bartlets third state of the union

Bartlet's Third State of the Union (2.13)
  • Sam: Okay, can I talk to you about adrenaline for a second?
  • Ainsley: Adrenaline?
  • Sam: Yeah. You're feeling it right now and it's gonna get even more cause it's a big night, and you were a hit, and you've never experienced anything like this.
  • Ainsley: And you think I'm going to have a nutty.
  • Sam: I'm saying don't drink until you're off television.
  • Ainsley: God, thanks, Sam, for that debating tip. You have a feel for nuance. You say I shouldn't be drunk when I'm representing the White House.
  • Sam: Yeah. And remember you're a blond, republican girl and that nobody likes you.
  • Ainsley: I'm going back on television now.
  • Sam: Try to remember you're on our side.