emily into her room.

“Who is that and why did he go into our Emily’s room.” Clint asked his wife as he watched Emily’s closed her door and instantly freaking Clint out.

“He’s just a boy from her school. They’re working on a school project and since you won’t let her go to the library anymore I allowed them to work on it here.” Wanda rubbed Clint’s shoulders as she tried to calm him down.

This was Clint’s worst nightmare, there was a teenage boy inside his daughters room. He needed to be inside and find out what there really doing.

“Clint don’t” Wanda warned once she read his thoughts. She really didn’t want to him to embarrass Emily especially since she knew she had a crush on the boy.

“I have to. I’ll see you later.” he kissed his wife before he ran off to climb in the vents to spy on them.

As he was crawling through the vents he was already imagining the worst things. They were probably just making out and not working on a project but when he finally arrived he noticed Emily wasn’t in the room anymore. Clint took this as his chance to scare the kid off before anything could happen.

“Hey kid what are you doing in Emily’s room.” Clint whispered as he looked down at the teenage boy “hey I know you. You’re Barnes and Carters kid aren’t you. What’s you’re name again?”

“Clayton and I’m here to work on a project with Emily. Wait how do you know my parents?” Clayton asked as he looked up at the grown man in the vent.

“It doesn’t matter. How do you know Emily and what are your intentions with her?”

“Well we go to the same school” Clayton responded as he scratched the back of his head. “And I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to ask her out on a date, wait why am I telling you this. Seriously who are you? I mean you look familiar but what’s YOUR name?”

Clint ignored his question and tried to intimidate him some more. “If she tells me that you tried to have sex with her while your here I’ll rip you’re throat out” Clint threatened.

“I wouldn-”

“Who are you talking to?” Emily asked as she walked back into the room and got Clayton’s attention. Clint took that as his chance to flee the scene but he could still hear them.

“I was talking to” he looked up and noticed no one was up there. “No one, um listen Emily I know we never talked before but I really like you and we’ll I wondering if maybe you’d like to go on a date with me?”

“Yes” Clint heard his daughter accept and he was already making a mental note to sharpen his arrows when he gets out of the vent.

*three days later*

Clint was angry that Emily was going on a date and worse of all with Bucky’s kid. She looked so happy when she told him and Wanda that he asked her out. Although Wanda forced him to be ok with it in front of their daughter. He was livid when they were in their room. They were arguing for a solid hour because Clint kept repeating that she was too young and that Clayton was bad news. He knew how smooth Bucky was back in his day and he was terrified that his son inherited that part of him.

It was the night of Emily’s date and she happily skip towards her dad to show him her outfit. “Daddy what do you think?”

“Go change. That dress is too inappropriate for a girl your age.” Clint had a scowl on his face when he noticed what his daughter was wearing. He didn’t like that she was growing up and he especially didn’t like that she was going on this date.

“But dad the dress is at the knee and you can’t even see my cleavage.”

“No go change, that Barnes kid is going to think your asking for it.”

Emily huffed out of frustration. “Mom please tell dad that this is ok! You helped me-”

“YOU HELPED HER PICK THIS THING YOU CALL A DRESS.” Clint shouted before he looked over at his wife.

“Yes I did” Wanda calmly responded to her husband. “Clint sweetie the dress is appropriate. You are overreacting because she’s you’re little girl. Plus do you really think he’s going to try anything after threatening him the other day.”

“YOU DID WHAT” Emily screamed if looks could kill Clint would be dead. “Why do you hate me ! ! !”

“Boys your age only think about and want sex and I’ll be damned if he uses you for sex and then dumps you the next day. I will not have my baby girls heart broken by a little punk.” He knew he was being harsh but he’d rather be harsh than watching his little girl crying over a boy who just wanted to get in her pants.

“I would never do that.” they heard Clayton’s voice. He was standing by the elevator with a daisies in his hand. “My mom and dad raised better than to mistreat a lady.”

“How long have been standing there?” Clint crossed his arms as he stared down the teen.

“Long enough and I just want you to know that I will be a gentlemen the entire time. I really like your daughter and I’ll do anything to prove to you that I’m serious.” Clint want to throw up yet at the same time respected him. Out of all the guys he’s confronted when it came to his daughter, Clayton was the first one to stand up to him. The others just slammed the door on his face and he never got a notification that they had contact with his daughter again.

“You got guts kid, go ahead and go on the date with my daughter. You are the first one to actually stand up to me.” Clint finally gave up.

“Thank you sir, I promise you won’t regret me taking your daughter out.” Clayton shook Clint’s hand and handing the daisies to Emily before they pressed the elevator button.“By the way my dad told me who you are and I’m not afraid. Both him and my mom have trained me when they’re not at work.” Clayton tried to sound confident but failed when his voice cracked at the end.

“That’s cute kid but I have decades worth of experience I could take you down with my eyes closed. Plus it’s not me you should be worried about. My wife is the one you really don’t want to piss off. So don’t hurt our daughter or we’ll both hurt you.” Clint threatened him one last time before Emily dragged a pale faced Clayton into the elevator. But not before hearing “Remember Barnes, I never miss.”

“You’re the worst.” Wanda laughed as she hugged her husband from behind.

“I know” Clint turned around and faced Wanda. “You know, since Emily is gone we have time for some adult activities and we don’t have to rush this time.”

“I would love that” Wanda pecked his lips “You I’m surprised you didn’t order any agents to follow them.”

“Oh did. I have six agents spying on their date. They’re ordered to call me if something bad happens so we’re ok.”

“You really are the worse” Wanda giggled as she dragged Clint into their room to spend quality time together.

MPU Holiday Event #9: “Inquire”

“Are you out of your mind?”

Clint shrugs. “Maybe?” he answers, and Darcy shoots him a dirty look.  Not the real serious kind, but the one where she wrinkles her nose and huffs.  He rolls his eyes.  "Lemme rephrase:  I can’t answer ‘til I know what you’re talking about.“

"I’m talking about this insane offer,” she replies, thrusting her cell phone at him. “You’ll dismiss three pretty serious infractions if he pleads to the expired driver’s license?  That’s like four hundred dollars of fines.”

“Closer to four-fifty, but yeah.”  Her face turns accusatory in record time, and Clint raises his hands.  "What do you want me to tell you?  I’ve got seventy—"

“Eighty-two,” Judge English’s assistant corrects from her place by the door.

He ignores Darcy’s full-body twitch to continue, “Eighty-two people on today’s traffic docket.  And for every entited college student who’s here to bitch about speeding in a construction zone, I’ve got somebody like your client.”  He shrugs again, reaching for another folder.  "I’m cutting deals to pick up the slack.“

"No, you’re being uncharacteristically reasonable,” Darcy counters, hands on her hips.  "Did you hit your head?  I’ll call Phil.  Help pin you down while he shines a penlight in your eyes.“

Clint grins. "What, you saying I can’t get in the Christmas spirit?”

“I’m saying you got that kitty litter disease from your cat!” she shouts back, and he laughs as he calls the next defendant.

Where would Summer Roberts be today? Allow Rachel Bilson to explain...

Chino? Ew! Rachel Bilson hasn’t stepped into Summer Roberts’ shoes in nine years — but she has an idea as to where the popular high school student turned activist would be today.

“Where did we leave off? She married Seth, she went to Brown [University],” Bilson, 35, recalled to Us Weekly about her perky The O.C. character on Monday, November 28. “She probably opened some business and is really successful at it. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something with kids.”

The popular Fox teen drama ran from 2003 to 2007, and also starred Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper), Ben McKenzie (Ryan Atwood) and Adam Brody (Seth Cohen). Bilson played Marissa’s BFF (RIP), who was also Seth’s dream girl. After years of “will they, won’t they,” the fan favorites finally got together and even tied the knot in the series finale. (Bilson and Brody also dated in real life, from 2003 to 2006.)

“It’s such an awesome time to think back on,” Bilson, who shares daughter Briar Rose, 2, with Hayden Christensen, told Us of the hit show. "And it was such an amazing experience.”

The Hart of Dixie alum likes to think that her style has changed “tremendously” since the Princess Sparkle days. “Summer wore a lot of bikinis and really short things and I’d like to say that it’s evolved a lot. It’s kind of grown with age,” she explained. “Not to say that I don’t still have the old Levi denim skirts that I had then. I might bust them out from time to time, but I like to say that I’ve incorporated some more mature, age-appropriate pieces now.”

After beloved shows such as Gilmore Girls and Full House were brought back by Netflix, should fans hold out hope for a possible O.C revival? “It’d be fun to see everybody again. I can say that!” Bilson teased.

scarlethawk fic preview

A/n here’s a snippet of a scarlethawk fic where Clint is an overprotective dad. I was going to post it on Friday but I’m honestly having an easier time writing this than the smut fic I’m also working on so this might come out sooner.

“Hey kid what are you doing in Emily’s room.” Clint whispered as he looked down at the teenage boy “hey I know you. You’re Barnes and Carters kid aren’t you. What’s you’re name again?”

“ Clayton and I’m here to study with Emily. Wait how do you know my parents?” Clayton asked as he looked up at the grown man in the vent.

“It doesn’t matter. How do you know her and what are your intentions with her?”

“Well we go to the same school” Clayton responded as he scratched the back of his head. “And I’m hoping we will be more than friends, wait why am I telling you this. Seriously who are you?”

Clint ignored his question and tried to intimidate him some more. “If she tells me that you tried to have sex with her while your here I’ll rip you’re throat out” Clint threatened.