“Wow…” Steve mumbled.

“You can say that again.” Clint spoke in awe.


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Living with Clint Barton? [Girls point of view]

  • Having to deal with Clint sitting in the weirdest, most awkward places; ‘Clint where are you?’ ‘Look up’ ‘How the hell did you get up there’
  • Clint waking up at ungodly hours and probably waking you up too.

  • Having the Avengers come round all the time.

  • Clint teaching you sign language

  • Having to shout half the time so he can hear you.

  • Shirtless Clint roaming around 90% of the time.

  • Him running you baths after a long day at work.

  • You helping him patch up after he has a long day on a mission.

  • Him coming back after weeks but probably coming back in the dead of night so you think you’re about to be killed; ‘OW WHAT THE HELL ITS ME (Y/N)!’ ‘Clint! I thought you were a murderer!’ ‘Would a murderer shout ‘I’m home’ before killing you?’ ‘…’ ‘What did you even hit me with? A LAMP?’ ‘I had to defend myself somehow didnt i’

  • Nat always coming over and telling you embarrassing stories about Clint.

  • Long conversations at 5am about life and his work and just everything.
Avengers: Age Of The Most Controversial Marvel Movie

I think we can all agree that, despite our opinions about AOU, this movie drew the most controversy in the marvel fandom. Practically, we went on a civil war with half of the fans hating on the movie and the other half loving it. 

After having seen the movie two times and after all those posts  I have read, I would like to weigh in the pros and cons, let’s start:

Steve Rogers/Captain America:


Now, expect the “ripping a half in log with bare hands” which everyone loved, one thing that AOU got right about Steve is his sass and sarcasm. I personally find this side of his one of the best things about this movie. 

Also, him being unofficianlly at the start, and officially at the end, a leader proved one more time Steve’s leadership skills, one of the many things that makes Captain America who he is.

Furthermore, “Language”, was a comment that indicated how much he actually swears. “Won’t anyone comment on it?” Stark asks the others. 

At the end of the movie, when he finally accepted that the 40s are gone, showed that he has finally moved on from the past and that can live his life, leading the new Avengers.


The dream for me is controversial for this reasons:

1) On the one hand, his dream may be the time where he, subcusiously, lets go off the past, realizes that he can’t go back and finally moves on.

Furthermore, we get to see hints of depression and PTSD, as we see he still lives on a war, on the inside. Logicall of course, as he was born, grew up and subsequently “died” while on war. Hell, he even fought in WWII for four year. We see, through this dream, that even Captain America himself was scared from the war

2) It didn’t make sense with whatever we saw in Cap2, as he moved on from Peggy once and for all and decided to pursue another relationship, probably dated for some time. Also there were hints of him dating Sharon Carter in the future, who for me should have appeared in the movie, for reasons I will explain later.

No Bucky:

Now, shipping Stucky or not, I think we can all agree with this.The questions that pops up is why isn’t Steve looking for Bucky? Why isn’t he looking out for his best friend, his brainwashed bestfriend, the most important person in his life? Why?Where is Bucky? Is he in danger? Is he in a better condition? How is he coping? Has HYDRA or whatever remained from HYDRA found him yet?

Why wasn’t he in Steve’s dream? And since the dream was about fear, doesn’t Steve fear that he may never find Bucky or he might find him dead? Or have to kill him? 

Tony Stark/Iron Man:


He was really funny. My favourite moment was when he tried to lift Mjolnir and he couldn’t. Tried with the Iron Man hand again, nope. Rhodes helped him, nope again. At least, he tried.

Science Bros. Although, none of us is proud of their “design”, we got a good sum of moments of science bonding. I personally liked it.

Equipping and upgrading the Avengers and giving them a home. It was really nice of him to spend money on actually helping people, since the better equipped the team, the safer the people.

Tony and Ultron. I liked that scene, when Wanda said to Steve “ Ultron can’t tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it. Where do you think he gets that?” I think, through the interaction with Ultron we got see a deeper sense of Tony’s charachter.

Tony’s dream. We saw his actual fear: getting the avengers killed. And most of all, I think dissapointing Steve. Because, I think through his childhood, with his father’s constant attempts to find Steve, Tony was plauged with Captain America’s excistence. We see how much he looks up to him, how much he wished he could possibly one day be a hero, like him. Because from what we see, Tony never felt like a hero, unlike what he likes people around him to believe.


Mild mischarachterization. With Tony creating Ultron, completely erases his PTSD and the fact that Tony moved on from being Iron Man, since he threw away everything that had to to with his alter ego, back in Iron Man 3. The new Tony would never do what this Tony did. I get that his dream certainly drove him to building Ultron, but it comes to contradict the above, again.

JARVIS. We never got to see Tony mourning the loss of JARVIS. Jarvis was really important to Tony, as we know, since he was the man who raised him, when his father was too busy for that.

No Pepper. If Pepper was there, I am sure that she would sense that Tony was cooking something and she would have done something. Plus; more female charachters.



He was sassy and funny. He had really good moments in the movie, for example telling the others “You are all not worthy”. 

Calling out Tony for his bullshit. I really liked when he told Tony “this could be avoided if you haven’t played with something that you don’t understand”, and he almost chocked him. For me, that was the most realistic reaction I saw after everybody learned about Science Bros “baby”.

His dream. Even the mighty Thor has fears. His fear is to be betrayed. He was betrayed by his brother, who might be adopted, but again he is his brother. We get how hard it is for him, therefore he always believes Loki would become a better person, always had faith in him. Furthermore, we see how much he wants to protect his home and that he fears that someday, even now, something bad will happen and hell will break loose in Asgard.

Interaction with Cap. I loved their friendship because they are so funny to watch and so real with each other. “You had to ask?” Steve asks as he side eyes Thor for provokating Ultron and his robots. 


Abrupt introduction. When the hell did he decide to live with the Avengers? Does he visit Asgard? Does he actually live with the Avengers?

No Jane. Wait, where is she? Why didn’t she come to the party? Where is she now? How is Darcy? Is everything okay?

Bruce Banner/Hulk:


Science Bros!!! I talked about it earlier, we all loved them, don’t lie!

His struggles. We see that he struggles with being Hulk every single day. I liked that touch of humanity. How calm he is, despite the fact that he is so angry inside. How human he is. How normal he wants to be.Or pretends to be.

Lullaby. I liked that. It showed that him and Natasha can relate to some things and that he is afterall, a human. We see the struggle monster vs human in him again. 

Humanity. He cares about the destruction he causes, he is not a mindless monster. He cares about Ultron turning bad and shows it, even if it means arguing with Stark. He cares about Natasha and that’s why he left.

Hulkbuster scene. It was kickass and funny at parts. Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep. Although it felt as if Tony betrayed Bruce, he was trying to help him afterall. Friendship points!


No dream. I think it was predictable for Wanda to make him turn into Hulk. It would be great to see him having a dream, maybe about killing the Avengers or something like that.

No Betty and Natasha. Betty where are you? When the hell did he develope feelings for Natasha? Did he break up with Betty? Is Betty dead or alive? What happened?

Him leaving. It was completely uneseccary for him to leave. You got all these scenes with him and Natasha about running away and shit, and now you are leaving? Although, I get he did it as to not hurt anybody, still, it looked weird with him being in Hulk form. 

Clint Barton/ Hawkeye:


Funny and witty. It was finally his moment to shine, after spending one movie without talking. 

Barton family. It was the cutest thing on the movie. I loved Laura and how supportive she was of his “Avenging”. Also his kids, Auntie!Natasha! 

His interaction with Pietro. One of the the funniest things on the movie.They really bonded and you could tell.

Him not getting a dream. He shoot Wanda in her face with a fucking “anti- brainwashing” arrow. How awesome was that?


Because of the fact that, he doesn’t have a movie or a series so we can learn more about him, it was abrupt for us to find out that he lives in a farm and has three kids and a wife.

Confusing relationship with Natasha. Most of us, even the actors, thought that Clintasha was a canon. Hell, even Marvel thought so. I found it confusing and I was sad that it didn’t happen. At least they are BFFs.

Maximoff Twins:


Wanda. Wanda was the QUEEN of the movie. Her powers were so awesome and we saw how dangerous she can really get. The highlights were:

- Avenger’s dreams

- Ripping Ultron’s heart out of revenge

Pietro. Everybody fell in love with him. Witty, sassy and also powerful as he punched Captain fucking America in the face. 

Their relationship. Protective of each other, as they are both orphans and the inside joke “I’m 12 minutes older than you”. Such a beautiful sibling relationship.


Whitewashing. Although I love the actors and their perfomances and got the fact that Marvel needed to do something to distance the Maximoff’s from their father in comics Magneto, this was uneseccary and bullshit, as we need more diversity in the superhero movies.

Pietro’s death. Uneseccary and condractiting to Aaron’s multi picture contract with Marvel. Also fucking sad. 

HYDRA. Uknown remains the fact if the twins knew that they were working for a Nazi organization or thought they were SHIELD. Hope we get some answers.


What I didn’t get is, why isn’t the movie dealing with the aftermath of SHIELD fall in a deeper level?

What is Steve doing about Bucky?

Where was Fury all along?

How is Natasha dealing with her covers being blown?

Where the fuck is Rumlow?

How is Sharon Carter? Is she still in CIA? Why isn’t she helping Steve with finding Bucky as a CIA?

Where the hell did Fury get the hellicariers? I thought everything was gone. He wasn’t in charge anymore. Did he speak with Coulson?

No reference to secret SHIELD. No Coulson.

Sam Wilson/ James Rhodes/ Helen Cho:

My beautiful dandelions. Finally some diversity. I loved all their scenes, and how important they were, and kickass as supportive charachters.

My only complain is that, they should have had a bit more screen time.


I have a couple of questions:

How did Stark come up with the idea of the Avengers living with him?

How the hell did they all agree?

What were they doing all along?

Most importantly, what does the media and the people think about the Avengers as an independent unit? Expect for wanting Banner arrested, what do they think of some random people with suits saving the world?

How are you supposed to move from this movie to Civil War if you haven’t grained the seeds to grow these arguments later? 

Other than that, I loved the multiple interactions between the members. We got to see some bonding ,at least.


I loved, as all of us, Vision! He is unique! “I’m not Jarvis, I’m not Ultron. I am…The Vision.” 

He knew he woudn’t be trusted from the first second. But he knew he was doing the right thing.

Also I liked the fact the he lifted Mjolnir, causing Thor to trust him and then the rest of the team to do as well.

I love the hints between him and Wanda. Hope we get more into this in the future.


“ You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change.”

He was an interesting villain, and made some pretty damn good points about humas, although his actions were extreme. 

I liked the fact tha he resmembled Stark in so many ways, as previously stated, making us kind of question Stark as well.

I didn’t agree with him being built by Stark, for reasons I mentioned earlier.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:


And last, but not least, my child a.k.a Natasha Romanoff!

Fighting scenes/Motorbike moment. Those were the moments when she truly slayed us all, with her MMA and fighting with Cap’s shield. Also the motorcycle moments was both kickass and unforgetable.

Interaction with the Avengers. For me this was important, as it shows that Natasha isn’t just there for her beauty, but that she is also an equal member of the team. I loved the mutual respect between her and the charachters. 

Interaction with Steve Rogers. Their relationship is growing stronger which I personally loved.

Bruce Banner. I liked the fact that we got to see a softer side of Natasha and that she cares about her teammates well-being. 


Brucenat or whatever. It was rushed because, well Betty, and the fact that since we don’t have a solo Black Widow movie and don’t know much about her emotional side, it feels as if it was violating to her charachterization.

What I mean is, look it this way:

Iron Man 2: We learn that Natasha Romanoff is Russian, agent of SHIELD, an excellent hacker and one of the best spies out there. Also, she is an extremely talented MMA fighter.

Avengers: Clint saved her life when he was sent to kill her, her skillset is actually manipulating and used it on “anyone”, and got in trouble. Also we saw how important Clint is to her. 

Cap 2: We learn that she worked for the KGB and thought that working with SHIELD would be less complicated. She got into lying for either of the two agencies, that can’t tell the lies from the truth. We see how much she struggles with trust, as nobody tusts her, even Fury, a father figure to her, and how much she needs to be reassured that she is being trusted. Also, blew her covers up to protect a million lives.

Avengers 2: “They sterilized me back in the Red Room”. Girl, bye. As a viewer, I never gave two cents about Natasha being able to have children or not. This is actually discriminating, viewing women as worthy enough only when capable of reproducing offspring. Not only is misogynistic but also, grow up. In our society there are so many people that don’t want to have children or can’t. And you came up with this? Seriously? What the fuck? And it’s actually dumb as fuck, because if she can’t have children she can as well adopt. Problem solved. 

I never thought that sterilazion would come up in a movie. Usually, I hear people talking about sterilazing fucking animals. 

Like, would anyone care if a male charachter was also strerilized? No? Why should we care now?

Instead of this, they could have focused on Natasha and her covers. How is she dealing with it? How did she create those covers in the first place? What was SHIELD’s involvement in their creation? 

And, if they wanted to use the sterilazation they shouldn’t have use it as moster-meter. 

Thank you for reading this, and don’t hesitate to ask me anything if you want. Now I have to go, my tea is ready.

One of my favourite things about Age of Ultron is that the Avengers are presented with 2 new super-powered rivals and the only member to really land a solid hit to either of them in the entire film is the very non-super-powered Hawkeye.

Not only that, but in both cases he pretty much just does it out of sheer spite towards them




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It was about a half an hour after school ended. All the busses have left, and there’s only a few kids still playing on the school playground, with their parents supervising. You were still in your classroom, looking over the assignments your kindergarteners turned in.

You looked up when you heard a knock at the door, and it opened to one of your students with a man you hadn’t met before.

“Ms. (Y/N)?” the man asked. “I’m Clint Barton. Nathaniel’s father.”

“Oh, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” you said, standing up from the desk to greet the man. You held your hand out, and Clint shook your hand.

“You wanted to talk with me?” Clint asked.

“Yeah. Unfortunately, I only have one adult-sized chair in this room…” you trailed off a bit.

“That’s okay. I don’t mind sitting on these pieces of plastic,” Clint said, sitting down in one of the child chairs, looking a little ridiculous. Such a well-muscled man in such a tiny chair made for 6-year-olds. Nathaniel sat down as well near his dad.

“Well, I’ve been a little concerned lately about Nathaniel’s work,” you said, pulling out a small stack of papers. Assignments that Nathaniel has done. “His work seems very inconsistent. Some weeks, it’s really good. Others are, well it’s never really bad, but it does decline heavily. Usually this kind of pattern happens when the child doesn’t have a very stable home life.”

“Well, that’s because he doesn’t,” Clint admitted, putting his hand on Nathan’s head and smoothing down his hair in a sort of calming gesture you guessed. “His mother passed soon after he was born. And my job… I’m an Avenger. I travel and fight, and sometimes I can leave him with his uncle Bruce or auntie Nat, who he likes and will encourage him to do well. Bruce especially. But there’s times I have to leave him with Fury or Hill, neither of whom are really that great with kids and Nathan doesn’t like them very much.”

“I’m really sorry to hear that,” you said softly. “I can understand that being a single parent is hard.” You reached over to put your hand on Clint’s hand. “Is there anything I can do to make anything easier?”

“Be my new mommy?” Nathaniel suggested. His little smirk suggested he was mostly joking around.

“Well, we’d have to start with a coffee date,” Clint said, pushing Nathaniel’s head to the side playfully. “That is, if your teacher agrees.”

You blushed. “Are you asking me on a date Mr. Barton?” you asked, a little surprised.

“You’re cute, I don’t see a ring, and it’s about time I should start dating again,” Clint replied. “As long as there’s no rules about this or anything.”

“No, no rules,” you replied. “A date would be nice.” You pulled out a pen and wrote your personal number on it, giving it to Clint. “Go ahead and call any time.”

“Great, so I can call at eleven and totally interrupt class, right?” Clint joked.

You gave Clint the same look you gave your disruptive students. “The ‘not during class hours’ was implied. Now I know where Nathan gets his sense of humor,” you said flatly, though you couldn’t help but smile.