bartoli fam

So the front door to our house is missing…

We’re getting a new one which is kind of exciting because our old door was crap. Wooo door party. My (33 year old) sister just came home and she’s acting like a 2 year old and she’s out DnMing with one of the door guys and it’s so embarrassing. She always makes a scene when we have people over to work on our house. Argh.

Earlier today I had to go into school to pick up my blazer, and my brother said that for making him drive me around, I had to listen to dubstep in the car. Worst. Speaking of my brother, he gets his green P’s in 5 days because he turns 19 and he’ll have had his red ones for a year, which means he can take as many people in his car as he likes. My aunty has planned some st00pid thing for New Years that neither of us want to go to, so Paul’s trying to plan that he and I both kidnap a friend each and go to the city to see the fireworks. attn friends.

In totally unrelated news, my nails are red and sparkly :3 Happy happy happy!

3/8 of da bartoli fam WHUDDUP

I had a great day today.

  • I went to school for my singing lesson and Derek was there and he loved my Beatles shirt and was all “they came out when I was even younger than you!” and he thinks I’m awesome now. Yessssssss.
  • I now have a German song in my repertoire and I’m really bad at German.
  • TIL that I love being a ‘local’ at the nearby shopping centre. It was super busy today and I got to skip the line at Wendy’s because they know me there. Score.
  • Most of the shops were playing Christmas songs, which I sang to mum and made her very embarrassed. She’s obviously very proud of my talent.
  • Mum bought new shoes for me and I adore them. 

  • Mum’s a massive cutie. She sat down while I went to post some letters and when I came back she was chatting to an 87 year old guy who was telling her about his time in the war, and she bought him an ice cream and I was like AW MUM YOU SO NICE.
  • Another highlight: eye contact with an attractive red-headed boy working at the calendar store. Yesss.
  • Just had an avocado sandwich and some ice tea.

What a fun day.

I’m going to go wrap some Christmas presents!!!


- My sister called home at 4am this morning, after being missing for hours. Merry Christmas. My brother and I were still awake, watching Community.
- No presents today because Bartoli fam Christmas has been moved to Boxing day this year. Sad.
- Mum forced us all to go to church this morning and the girl that used to go to my school that I want to marry was there, and when I told mum about this she was like ‘you want to marry a girl?’ and was a little confused.
- Right now: cup of tea and lunch with those members of my family who live at home. Woo!

Just helped my brother install blue footlights in his car.


He burnt my hand with the soldering iron, but it’s all good! He said it was payback for that time I insisted on straightening his hair (in like 2008) and accidentally burnt his ear.