bartimaeus trilogy


Bart and Nat. A couple of my most favourite characters of all time. Read this book nearly a decade ago. Man did I suck at drawing them then.

Hope these sketches reveals some of their true natures. The Bartimaeus trilogy has the best character dynamics ever no one can convince me otherwise

Okay but all of us who read the Bartimaeus Trilogy rember about this Palace, don’t we? The final battle. The great construction of iron and glass that was the perfect trap for Nouda- all the iron, who killed him when the Palace was destroyed by Gladstone’s Staff. We all remember the explosion, and Nathaniel dismissing Bartimaeus and broking the Staff and…oh well, we all know and still cry for that.

And now…just think about it. The Crystal Palace, existed. In London. And was destroyed on 30 November, for a fire -no one really knows what provoked it, I REPEAT, /no one really knows what provoked it/-.

30 November is today.

“A typical Master. Right to the end, he didn’t give me a chance to get a word in edgeways. Which is a pity, because in that last moment I would have liked to tell him what I though of him. Mind you, since in that split second we were, to all intents and porpuses, one and the same, I rather think he knew anyway.”


Smug ass Bartimaeus. 

Have a short scene for this extreme smugness in my head, i’ll link it here once it’s written. This is what i imagine he’d look like if Bartimaeus chose a human form that isn’t a 14 year old. Or maybe an aged up Ptolemy, idk. 

“Nathaniel paced. The bat hung motionless. Time passed as slowly as it always does when you’re hanging out in cemeteries. Once only was there movement in the street below the railing: a strange four-legged, two-armed creature with a kind of double head came shuffling out of the night. My master caught sight of it and halted in doubt. It passed beneath a lantern, to be revealed as a courting couple, heads resting together, arms entwined. They kissed assiduously, giggled a bit, moved off along the road. My master watched them go with an odd expression on his face. I think he was trying to look contemptuous. 

From then on, his pacing, never particularly energetic, became distinctly halfhearted. He scuffed along, kicking unseen pebbles, and wrapping his long black coat about him in a hunched, uncaring sort of way. His mind did not seem to be on the job. Deciding he needed a pep talk, I fluttered over and hovered by a headstone.

“Perk it up,” I said, “you’re looking a bit lackluster. You’ll put this Harlequin bloke off if you’re not careful. Imagine you’re on a romantic assignation with some pretty, young girl magician.”

I couldn’t swear to it—it was dark and all—but I think he might have blushed. Interesting…. Perhaps this was fertile ground to furrow, in due time.”


aesthetic book recommendations: The Bartimaeus Trilogy

“Believe me, I know all about bottle acoustics. I spent much of the sixth century in an old sesame oil jar, corked with wax, bobbing about in the Red Sea. No one heard my hollers. In the end an old fisherman set me free, by which time I was desperate enough to grant him several wishes. I erupted in the form of a smoking giant, did a few lightning bolts, and bent to ask him his desire. Poor old boy had dropped dead of a heart attack. There should be a moral there, but for the life of me I can’t see one.”  

Honestly one of my favorite book series ever written, we don’t talk nearly enough about it. 

read the bartimaeus sequence.
  • nothing has ever made me cry more than ptolemy's gate. the ending obviously had me weeping like a madwoman but the bartimaeus/ptolemy arc and the alexandria parts had me actually bawling my eyes out. i don't want to and will never forget these books. they are not just children's fairytales but a journey of laughs, tears, sort of not liking a character and seeing them redeem their true selves. it was a ride and it was beautiful and i will always remember it. it was so much that was needed in a trilogy and constituted purely platonic relationships. maybe that's why it's not more famous but i'd choose bartimaeus any day over any ya novels.the whole story is just so ... i'm at a loss of words. there's not really a safe haven for our nat like hogwarts or camp half-blood and any comfort he had like mrs underwood or ms lutyens were taken away from him. he became a creature he didn't really want to be and bart saw all those changes but he still saw the good in him, still saw the brightness of the ptolemy he had lost all those years ago. and then, kitty was a whole another dynamic. her friendship with jakob, her hatred of the magicians, her participation in the resistance. it takes a lot knowing that what you set your entire life to was a false hope. and kitty and bart. there was so much that bart saw in kitty that reminded him of ptolemy and you know one of the most important things in the entire series is the ptolemy/bartimaeus bond. his intentions were the best and bartimaeus took time to understand that but he DID and that's why he loved him. loved him as a person who was the first to be different and recognise each and every soul. like seriously, if you haven't yet read it GO READ BARTIMAEUS. i promise it will be a rollercoaster and it WILL be heartbreaking but completely worth it. you're missing out on a lot, so please I IMPLORE YOU, READ THIS WONDERFUL SERIES.

I really don’t get why Bartimaeus Trilogy is not as well-read as other books. I mean, really, it’s got a sassy, sarcastic, and somewhat narcissistic djinn, an arrogant, smartass, yet idealistic magician, and a strong, badass, rebellious common girl who knows how to take care of herself. It’s got action, it’s got magic, it’s got trinkets imbued with powerful enchantments, it’s got conspiracy, it’s got bloody corrupt government workers who would try to usurp the leader, it’s got a group of commoners who would stop at nothing to overthrow the magicians, it’s got a large group of revenge-driven spirits wanting to get revenge for their thousand upon thousand of years of slavery. Not to mention how true the story is to history, no matter how much it was twisted in this universe, and characters who are so surprisingly well-developed, so flawed, so humane.

I mean, what else can you ask from a book?


Finished painting of Bartimaeus and a GIF of the process. I think I need to do more experimentation with colours, I haven’t been happy with them recently.

Anyway, I’ve been re-reading the trilogy recently and man I have so many feelings over these books. They still remain in my favourites. I’ve never really been sure what to do with his hair when he is in this form? I usually don’t imagine very clearly when I read that’s for sure.


the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud: 

“That did it. I’d gone through a lot in the past few days. Everyone I met seemed to want a piece of me: djinn, magicians, humans…it made no difference.I’d been summoned, manhandled, shot at, captured, constricted, bossed about and generally taken for granted. And now, to cap it all, this bloke is joining in too, when all I’d been doing was quietly trying to kill him.”